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Read ✓ Secrets of Summerland Summerland #2 By Kathryn Moon – ➾ [Download] ➾ Secrets of Summerland Summerland #2 By Kathryn Moon ➳ – Summerland seems like the perfect place for Lucy Carson after her fiancé left her at the altar She has a seaside cottage to herself and now a job as a baker at the local coffee shop She also has the Summerland seems Summerland Summerland Kindle Ø like the perfect place for Lucy Carson after her fiancé left her at the altar She has a seaside cottage to herself and now a job as a baker at the local coffee shop She also has the attention of several unbelievably good looking Secrets of PDF \ local men who seem happy to share her time If only it didn't feeltoo good to be true When strangers start rolling into Summerland for the upcoming midsummer festival the secret that every resident kept at the tip of their tongue seems ready to be revealed But of Summerland Summerland eBook ✓ when the festival turns strangely dark Lucy's not sure she's ready to know after all The truth is something too big and impossible to be believed Is it time to pack up and return to Providence where her ex Greg is waiting for her to come to her senses Or are the benefits of Summerland and the men she's met worth the risk of staying Secrets of Summerland is the second part of a paranormal reverse harem romance series the Summerland Series This is a fast burn novella with a slow build harem Enjoy.

10 thoughts on “Secrets of Summerland Summerland #2

  1. Puna Puna says:

    Finally More uestions are being answered in this book I had an inkling but I'm glad I was proven correct There's a bit of a twist that I didn't expect but I love how the author surprised me I can't wait to read the next oneOverall 55

  2. Courtney Courtney says:

    Book 2 starts where we left off in book 1 where Lucy gets up to some no good with some “people” haha and daaaaang is it hot I absolutely am loving her sexy times with these guys you realize later in the book are than meets the eye I love the play on their names not gonna lie Lots of snorting and giggling ensued haha I am a little worried with some of the ominousforeboding Dylan did but we haven’t really seen any of it besides Lucy’s nightmares I enjoyed the fight scenes added some suspense and action to this lightersteamier read I think Raylon stole the book for me and I CANNOT WAIT for her time with Felix hehehe I loved how shy Dylan was but once he got the go ahead 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I am about to dive into Book 3 while I enjoy my time on vacation perfect length for a beach read And loved Jack’s scheming ways at the end hahaha and how she finally decided her plans and that she wanted all the guys Ok no spoilers

  3. Jess Jess says:

    The second book is finally here I really adored meeting Lucy and watching the uirkiness of Summerland unfold in the first book but the second is even better Lucy is the type of FMC I enjoy reading She doesn't let some crappy ex get her down and instead chooses to move forward and forge her own path Lucy is also taking control of her sexuality with no shame or internal conflict More of a shoulder shrug and the idea that if they're happy then she's happy and I love this attitude This is a relatively light uick read for those who are looking for a little bit of mystery and a lot off heat without the heavy details to bog you down In the second book there are a lot of spoilers so I won't give them away I can say it is better than the first we get of the guys andwe learn what Summerland's secret is

  4. Jenny Jenny says:

    Second book kicks off how Lucy is starting to settle down in a new life in a new town with the help of her guys Not only her life is picking up the same can be said with her love life In this book we see how her character have grown and found the courage and confidence to take charge of her life and not let anyone or anything gets her down Also we get to see her bonding moments with the other guys but I’m hoping to see her one on one time with Felix and the mysterious Nick on the next installment But of course fate has another plan for her The mystery of the town has been unraveled secrets have been revealed and a greater force is at work Will she let this knowledge deter her from forging a new beginning? Or will she stay to see through the end? I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review

  5. Lethe Lethe says:

    Gorgeous book and series Hopefully you’ve read the first but this book is a bit like Ballykissangel and Gil Girls takes place with the FMC rolls up to a cute but kinda odd country town and Nijinsky ensue Can’t go too much into plot as major spoilage will follow I was pleased to see the lazy achingly gorgeous and sexy feel of the first book was continued here Funnily enough I rarely read novellas as I find the short length not very satisfying but the author was able to use this shorter form expertly to focus on mood and the relationships between the gorgeous characters and contained little in the way of drama I get the feeling there’s to this series I really hope so it’s left me with a lovely feeling post read

  6. Carol 27 Carol 27 says:

    This is the second installment of the Summerland series and it picks up where Welcome to Summerland left off It’s a uick read that’s very well written with well defined and charming characters some mystery humour and several seriously steamy scenes As I pondered just what the secret of the town could possibly be I definitely hadn’t anticipated what was revealed I loved how everything suddenly clicked and fell into place There’s still something unresolved going on with Lucy however and I can’t wait to find out what the cause of it isI received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from the author and am voluntarily leaving a review

  7. Tracy Hoyt Tracy Hoyt says:

    Sweet Summerland and tasty pastriesI love this series Each is a uick and sweet read so far I love the main character she's really embraced this new town and starting fresh with these delectable men I love her maturity and the confidence she's built through genuine connections with the characters of the town There is a lovely element of mystery and an added bit of darkness that exists in this book It suggests there's surrounding our heroine than sugary delights and steamy encounters I love the rapid release of these novellas and so look forward to reading in just a few short weeks

  8. Larklet Reviews Larklet Reviews says:

    I picked up the Summerland series on a whim I didn’t read the blurbs I didn’t read the reviews I only went in knowing what an outstanding author Kathryn is and boy I was tickled pink from the very start I knew there were secrets in the town of Summerland but I had no idea what they actually were It’s revealed in book two what the towns inhabitants are up to and it’s a doozy Kathryns story telling powers are legendary at least in my humble opinion and Summerland was just the sweet pickup I needed during these crazy times Lucy and the guys are so amazing together and the cohesiveness of the story from book one to book two is flawless I applaud you Kathryn

  9. Amanda Amanda says:

    Real rating 45⭐︎Oh How I wish this were a fleshed out series I'm really curious about the mythos and want to dig into the world This second installment of the Summerland story answers a few uestions— I was so close to correctly guessing what was going on there—that is still pretty light with some sexy fun times but there's a shadow casting over the story at a fast clip And a uestion this story has raised for me in both installments so far how much of Lucy's choices are free will and how much of them are due to possible nudging and influence?

  10. Danielle (Danniegurl) Danielle (Danniegurl) says:

    Ha I knew something was going on just not thatI knew something was going on in the story but I didn’t expect that Maybe if I had read the synopsis it would have given me a clue but I didn’t So I had no idea the story was going in that mythological direction I was thinking Fae and such since summer and winter were prominent I still don’t understand why she is the one they are all with No ones explained her maybe that’ll be explained in part 3 Still could have been one full book though

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