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[Epub] Redeeming Love By Francine Rivers – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❰Download❯ ➹ Redeeming Love Author Francine Rivers – Serv3.3pub.co.uk California’s gold country 1850 A time when men sold their souls for a bag of gold and women sold their bodies for a place to sleep Angel expects nothing from men but betrayal Sold into prostitution California’s gold country A time when men sold their souls for a bag of gold and women sold their bodies for a place to sleep Angel expects nothing from men but betrayal Sold into prostitution as a child she survives by keeping her hatred alive And what she hates most are the men who use her leaving her empty and dead inside Then she meets Michael Hosea A man who seeks his Father’s heart in everything Michael Hosea obeys God’s call to marry Angel and to love her unconditionally Slowly day by day he defies Angel’s every bitter expectation until despite her resistance her frozen heart begins to thaw But with her unexpected softening come overwhelming feelings of unworthiness and fear And so Angel runs Back to the darkness away from her husband’s pursuing love terrified of the truth she can no longer deny Her final healing must come from the One who loves her even than Michael Hosea doesthe One who will never let her go A life changing story of God’s unconditional redemptive all consuming love back cover.

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  1. Auntee Auntee says:

    I'm not even going to attempt to review this one because I doubt that I could do it justice Besides there's over a thousand reviews of this book on GR hard to believe I must have been one of the few people who haven't read this book Anyway it was definitely the best book I've read all year and probably one of the best books I've EVER read It was easy to read the story flowed very smoothly yet emotionally it was very difficult to read Parts of the book just tore me up inside and I had to take freuent breaks to wipe my tears I loved the broken and bitter prostitute heroine Angel and the saintly patient too good to be true farmer hero Michael But to categorize them that way seems so unfair because they were so much than thatI guess this book could be called religious fiction or inspirational romance but don't let that scare you It's based on the bible story of Hosea and Gomer but you don't have to be up on your bible studies to enjoy this one And it gets just slightly preachy at the end but you won't care because you'll be too wrapped up in Angel and Michael The book deals with some really horrible and heartbreaking stuff child rape prostitution incestbut not in real explicit terms and just when you think you've read the worst something else is revealed that will break your heart all over again But please try to get through those moments because there is a beautifully written romance too about unconditional love faith and hope I must have cried buckets while reading the last 100 pages but it was worth it I don't think I'll forget this story for uite a while 5 stars

  2. Karla Karla says:

    5 Inspiring Stars I'm soooo happy Where's a box of tissues when you need them?? I have to listen to the end again Oh my I can't stop crying Michaelhe is the power of love No review I could ever do would give this book the justice it is so deserving of You have to experience it to understand all the meaning that it holds Thank you to KarLyn who was the first to tell me about this book and then all my other friends who encouraged me to read it It's an amazing journey I will NEVER forget

  3. Kristin (KC) - Traveling Sister Kristin (KC) - Traveling Sister says:

    Utterly heart wrenching Gripping Riveting ExtraordinaryI could go on and on and still not justify the magnitude of this story's brilliance— what it means what it stands for and how deeply it has affected me Reading Redeeming Love was an intensely humbling and inspirational experience It isn't about drama or angst or sexy loves scenesit is a powerful eye opening story focused on faith and redemption; on rising up from the dust of despair and finding yourself worthy It's about the unparalleled ways love and faith can conuer all and I could not have been pleased with this loving and fulfilling journey Sarah aka Angel is a beautiful damaged woman who remains a prisoner of a past that heartlessly sold her into prostitution as a child She was abandoned abused and alone and my heart shattered for her Selling her body was all she'd ever knownso when Michael attempts to show her an honest life she is untrusting and feels unworthy to receive it Angel had a uiet strength and I was completely blown away by her transformation Her uest for freedom was relentless and she easily became one of my most beloved heroines Michael in my opinion was saint like His patience and love for Angel was astonishing and his faith in himself and in God inspiring I've never before felt such a strong sense of love and acceptance through a character Angel and Michael's connection stands as a pure example of love in its most honest and unconditional stateexactly how it's meant to be The writing simply wow'd me It was elouent and its grace brought this story to life I felt every pain and heartache displayed within these broken characters as well as every rejoice This was my first Christian Fiction novel and I was initially unsure what to expect Although faith in God plays a big role in this story having faith in oneself is an eually apparent theme—one to which anyone can relate The element of religion was heavily pronounced but I didn't find it to be preachy — in fact I found it comforting and enlightening It wasn't over the top; it was delicate and its message seemed to transcend the structures of organized religion Freedom does not come from without but is instead brought forth from within My song for Sarah Blackbird singing in the dead of nightTake these broken wings and learn to flyAll your lifeYou were only waiting for this moment to ariseBlackbird singing in the dead of nightTake these sunken eyes and learn to seeAll your lifeYou were only waiting for this moment to be free Book Stats ▪ GenreCategory Christian FictionRomance▪ Steam Caliber Clean▪ Romance Emotional and heartbreaking Beautifully evolves ▪ Characters Expertly composed Patient kind loving hero Tragically broken but lovable heroine ▪ Plot Centers largely on redemption faith and the healing power of love Substantial depth ▪ Writing Accomplished and exuisite execution Inspiring narrative ▪ POV Third person perspective▪ Cliffhanger None

  4. Natalie Vellacott Natalie Vellacott says:

    I didn't get very far into this before realising that it was R rated Luckily I got it free so haven't wasted any money and can happily throw it away One of the most troubling things about this book is that there are a number of reviews from non Christians commenting on the graphic nature of this book and stating that they wouldn't have thought the writer was a Christian That alone explains why Christian authors need to be careful with their content they are representing JesusI am aware that this is meant to be based on the book of Hosea in the Bible However Rivers presents her main character as a prostitute prior to her marriage What are the moral implications of God’s command for Hosea to marry a prostitute? It appears best to see Gomer as chaste at the time of marriage to Hosea only later having become an immoral woman The words “take yourself a wife of harlotry” are to be understood proleptically ie looking to the future An immoral woman could not serve as a picture of Israel coming out of Egypt 215; 910 who then later wandered away from God 111 Chapter 3 describes Hosea taking back his wife who had been rejected because of adultery a rejection that was unjustifiable if Hosea had married a prostitute with full knowledge of her characterThe first few chapters dealt with child rape child trafficking brothels drunkenness adultery deaththat was enough If Rivers was trying to relay events in Hosea I don't understand why she felt the need to include child rape and trafficking in her narrative It just makes a tragic story even depraved The point of Hosea is God's love towards unfaithful Israel despite their waywardness It is not focused on the graphic exploits of GomerI don't recommend this book which is full of graphic detail for shock value For those who will no doubt comment that the book of Hosea also contains graphic scenes of a similar nature It doesn't The whole focus is on Israel's unfaithfulness and God's pending judgement It is not on the details of Gomer's sinThe popularity of this book and some of the comments are representative of the God as love or some kind of divine romancer beliefs that are prevalent as if God needs us and is desperate for us rather than the other way around The author writes that God says Though you deny me I love you with an everlasting love That is not in line with Scripture where God does not love with an everlasting love those who deny Him God hates sin and sinners and demands obedience Yes God loves us and forgives us when we sin if we approach Him through trust in Jesus but that doesn't give us a licence to sin or to presume upon His grace Redemption the supposed theme of this book should lead to a complete transformation of heart and life those seeking a cleaner read by Francine Rivers and to prove that I'm not just being deliberately controversial try The Atonement Child or And the Shofar Blew or even The Last Sin Eater but avoid Bridge to Haven The Scarlet Thread is mediocre EnjoyCheck out my Francine Rivers shelf

  5. Christy Christy says:

    5 stars Love cleanses beloved It doesn't beat you down It doesn't cast blame My love isn't a weapon It's a lifeline Reach out and take hold and don't let go” Honestly I almost never read historical romance It just doesn’t interest me as much as contemporary does I saw this on my libraries page and it had been recommended to me in the past so I picked up the audiobook I’m so glad I did This book was fantastic and I loved it so muchThis book takes place in California in the 1850’s Michael is a farmer who goes into town to sell some of his things and that’s when he sees Angel Angel’s life has been hard and even though she’s young she’s been through so much She is a prostitute who has been owned by others since a young age Michael feels called to marry Angel and even though she’s resistant to the idea eventually she comes around Michael treats Angel well and shows her what real love and partnership is She doesn’t know how to accept this and never feels good enough and it causes issues between them No matter what though Michael never gives up on her Redeeming Love is above all a story of unconditional love It’s based on the bible story of Hosea and Gomer which is a parable of God’s love for us and his willingness to always take us back no matter what our mistakes AngelSarah and Michael’s love story was beautiful and I was on the edge of my seat through most of this story I didn’t know how things would turn out but by the end I was so happy This is a cleaninspirational romance and it gave me so many feels and had such an amazing hero and I adored it so much Though fallen low God raised her up an angel

  6. Jennifer Kyle Jennifer Kyle says:

    Please note I read the Kindle version which apparently is the clean Christian version The original paperback is what I should have read Darn 4 Angel Starsimage error

  7. Kathy Kathy says:

    I think the purpose of this book was overshadowed by the very dark subject matter A lot of people have called this a Christian Romance I find that very hard to believe The story is about a young girl sold into prostitution at the age of eight who later is rescued by a man named Michael The books goes into shocking disturbing detail of the sad life she led She run’s away from her devoted husband multiple times which also got old The whole thing was very depressing and I only continued to read hoping it would get better I also didn’t like that her husband was suppose to be so understanding yet was still sleeping with her before she even loved him or before they really had a decent relationship If he really had respect for her and what she had been through he would have waited until she was ready The book was way too long and way too gloomy For the subject matter and details given I would give it an R rating I wish I hadn’t bothered reading it

  8. Jill Jill says:

    45 stars Redeeming Love is one of those must read romances worth reading at least once There are two versions of Redeeming Love This is a review of the original 1991 version The 1997 version is basically the same as the original but was edited to remove any descriptions of the love scenes and any coarse language to make it suitable for the Christian marketBased on the Book of Hosea from the Bible where God told the prophet Hosea to marry the prostitute Gomer Go marry a prostitute and have children with her here we have Michael Hosea a farmer being told by God to marry Angel a local whore in the 1850s goldfields of California Author Francine Rivers wrote historical romances and historical fiction before she became a Christian Redeeming Love written in 1991 bridges the writing of her original romances and her later Christian fiction illustrating well the old and new Francine Rivers in the one book The original does contain some coarse language eg son of a bitch damn bastard etc and some descriptive love scenes not contained in the second version The original holds up better in my opinion as a romance than the revised version with emphasis on their relationship and the physicality of it Nevertheless both versions contain the same plot For those who prefer a clean read then the edited or Christian version is preferableAlthough it is peppered throughout with Bible verses I don't think they're intrusive It is afterall a Christian story based on a book of the Bible and written by a Christian My only real complaint is that often it lends itself to cheesiness but that's my complaint about most if not all romances He felt her loosen and melt in his arms and he sent her up again in to the heavens joining her there and holding on to the moment as long as he could before the slow descent back to earthOh to You be the glory Lord LordUm okayOn my fourth read of this story over the years I don't view it with the same wide eyed romantic wonder as I first did The prose is average at best the historical setting adeuate The stubbornness of Angel in refusing to accept Michael's love and her conseuent running off was overdone and tiresome Michael himself often forces Angel to do his bidding believing as he does that it's for her best and so their relationship comes across as patronising and paternalistic at timesSome of his thoughts and reactions are not those of a Godly man Some of the tragedies that beset Angel's wretched life seem gratuitous Francine Rivers seemingly wanted to heap mankind's collective sin onto the head of this poor woman Some of the scenes are unnecessarily explicit The conclusion is way too neat with its fairy tale ending Yet Redeeming Love still holds up as an allegory of God's love for humankind Love forgiveness and redemption It is one of those rare novels that though based on a story from the Bible manages to captivate an audience who may not claim any Christian beliefs It can be at times depressing heart wrenching horrifying and preachy Yet it is also uplifting glorifying hope filled and romanticDespite some reservations Redeeming Love is still a worthy read for lovers of Christian fiction and for lovers of romance Even if you don't end up loving it it is so popular so highly rated and reviewed that it's worth reading just the once Because despite its flaws for me it still manages to resonate with the ideal of true love and the romantic notions of love conuers allSteam 25

  9. Amy | Foxy Blogs Amy | Foxy Blogs says:

    Just finished doing a re read via audiobook this time September 2020 Still my all time favorite book I'm excited that next year there will be a movie of this book releasing Read this book about 10 years ago Re reading it now March 14th 2013 I finished and this book is still my all time favorite book Deserves than 5 starsThis book is based on the love story from the Bible of Hosea and Gomer Gomer is a prostitute and Hosea is a Godly man told to marry her It's their struggle she finds it hard to turn away from the life she has always known and basically born into This is the ultimate love storyI loved reading about Michael Angel's love story There were so many things I wanted to highlight throughout this book One of my favorite lines was Hello Sarah I'm very pleased to meet you FinallyAlso this written on the cross was very touching Though fallen lowGod raised her upAn angel The song Amazing Grace reminds me of this book Amazing Grace how sweet the soundThat saved a wretch like meI once was lost but now am foundWas blind but now I see Michael is definitely my book husband He isn't someone you just date He is someone you marry Standalone

  10. Lexie Lexie says:

    I recieved this as a part of the First Reads programI was repulsed by this bookIt's supposed to be a Christian romance novel Full disclosure I'm an atheist so I wasn't expecting to exactly fall in love with the book But I found the concept of the story of Hosea being retold during the Gold Rush interesting or else I wouldn't have picked it upSo you may ask why was I so repulsed by this book? Looking past the forced marriage rape beatings and child rape described in the book Also looking past the flat one dimensional characters that are by the way stunning and physically beautiful how boring is that Not to mention looking past the horrible source material that is the Old Testament I'm repulsed by the ideas that this book reinforces for women I'm disgusted that this drivel was written by a woman And after reading some reviews prior to recieving the book I'm appaled that some people found this book moving positive and uplifting The plot device of using these characters to represent god and his unconditional love that he supposedly has for his children was weak This was represented by the two main character's and Angel So god talks to himI'll leave that one alone and tells him to marry her He has a priest marry the two of them while she's pretty much unconsious She runs away after being forced to work for and take care of him I wonder why she would run away So she finally meets a family who is willing to take care of her She's in a good place And then he comes back for her She for some unknown reason goes back to him The worst part is the ending because she wants nothing than to please him and bear him a son This book does nothing than subjugate women In my own opionion so do gods and religions but that's a different story for a differnt time What positive message is there in this for anyone? Be a good wife and devote all your time to making babies I think we all know there is to life than that Please don't waste your time reading this book get something else that will celebrate life and the worth of an individual or something that you will learn something from I'll be trading mine in at the local book mine to get something of worth

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