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Download ☆ Return (The Evolution Trilogy, #3) By Vanessa Wester – [Reading] ➾ Return (The Evolution Trilogy, #3) By Vanessa Wester – Steven Thorn and Caitlin Chance are meant to be together At least when they first fell in love it seemed inevitable But love is sometimes not enough It makes them act irrationally it tests family loya Steven Thorn and Caitlin Chance are meant to be together At least when they first fell in love it seemed inevitable But love is sometimes not enough It makes them act irrationally it tests family loyalties breaks and makes friendships and causes physical and mental painYet without love Steven and Caitlin are lostAs they return to the community and discover the possibilities open to them all is not what they hoped Steven has impacted the lives of many since he was discovered and the choices he made have led to events beyond anyone’s controlLove brought Steven and Caitlin together and fate is playing with their emotions constantly undermining their willpower and determination In the game of love destiny is always the winnerAs continued from Complications Vanessa Wester takes you back to the as Steven and Caitlin return to the community and try to figure out their future Finally you will discover the next steps for the community its inhabitants and humanity.

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  1. Aislinn Aislinn says:

    This is the third and final installment of The Evolution Trilogy by Vanessa Wester I read it in two sittings once I got about 30% in I just couldn't put it down The environment and characters were so realistic even with the paranormal twist I found myself in the world along with the entire cast of characters From the lovable Susanna to the lovehate relationship I developed with Ingrid I was for all intents and purposes part of this world I had my suspicions along with some of the characters that things weren't uite what they seemed initially and that seems to be the underlying theme of the wrap up of this trilogy not everything is what it seems Over the course of the story you see change and growth in the characters much in the same way you see changes as people mature and grow The ideas and thoughts of the main characters grow making the characters grow as individuals I think one of the most powerful underlying themes in the book is that sometimes love isn't enough and other times it makes all the difference in the world Another point is sometimes the end is just that the end and others it's just the beginning of something else The raw emotion displayed in this book caught me off guard in comparison to the others and drew me deeper into the story feeling the pain of the characters so much so that I found myself crying over some parts I found myself both thoughtful sad and wanting at the end of the book I slept on it only to realize today that sometimes art fiction imitates life and it is what it is Overall the entire trilogy was fantastic and I hope that Vanessa works on the preuel for Emily one dayOnce again Vanessa has created a flawless story I didn't notice any grammar or spelling errors which means there either were none or I was so absorbed into the story I didn't see them which is a HUGE deal to me I loved the entire trilogy and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a paranormal story with a twist and some romance I am impressed that the scenes that could have uickly turned these books into erotic were kept clean and classy while still bringing all of the emotion of the action between characters

  2. Laura Smith Laura Smith says:

    This book was given free by the author for an honest reviewThis is the 3rd book in the Evolution Trilogy and was absolutely fantasticI have thoroughly enjoyed reading the story of Steven Thorn and his journey of finding out he is a hybrid and how he has handled his new life Return see's Steven and his girlfriend Caitlin who he changed in book 2 return to the colony As the colony do some tests on Caitlin they realise her blood maybe the ingredient the colony needs to be able to produce their own blood source without the need to kill This puts doubts within the colony as to whether they actually need to be segregated away from humans The Colony is slowly showing cracks and suggestions are made to find a new colony elsewhere and split the group up and start over Steven isn’t happy about all the changes that are happening and feels guilty for what he has put Caitlin through by changing her He cannot change the past and must learn to live with the conseuences of his actions Will Steven Caitlin be able to get through what is thrown at them or will some little things come along and change both of their future's foreverA superb finale in the trilogy and an ending I never guessed Well done Vanessa for a wonderful series and I'm looking forwarding to what you have for us next ;

  3. Karla Brandenburg Karla Brandenburg says:

    In this final book of the trilogy Caitlin has to adapt to her change so Steven takes her back to the colony Overall the trilogy is well thought out well laid out Ms Wester does a good job with the don't call me a vampire theme and the struggles with the colony to overcome homicidal tendencies giving them a viable option to murder I liked the concept the premise and overall the characterizations I particularly liked the sense of setting the colony in the was smartly described With that being said I don't want to harp on this author's writing style which was difficult for me in a lot of places but it is worth notingI found the conflict between Caitlin and Steven to be understandable and believable As impatient as I got with her at times the foundation for the changes that come with being made superhuman validated some of her mood swings As a reader I think the triplet plot line didn't add anything except as a way to keep Steven and Caitlin apart and without it I would have been happy to see a HEA ending rather than the promise of oneWell plotted well researched A fresh take on vampires

  4. Barb McKinley Barb McKinley says:

    I WANT MORE What a great trilogy My only problem is I want to know I hope Author Vanessa Wester will continue the series with stories about what happened to everyone There were so many subplots that would turn into stories worth readingThis trilogy was primarily a love story It fully engaged my emotions I am happy for some of the main characters and sad for others Depending on how you see things it could be a beautiful ending or a tragic ending I know I would like to live in the community created by Ms WesterIf you like love stories you will love this book but beware it may make you cry and laugh out loud It really brings home the human nature in all of us It has a wonderful balance of action adventure mystery suspense and romance I loved the trilogy and am glad I decided to read itIf you like a good story this is it I can recommend this to young adults adults and seniors Happy readingKUDOS Ms Wester on a tale well told

  5. Kevin Marsh Kevin Marsh says:

    Return is a wonderfully readable book that kept me thrilled to the very end This third book in the trilogy takes the reader to the conclusion of this fabulous tale I loved the characters and found their lives interesting as every human emotion is explored as the story reaches its endThis set of books is a wonderful read for those looking for something a little different; ordinary characters set in an extraordinary world

  6. Catalina Catalina says:

    I have read this trilogy in a couple of days A very engaging and well written book I liked the new twist on the vampire myth and the story line I hated the ending I understand why the author chose to end it the way it did but I would have preferred a different one I wont go into too many details If you like these sort of books give it a go

  7. Fred Fred says:

    Tremendous finish to the trilogy but what happens next? So many uestions left unanswered Is there another series? I hope so

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