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[Ebook] Saving Abby By Steena Holmes – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Reading] ➮ Saving Abby ➶ Steena Holmes – Serv3.3pub.co.uk All children’s book illustrator Claire Turner ever wanted was to be a mother After six years of trying to conceive she and her husband Josh have finally accepted that she will never be pregnant with All children’s book illustrator Claire Turner ever wanted was to be a mother After six years of trying to conceive she and her husband Josh have finally accepted that she will never be pregnant with a child of their ownYet once they give up hope the couple gets the miracle they’ve been waiting for For the first few months of her pregnancy Claire and Josh are living on cloud nine But when she begins to experience debilitating headaches blurred vision and even fainting spells the soon to be mother goes to the doctor and receives a terrifying diagnosis Since any treatment could put their unborn baby’s life at risk the Turners must carefully weigh their limited options And as her symptoms worsen Claire will have to make an impossible decision Save her own life or save her child’s USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Steena Holmes brings us an unforgettable story of one woman’s courage and love.

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  1. Deanna Deanna says:

    My reviews can also be seen at 3 starsI am a big Steena Holmes fan The Word Game The Memory Child and the Finding Emma series are some of my favorite books So I was very excited to read this book Claire Turner and her husband Josh have been married for seven years Together they write children's books that have become uite popular Currently they are traveling throughout Europe researching ideas for their books However it's not the only reason for the trip They are also trying to relax and just enjoy each other After trying to conceive a child for than six years it's been one heartbreak after another They are now trying to say good bye to their dreams of having children Coming to this realization has been hard on both of them but Claire is having a harder time letting go This trip has been an escape from the guilt and heartache and she doesn't want it to end After their trip the couple heads home determined to find a way to build happy memories and new dreams However almost as soon as they accept this reality they find out that Claire is in fact pregnantThe couple is ecstatic It's a miracle But it's not long before another worry sets in Prior to finding out she was pregnant; Claire had been experiencing extreme fatigue and headaches Claire and Josh assume that the fatigue etc was because of the pregnancy But their relief is short lived Claire continues to get worse The dream they thought had finally come true has now become a terrifying situation and they face some impossible choices Steena Holmes writes about family and relationships extremely well Her stories are always heartfelt and tend to stir up emotions This one definitely tugged on the heartstrings This was an interesting and well written book However for some reason I just wasn't as enthralled with it as I have been with her other books I wanted to be and although the story was easy enough to read it took me uite awhile to get into it At times it felt rushed and I felt like some things weren't fully explained I was also a bit confused by some of the choices that were made in regards to Claire's medical care This was the first time that it took me than a few days to finish one of her books Although it wasn't the home run that I normally have with Steena Holmes it was still an interesting read and I look forward to reading from this author I would like to thank the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review

  2. Suzanne Leopold (Suzy Approved Book Reviews) Suzanne Leopold (Suzy Approved Book Reviews) says:

    Claire and Josh Turner have been married for six years They work together writing and illustrating a series of children’s books Both have always wanted children of their own but have been unsuccessful in starting a familyTogether they embark on a trip to Europe visiting many cities They use this time to explore ideas for their next book Together they realize that their dreams of raising their own children is not in their foreseeable future After the trip they find out that Claire is pregnant They are both overjoyed that their prayers have been answered Claire develops debilitating headaches and exhaustion At first Josh believes it to be due to hormonal changes from pregnancy As the weeks progress her symptoms remain unchanged and concern sets in A visit to the doctor reveals an unsettling diagnosis If you have children or are embarking on this journey this book will pull at your heartstrings While I was reading this book I found that I became emotionally attached to the charactersThe seuel Abby’s Journey releases February 14 2017Book giveaway on my blog until 29

  3. Elaine Elaine says:

    I normally really enjoy Steena Holmes but this one just left me cold and I found it a struggle to finish it Claire and Josh have been trying for years to have a baby without success but as soon as they “give up” trying a miracle occurs and Claire falls pregnant and it looks as though their lives will finally be complete However as Claire’s health deteriorates it is a double edged sword as they soon discover in this story which is uite heartbreaking at times It is a story which once you start reading it you discover will only ever have one ending and with no real surprises or shocks along the way it takes uite some time to get going You “know” what is going on it is easy to work out for yourself but it takes over half the book to get to the “hook” There is not really that much of a story and what there is is uite heavily padded out with flashbacks to the European trip that Claire and Josh took before they discovered she was pregnant It is to do with the dilemma that Claire and Josh are in I was a little surprised by the fact that Claire’s doctors throughout seemed to be her local GPs best friend Abby and old family doctor Will I would have thought that some professional distance would have been appropriate considering Abby and Claire were best friends In addition when Claire’s condition was diagnosed we never heard anything about her seeing any specialists – apart from some unexplained “hospital appointments” all the care seemed to be coming from her local doctor’s surgery which just didn’t uite sit right Also it was so obvious from the start that something was terribly wrong with Claire – her condition was way beyond being any normal side effects of pregnancy – and Abby at least could and should have picked up on all that a lot soonerMy main irritation though was the characters themselves They were all just “too perfect” always saying the right thing at the right time to each other especially Derek Abby’s husband who “always got your back bro” and “said the things I needed to hear” I can’t find the right words to describe them they were just nauseatingly annoying made for TV by Hallmark movie peopleI received a review copy from the publisher via Netgalley

  4. Brenda Brenda says:

    Claire Turner and her husband Josh had enjoyed their latest holiday – picking up ideas for their adventure series about a young Jack and his travels Josh was a writer of children’s stories while Claire did the illustrations – together they were a very successful team But they both felt a deep sadness especially Claire Unable to conceive after trying everything she and Josh had finally decided to let go of the long held dream of holding their own child in their arms once and for allBack in the routine in their home town; amongst their dearest friends and family Claire was tentatively happy The satisfaction of seeing the children’s faces when they did a reading whether it was at the bookstore or in the children’s hospital made Claire and Josh realise most of their dreams had come true But Claire started suffering terrible headaches; incredible fatigue and a loss of appetite Finally seeing the doctor her best friend Abigail Claire was stunned to find she was pregnant Josh and Claire were over the moon – their happiness was absoluteBut the worsening of Claire’s headaches brought a terrifying diagnosis She was shattered What were they to do? Saving Abby by Steena Holmes is a deeply emotional story of the fragility of happiness the power of love and the strength and courage of the human spirit when faced with adversity I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this author’s work in the past and Saving Abby didn’t disappoint Highly recommendedWith thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this copy to read in exchange for my honest review

  5. Sue Sue says:

    Steena Holmes when she writes books like this that are straight from the heart just creeps right inside to the readers heart and life blood you tend to just take these characters in and want to hug them keep them safe from harm and enjoy all the little bits of excitement of life they do their smiles their disappointments their heartaches their survival techniuesClaire is a children's book illustrator and her husband is a children's story teller They work well togetherYou go on their adventures togetherThenYou go on their heartache togetherClaire wants and wishes for one thing a child of her ownShe had one when she was young which she had to give up for adoption Is she being punished now because its taking ages for her to conceive Finally she is pregnant but not all goes to planHer best friend is a doctor AbbyI thought Abby took a brilliant rule in this story supporter as well as adviser and friendJosh Claire's husband I so felt for him in the latter chapters of the book I stepped inside his shoes and wondered what on earth I would do in those circumstancesOnce again Steena Holmes has bit off a huge emotional subject matter but she seems to do this and do it VERY WELL that grips the audience in the palm of her hands as she is playing this outIts not all doom and gloom but I did shed a few tears here and thereThis author excels herself with topics that some authors wouldn't dare challenge and I love that about this author As usual I am now biting at the bit for her next bookI was glad to get this copy via Lake Union Publishing and through Net Galley to read

  6. MaryAnn MaryAnn says:

    Steena Holmes has long been one of my favorite authors and in Saving Abby she's given us another great look into family life that will certainly leave readers reaching for tissues The premise of the novel Claire and Josh trying for 6 years to have a child and taking a trip to let go of their dream of Claire being pregnant with their child is definitely one that pulls on the heartstrings I realized early on that Claire was pregnant having gotten pregnant just as they relaxed and finally gave up the dreamThe reason I gave this book 3 stars 35 if that was allowed is because I felt that the relationship between Claire and her good friend also her doctor was not one that most doctors would feel comfortable with in real life and had there been a typical patientdoctor relationship things wouldn't have unfolded as they did We've all read or heard news stories or people making choices between a baby and their life due to accidents or illnesses but usually it's not because the doctor friend that was treating them was too close a personal friend to insist upon a referral to a specialistThis bothered me a lot obviously and I felt that the story could have had a normal doctor that wasn't a close family friend and the same circumstances could have been arrived at Had my doctor ignored all the things that were ignored in this book my husband and I would be suingOverall I enjoyed the book but once all the ignoring of the symptoms started it uickly lost any touch of reality for me and I found myself disgusted that so many grown adults that should know better AND doctors ignored what was right in front of their faces So I dithered over this review because I do usually love the books by Ms Holmes but I just felt this one was too far removed from what could be believed Many thanks to Ms Holmes her publishers and Netgalley for allowing me to read a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review I just wish I could leave a better review but I wouldn't be honest if I did

  7. Sue Sue says:

    There was no dinner cooked at my house yesterday once I started this wonderful book by Steena Holmes nothing got done until I was finished with it I have read all of Steena's books and she just keeps getting better She is one of the best writer's of family relationship issues of any authors that I read and I thought that this was her best book yetClaire and Josh Turner have been happily married for six years He is the author of a successful series of children's book and she is the illustrator After years of trying they have finally accepted that they are unable to have children and go on a tour of Europe to help ease the pain of that decision When they get back from their trip they find out that Claire has gotten pregnant but the doctor also finds out that she has a life threatening problem that needs treatment but treatment will harm the baby Claire and Josh are faced with the decision of whether to save her or the baby or try to save both The novel is emotional and the author has created such wonderful main characters that the reader identifies with them and feels their joy and their heartache Along with the two main characters there are also secondary characters that help the story line tremendouslyTwo things about this novel that I really liked I am a list maker and I loved all the lists that Claire made for her life It helped make her of a real character to me Second I am a traveler and I know that Steena is too from reading her Facebook posts I loved all of her wonderful descriptions of Europe You could tell that she was writing about places that she had been and lovedTo sum it all up this is a wonderful book about family and love and heartache It's one of my top 10 books of the year and I think that everyone should read itThanks for NetGalley for a copy of this book for a fair and honest review

  8. Erin Clemence Erin Clemence says:

    Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free electronic ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review “Saving Abby” by Steena Holmes is heart wrenching emotional and bittersweet Claire and her husband Josh have tried for years to have children After being declared infertile Claire and Josh travel the world and find success as writers of children’s books When Claire begins to suffer headaches and extreme fatigue a trip to the doctor’s office reveals that she and Josh are expecting While the couple initially are over the moon another horrible diagnosis slowly reveals itself and Claire is forced to make an impossible choice save her own life or save the life of her child? Holmes is apparently renowned for her heartwarming novels which particularly touch at parents’ heartstrings I say “apparently renowned” because I had never heard of her before this book this is my own fault and should not be placed on Holmes’ This novel definitely fits that bill Holmes writes in a very upfront simplistic way Her story is told with detail so a reader can identify with the characters and personalize them We see Claire and Josh as they experience their daily life and how their relationships changes when they are confronted with such life changing news The community in which they live revitalizes my belief in the human race as the townspeople rally around this small family to show support These supporting characters also lend to the belief that Claire and Josh are as likable as I have determined them to be This novel ends in a bittersweet way but it ends in absolutely the only way it can Although the journey to the end will run you through the emotional gamut this novel is worth exploring It will affect you in some way parent or not and it will not soon be forgotten

  9. Laurel Laurel says:

    I was given an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest and independent review A good story but just seemed to take so long to get anywhere The story alternates between the past and the present Claire and Josh are deeply in love but their inability to have a baby after many years is difficult for them Finally Claire falls pregnant but she is plagued with extreme headaches and acute tiredness I was so frustrated that the investigations into the reasons for her medical conditions seemed to be very casual This seemed a bit unrealistic An emotional read 35

  10. Susan Peterson Susan Peterson says:

    A Love StorySaving Abby is a heartfelt emotional story written by Steena Holmes Saving Abby tells the love story of Josh and Claire a young married couple who have struggled for years to have a baby Just when it seems their dreams have come true their hopes are dashed and their lives forever changed The author as always does an amazing job of creating an emotional attachment between her readers and the characters in her books

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