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Free ↠ Shalimar By Rebecca Ryman – ❰Reading❯ ➺ Shalimar Author Rebecca Ryman – Shalimar Ou Les Secrets d'Un Parfum Iconiue | Forbes France Shalimar rvolutionne les codes de la parfumerie traditionnelle de l’poue Premire affiche Shalimar Art Dco Guerlain LE DOUX PARFUM D’ORIE Shalimar Ou Les Secrets d'Un Parfum Iconiue | Forbes France Shalimar rvolutionne les codes de la parfumerie traditionnelle de l’poue Premire affiche Shalimar Art Dco Guerlain LE DOUX PARFUM D’ORIENT En le fantasme des odalisues langoureuses du dbut du sicle peintre a laiss place l’envie d’aventure Une ute d’vasion ui n’a pas chappe Jacues Guerlain lorsu’il dcouvre l’histoire de cet Prnom Shalimar signification origine fete Origine signification caractre des Shalimar popularit Dcouvrez toutes les infos sur le prenom Shalimar Shalimar Parfum Femme Guerlain Parfumdo Shalimar Shalimar le parfum incontournable de la marue Guerlain se dcline dans notre gamme disponible en diffrents articles parfums du uotidien coffret cadeau eau de parfum brume pour les cheveux lait pour le corps poudre parfume dodorantPour offrir ou pour vous faire plaisir faites votre choix Vritable ode l’amour ternelle Shalimar est une fragrance Shalimar Recharge parfum Type de Parfum prix en ligne Shalimar Refill de Guerlain est la recharge de l'Eau de Parfum pour femme appartenant la famille pice Oriental ui porte son nom Avec elle Monsieur Guerlain veut nous raconter une passionnante histoire d'amour entre un empereur et une belle princesse indienne Ce parfum a t cr en par le mme Jea Paul Guerlain c'est un mythe dans le monde de la parfumerie ui jouit d'un Jardins de Shalimar Lahore — Wikipdia Les jardins de Shalimar ou le Chalimar Bagh en ourdou شالیمار باغ de Lahore sont des jardins royaux crs en par l'empereur moghol Shh Jahn dont le rgne est alors son apogeDepuis ces jardins sont inscrits conjointement avec le fort de Lahore au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO Shalimar de Guerlain Eau De Toilette Parfum Eau De Shalimar est la cration mythiue de la grande maison de parfum franaise Guerlain Jacues Guerlain s’est inspir de la lgendaire histoire d’Amour d’un empereur d’Orient et de sa belle ui il ddia le Taj Mahal L’Amour l’Orient les Jardins ont donn le jour un parfum uniue trs novateur Premier oriental vanille de l’histoire de la parfumerie moderne NRJ Belgiue | A propos de Shalimar Shalimar vous accompagne en douceur chaue matin dans le Wake Up Show entre h et h Dcouvrez en plus sur elle au travers de cette interview Pub Guerlain la lgende de Shalimar Pour son parfum Shalimar Guerlain prsente un spot esthtiue revisitant avec magie et sensualit la lgende du Taj Mahal La maison Guerlain fait sa rentre avec un court mtrage envotant faisant de son parfum Shalimar un lixir magiue Son icne Natalia Vodianova incarne ici une princesse d'Orient attendant le retour de son bien aim Restaurant Shalimar | Cuisine indienne et pakistanaise Rservez une table dans votre restaurant Soissons Shalimar est spcialise en cuisine indienne et pakistanaise Nous vous accueillerons chaleureusement dans Bienvenue au Restaurant Shalimar Agneau Shalimar Supreme d'agneau avec sa sauce crme noix de cajou et amandes Ajouter Kabab masala Brochette d'agneau minc et grill aux pices servie avec une sauce lgrement pice Ajouter Agneau Lamb Tikka Massala Agneau Oignons tomates ail gingembre et coriandre Ajouter Handi Gosht laziz Curry d'agneau aux sauce tomates oignons ail et.

10 thoughts on “Shalimar

  1. Misfit Misfit says:

    Shalimar begins in 1890 shortly after the death of Emma Wyncliffe's father who was found frozen on a glacier high in the Himalayas during an archeological expedition that went tragically awry The Wyncliffe's are left with little funds and Emma's brother David in the throes of gambling bets and loses the family home to the mysterious Damien Granville For reasons of his own Damien offers to void the gambling debt if Emma will marry him and live at Shalimar his estate in the Vale of Kashmir As Emma tries to reconcile herself to a loveless marriage mystery and intrigue take center stage as many players unfold in an international chase between Great Britain Russia and China as they play the Great Game to unlock the secret to the long hidden Yasmina Pass as whoever holds access to the pass holds the key to control of the unclaimed regions that sit in the center of the borders of India Russia and China Emma unknowingly holds the key to it all or does she? and who is the mysterious Armenian slave Ivana that all players in the game are desperate to find at all costs? No one except Emma of course is who or what they appear to be on the surface and the author keeps the reader guessing with plentiful twists turns and big surprises all the way until the very last pages This was a top notch novel of mystery and intrigue and I found it very difficult to put down especially the last 100 or so pages The author's knowledge of India and its culture shines through and I especially loved the gorgeous glimpses of the Himalayas and Kashmir Valley Just a warning if you're expecting a love story on a scale of Ryman's fabulous Olivia and Jai you will probably be very disappointed However if you want a novel filled with abundant history mystery treachery and intrigue that keeps you on your seat until the end I'd say go for it if you can find a copy used at a reasonable price 45 stars rounded up to five not perfect but pretty darned good

  2. Hannah Hannah says:

    Reading as part mystery part spy novel and part historical fiction Shalimar has a lovely old fashioned feel to it even though it is only a decade old Ryman brings to vivid descriptive detail the late 19th century intrigues of the Great Game; a uest for land and trading routes in the beautiful land of Kashmir between the Russian British and Chinese empiresReplete with a large cast of characters and ever changing POV's Shalimar isn't an easy book to read and understand Many of the storylines only start to make sense within the last 100 pages of the novel when all the threads come together to make the rich tapestry of this book completeAt the very heart of the book is the love story between Damien Granville and Emma Wyncliffe Unfortunately it is also one of the book's weakest points IMO Anyone familiar with Ryman's work will remember her magnificent novel Olivia Jai and how the lead couple from it mesmerized the reader from beginning to end The same cannot hold true for this novel where the couple and their relationship suffer from lack of development and authenticity I never fully bought into their love for each other and while as a whole I prefer my historical romances to emphasize the historical and downplay the romance it was clear that this one needed an extra dollop of sizzle to make it a 4 or 5 star book for meAn enjoyable and informative book from an author I have long admired It is a shame that this talented writer died with only 3 novels under her belt I would have loved to read many about her mysterious and lovely country

  3. Laura Laura says:

    WHAT A BOOK I'm still breathing hard since you really must keep your breath in the last 100 pages What else should I say about this book? It's a mixture of historical fiction romance and espionage settled in the 19th Century Kashimir The plot is about the search of the Yasmina Pass and its chase between Russia Great Britain and ChinaFor information about Kashimir's region take a look at the way there are 2 translations of the word Shalimar page 264 one maintains that Shalimar means a hall of love the other that the word is a combination of shala mountain and mar beautifulThe Veil of Illusion the seuel of OliviaJai is the next book to be read It's a pity that Rebecca wrote only 3 books

  4. Lena Lena says:

    This didn't compare to Kaye's raj books

  5. Fareeha Fareeha says:

    In the tempo of MM Kaye's Death in Kashmir and the Scarlet Pimpernel it's an good fun read Wonderfully presented historically and geographically it's a well written adventure tale which only loses its tempo near the very end and hence lost 1 star for me I also 'figured' out the story midway through the book To a historical fiction fan of the subcontinent British era I've found it very rich and correct in its history and geographically it's set in one of the most beautiful and spectacular areas on earth the northern subcontinent so it held special appeal for me Overall I'm real glad to have read it; it's one of those books that I've been looking for a couple of years and thanks to openlibrary again am so glad to finally have done that

  6. Sasha Sasha says:

    This book truly felt like a retelling of Valerie Fitzgerald's Zemindar except instead of the Mutiny the protagonists get embroiled in espionage and of all things mountaineering Though I enjoyed learning about the mysterious and definitely fictional right? Google hasn't been able to pull up anything concrete about it beyond links to this novel Yasmina Pass in the treacherous glacial wildly beautiful Himalayas and I was rapt at the description of Kashmir and the political tidbits about British Imperial fears of Russian aggression and full scale invasion Hannibal style I found the romance which is supposed to be the main draw of this novel flat and at times repulsive SPOILERSIf you like misogynist men who completely humiliate pauper deceive physically abuse that slap and betray their heroines and you like heroines who buy all the I loved you the moment I saw you and that's why I did all this terrible stuff mumbo jumbo then this is the book for you I thought after meeting Emma's spineless gambler brother David that she was the type of courageous and put together woman who takes difficult situations by the horns but one kiss from her odious husband and she disintegrates like a dandelion in a hurricane The one love scene was WAY over the top comparing the act to something celestial but at the same time sounding like an accurate description of toast The author spent time describing a spade being put through a young boy's eyes in the Hunza tribe for providing information to an infidel than she does of any tenderness between Damien and Emma If you prefer heroines who have brains and a less forgiving nature towards their abuser and you like men to treat women with respect and not try to trap them by claiming monogamy despite a host of mistresses and a possible love child boasting to the contrary then you are better off elsewhere Ryman has the same lovely writing and Indian pathos here that I fell for in Olivia and Jai but just as I found with Shadow of the Moon after I had read Far Pavilions sometimes a later work doesn't compare to the magnum opus

  7. Holly Holly says:

    I loved Olivia and Jai but this didn't live up to the promise of the author's true ability to craft a really good story and write it so very well It seems that all three of this author's novels have a similar thread but it flowed so elouently in Olivia and Jai and the similar characters in Shalimar came off as cheap imitations in a cloying romance novel I had trouble getting into this as it just didn't move for too many pages and then it became a guessing game of who was who as too many characters got introduced into a plot line that just didn't wash I skipped over so many pages and never lost track of what was going on I would give this one a miss if you're a fan of this author and have read OJ but if you're a romance novel fan you'll probably enjoy it

  8. Sejal Shah-myers Sejal Shah-myers says:

    Purely an emotional rating because I absolutely love the imagery of India especially the far North

  9. Daya4goal Daya4goal says:

    Long book getting bored most of the time

  10. Buffy Buffy says:

    For some reason I am fascinated by 19th and 20th century India It started with Paul Scott’s Raj uartet and continues with this gem that sadly appears to be out of print Prior to reading this I had no knowledge of the Russian British Chinese tensions over the northern borders of India I liked this book a lot than the author’s better known and better reviewed book Olivia and Jai which was too romancey for me This has romance and two acid tongued protagonists but it has history mystery espionage a multitude of characters and four different story lines I did figure out some of the mystery but the parts I couldn’t figure out in addition to great characters and expertly crafted prose were enough for me to give it four starsEdit I am updating this review after revisiting some key parts of the story Dying to know how it ended the first time around I missed out on the finer details Even though I already knew the conclusion I still couldn’t put it down during this reread This novel is not fast paced and reuires patience as nearly most of my favorite books do but the last 100 pages or so take you for a ride Give me spies with binoculars cartography tools and a compass over GPS and mobile phones any day This novel distracted me from real life for a few days but I can’t say I regret it Bumping up to 5 stars

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