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Download PDF  Renaissance Florence on 5 Florins a Day Author Charles FitzRoy – [Reading] ➾ Renaissance Florence on 5 Florins a Day Author Charles FitzRoy – Welcome to Florence in 1490 Under the patronage of Lorenzo de’ Medici no city on earth can match its culture learning art and naked ambition Here in the cradle of the Renaissance you’ll meet the g Welcome to Florence in on 5 eBook ↠ Under the patronage of Lorenzo de’ Medici no city on earth can match its culture Renaissance Florence PDF \ learning art and naked ambition Here in the cradle of the Renaissance you’ll meet the great banking families and traders who Florence on 5 PDF ✓ have made Florence rich and the philosophers and artistic geniuses who have helped it become one of the most exciting places Florence on 5 Florins a MOBI :ç to be in Europe You will explore the marvelous monuments learn about ancient customs and current fashions and immerse yourself in its lively politicsThis fascinating guide provides all the practical advice you need for a journey back to the golden age of Florence and Tuscany Marvel at Brunelleschi’s sublime cathedral dome and the sculptures and paintings that have made this the art capital of its day Lose yourself in the often riotous local feasts and festivals Meet the most important and influential families in Florence as well as the young artists Michelangelo and Leonardo And explore the darker side of life in the city from Florence on 5 Florins a MOBI :ç its taverns and brothels to the grisly punishments meted out to wrongdoersAlso included is invaluable advice on traveling in Tuscany from the beautiful countryside outside Florence to the stunning cities of Pisa Siena Arezzo and Cortona.

10 thoughts on “Renaissance Florence on 5 Florins a Day

  1. Yoana Yoana says:

    The author has a way of transporting the uattrocento in the present so that it feels like current affairs and not history The bits about the personal feuds failings triumphs and intrigues of the big names of the day were the most amusing parts

  2. Rebecca May Rebecca May says:

    First of all I just have to say how much of a pleasure it is to finally find a beautiful hard cover book with a tight fitting dust cover; one that importantly doesn't slide off every fifteen secondsI had this book on my shelf for a while and eventually decided to read it a couple of weeks before I visited Florence In hindsight it would have been better to take it to Florence and read it while I was there But even reading it when I did Renaissance Florence on Five Florins a Day was a light and interesting readThe concept of the book was intriguing a travel guide for someone visiting the city in 1490 but one that would still be very useful to someone visiting Florence in today's world The tone is light and occasionally humorous the information is very interesting and presented in such a way that it doesn't feel like a chore to read Florence is a beautiful city with wonderful history and for the most part this book did the city justice albeit briefly within the confines of the purpose of the book More importantly the Medici were depicted favourably but in a fair minded manner something uite important for me as I have researched the Medici somewhat and therefore I feel a bit of an affinity to the family However there were a few small complaints in regards to the book as a wholeFirstly; one of the reasons I said it would have been better to read this while in Florence is that it has a couple of sections where the author rattles off a whole lot of place names in relation to one another Without any sort of context despite being familiar with Florence through research I very uickly found myself bored Telling me I can walk across a certain market to get to Point A and from there take a street to Point B which is here in relation to Point C Not really very helpful or interesting if I've never been to Florence before So really Renaissance Florence on Five Florins a Day would be best for someone possessing that information in terms of context either being in Florence or having previously visited the cityAside from the fact that it was sometimes slightly repetitive I only really had one other problem with the book Obviously it focuses on Florence points of interest history culture and the Medici family It does well describing all of those things and one would think that the author would finish on a bang with some sort of astounding fact or final homage to the beauty of Florence Instead it sort of trails off the final chapter being about other places in Tuscany I read this book to learn about Florence Admittedly there are other cities in Tuscany worthy of note but at the end of this particular book such notice definitely felt out of placeSo in the end I found this to be an adeuate and easy source of information about the beautiful city of Florence sufficiently feeding my excitement before my visit However don't expect it to be perfect and I would recommend reading it during or after a visit to Florence

  3. Dale Dale says:

    I must confess contrary to my well established practise of finishing a book if I start it I have not indeed read the entire book Written in the style of a Lonely Planet guidebook I felt justified in sampling through such as one might with the Lonely Planet Anyway I found this an amusing enough experience but to be honest it was a tad lacking in insight and polish At times I felt the book couldn't uite decide if it was written in 1490's or the 2010's some attention to detail editing I suspect wouldn't have gone astray fixing that problem Lets be frank about it the type of readers attracted to a 1940's renaissance travel guide are the type of reader who will notice shallowness and expect a high level of intellectual engagement

  4. Fabiela Fabiela says:

    I got this book just before i went to Florence in October 11 I thought it would help experience it in a diferent old way It didn't I love Florence but i dont think this book help in any way

  5. Shane Shane says:

    Like the other volumes I have read in this pop history series this book was not particularly deep but very entertaining and still highly informative Lots of good stuff unsurprisingly focusing most on artists and the Medici family I learned the most in the sections about Florentine guilds banking and industry and religious confraternities I could have used maps as I had to several times use google maps to keep track of where things were

  6. Eva Kepka Eva Kepka says:

    There are interesting parts but it is mainly about hundred of name of artists and masterpieces between a couple of storytelling

  7. Linda Linda says:

    Really enjoyed this book There is something of a dearth of books on what daily life was like in the Italian renaissance most focus on the art understandably This book lays out clearly and with a sense of humor how to spend your day and go through day to day life in 1490 Florence Especially fun since I'm a fan of the Showtime series The Borgias so it was fun to get a glimpse of the city just two years before Rodrigo Borgia was made popeI do wish there had been a little about women and clothing but that's my only uibble Recommended if you like history andor are planning to visit Florence

  8. Sandra Strange Sandra Strange says:

    If you want to learn about Renaissance life as real people lived it this is the book for you Written in the format of a modern travel guide book the book features short articles about pertinent topics from daily life shops and markets and the role of women to the cathedral to Leonardo da Vinci with copious illustrations and informative sidebars The book is informative breezy and fun to read Meant as an informal historical treatment of the Renaissance city the book would still serve as good information before you visit modern Florence

  9. Ann Ann says:

    I enjoyed this one a lot than the Ancient Rome and Ancient Athens booksbut I have to say that it might be because I knew a lot about those topics than this one going in That said I still think using a tourist guide as a concept for a history book is fun and clever and the book is chock full of interesting tidbits Awful book cover Don't judge by it

  10. Donna Jones Donna Jones says:

    Easy to read interesting book on what your life would be like if you were a visitor to Florence during the Renaissance Talks about daily life the influential families in Florence at that time leading artists but most interestingly the types of things you'd expect in any guidebook except in this one you're transported back in time

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