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[Ebook] Reina roja By Juan Gomez-Jurado – serv3.3pub.co.uk [EPUB] ✻ Reina roja ✾ Juan Gomez-Jurado – Serv3.3pub.co.uk NO HAS CONOCIDO A NADIE COMO ELLAAntonia Scott es especial Muy especialNo es policía ni criminalista Nunca ha empuñado un arma ni llevado una placa y sin embargo ha resuelto decenas de crímenesPero NO HAS CONOCIDO A NADIE COMO ELLAAntonia Scott es especial Muy especialNo es policía ni criminalista Nunca ha empuñado un arma ni llevado una placa y sin embargo ha resuelto decenas de crímenesPero hace un tiempo ue Antonia no sale de su ático de Lavapiés Las cosas ue ha perdido le importan mucho más ue las ue esperan ahí fueraTampoco recibe visitas Por eso no le gusta nada nada cuando escucha unos pasos desconocidos subiendo las escaleras hasta el último pisoSea uien sea Antonia está segura de ue viene a buscarlaY eso le gusta aún menosNO HAS LEÍDO NUNCA UN THRILLER COMO ESTE.

10 thoughts on “Reina roja

  1. Pablo Estévez Pablo Estévez says:

    Highly addictiveNot recommended if you have some task to completeThis book can spoil your social life for 2 daysIt's a great adventures novel

  2. Angel 一匹狼 Angel 一匹狼 says:

    This book has so many plot holesthings that make no sense that I don't know where to start So let's make a listview spoiler1 the bad people kidnap the wrong child and kill him just because2 but then they make a very elaborate job of leaving the body with religious connotations blood oily hair just because3 they kidnap a woman in the most messy way thinkable and this are dangerous and terribly smart people?4 the secret European organization has one woman in the Spanish branch who we are to believe is very smart but has been three years without doing anything because of something that happened to her5 this secret European organization chooses a corrupt cop to team up with the woman who just because she feels like it decides that yes she will go back to work with this random person6 so they go to study the first killing the teenage boy and nah who cares let's go and investigate about the kidnapped woman why? what is the relation between both cases? how do they make the leap from the killing of the son of the owner of the biggest bank in Spain we still believe the dead boy is her son because tsk shut up let's further the plot and add some stupid twists to the kidnapping of a thirty something years old woman that of course is the daughter of someone in this case the owner of the biggest retail company in the world and richest man in the world explain it to me how do they decide that both cases are related? the kidnapper? but they didn't even know it was the same kidnapper before jumping from case A to B for starters in the first case they discovered a dead body by maybe a serial killer; in the second a kidnapped woman kidnapped in theory for money7 the kidnapper is so stupid as to go back to the scene of the crime to erase his prints etc etc when they have decided to leave prints in another car on purpose oh there are two kidnappers I will explain latershut up8 the big bad kidnapper who knows for what reason spends her time talking with the kidnapped woman to get her email? what? because the point behind all the kidnappings is Antonia so why lose her time and ours with pointless plot developments?9 oh and this woman kidnapper also tries to make the kidnapped woman believe she is being raped by the other kidnapper here this woman kidnapper is playing the I am kidnapped too card; both kidnappers being father and daughter so really? or well that is what we are supposed to believe because at the end we discover that the daughter is not the daughter but someone who has been using the male kidnapper as her toy she working for another secret dangerous guy what?; and she survives an explosion and the falling of twenty thousand kilos of rubbish on her head10 Antonia is super smart goes to places without telling anyone or back up and chooses always the most stupid decisions endangering everyone's lives11 Antonia has a very special personality meaning that she decides to be friends with the corrupt cop just after five seconds and decide to change her way of being for him12 Antonia has a very special personality 2 from being absent from her child's life to suddenly loving him kissing him and discovering how much she loves him13 but the child recognizes her? didn't she just look at him from the window of the little room at the school?14 oh and to kidnap the child the bad woman kills one receptionist and tries to kill a teacher ha?15the super prepared Spanish police division dedicated to kidnappings and rescues is made of the most stupid people ever who don't check stuff and just barge in places so they can be killed our Antonia discovering the trap but not in time16 and the tattoo discovery? or the dead teenage boy not being the son of the president of the biggest bank reveal?17 Mister White who always makes other people kill his objectives and who can make killings seem accidents or illnesses decides to try to kill Antonia himself? ah a perfect way to end the book head scratching senselessnessInfinity in relation to point 17 when we discover everything we have gone through all the kidnappings killings and explosions was all a master plan by some mysterious figure who is bent on getting revenge on Antonia uh? hide spoiler

  3. Ann Ann says:

    A 500 page Spanish book that I read in 2 days one of them containing a 9 hour flight The book was relatively easy to read because it's written in the present tense no tricky verb forms and there are no flights of literary fancy I think there was some slang used here and there some expressions did not pop up on my iphone dictionary but I was able to follow the story I think the author has hit on a good formula here and I can see how this will become a popular series and it's gotten TV series written all over it Let's start with the two protagonists We have Jon an overweight gay police officer from Bilbao who has seriously blotted his copybook by planting drugs in a pimp's car He's about to be fired and prosecuted when a mysterious person called Mentor makes him an offer he can't refuse drive to Madrid and convince Antonia Scott to leave her house and get into the car Jon has no other options and manages to convince Antonia Scott to get into the car which takes them to a horrendous crime scene in a super secure community for the hyper rich And so Jon becomes part of a very special super secret police effort to solve particularly challenging crimes And Antonia? Well she just happens to be the smartest person on the planet with an inexhaustible memory and incredible computational capacities She is also totally traumatized by the accident that put her husband in a coma and caused her own father to fight her for custody for her small son Oh and she's totally devoid of humor and doesn't understand sarcasm or irony Jon is supposed to be her babysitter driver and bodyguard and occasional dispenser of the drugs that can allow her overactive brain to focus on the task at hand but somehow a friendship and collaboration takes root between these 2 very different characters I enjoyed the book because I thought it was a good combination the sardonic Jon and the totally humorless Antonia and because the pace was rapid enough to keep me reading through that long flight I do think that the villain was a bit generic but that seems to be a prereuisite of the genre I also liked some of the descriptions in the book especially of the tunnels and canals under the surface of Madrid I don't know if these were invented or really exist but it made for some exciting reading Recommended for people who want to read in Spanish and don't feel ready yet to tackle Cervantes or Javier Marias

  4. Anna Maria Ballester Bohn Anna Maria Ballester Bohn says:

    Well It's not high literature but the sense of humour sometimes too much of it is somewhat redeaming I don't read a lot of thrillers so I don't know how it compares to others but it did hold my attention enough to finish it in a couple of days I started reading it because I'm interested in detectives that are slightly psychopathic themselves I can't say the charecters were as memorable as say some of those of in Millenium oops maybe I do read thrillers but I also can say that I'll very probably read the next adventure of Antonia and Jon who's not fat If you don't usually read thrillers but suddenly find yourself craving one I would most certainly recommend this one

  5. Anna Serra i Vidal Anna Serra i Vidal says:

    It's a uick and forgettable read made of different tropes we've seen a thousand times I liked how the author builds the sentences but it doesn't deliver in the endIn a thriller the bad guy needs to be even complete than the hero and it's not the case Yes I know there are a second and a third instalments but each one needs its own baddie with its own motivations I think he tried to do here what Dolores Redondo does with her El Baztán trilogy but she gets a complete villain in each story and the reader can close the book and feel contentment As for characters not only the villains felt a bit cliche ish I understand there isn't much room for characterization but it felt a bit flat to me what I liked?uick chaptersEasy to readVisual languaje but it probably has to do with it dwealing on a lot of thrillers we've seen on the screen already And hints of humour

  6. Juan Carlos Juan Carlos says:

    1st book I have read from this author I enjoyed it from beginning to the end I have already bought another book from him I can’t stop reading

  7. Inna Hermelo Inna Hermelo says:

    Easy to read very intriguing interesting and I would agree with reading community it’s highly addictive Horrendous crime scenes power personal dilemmas special’ super secret police efforts challenging crimes and constant dangerI enjoyed the book because I thought it was a good combination of the characters and the pace was rapid enough to keep me reading with excitement Recommended for people who want to read in Spanish it was my second book in Spanish and it went through just fine B2 C1 while I don’t feel yet to tackle any serious classics

  8. Louise Louise says:

    A good read set in the Madrid area with interesting protagonists The plot was absorbing enough and the setting realistically described but the concept of a secret investigative force relying on one super intelligent troubled woman was pretty ridiculous

  9. CFT CFT says:

    I has been a while since a book trapped me like this one Non stop intrigue unexpected plot twist love the characters and their dialogs It also has a lot of referencies to popular Spanish music like poems sayings and songs which as an expat Spaniard I really appreciate I started reading another book after finishing Reina Roja but I had to come back to their world so here I'm now reading Loba negra

  10. Booker Booker says:

    This is the most overrated book I've read It's not a thriller it's in the super hero genreThere's nothing original about the protagonist Other books have been written about a super intelligent woman who has super powers And the story seems a parodyAlso I don't like the way the author writes His prose is lazy his metaphors are silly and he's not funny He repeats the he's not fat joke every chapter It gets old after the second time and I usually like jokes about fat morons

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