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Download PDF  Rightful Possession Author Sally Wentworth – ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Rightful Possession Author Sally Wentworth – To get her young brother out of serious trouble Genista needed a lot of money and the one person who could help her was the enormously wealthy tycoon Marc Kiriakos He agreed to help but of course he w To get her young brother out of serious trouble Genista needed a lot of money and the one person who could help her was the enormously wealthy tycoon Marc Kiriakos He agreed to help but of course he wanted something in exchange and what he wanted was Genista for his wife He explained that it was a matter of convenience he needed someone who would act as his hostess and also protect him from all the other women who were pursuing him Genista had taken it for granted that he meant the marriage to be in name only but it seemed she had been over optimistic.

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  1. Naksed Naksed says:

    HE IS SUBTLE Beneath the zebra skin bedspread there were black silk sheetsa sunken bath made out of black marble and big enough for at least three people gold plated fittings and mirrors everywhereHE IS GENEROUS I will open accounts for you with all the leading couture houses and you can choose what you want from themHE'S ROMANTIC 'Why shouldn't you give me what you've probably given to a dozen men already? Everyone knows the reputation that stewardesses have; they're little better than flying call girls'AAAAANNNDDD HE'S A GOOD DANCER His feet stamped out the beat on the stone floor and then suddenly he threw his whole body into the dance leaping kicking his feet together in the air his movements graceful and controlled and yet wild and primitiveLADIES AND GENTLEMEN WITHOUT FURTHER ADO I GIVE YOUMARC KIRIAKOS MY NEW BOOK BOYFRIEND

  2. KatieV KatieV says:

    This was written in 1978 and it shows Everyone smokes it's glamorous to be a stewardess and the Greek tycoons in HP land have even grosser and sexist ideas about women than they do today So if you like the old HPs with the borderline crazy H's even completely implausible reasons to marry and grind your teeth sexism you've come to the right place Again I ask what is wrong with me? Basically the British stewardess h enters into a marriage of convenience with the half Frenchhalf Greek tycoon H in order to save her brother from going to prison he stole from H's company The H really sold the h on this marriage being a job As someone who was multilingual she'd be perfect to hostess his parties and would act as a buffer to press speculation He didn't say no sex but I'd have gotten the same impression as the h did It sounded like a job to me and like the h I don't expect sex with the boss to be in the job descriptionWell on their wedding night private Greek island she finds out that he definitely plans on having sex with her She's a stewardess so she's obviously been around why the heck wouldn't she want to go to bed with fabulously wealthy and internationally renowned lover Marc Kiriakos?? She wasn't a virgin what did one man matter? Especially when he was the man Yes SeriouslyHe gets pissed at her reluctance and attempt to flee him and rapes her it's all fade to black He realizes 'whoops' she was a virgin and tries to seduce her but the poor traumatized h just lies there so he gets insulted and rapes her again After that he promises never to touch her again and then we get lots of brooding misunderstanding and misunderstanding before we learn that H loved her from the moment he saw her and had to have her Her refusal that first night made him crazy and he had supposedly been trying ever since to make her love him and come to him freely but always f'd that up royally by running hotcold and being such an arrogant shit What made this book stand out was the fact that the heroine did actually despise the H for a while and there was no convenient pregnancy to force the couple together This wasn't an issue of her fighting to deny her traitorous body She didn't want him near her She was afraid of and repulsed by him However she gradually fell in love with him during the times that he let his guard down

  3. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Naksed wrote the definitive review of this story so I'll just that this was a fun forced marriage story It was also a time capsule of an era where air travel was glamorous and air hostesses were of the coffee tea or me? varietyThe Greek shipping hero was immediately smitten with the heroine when still in her uniform she showed up at his penthouse officeapartment to plead her brother's case he had done a bit of light embezzling to finance an invention Hero offers a get out of jail free card if she'll marry him Heroine agrees to a marriage of convenience He has something else in mind The forced seduction is a huge mistake that the Hh both pay for over the next few monthsTheir impasse is eventually broken when the brother earns enough money to pay off his debt and the heroine feels she can leave The hero tracks her down two months later and grovels HEAThis had a very capable heroine speaks many languages can arrange parties and talk to people tells off the housekeeper with a sense of honor The hero was nicely tied up in knots As befitting an air hostess there was uite the travelogue as well France Greece and a stop over in the Azores

  4. Chantal ❤️ Chantal ❤️ says:

    This was a surprisingly good book Yes there was a disturbing scene aka rape However they had her deal with it like a victim at first and he was so messed up with all his emotions that I found the whole situation explainable I am not justifying his actions here I am just saying that in the context of this story it worked for me I was pissed off we never got the prefect moment of consensual relations until the end and it was cut short that why it's not 5 stars Man he worked darn hard to finally get to her and she was falling for him in spite of herself It was a good and intense read Trigger warning but it's of a fade to black type of event and not the whole deal That does help me as a trigger sensitive person

  5. Jenny Jenny says:

    The author never managed to convince me that these two people were in love with each other They didn't even spend time together and heroine hated him until the last chapter So it kept my interest but there was no chemistry

  6. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Rightful Possession is the story Genista and MarcIm so glad this headache is overEghThe book is about a blackmail leading to marriage leading to antagonism leading to twisted feelings leading to a dramatic HEA PhewOur h is a airline stewardess Her younger brother and only living relative gets himself in trouble and is falsely accused of treason To rescue him she goes to ask wealthy French tycoon Marc Kiriakos for help and instead is blackmailed into a marriage of convenience She does not expect him to force his marital rights on her but he does resulting in marital rape The heroine then starts hating the H and after trying to appease her he soon returns the antipathy Feeling the chills yet?Soon begins a cold marriage between a h who obviously despises the hero makes multiple attempts to escape and a hero who uses heroine as a hostess while lavishing expensive gifts and trinkets on her No apparent feelings involved We do not get his POV until the very end so all we read about is his brooding gazes frustrated moods feelings of jealousy and worry and crazy obsession to keep the heroine The heroine is bipolar at this point hating the hero but also notI did not understand the 180 degree the h has suddenly midway through the book where she starts desiring the H's attention all the while trying to escape and help her brother out Then she suddenly wants his love and enter the hostile housekeeper and OW who want to keep H and h apartLoads and loads and loads of dramatic events later this dysfunctional couple have consensual coitus behind the scenes confess their feelings resolve the misunderstanding thank the deities and sail off into the HEAI found the heroine dramatically childish the hero obstinate the brother stupid and the book just frustratingMeh25

  7. Leona Leona says:

    For Harley's this one's pretty good I haven't read any in ages But after reading Naksed's review I just couldn't resist I won't give a recap since all the other reviews tell it best However my only add would be Note to self Get it in writing Poor girl she really assumed a lot ;D

  8. Twiggy Twiggy says:

    Not bad but definitely a book of it's timeGenista bizarre name is an air hostess Her brother Kevin is approx 20 years old and appears to be entirely irresponsible He 'borrows' money from his employers on the basis that he will pay it back soon and they need never know He has no sense that what he has done is wrong and calls his sister to get him out of trouble When Gen goes to see his employer Marc kiriakos to see if he will agree not to press charges if he is paid back it becomes clear that a significant sum is involved Marc suggests that the only way that Gen can afford to pay him back is if she marries him as a business arrangement Gen reluctantly agrees They go to his Greek island for their honey moon whereupon Marc makes it clear he intends to consummate the marriage Gen objects and is given a 1 night reprieve She tries to escape but he catches her and rapes her twice She goes out to the beach and swims into the water to make herself feel clean but gets cramp Marc saves her and thinks she was trying to kill herself as a result of what happened They return to Paris and his chateau not far from same Marc makes it clear that he will not touch her again Gen has to deal with a malicious housekeeper They entertain guests freuently and Marc is very tender and attentive in front of others but they have a limited relationship away from any audience She appears to be annoyed by his hypocrisy in this than anything else which the casual observer may find strange After some time Gen finds that she is no longer repulsed by Marc and things appear to be improving between them Eventually she realises that she is in love with him but of course there is the reuisite misunderstanding where she believes that he is interested in another woman She eventually runs away He finds her They have a big reconciliation on a plane They all live heaThe days when It was sexy to be an air hostess are well and truly gone

  9. April Brookshire April Brookshire says:

    I liked this one The hero was so obviously in love with the heroine from the start and I felt bad for him because she hated him with reasonSatisfying ending though there should've been an epilogue where a certain employee of the hero's gets fired

  10. Mary-jane Mary-jane says:

    I love angsty and fast paced books and this is one of themI started it at midnight and at 1i wanted to sleep howeveri stayed thinking and thinking for 1 whole hour and i finally ended up reading the whole book Reminder to myself don't start a book at or after midnight

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