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Download PDF  Secret Lies Author Amy Dunne – ❰Reading❯ ➶ Secret Lies Author Amy Dunne – Would you face your biggest fear to save the one you loveNicola Jackson escapes from her abuser only to realize she has no one to turn to and nowhere to go In a twist of fate she accidentally bumps in Would you face your biggest fear to save the one you loveNicola Jackson escapes from her abuser only to realize she has no one to turn to and nowhere to go In a twist of fate she accidentally bumps into Jenny O’Connor the most popular girl at school They strike up an unlikely friendship As their trust in each other develops they share their darkest secrets and their relationship blossoms into a secret romanceJenny loves Nicola but she is fearful that if their secret relationship is discovered she might lose her family friends and her seemingly perfect lifeNicola confronts her abuser and blackmails him to leave for good but things go terrifyingly wrong Jenny is left with a life changing dilemma should she face her fear and accept who she is or let Nicola take the blame and pretend their relationship never happened.

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  1. Andrea Andrea says:

    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewUnfortunately I did not like this book What bothered me than anything was how uickly Jenny comes to accept Nicola I understand the severity of the situation but the moment they meet Jenny is trying to prove something in terms of friendship and that she can get close to someone I liked Nicola and I enjoyed her point of view and seeing the torment she was subjected to through her eyes as well as Jenny's but it was just unbelievable due to the timetableWhat I think would have made this better is the building of that friendship over a longer period of time as opposed to one day Overall I feel everything happened far too uickly at the beginning and it ruined the story for me

  2. Justina Johnson Justina Johnson says:

    The tale takes place in Brassley a large town in the East Midlands of England I needed to wing it a bit when school references that would be second nature to locals got bandied about but I didn’t find that too distracting and I enjoyed trying to euate the situations to my own experiences in the United States Nicola one of the leading gals has just faced a bolt or die scenario and with a few scraps of survival genes still firing she races out of her home only to moments later smack right into Jenny the other leading gal FYI these women come from very different social standings Previously I got most of the ugly scoop on both our leading ladies and they each have some serious nearly overwhelming problems causing extraordinary pain with a large dose of helplessness tossed in These issues are what contain the ‘secret lies’ However the seeds for an old adage are plantedfortune favors the brave Now that the duo has made contact in a most spectacular fashion they get to face most of the rest of the story as a team I was so hookedJenny Jennifer O’Connor is not a super student like her elder sister was In fact she just slides by while smoking drinking taking drugs being sexually active and supposedly the most popular girl at school too There are mega pressures fueling her wicked ways the never ending strain to be like her elder sister constant exasperation to sustain her popularity and dark demons that she is barely managing to keep at bay Yet she has a tender and caring uality that pops out or pokes through that simply dazzled me I rooted for this complex gal to get on top of her troublesNic Nicola Jackson tries to be invisible at school and usually succeeds at being totally ignored but sometimes gets razzed She really wishes she could be invisible at home especially when her mother was at work Time and time again she is beaten and burned by her mother’s live in boyfriend He tells her in no uncertain terms to get out or die one day after returning from school and being assaulted by him once again Oh my goodness I felt helpless and traumatized sharing this experience with Nic This was incredibly intense and unnerving Yet it laid out the scenario in spades Nic has a rough time in this story I really adored her as she was spot on insightful and not completely beaten downWhen a book makes me laugh with intensity and can also bring me to tears I stand up and take notice As grisly as the opening is I hadn’t seen nearly the depths that would unravel and then the beauties burst forth trumping the uglies big time There is a mega amount of passion back stabbing caring of a good and not so good uality tender and passionate loving super harsh brutalizing and a truly compassionate reconciliation This is splendidly balanced from the beginning to the end I hope the harsh moments presented as the groundwork is laid do not scare any readers off I heartily recommend this book as it principally has everything but I do need to caution you; it may be classified as young adult but personally based on the story line and sexual situations I would think it is aimed at the older end of the young adult market 16 18 Astonishingly magnificentNOTE This book was provided by Bold Strokes Books for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  3. Trisha Trisha says:

    This one surprised me I liked it than I thought I would It was an interesting story about child abuse and how the abuser can manipulate younger people It's also a love story two girls who find kindred spirits but also romantic feelings toward each other It was a lot graphic than I was expecting but I did think their love story was adorable

  4. S S says:

    So this book is tough to rate I could see how many could DNF it as it seems Its hard to describe Needless to say I would recommend you push through Its got issues but on the whole worth the time spent

  5. Littles Books Littles Books says:

    With a very fast moving plot and a few good twists this story about two teenage girls falling in love with each other puts us through a whole range of issues From teenage drama to abusive households through self hatred and self harm sexual discovery appearances and faith Ms Dunne takes them allNicola Jackson is an abused stepdaughter with a clueless mother and a disgustingly evil stepfather Jennifer O’Connor a social butterfly popular and the perfect daughter is also a self cutter with a traumatic childhood event When they literally run into each other Jenny senses something about Nic and a bond is formed As the relationship develops they learn the good the bad and the ugly about the other and fall in love As shit hits the fan Jenny will have to decide how worth her relationship with Nic is as opposed to her social status and family opinionComplete review at

  6. Jackie Jackie says:

    I started this book but DNF The opening chapter is all telling with little showing While in the next chapter we're right in the midst of a violently abusive scene with far too much showing Books that make readers voyeurs of a scene of abuse can be really offensive asking even if unintentionally their readers to take pleasure in watching a scene of abuse Unless the writing is strong enough to push the reader out of that voyeur position in some way that is Unfortunately the writing here was not

  7. Lynne Lynne says:

    This review was originally posted “The time she spent with Nicola the she liked her Which was strange considering she generally didn’t like many people But liking Nicola wasn’t enough to deter her She remained adamant she would discover Nicola’s dark secret Another of her own darker ualities which she’d failed to mention earlier was she always got what she wanted in the end even if it was at someone else’s expense”Jenny in Secret Lies by Amy DunneI first came across Secret Lies when I attended the Bold Strokes Book Festival in 2013 in Nottingham England I attended the event mostly out of curiosity of what an event like this would entail especially for a publisher that focused on LGBT books While the event was enjoyable the only person who reached out to welcome those of us who knew no one else was first time author Amy Dunne Between her friendly welcome and the intriguing excerpt from her book that she read aloud in one of the panels I knew Secret Lies was a novel I wanted to read when it was published I was very excited when my NetGalley reuest was grantedOut of professional integrity Dunne and I are friends on Facebook however I would like to think that this did not influence my review of Secret LiesThe story of Secret Lies follows Jenny and Nicola two English school girls if it were set in America I would say Juniors or Seniors in High School as they meet interact and uncover each other’s dark secrets Jenny is one of the popular girls in school Her friends are really frenemies and she has earned herself the reputation of being promiscuous with the boys Yet for all her “cool” credit Jenny is working with a therapist to stop her dependence on cutting Nicola on the other hand is the shy girl that most people never notice except to tease She is also abused by her mother’s live in boyfriend One day when Nicola is fleeing from the abuse with the knowledge that if she returns she will probably be killed she literally runs into Jenny Surprising them both Jenny offers to patch up Nicola’s cuts in her house Acting against her usual habits Jenny invites Nicola to stay overnight and Nicola surprises both of them by accepting They soon find out about each other than anyone else knows and underneath that there is a new feeling Will the girls survive having their darkest secrets found out and what if there was one secret than they originally thought?I really enjoyed this book and I finished it within two days realistically two evenings Two main realizations struck me as I turned the last page The first was just how realistic the main characters and in fact all the characters were They were flawed but there were still many good ualities to them except for Chris Nicola’s abuser The second thought was where was this book when I was a teenager? This book would have been perfect for me in middlehigh school At the time I was looking for any book with an LGBT lead character but I tended to read dark realistic books whereas now I tend towards books with a bit fantasy or LGBT characters that are doing anything but coming out Plus I am a sucker for happy endings where the good guys winI have to start with the characters for this book as I said they were very realistic Jenny was a bit harder for me to relate to but I think that is my personal bias rather than her character She is flawed and actually aware of many of her flaws but also knows that awareness alone doesn’t suddenly fix these flaws I think my favorite uote from her though was her reaction to kissing Nicola “But she couldn’t be gay She was Catholic popular and even had the reputation of being promiscuous with guys”It would be impossible to talk about Jenny without talking about the very visceral way that Dunne brought in all the mental health struggles Jenny is dealing with Not only does Dunne step up and directly talk about the cutting she shows the mental struggles that seem too often to be missing from similar narratives “A few trickles of blood and it’d all be over until the next time she got this bad Her body trembled as she acknowledged her darkest secret There would always be a next time She was addicted to hurting herself It was the only way to stop the pain” As someone who is studying psychology and has friend who has struggled with mental health problems I loved the inclusion of Jenny receiving treatment I found this realistic There was not an immediate fix in fact it was a slow tough slog where baby steps need to be recognized and the overall picture considered Through Jenny’s interactions with her therapist and Nicola we were able to see that this was a long term problem but there were certain triggers and complications Basically I loved that the cutting and negative thoughts never just magically disappeared but had to be struggled againstIn contrast to Jenny Nicola was someone I was able to understand She worked hard and knew that university was her way to improve her life However the abuse she has to deal with and the non relationship that she has with her mother are completely foreign to me “Moving away from her his savage words continued to inflict pain in a way his fists never could The possibility that his words harboured some truth tortured her every day How could her mum not know the truth? It’d been going on for years and it was obvious something was wrong If her mum did know would she care or even stop him?” There was a spark in Nicola a will to survive and do what she needed to and most of all to be herselfFor as much as I enjoyed seeing the two main characters interact my favorite character was Laura She was a uiet almost a tag along to Jenny’s group of friends but the only one who ever seemed to care about people She was the first to accept Nicola and help her in social situations However Laura completely won me over when she finally got her revenge on Jenny’s frenemies Honestly I laughed aloud and re read that section several times just to savor itThere two main things that I was not such a fan of and one of those is a personal preference The one main issue I had was in the character of Elizabeth Jenny’s older sister While I enjoyed how she affected the plot and by the end I started to like her I found her a bit inconsistent or a bit unrealistic compared to the other characters Some of this may be due to the book being set from Jenny and Nicola’s points of view As an older sibling I can understand her wanting to watch out for her younger sibling and not understanding the pressure she has caused for the younger sibling to live up to her However many of her actions are just plain creepy and bordering on pathological Yet with not too much fight she becomes almost a perfect sister While I like the final result with the realism of the rest of the novel I found it hard to accept that she had really changedMy only other complaint was the amount of romance which sounds a bit silly I am the type of person who will find anything else to do rather than watch a love scene in a movie and usually skim bits in books where the romance takes the main focus I found the beginning of the novel and the end very exciting and I couldn’t read fast enough However there were a lot of love scenes in the middle and some at the end They were just freuent and in depth than I really care for Yet for all of that the writing in those sections was good and for a different reader I am sure they wouldn’t even noticeAs far as the ending of the novel goes I will not go into any detail but I will say that I really liked it I was a bit worried when I saw what I thought would have been the prefect line to end on but it was a chapter too early “The front door swung open For the first time in a long time Nicola felt she was home” However reading the last bit I needed the closure that Dunne provided and hadn’t even realized how much I wanted that chapterFinal Verdict A very realistic book for middleolder teens that I wish I had been around when I was a teenager

  8. Velvet Lounger Velvet Lounger says:

    Jenny is one of those popular girls who appear to have it all She is attractive put together confident The other girls want to be her the boys want to have her But underneath the false bravado is a mess She blames herself for the death of her adored Gran hates what she has made herself into and the never ending pretence to keep it up She hates herself to the point of self harm She has sought help but that doesn’t stop the feelings doesn’t stop the pain Nic is the outcast Wearing her winter uniform in a heatwave ostracized as an oddity she doesn’t mix doesn’t integrate She is bullied and abused by the girls at school She feels invisible But under the long sleeved top she hides a terrible secret one of violence and abuse Away from the nastiness of teenage girls she is fighting for her very survivalNobody would ever expect these two 17 year olds to be friends They inhabit polar opposite places in their social world But a chance encounter makes Jenny reach out in kindness revealing to Nic that there is another side to her from the shallow selfish bully And as Jenny coaxes Nic to open up a friendship starts to formNic is the observant one sensitive to other people’s emotions Soon she recognizes that Jenny also has a secret And although it takes her a while to break through her gentle persistence eventually allows Jenny to open up for the very first timeAs their friendship develops so does their attraction Thrown together by an accident they uickly become each others strength Together they can escape from the secrets and lies from the pain they have both sufferedThey both know that ‘coming out’ is a huge step They plan to keep their love secret while they sort out their lives But Jenny’s bitchy and dominating older sister alerted by her spys comes home for the very purpose of removing Nic from Jenny’s life When she discovers that Nic is a lesbian she uses every means to separate and destroy themWill Jenny fight for her new found love fight to be the person who is emerging from under the brittle façade or will she cave in to the social pressure and bullying older sister? And while Jenny is deciding who she wants to be can Nic hold on to hope for a future and stop the abuse to reclaim her own life This is an excellent and enthralling first novel Amy Dunne has caught the mood of 17 year old emotions and experience brilliantly On the one hand it is a tale of young adults emerging and exploring with all the angst and melodrama that entails On the other it is a serious exploration of both abuse and self harm and the impact they have on these girls internal and public livesThe two main characters are wonderfully complex and layered They are still children investigating live and love finding their sexuality and passion learning who they are and who they want to be But they are also adults at least partly because of the secret pain they both suffer and the growing up that has causedWhat we see is the juxtaposition of those – the young adult emerging and trying to balance their teenage hormones and dramas with adult sensibilities and emotions One minute they are falling in love and in lust they next they are sulking and fighting like children They both understand the pressures of their social world but are not yet uite sure how to manage it and be themselvesThe story resonated with me Despite being old enough to be their parent it brought back memories of those angst filled days The pain of falling in love the fight to be oneself to create a space and a separate identity while still wanting and needing parental support and loveMs Dunne’s portrayal of the abuse was hard to read I can’t speak to its realism as a survivor but it felt all too real Nic’s internal fight to stay alive stay sane stay together under the brutal mental and physical torture was intensely emotional And Jenny’s self loathing and self abuse was extremely well written along with her Rizzo like shell and underlying vulnerabilityThe book flows It is well written and well crafted The dialogue is realistic It is a well paced story which kept me reading into the night As well as the teenage melodrama of first loves and social pressure the novel contains real tension There are places you can see the pain about to descend and almost want to stop but were dragged forward waiting to see how these two girls would survive if they would surviveThere are also ongoing and layered peaks and troughs Jenny and Nic face emotional battles coming to terms with their new sexual identity both internally between them and with family and friends At the same time they are facing a literally physical battle to stop Nic’s abuse and in the build up and aftermath there is real fear for the outcomeMy only criticism and this is minor was that Elizabeth’s complete reversal from Bible bashing super bully bitch to supportive sister was hard to believe Unlike Laura and Jack who are lightly drawn and allowed to develop their natural goodness Elizabeth’s transformation feels forced Her ‘protective’ excuse for her overbearing behavior is not enough to explain her extreme volte face In retrospect she was perhaps too viscously drawn as a homophobic bully to realistically change so completelyBut that slight jar does not detract from a wonderful book I thoroughly enjoyed reading it couldn’t put it down Congratulations to Amy Dunne for an excellent first novel and to BSB for picking it up While the American audience will no doubt complain that they don’t understand our school system we Brits have had to learn yours I for one am delighted to see a new British talent emerge Looking forward to watching Ms Dunne develop this gift Publishers review copy received

  9. whataslacker whataslacker says:

    I was not a fan of this book I found the majority of the characters underdeveloped and unlikable I know in romance books everything seems to happen uickly but is usually spread over a longer period of time This entire story happens in the span of two weeks the first chapter was drawing me in this was Jenny's POV but once it switched to Nicola in the very next chapter it started to lose me Then everything moved at lightning speed to the point of being ridiculous Loads of triggers in this one to boot Self harmcutting drugsalcohol abuseviolence and attempted rapeI was given a copy of the book from the publisher for review purposes

  10. Ruby Ridge Ruby Ridge says:

    Very few books keep you awake at night thinking about then this was oneOnly criticism is that as with many of this type of book it feels too rushed maybe the authors are help to a word limit If it was rewritten to a longer time frame would be a classic hintNot a light read but nice ending

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