Read ✓ Rosebud Chosen #4A Chosen #4AAwakened by the Vampire Prince #1 By Charlene Hartnady –

Read ✓ Rosebud Chosen #4A Chosen #4AAwakened by the Vampire Prince #1 By Charlene Hartnady – ❮Read❯ ➭ Rosebud Chosen #4A Chosen #4AAwakened by the Vampire Prince #1 Author Charlene Hartnady – PART 1 ElfVampire Serial Reading order 1#Chosen by the Vampire Kings 2#Stolen by the Alpha Wolf 3#Unlikely Mates 4#Awakened by the Vampire Prince SPOILER ALERT King Katar is gravely ill Esral must go #4A Chosen ePUB ↠ PART #4A Chosen #4AAwakened by PDF or ElfVampire Serial Reading order Chosen by the Vampire Kings Stolen by the Alpha Wolf Unlikely Mates Awakened by the Vampire Prince SPOILER ALERT King Katar is gravely ill Esral must go back to her place of birth to be at her father’s side during this difficult time She is relieved when her protector Xavier is not permitted to accompany her Chosen #4A Chosen #4AAwakened by PDF or It is becoming difficult to deny her feelings for the vampire prince who clearly feels nothing for her in return Right now she must focus on Rosebud Chosen PDF/EPUB or her father’s needs and on getting him well againregardless of what it might cost her in the end The elven princess is a delicate beauty of the rarest kind Xavier has the utmost respect for the female and the ideals she holds so dear A complete innocent she plans on saving herself for her future mate If only she knew the kinds of thoughts he had about her she would never allow herself to be alone with him ever again May never even speak to him again and he Chosen #4A Chosen MOBI ☆ wouldn’t blame her ‘Rosebud’ is the first of a part serial and is approximately words pages Be warned the story contains strong sexual themeslanguage and is not intended for readers under the age of It is highly recommended that you start with Chosen by the Vampire Kings first for the most enjoyment.

10 thoughts on “Rosebud Chosen #4A Chosen #4AAwakened by the Vampire Prince #1

  1. Dark Sith Lordette Jennymort ♔ Dark Sith Lordette Jennymort ♔ says:

    I'm not so sure about this series tbh They are all getting 3 stars It was cute but annoying I mean referring your barrier as a Thorn and it turns out there IS ACTUALLY A FUCKING THORN IN YOUR waves at lower half of body SAY WHAT NOW?Like Dude WTFWho would want any part of that? Poor Xavier Imagine guys that you literally have to slice your Sir hangs alot on a thorn inside a woman A big one at that I imagine it would be like getting kicked in the nuts a million times shudders

  2. Marianne Marianne says:

    Princess Esral was a gift from the elven king Katar to the vampires She was supposed to mate one of the vampire kings Their union was intended to broker an alliance between the two races When kings Brant and Zane both mated Tanya Esral was left in a precarious positionStill unmated she's seen as defective by her own kindand even though she's now free to pick her own mate the one she wants treats her like an annoying sister and an inconvenience To add insult to injury the other vampire males don't seem to want her eitherPrince Xavier never wanted a mate but he can't keep his smutty thoughts off of Esral If she knew half of things he wants do do to her she'd never talk to him again And why can't those horny vampire males stop staring at her? Time to roughen them up a bit and instill proper fear before they soil her reputationHer father gravely ill Esral has to return to castle Pulamor snicker to face the ridicule and rejection Her own people seem to think that her thorn has been broken a grave offence by elven high born standards The rumors are fanned by Cheri; former handmaiden turned princely mistress and Zafar Esral's ex fiancee Esral's brother is out for vampire bloodIn a last ditch effort to bring them together king Brant Xavier's brother decides to send Esral to Pulamor with another guard thereby hoping to force Xavier's hand Will it work? Surely he'll be angered by Esral's rather pathetic attempts at wooing other vampire males in an effort to secure a marriage any marriage for her father's sakeThe hotness level in this installment is not as high as the other serials The elves prize virginity and it seems that Esral is destined to stay one until she is well and truly mated But the humor is the same Charlene has created an elven vocabulary I fond very cute Elves are nature lovers and vegetarians it's only appropriate that they refer to sex in rather flowery terms There's talk of roots thorns blossoming ceremonies Very sweet IMHO Although Zafar certainly manages to make it sound crudeBut all is not well in castle of Pulamor It's clear to the readers that someone is trying to assassinate king Katar and it's not exactly difficult to figure out who one of the key players is Hopefully this character won't be turned into a one dimensional villain Up until no some of the characters that we thought were bad guys have been given stories and books of their own I'd like to see that trend continue I have no love of characters who are evil to the coreOne last thing Did you wonder why the name Pulamor made me snicker? Well I can reveal that in Norwegian the words pule past tense pula and mor is what your daddy did to your mommy in order to make you; But this is no birds and bees analogy In fact the term is rather crude probably along the lines of what Zafar would have said had he not been a tree hugging elf Hey a perv is a perv ;

  3. Maggie Whitworth Maggie Whitworth says:

    Brilliant to see Xavier get the Princess at last x Excellent series

  4. Alex Wolf Alex Wolf says:

    This was so frustrating in the beginning As in the storyline which made me want to continue and I am glad I| stuck with it The twist was good and then ended well By the end of it I really liked the characters involved and already starting the next bookI am glad Ketos book is soon because I can tell I am going to be SWOONING for him already I loved this couples chemistry and a nice 'normal' pairing compared to the threesome previously It was a nice break I liked how the characters developed together and I can just see them having an adorable family

  5. Tia Tia says:

    Fighting for loveEsrel loves Xavier but he does not seem to return her affection She must mate to save her reputation and to ease her father's stress If he doesn't step up she will find another

  6. Sharon Reichner Sharon Reichner says:

    Excellent bookCouldn't put down I read the whole book Can't wait for the next one I haven't found flower yet Excellent

  7. Judy Lewis Judy Lewis says:

    DELICIOUSLY CUTE SERIOUSLY SEXY AND DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING Good Golly Miss Molly Charlene has knocked it out of the park again with her latest release Rosebud Part One of her tantalizing Awakened by the Vampire Prince Serial Yes I said serial so that means multiple books with dare I say it cliffhangers so be forewarned Yikes Although it's not necessary I would highly recommend reading Charlene's Chosen by the Vampire Kings Stolen by the Alpha Wolf and Unlikely Mates Series since many of the characters are also included in each I think that's one of the things that I truly enjoy most about Charlene's books The premise and the characters for each book are so well developed and carried forward throughout each series The familiarity of the characters makes it so easy and enjoyable to immediately fall comfortably into each story Her characters are always my favorite part of each of her series They are always captivating engaging laugh out loud funny and sexy VaVaVoom Of course the story is always exciting thrilling funny exceptionally well written romantic arousing and oh so seductive Charlene skillfully combines these elements to craft a delightfully entertaining paranormal offering filled with humor adventure suspense and lots of romance Prince Xavier and Princess Esral have been dancing around each other for months The problem is they've been dancing to different tunes Fortunately for us I think their playlists are about to be synced Yowza We first met Princess Esral when she was introduced in Book Four of Charlotte's first series Chosen by the Vampire Kings and man did she arrive with a bang Her father Elven King Katar gave her as his most prized possession to the vampire kings Zane and Brant as a token of peace between the elven and the vampires What? She was to be mated with one of the kings as a sign of good faith and to broker a truce between the species Oops They both already have a mate the same woman their ueen Tanya Esral was to be mated to royalty so that only left Brant's brother Prince Xavier but he refused to mate with the elven princess Oh my How disappointing But Princess Esral decides to remains with the vampires and with Tanya's help she finally receives permission from her father to choose her own mate The only problem is she wants the one vampire male that doesn't want her Xavier Oh what a cluster fest I bet you thought I meant to say something else didn't you? Esral has just received word that her father is very ill and may be dying She must return home to Pulamor If her father dies her brother Prince Keton will become king and for some reason he hates vampires so that means the fragile relationship between the two species will be destroyed Yikes A union between the two races is imperative Oh my glory Upon her return she's criticized ridiculed and rejected by her own people They think she's defective because she's still unmated; apparently not even a vampire will have her And to make matters even worse her brother's evil girlfriend Cheri is spreading nasty rumors about her Oh no She had to find a way to salvage the situation to alleviate her father's shame What's a princess to do? Try to seduce a mate of course But will it be Xavier? Or her other guard sweet York? Or her once intended nasty Zafar? What's really wrong with her father? And just what in the world is the evil manipulative low born former server Cheri up to? I don't know We'll just have to read the book to find out So get ready my lovelies Here we go again and there will be fireworks No spoilers from me but I will say this Beautiful elven princess whose thorn is still unbroken check Handsome sexy vampire prince whose too stubborn to admit he's in love check Drama suspense humor angst heated attraction and steamy dreamy romance you bet I just can't help myself I have to share my favorite passage in the book 'Much to her horror she moaned loudly as his gentle touch caused a zing of pleasure to pulse through her Her flower blossomed and filled with nectar' Come on you guys you have to admit that's not only original but pretty cute as well After all Esral is an Elf I can hardly wait to read Part Two Flower Deliciously Cute Fabulously Funny Seriously Sexy and Delightfully Entertaining My Rating Five Extraordinary Stars

  8. Rachel Rachel says:

    Awesome story Can't wait for the next Great add to the series

  9. Ash P Reads Ash P Reads says:

    Of all the books in this interlinked series I thought I loved Ward and Stephany's story the best But after reading Rosebud my loyalties are uickly shifting Xavier and Esral have got to be the SWEETEST couple and I have great hopes for this serialEsral has fallen hard for Xavier Since the time he was assigned to guard her she has tried every game in the book in order to incite some kind of reaction from him but he remains stoic honorable and very serious about his duties But when her father falls ill she feels responsible for his condition being unable to secure a royal mating When rumors and scandals surround her in her elven home and her brother too treats her as badly as the common folk she turns her attention to another vampire guard so that her father may recover without feeling that his daughter was defectiveConsidering that Xavier is a prince has his pick of vampire females and is pretty much unscrupulous in doing so he has proved himself to be a real gentleman in Esral's case Taking a mate may not be a part of his plans but he is unable to keep his feelings for her under wraps any because now she has turned her attentions to York and he has also witnessed what his refusal to mate her has made of her reputation within her ancestral homeeARC provided in exchange for an honest review

  10. Frances P. Foster Frances P. Foster says:

    STOP Don't read these stories unless you have read Vampire Kings Spoiler alertI've read Vampire seriesStolen seriesand Unlikely seriesNow for the moment I have been waiting for to have Esral and Xavier together over all the looks longings foot stomping and doors slamming know when I finally get to 93% Xavier kisses her and has finger play? Then that's it and I have to wait for part 2 Charlene we need to have a talk While this book is leading up to the fireworks you do have to understand Xavier is being an honorable vampire He loves the princess and what's only the best for her But what he is forgetting is he is what is best for her When the princess is also trying to do what is best for everyone else but herself Two people trying to come together Go God I hope they hurry up and stop being so stubborn

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