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Read ✓ Savage Delight By Sara Wolf – ❮Epub❯ ➜ Savage Delight ➛ Author Sara Wolf – Light meets dark Secrets meet truth It's been three years twenty five weeks and five days since Isis Blake fell in love and if she has it her way it'll stretch into infinity After a run in with her mo Light meets dark Secrets meet truth It's been three years twenty five weeks and five days since Isis Blake fell in love and if she has it her way it'll stretch into infinity After a run in with her mom’s ex boyfriend she scrabbles to remember what she’s lost to amnesia Her ex nemesis Jack falls deeper into a pit of despair and his girlfriend Sophia does all she can to keep him to herself But as Isis’ memories return she finds it harder and harder to resist what she felt for Jack and Jack finds it impossible to stay away from the only girl who’s ever melted the ice around his heart As the dark secrets surrounding Sophia emerge Isis realizes Jack isn’t who she thought he was He’s dangerous But when Isis starts receiving terrifying emails from an anonymous source that danger might be the only thing protecting her from something far threatening Her past This book contains language and sexual scenes some of which may be unsuitable for younger readers This is the second book in the Lovely Vicious series.

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  1. Christine Alibutud Christine Alibutud says:

    Updated book review 29 May 20162014 seemed so far away from 2016 but Savage Delight now re published as Forget Me Always was just as witty and hilarious as I remembered it to be I told myself that I'd only reread Lovely Vicious now re published as Love Me Never but really I should've known better than to fool myself I'll be able to resist me some Isis Jack Man I still love those two like nothing has passed So glad I decided to read this series again Light meets dark Secrets meet truths 5 MAKE YOU GO ALL WHAT THE F I FREAKIN LOVE THIS STARSI CAN'T EXPRESS HOW MUCH I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES MY MOUTH WAS LEFT HANGING AT THE END I AM IN SHOCK AGAIN I THOUGHT NOTHING CAN SURPRISE ME BUT THEN I WAS LIKE NO FREAKIN WAYHEY ISIS BLAKE Do you remember anything? Does the name Jack Hunter ring a bell to you?How about now??Now?Good Not only are your memories restored but Mr Ice Prince McHottie Pants is also icing his icy way backBut that's not the only thing that's back The past haunts not only Isis and Jack but also Wren Kayla Avery and Sophia New characters new mysteries problems secrets hidden truths shocking discoveries dirty playing tactics and just A WHOLE LOT tangle up with the mess their past brings And of course Nameless is back in the pictureI won't babble too much so as not to spoil the good stuff BUT DAMN THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD READ I couldn't put it down that's how good it is Just like Lovely Vicious every part was written with wit and I loved it This second installment was just as good as the first one and I can't wait for the third Again the story was done brilliantly and the conflict was written in a clever manner Of course I loved Jack Isis AND YES I SHIP THEM OH SO HARD The other characters were just as beautifully written and they all had appealing personalities WHAT MORE CAN I SAY?? I JUST LOVED IT HERE ARE THE MOMENTS I SO ABSOLUTELY LOVED Isis' amnesia momentsAll the Please remember momentsWhen Isis finally had her memories backSophie's moments Tallie although Sophie had her crazy moments I still loved herWren moments Kayla moments Avery momentsHeck even Knife Kid momentsThe mysteries of the pastISIS' CRAY CRAY MOMENTS SOOO HILARIOUS JackJUST JACK 3More Jack Hunter THAT ICE PRINCE IS SERIOUSLY YUMThe continued war between Jack and IsisIsis' vulnerability because of NamelessJack's love for Isis I am officially swoon ifiedJack and Isis' sweet momentsAND JUST EVERYTHINGMe after reading this bookAnd thank you for that Ms Sara Wolf You are brilliant I SERIOUSLY CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT INSTALLMENT YOU ARE WITTY AND FUNNY AND SO GOOD AND JUST UGHH I LOVE YOUAgain loved this installment to death Gave me a good laugh a good cry and just over all a good time But that ending just left me hanging AND I AM DYING I NEED THE NEXT BOOK

  2. Navdha Navdha says:

    This is going to be a very spoiler filled rant review with a lot of cussing in about every other line for every other character It’s a mixed review for both Lovely Vicious and Savage Delight It’s going to be long gives a pointed look You’ve been warned This series is one of those that I truly despise but can’t seem to give up on There are actually uite a few reasons for that Reason #1 The books are really really short like I can finish them in a single sitting short And that is just reason enough for me to read them since I have a GR challenge to completeReason #2 These stories have a tendency to end in a way that I just have to know what happens next They make my ugly curious streak flare up and I just gotta know dammit Reason #3 I’m a sick masochist Anyway let’s start with reasons of why I despise this book shall we?rubs hands togetherReason #1 The unrealistic storyOkay so this story is set up in a high school right? A high school where the administration and the teachers have an authority over the students right? Where teachers are supposed to act mature even if they aren’t right? Sadly though this series forgot to get the memo In the last book we saw the Principal pasting butt crack flaunting pictures of one of his student for another student all over the school We also saw a student march in the middle of a class to throw a fit and fling a few cuss words at another fellow student while the teacher just stood back and watched Then we saw a Math teacher checking out the ass of a student while another student snapped at the teacher for doing so making the teacher back away If any of you were bothered by that or were hoping it wouldn’t be the case in this book I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that it doesn’t get any better We see Isis being disrespectful and outright rude to her Principal on several occasions Even though that moron deserves it I’m not able to comprehend why Isis hasn’t be suspended for her filthy mouth But that’s just one of the reasons why I say that the story is unrealistic So high school students means teenagers doesn’t it? I’m reading a book about teenagers I have to remind myself that several times because either they’re acting like nonsensical kids rambling shit or bearing the weight of the world on their shoulders It doesn't make sense It's aggravating Reason #2 The despicable charactersI hate every character in this book Seriously I have reasons for hating every one of them In fact I’m going to write down my reason for hating each one of them I’m tired of stating reasons but I can’t seem to stop I don’t remember having read a single book that has annoyed me as much as this one cause of the characters and the characters alone So I’m going to list down each character and their characteristicsflaws 1 Isis Chronic illness of being a blabber mouth uestionable habit of snooping into others business Feeling sorry for herself Being annoying in generalIf I actually met Isis in real life I would either drown her in chloroform or shoot her whichever was convenient at that given moment This girl needs to learn to shUT THE FUCKING HELL UP You’re traumatized? I get it You’re trying to cope with life by building a cocoon around yourself? I get it Even though you don’t get tired of pointing out how fucking fabulous you are every waking moment of every day you’re insecure and trembling inside? I get it too But please for the love of God stop speaking or I’ll cut your tongue out 2 Jack the Jackass Unfathomable professional choice of whoring out Absurd habit of being a colossal dick to everyone other than Sophie Being a rage monsterI cannot pretend to understand or appreciate Jack whoring himself out for helping Sophie He chose to become an escort because it was easy? Convenient? Didn’t have any other option? Wasn’t his mother loaded? Even if I assume that he didn’t wanna borrow any money from his mother wasn’t he a genius? Couldn’t he use his genius to I don’t know develop an app and sell it for millions? I don’t get it but whatever What really ticks me off though is how he justifies his infidelity Even though he loves Sophie since middle school and has had a baby with her he thinks it is okay to sell his body since he doesn’t “feel” anything for the women he fucks Besides that he makes out with Isis when he’s dating Kendra what’s her name? Oh and if his devotion towards Sophie is so absolute why the fuck does he secretly harbor feelings for the creepy girl who stalked him? Dude what in the world is wrong with you??? You make me sick But anyway the only thing I tolerate about Jack is that he gives it up to Isis straight He doesn’t beat around the bush and calls her out on her bullshit He is mean arrogant pompous and just as fucked up as Isis They can both go fuck themselves 3 Sophie Dying cause of that incident that fried up her nervous system? Unhinged and bitter cause of that incidentillness A pretentious fuck A selfish little bitchShe was supposed to be sweet She wasn’t She was supposed to love Jack like a brother according to her letter to Jack in Lovely Vicious She didn’t They’d had sex Many times She was supposed to respect her love for Jack by going through the surgery that he had whored himself out for She didn’t That uncaring insensitive tactless inconsiderate piece of shit jumped off a balcony I’d be glad that she died if I wasn’t seething 4 Avery Being a lying piece of scum Opportunistic irascible and crazy A stereotyped depressed popular she devilI mostly didn’t have the energy to despise her because I was busy hating everyone else Although She does deserve accolades for being the most spiteful resentful and obnoxious prick Since this has gone out of hand I’ll wrap up by saying that Kendra what’s her face is a bimbo Isis’ mom is a parasite and needs to grow a pair the Principal needs to learn some manners and Wren can stay just as he is because he is the only normal teenage guy in the book Reason #3 The endingsI can’t seem to grasp how one moment nothing is going wrong in the book with Isis being incoherent and rude glaring at Jack while he is being depressed and exasperated and then next moment BAM The book is about to endhas ended with something gone terribly wrong leaving the reader disoriented with a general wtf happened expression on his face I am not a fan of such endings Endings of that sort eventually lead to me writing long pissed off reviews stating reasons of why the said book pissed me off It’s a vicious cycle that I love and hate at the same timeAnyhoo after my incessant grumbling I should admit that the writing style of the author is to be blamed for getting me hooked It is simple yet engrossing and captivating That is the only reason I’m rating this book 2 stars Gah I’m finally done with this review Now the wait for the next one starts

  3. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I looooooooooooooved Lovely Vicious and now I dying for Savage Delight Only 57 days

  4. Aj the Ravenous Reader Aj the Ravenous Reader says:

    I was only mildly shocked by the ending and a teensy weensy disappointed because although I foreshadowed that the event was gonna happen I still hoped the author would possibly have optioned a different route But I guess that particular ending was inevitable and perhaps for the best But other than that the book is perfectSo perfect that Ryan Reynolds could kiss a manhahaha Because even if the love story and the entire plot were heavy the characters particularly Jack and Isis Isis especially made everything light entertaining and breathlessly funny For that incredible reading experience I thank you Ms Sara Wolf I've never encountered a crazier huge compliment writer

  5. bibliophile (Romance Addict) bibliophile (Romance Addict) says:

    5 WTF Was That Ending StarsSeries Lovely Vicious by Sara Wolf This is the second installment after Lovely Vicious “The sadness will last forever And I think he was right but I also think he was very very wrong It doesn’t last forever Because we don’t last forever” This book comes after Lovely Vicious and it is a completion after the crazy ending in book one We also have a new character who played a big role in this book Sofia If you've read the first book you might have an idea on who's this and why she's very important to the plot line In this seuel though she's one of the main characters We learn about her personality and the past I must admit Sofia is very twisted and can be borderline crazy At the same time I didn't hate her I just feel sorry for her even though she's the crazy antagonist To make it short I don't know how to feel about her Again I love this book's humor The funny banters Isis The plot was definitely very dark Yet I laughed a lot while reading thisThere was so much than thatFunnyCuteA crazy plot twist A crazy ending it is a fast read I advice you don't read this review if you haven't read the previous book to avoid any spoilers Especially if you're planning on reading this series So in this seuel we follow Isis who is now suffering with amnesia She was very traumatized However everything is normal except the fact that she doesn't know jack She forgot the wars and the connection she had with him “Jack doesn’t give a jackshit about me No wait I got that backwards I don’t give a jackshit about Jack the Shit” On the other hand she meets Sofia The girl she wanted to know so much about but she doesn't even remember anything about her any They soon become friends again but to Isis's surprise Sofia is hiding so many secrets As her memory is coming back slowly Isis discover all the lies and secrets As I have already stated this book is short I think it's a sidestep to prepare us for what's going to happen in Brutal Precious I honestly can't wait to pick up the last book Another character that we got to know about is Will Nameless He's a jerk and I wanted to punch his face so many times because he's a creep We will definitely get to know him in the third book and I can't wait till Jack smashes his face I'm getting too emotional Series Lovely ViciousAuthor Sara WolfBook Second book in the seriesHeroine 5 StarsHero 45 Stars Plot 45 StarsPlot Twist 5 StarsEnding 5 Stars I was like WTF? Cute Scenes There was only one cute scene I wanted Hot Scenes Doesn't exist This isn't bad in this book since we are in transition to another place a new journey So I don't mind itOverall 5 STARS

  6. NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} says:

    Hmmmmm I'm really confused I don't know what i'm felling right nowIt starts like thatand after a while i became so much angry I wanted so bad to slap Sofia in some point I wanted to strangle Nameless or I wanted to shake up IsisAnd i wanted to hung and comfort my sweet JackOh I almost forget it I like you knife guy I really do dudeAnd when i was about saying HALLELUJAHThen BangOh FUCKEverything collapseand i fell to the bottomand i become like thatWhy the hell is everything against them???First was the amnesia The pain in my chest was unbearableSecondly too many secretsAnd finally it seems that almost everyone is against themMy poor Isis You have to get over the shitty attitude of Nameless and give a chance to JackAnd my lovely Jackdon't back off Reclaim her harderPlease Sara Make me happyI can't stand any that burden in my heartGive me something good

  7. Penelope Douglas Penelope Douglas says:

    Chewed this up faster than the first one Same great Isis with a lot intrigue Not predictable at all

  8. Lazaros Lazaros says:

    “The sadness will last forever And I think he was right but I also think he was very very wrong It doesn’t last forever Because we don’t last forever” This was a decent follow up to the first book which I still hold dearly in my heart but in this one something felt off First and foremost I hate how the author categorized it as a novel despite its short length Isis is a really dark and twisted teenager and that's my favorite kind However she's snarky and sassy and sometimes doesn't think the conseuences of saying whatever she feels like saying and ends up hurting people around her I'm not saying that Jack the cold king doesn't deserve any of this but sometimes we have to draw a line at what is and isn't appropriate to say and importantly when it's the right time to say itAlthough Isis is an amazing character I wish there were less snarky comments and plot At times it felt like the storyline was being dragged on and I don't like overstretched scenes The rating is not objective At all To be honest it's pretty harsh because the first book was flawless and I loved how different it was from other books of its kind This one simply did not live up to my expectations SadlySomething tells me by the way the book ended that the next one though is going to be intriguing Let's see

  9. Henz Henz says:

    This seuel has gotten a bit depressing for me because of Sophia I really hate her character since she made all things complicated I know I shouldn't blame her but it drained all the fun in this book Isis is still her usual awesome self despite being in a hospital for awhile This girl is all sunshine and I just love her for itJack on the other hand had turned icier and brooding than ever but I love reading his POV they're all lyrical and I'm such a sucker for guys being lyrical and broken at the same time It makes me want to nurse him until he smiles sighThe ending is still predictable there's also a lot of plot holes and some of the characters are left out but that didn't stop me from finishing it and reading the final book

  10. Siobhan Davis Siobhan Davis says:

    Another superb read from the phenomenally talented Sara Wolf This series packs plenty of punch What I love most about it is the complex characterization witty dialogue and angst filled romance that had me biting my nails to the boneMy heart bled for Isis and Jack in this one Just as they seemed to have come to an understanding Isis can't remember who Jack is and he feels like it's his fault for the way he's treated her I spent the whole book praying that her memories of him would return so that all would be right with the worldSophia plays of a central part in this story and the mystery that was introduced in the first book is revealed here There were elements of the plot that I had already guessed which was a bit of a bummer but there was enough going on with other sub plots that were left of field to compensate for sameDoes it make me a nasty person that I thought of making a voodoo doll of Sophia and sticking her with pins until she just evaporated? Because she was seriously getting on my wick in this book Yes I know I'm coming across as very insensitive but she was standing in the way of true love and I will always champion true love Like the last book I did predict the ending but it was still a shocker I'm known for loving my cliffhangers and my teen angst so this book was a pretty perfect readI hope I don't have to wait too long for the next one as I'm already on tenterhooks waiting to find out what happens next I have a feeling Jack is going to blame himself and push Isis away and I think I might be throwing a few temper tantrums before this series concludesOverall this was another fab read and I highly recommend it to fans of witty edgy slightly dark YA contemporary romanceThanks to Entangled Teen for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review

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