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[Ebook] Rocks In The Stream By Lewis Whelchel – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❮BOOKS❯ ⚣ Rocks In The Stream Author Lewis Whelchel – Serv3.3pub.co.uk A twist on a classic favorite finds Pride and Prejudice’s Mr Bennet recently deceased and Jane doing her best to manage the Longbourn estate While traveling to his new home Charles Bingley accompani A twist on a classic favorite finds Pride and Prejudice’s Mr Bennet recently deceased and Jane doing her best to manage the Longbourn estate While traveling to his new home Charles Bingley accompanied by his friend Fitzwilliam Darcy come across an injured young woman who has fallen against a rock and is unconscious As the men work to discover her identity and reunite her Rocks In PDF/EPUB ² with her family they learn what it is to love For one couple the path is clear For the other it appears at first that love may not be enough However after a painful separation they learn that nothing else is reuired but love to bring happiness and joy to their lives.

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  1. Sheila Majczan Sheila Majczan says:

    This book was a loan from MonicaAs we read in the book description or in the sample Mr Bennet is dead and Jane has inherited Mrs Bennet bemoans the fact that Jane won’t sell everything and hue off to London for to marry off all the girls Lizzy goes off for her morning walk falls and hits her head and so is unconsciousFirst I read all the other reviews Some are uite harsh about the fact that in this novel the characters we know from canon have different behaviors I would say that in reading this genre JAFF one must come to expect that there are going to be some differences And yes I have found some authors who only seem to use the names and places we all have come to love as a draw to sell their story But I have found I can still enjoy the story and find that part of the enjoyment is looking for similar plot excerpts some recognizable behaviors some chemistry between our favorite protagonists andor even Jane Austen’s words tumbling out of different persons’ mouths and in different circumstancesThat being said the main similarity that I found in this novel is the fact that Darcy despite falling in love with Elizabeth and even sharing that fact with her and gasp kissing her makes a cold hard decision that he can never marry her due to her family and connections All this after he and Bingley have come upon the unconscious young lady as they ride to inspect Bingley’s newly leased estate They take her back to Netherfield and send for Bingley’s London doctor OK here I uestioned in my mind Are all of Bingley’s servants his housekeeper etc from London?as no one seems to know who this young lady is Darcy feels protective and caring towards her from the first instance he cradles her form in his arms on the path side He visits the sickroom with the servant Anne as a chaperone and determines she must at least be a gentlewoman as her hands are soft and she has an air of intelligence about her I have wonderment about that last statement – how does an unconscious woman project an air of intelligence? But OK let’s get on with the story Back at Longbourn everyone finally misses Lizzie and then implore all their friends and acuaintances plus the local militia to search Bingley and Darcy search by stopping at cottages and farms but with no success Finally after three days the cook goes into town to the butcher and learns the name of the missing young woman is Elizabeth Bennet The two men are informed and go to Longbourn to inform the family as to not only her whereabouts but also her condition Jane has now met BingleyElizabeth cannot leave just yet due to her injuries so there is plenty of time for visitation between all these characters Elizabeth develops a high fever which Darcy knows to help relieve with ice packsGeorgiana had a similar problem in the past Now we meet a man whose behavior is new to us He not only helps nurse Elizabeth but as time passes and she wakes up her pours out his history to her all the sadness with his own parents’ illnesses and deaths etc She talks of her father’s death After days of bed rest Elizabeth insists that she must get some fresh air walks out and ends up sitting on a rock by a stream Here is where Darcy finds her and the kiss happens But now Darcy ponders his father’s deathbed demand “My only advice is this Marry your eual Wed yourself to a woman of beauty rank and fortune” He departs for LondonThe rest of the story is yours to read Darcy is a fool if he thinks no one else of any worth can be attracted to Elizabeth and offer for her hand But will she finally decide to do the “sensible” thing as she has heard nothing from him nor is there any sign of Darcy ever returning? And as he is “courted” by eligible women in town will he obey his father’s order? We spend lots of time inside his head reading of his arguments for and against what he thinks is his fate and how his heart leans We also read of Elizabeth’s sense of betrayal And there are many family members to give each advice as to how to actWe meet a new family in this story a Mr Grinly a widower and cousin to Mrs Gardiner who along with his 14 year old daughter Constance come at the invitation of Mrs Bennet to visit for a while at Longbourn I did so enjoy becoming acuainted with this fine upstanding gentleman and his daughter They are endearing personsIf you enjoy a story with lots of angst with misunderstandings with stumbling twists in the relationships of ODC then you just might find this tale fascinating I did

  2. Elmo Elmo says:

    I absolutely wanted to like this book but there are some things I really didn't like There are a lot of characters from the original Pride Prejudice missing There's no Lady Catherine no Mr Collins no Wickham no Colonel Fitzwilliam and Caroline Bingley is only briefly present at the beginning I can understand one missing person for the sake of the story but this many important characers missing is too much for me I didn't like Darcy in this version He goes against propriety and visits Elizabeth in her bedchamber than once when she's ill he kisses her and then he goes away because he thinks he can't marry someone too far below him I could overlook the propriety aspect if they had become engaged soon afterwards but I can't imagine Darcy acting like that and then going away to London seriously looking for a fitting womanThere are minor uibbles I have with the story but these are the biggest complaints

  3. Madenna U Madenna U says:

    Mr Darcy saves Elizabeth from injury and falls in love during her recovery Of course he must marry someone from his social circle As a result the story goes back and forth with devastating character emotion as Darcy runs to what he wants and thens runs away like a yo yo Another interest for Elizabeth's affections adds angst Once they get together they are annoying and can't be away from each other At many points I almost gave up reading it

  4. Leslie Leslie says:

    I don't even know exactly how to describe this book Calling it a Pride Prejudice variation is incorrect; the author throws out the entire plot of Miss Austen's work Calling it Pride and Prejudice Alternative isn't right either None of the main characters are recognizable without their name and many many many of the ancillary characters are totally missingIf your favorite P P characters are Lady Catherine Anne Mr Collins Charlotte Colonel Fitzwilliam Lydia Kitty Bennet the Hursts the Matlocks Mrs Reynolds George Wickham Aunt Phillips and most of the population of Merryton they are absent Caroline Bingley is a shadow of herself who essentially goes out one day and never returns while the Gardiners are barely present or mentioned But all of these things could be forgiven if you like the main characters In this P P universe Jane is strong outspoken and take charge Bingley is self assured and strong willed Georgiana has brains and personality and uestions Darcy Mrs Bennet is cruel and verbally abusive to Lizzy Most objectionably Lizzy and Darcy are substantially changed and not for the betterAs I read I kept trying to find a way to describe the main characters and all I can come up with are it's Pride Prejudice adolescent angst version Darcy falls in love with an unconscious Lizzy what is it with P P universe head injuries? it's becoming a trope She is non responsive for several days and the longer it went on the creepier I found it It was like Sleeping Beauty syndrome not to mention the impropriety of Darcy being in the bedroom of an unknown woman Also creepy he took one of her bonnet ribbons and keeps it like a talismanWhen Lizzy awakens she is even wonderful than he dreamed she is truly his ideal woman They spend their days talking and falling in love Then he remembers that his dead father would object to her and her family and flees to London And Lizzy falls into a weepy mopey self deprecating depression Just like a modern 12 year old with her first crushWhen he returns for the Netherfield Ball he and Bingley argue over the low connections of the Bennets and Lizzy overhears Now her heart is broken forever; for she will never love another While Darcy returns to London and mopes around like an emo goth kid all while trying to forget Lizzy and please his dead fatherSeveral obstacles stand in their way but true love will out At this point Lizzy reminded me of that woman we all know who is with the guy who is bad for her and he makes her unhappy but she always takes him backbecause she loves him And all is well they marry and are very very very happy The only connection to Pride Prejudice I can find are the characters names and locations; otherwise its just a mediocre regency romance novel

  5. Katherine Katherine says:

    Loved this book Elizabeth and Darcy have so much love for each other The book has the same characters as in Pride and Prejudice and the same reservations that Darcy had about Elizabeth family connections social standing still exist but this book is different from the very beginning As Darcy and Bingley gallop towards Netherfield they see this woman who has taken a fall bumped her head and is unconsious Its Elizabeth Darcy immediately feels this need to protect her and they take her back to Netherfield as a unknow guest where she continues to be unconscious but Darcy longs to know about this beautiful woman who looks so graceful peaceful and intelligent to him He spents time talking to her taking care of her hoping she'll wake up and eventually she does She is touched with the care he took and they get to know each in conversation and both learn what it means to love The one thing that is different is their inheritance Elizabeth's father has already passed away and the estate is left to Jane so she becomes confident and expresses herself freely especially when it comes to Lizzy and Darcy When Darcy realizes he loves Elizabeth he flees to London knowing all the objections to such a marriage When he returns Elizabeth is in turmoil over her feelings when she overhears Darcy object to Bingley marrying Jane which makes her realize why he left her When he leaves again she tries to move on with her life but what will happen will Darcy decide he's made a mistake and come back for her what if she tries to move with another man will she forget her love for Darcy will he forget her or try to win her back? What if everything seems to be going wrong? Will it all work out in the end? Thats what the book is all about and I loved reading it There are moments where like Darcy I was screaming to myself 'NO NO NO' but then utterly and hopelessly happy at other parts I got so into the book I couldn't put it down Of course happy ending Its one of my favorite versions of remade Pride Prejudice A must read

  6. Shy Shy says:

    This just didn't do it for me Unlike the progression of Whelchel's other book the uality of the writing here went in reverse for me the beginning was awkward and cumbersome and improved much toward the end However the interactions did not feel natural Darcy's discussions with Lizzy when she is recovering felt out of place and inappropriate in the circumstances of the period Jane is rather altered although it's certainly plausible this is due to Mr Bennet's death and her responsibilities to the estate Lizzy comes across weaker than she ought But I'll admit I was uite taken by having a well established and nearly universal aspect of the PP plot stood on its ear instead of Darcy separating Jane and Bingley it is in fact Jane who is responsible for separating Darcy and Lizzy Nice touch

  7. Sophia Sophia says:

    I missed reviewing this when I first read it so just a few uick thoughts I was thrilled to pursue this story of what happens if Mr Bennett dies with no entail on the estate It changes things so drastically and takes the love stories well off the usual pathAustenesue lovers should check this out

  8. Tamara Tamara says:

    Originally posted on My Kids led Me Back to Pride PrejudiceThis book came to my attention when Meryton Press were offering some of their books for free this was to coincide with the Los Angeles Festival of Books Need I say as you can imagine I did not hesitate at the chance to read a PP 'what if' not to mention the premise looked promising Thank you Meryton PressThis story had my interest from the start because I like it when authors dare to make major changes however I would come to regret this when my dislike of Mr Darcy developed with a fierceness even I was unprepared for Mr Bennet has sadly died leaving his estate to his eldest daughter Jane yes I know he did not leave it to his wife Mr Bennet is certainly a very clever man indeed Jane has had to take on a lot of responsibility and becomes very much the protective sister a complete role reversal to the usual Elizabeth and Jane dynamic we are used to The action starts nearly straight away with Elizabeth falling and striking her head against a rock Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley come across an unconscious Elizabeth on their way to Netherfield park the house Bingley has recently leased Transporting Elizabeth to Netherfield she remains unconscious while her sister Jane not knowing why Elizabeth has not returned is out of her mind with worry It takes days for the gentlemen to find out who Elizabeth is and make their way to Longbourn and when Bingley meets Jane it is love at first sight Bingley is not the only one with an interest of the heart Darcy has been going against propriety and sitting at Elizabeth's bedside praying for her recovery in her unconscious state he is half in love with her alreadyWhen Elizabeth finally awakens she and Mr Darcy really get along When she is finally well enough to leave her bed and take an assisted stroll the book takes a sharp turn for the worse and Mr Darcy enters into my bad books Down by the rocks at the stream Mr Darcy kisses Elizabeth and shortly after he makes a precipitous departure without giving notice or saying goodbyeI knew Darcy was haughty arrogant proud and a little dishonest when he withheld from Bingley about Jane being in town in the original PP but to leave Elizabeth broken hearted and possibly compromised if someone had seen them kiss had me furious beyond belief how dare he I screamed infuriating manMy son you must choose wisely The Woman you marry will determine the measure of happiness or despair that you will experience in this life It is difficult to know matters of the heart beforehand My only advice is this Marry your eual Wed yourself to a woman of beauty rank and fortune She must be possessed of a worthy family whose society will be advantageous to you and by whose interest your fortune and influence will be promoted Do not be carried away by the violence of emotions that some would call love Attach yourself to a woman who will not disappoint and with whom you can be seen with pride on all occasions Do not let passion interfere with your future Lewis WhelchelIt is time to switch to pleasanter topics Mr Bingley is great in this he does not care about what anyone thinks and kindly shows his sister Caroline the door No one is going to stop him marrying Jane Bennet and they get married without delay Around the time of the wedding a Mr Grinly comes to stay at Longbourn a widower with a daughter who is close in age to Lydia and Kitty he is a friend of the Gardiners and it does not take long for Mrs Bennet's matchmaking ways to begin Mr Grinly falls for Elizabeth and asks for her hand in marriage with the encouragement of Jane which I disapproved of Elizabeth hopes that one day her heart will cease loving Mr DarcyMeanwhile Darcy is in London paying attention to another young lady in the hopes of finding a wife and at this point in the book I could not have cared less what he did The last time I was annoyed with Mr Darcy was in To Have His Cake and Eat it Too but this Darcy had my blood boiling how dare he do that to Elizabeth Luckily Georgiana could not be tainted by association and she was as lovely as ever When Darcy finally wakes up to the fact he can no longer run from his love for Elizabeth and wants to make her his wife I was honestly done caring Let her marry Mr Grinly I thought he is truly the gentlemen and I really liked him However Elizabeth was in love with Darcy and I couldn't ignore that so begrudgingly I kept my fingers crossed Georgiana had been young when her father died and so knew nothing of his opinion of marriage but to deny love for reasons of money seemed incomprehensible You once told me on an occasion when you were not hiding your feelings that you wished to be loved for who you are and not what you have yet you insist on marrying a woman who has wealth and property You insist on marrying someone for what she has not who she is? Are you not rich enough? Does fortune and conseuence bring you that much pleasure that you would turn your back on a woman that you so fully love?” Lewis WhelchelThere were times the book had me frustrated for other reasons for instance at the beginning it is very ambiguous in the description of how Darcy and Elizabeth fall in love I would have liked to have seen of the journey they took with clearer introspection on their thoughts However the book improves strangely giving the impression that the second half was written by someone else Elizabeth had no real personality although I did understand that she was depressed that Darcy had left but throughout the book I did not recognise Austen's lively playful and witty ElizabethThis book had an interesting premise and kept me reading I enjoy seeing Darcy try to court other women because it highlights what a great person Elizabeth is and that everyone else pales in comparison The author did a wonderful job of making you like Mr Grinly I really pitied the man Overall I must say that I do enjoy a book that stirs the emotions even if those emotions meant I wanted to chuck Mr Darcy into the Rocks in the Stream

  9. Terri Conley Terri Conley says:

    Not a favorite not my cup of tea

  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    Lovely A rather interesting variation inspired by author Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice by Lewis Whelchel Different variation but enjoyable

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