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[PDF] Remember Me (Defiant Motorcycle Club, #3) By Cora Brent – serv3.3pub.co.uk ➮ [Read] ➪ Remember Me (Defiant Motorcycle Club, #3) By Cora Brent ➺ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk One hundred years Two love triangles A timeless passion Maddox McLeod has always enjoyed the ladies But a long history of casual lovers masks a cutting betrayal which still wounds him When Maddox is c One hundred years Two love triangles A timeless passion Maddox McLeod has always enjoyed the ladies But a long history of casual lovers masks a cutting betrayal which still wounds him When Maddox is called back to his hometown of Contention City to tend to his dying father he must briefly leave his true brothers the Defiant MC and confront the agonies of the past Maddox has spent a decade trying to forget that once there was a girl who held his heart in her hand And once he had a brother who committed the ultimate treachery Contention City itself endures among the ghosts and ruins of the old west In young schoolteacher Annika Larson traveled to the Arizona Territory and found herself caught between the passions of two fiery brothers One a gunslinger the other a lawman their differences were irreconcilable The scars of the shattering chain of events which followed reverberate into the present as Maddox finds himself faced with impossible choices and a timeless love Part contemporary romance part historical western this intertwined tale of love and redemption is a stand alone novel with no cliffhanger Newly edited Contains explicit language and sexual situations not recommended for readers under the age of .

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  1. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    35 unsatisfied Stars Spoilers I have heard the saying Always leave them wanting but this book didn't just leave me wanting it left me feeling totally unsatisfied This book is like a selfish lover Just when it's starting to feel good you are really getting into it the end is in site your burning and shaking oh it's gonna be a good one Wham it's done and you are left going WTF? Is that it???? Yup that' s what reading Remember Me is like I am going to keep this short and to the point This book has two parallel stories One set in the past and one in the present Both stories are about two brothers in love with the same woman and the woman loving the bad boy brother but marrying and or sleeping with the seemingly good brother over a misunderstanding I don't really care for the whole love triangle thing in general it just really depends on how it is written but it worked well in this story Both love stories had great potential The characters are all likable The plot is interesting The problem I have with this book is both stories felt lacking like they are missing important details and rushed unsatisfied endings It's sad really because I was really enjoying it then it was just over and I was like really? Really? like a cliffhanger without another book to finish it up Instead of cramming the two stories in one book there should have been two books Oh well whatevs

  2. Judy Judy says:

    Historic recurrence is the repetition of similar events in historyWe’ve all heard about history repeating itself and through the ages there have been many examples This book tells the heart wrenching love story of two brothers and the women they loved One romance occurs over 100 years ago 1888 and one in the present The setting is the same Contention City Arizona and the present characters are connected in some way to characters from the past Past – Annika Larson travels to the Wild West from the east to be a school teacher Fate puts her in the path of Mercer an outlaw who is part of a brotherhood of other outlaws who skirt the law and live dangerously There is that immediate connection or spark between the two but Annika resists it Then she is thrown into Mercer’s brother’s arms James the town marshal the supposedly good guy Both men fall in love with Annika There’s strife between the brothers even before Annika came into the scene They love each other but there’s so much conflict since they grew to be men Annika makes a very bad decision based on her own incorrect interpretation of something that occurs with Mercer and marries James in a fit of anger An action that she will forever regret Present –Maddox McLeod is a member of the Defiant MC a band of brothers who skirt the law and are not necessarily the good guys His brother Jensen is a cop They were super close growing up but a woman split them apart Maddox’s first love Gabriella de Campo also made a terrible decision that forever changed all of their lives The book covers a tale of vanuished love and an eerie case of history repeating itself 100 years later I do not usually like books that jump from the past to the present but the author did a magnificent job of drawing me into this story and marveling at the similarities between the brothers and the women they loved I was enthralled but I was also sad I felt their emotions and their heartache There’s suspense mystery and angst figuring out who is the bad guy and trying to figure out if there will be a HEA This is one of the best books I have read in a very long time It’s really not about the MC other than the parallel of Maddox being in a band of brothers who love and support him The story occurs in Maddox’s hometown and the MC shows up at the end to help him present just as Mercer’s band of outlaws show up to help him at the end Two wonderful love stories that make you uestion why people are so uick to make the wrong decisions that make them miserable and wreck their lives At least some people do get a chance to correct the past and live happily ever afterI highly recommend this book and would rate it than 5 stars for me

  3. Kate Kate says:

    Ms Brent has become one of my favorite authors There are two stories included in this book Both about two brothers and the love of a woman 5 past gold and present gold ★★★★★Contention City was a Boomtown in the 1880's due to Gold found in the Scorpion Mountains there is one thing that peeved about this but I will get to that later Annika Larson is moving West to become a teacher when she is held up by The Dane Gang Where she sees the Outlaw and Gunslinger Mercer Dolan Arriving she meets the Marshall of the town James Dolan Yeppers the brother of Mercer Present Day Maddox is back to Contention City as his father is dying He swore that he would never go back due to his brothers and his girls betrayal In Know Me and Promise Me I didn't really like Maddox McLeod But he grows on me as his character grows It goes to show that the young are impressionable and that a lot of wrongs will be righted The Chapters flipped back between the past and the present and every time I was getting into the story it would change but the mix worked well This book had everything in it love betrayal redemption and that when push comes to shove blood is thicker than water no matter what I was really sad to finish this book and it kept me up all night just thinking about it Contention City doesn't actually exist any it is now a ghost town where straw balls run through the empty streetsMs Brent has a uniue writing style but keeps you captured right from the beginning I hope that this series continues

  4. AlligatorSmith loves to read AlligatorSmith loves to read says:

    Very interesting juxtaposition of a modern MC story about Maddox from the Defiant MC and his old love and his family with an eerily similar story in the same town over 100 years before And both second chance at romancesex stories are interesting and hotWe had meet Maddox in the two previous Defiant MC books and he was pretty much an alpha sexy sexist douchebag And he had some of those tendencies at the start of this one too but as he gets back into touch with Gaby who was his first love but who ended up marrying his brother he starts to believe in love again But that doesn't mean he doesn't carry on in his lusty and sexy ways throughout most of the storyThe second storyline in this interesting book is also of two brothers and the woman that got between the two The storylines mirror each other in some ways especially with Mercer being in love with Annika but then she marries his brother Same story same place same gold same flood same endingGlad I found this author Have enjoyed all three books in this series so far and it's amazing how different the stories are

  5. Mirabella Mirabella says:

    Wow what a wonderful book The author did a great job by weaving the two stories from history and present together It combines two genres I like most and I would say it was one of the best books I've read so far I don't know what to read next because this story and the characters are still on my mind especially the ones from 188890 I wish I could read about them I definitely will read all the other books in this series I can highly recommend this book it can be read as standalone I didn't miss anything significant by starting with this one

  6. Kaylee Foley Kaylee Foley says:

    Wow This book rocked my world I was not expecting that at all Cora Brent is officially one of my favorite authors This was an extremely different book but in a really good way I loved the way this was written in the fact that I wasn't able to put it down and was constantly guessing how the two stories connected What a BEAUTIFUL story that had me in tears through the whole thing Do yourself a favor and read this book

  7. Nicole Bell Nicole Bell says:

    well sad to say that I didn't enjoy this book as much as I did all the others I have jumping back in time to basically read the same story twice I understand history repeats itself but I want to read of this day not the past

  8. Sandy Sandy says:

    Enjoyable but difficult to get through the beginningThis is a slow burn book I prefer ones that capture my attention and keep it from the beginning I would recommend due to the conclusion being fantastic

  9. Anna Kemp Anna Kemp says:

    Fun romantic read Cora Brent's books are always a fun romantic read The motorcycle club series is interesting as it gives a peek into a different maybe misunderstood lifestyle

  10. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    I wasn't a huge fan of the historical intertwining if stories I did however like Maddox and Gabby's story It is a second chance romance but not without its tribulations

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