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Read ✓ She By Michelle Latiolais – ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ She Author Michelle Latiolais – A nameless fifteen year old runs away to Los Angeles seeking life beyond the harsh constraints of her evangelical upbringing She is the narrative of her passage from her escape on a bus through her ui A nameless fifteen year old runs away to Los Angeles seeking life beyond the harsh constraints of her evangelical upbringing She is the narrative of her passage from her escape on a bus through her uiet determined progress across the city’s unforgiving terrain The journey takes her into and around the lives of Angelinos from all walks a dancer whose hyperactive sense of smell makes her fiance’s presence insufferable; a penniless botanist who earns her keep creating sugar icing flowers to decorate glamorous wedding cakes She can never afford; a dentist lamenting the abuses done to the teeth of a patient for whom he has cared dutifully Her odd encounters set against the backdrop of Los Angeles’s flagrant wealth cast into relief its eccentricities and the everyday trials faced by its collection of lost souls Together these stories reflect and refract one another illuminating a poignant unflinching portrait of loss and the search for identity in its wake.

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  1. Laura McNeal Laura McNeal says:

    The sentences in this collage of stories are almost painfully beautiful and the strange structure though alienating makes a clear artistic point about alienation Fortunately the broken apart novella about the 14 year old runaway is not alienating at all; it is in fact a strikingly realistic fairy tale interspersed with stories of men and women who find themselves adrift and lonely through no fault or complete fault of their own The girl's story is so riveting sweet strange and luminous that I abandoned all chores for two days to keep reading about her and while I felt the impatience other readers felt when I was made to enter the lives of characters who had less to hope for there was something incredibly satisfying about seeing her find the one Angeleno whose love of beauty and simple kindness could make the world right

  2. Shawn Shawn says:

    An interesting choice to alternate chapters between a central story and unrelated short stories A creative approach but in the end felt as pointless as most of the forgettable short stories Glimpses of genuine talent but not enough to recommend you read it

  3. Joel Joel says:

    Note I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First ReadsThe main narrative of this book concerns an unnamed teenage girl who has just fled a stultifying not to mention abusive religious upbringing by jumping on a bus to Los Angeles We follow her with no home and nobody to turn to on a picaresue journey that spans her first day in the city Her narrative is cut into pieces though and interspersed with stories about other people in or from Los Angeles most of whom don't intersect with the main protagonist's story at all People seem to have trouble deciding how to bin this book is it a novel? a book of short stories? but that's a uestion about how we categorize things than about the book itself so let's leave that asideThe striking thing about this book is how despite occupying a dense urban environment with many millions of people the characters are all very alone walled off from everyone around them anonymous in the crowd The whys and hows of their isolation vary but there's a sameness to it nonetheless reinforced by the fact that every story has at least one unnamed female character not always the main character referred to only as sheAt the end of the book when two characters do manage to connect in a way which may actually be lasting it feels like a rare and precious thing; and also a vulnerable fragile thing The author ends the story there and the reader can only imagine how things turn out It's a lovely ambiguous book Definitely recommended

  4. Scott Scott says:

    Reading this collection reminded me how vulnerable we are as human beings and how if we acknowledge this and accept that it is our responsibility to care about everyone in our chosen communities therein lies our strength What could you ask for from fiction? Oh and the book beautifully captures exactly how it feels to live in Los Angeles right now giving voice to those whose lives generally go unnoticed behind the billboards

  5. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    Sweet music in these stories

  6. Matthew Matthew says:

    In She author Michelle Latiolais writes “ the problem was also Los Angeles and you didn’t talk about being down and out in Los Angeles it just wasn’t what anyone wanted to hear realism in a town where projections were the main industry” LA is known to most as a fantasy land a world of glitz and glamor What’s real is buried beneath the billboards and botoxed faces that populate the city’s sprawl In this collection is it a collection? of loosely connected stories Latiolais peels back LA’s superficial surface to reveal what’s true what’s genuine what’s real “I took my leave this morning of everything I have ever known” admits our nameless protagonist the “she” of She Escaping a strict evangelical upbringing she arrives in Los Angeles with hardly anything but a pair of white tennis shoes years of built up tension and a desire to release this tension She’s a lost soul wandering in a town made up of them; the folks she interacts with throughout her short journey are nothing short of soulmates albeit temporary ones Latiolais weaves her primary narrative throughout She countering this central tale with a hodgepodge of others some connected to her protagonist some not at all The affect is middling at times a bit disjointed; I found myself often wondering how certain characters fit into the story until I realized She was than about its title character It’s a novel about alienation and the connectivity the alienated so desperately seek It’s in a sense a novel about Los Angeles itselfAfter all what is LA other than a place the alienated go to escape to connect to “find themselves”? The she in She is everybody naive desperate lonely and longing; she is both the realism and the projection If anything what Michelle Latiolais teaches us is that in a town like Los Angeles and perhaps only in Los Angeles one can’t have one without the other

  7. Allies Opinions Allies Opinions says:

    To see my full review of this title and many others check out my blog AlliesOpinions on WordpressShe is the insightful tale of a fifteen year old girl escaping a life that was intolerable She flees to Los Angeles where she flits through the city like a wraith through a variety of peoples lives These people seem to have nothing in common but all have a yearning for something An unfulfilled goal She slips into their lives and takes crumbs of each encounter with her as she glides through the best and worst of this giant cityLatiolais’ writing is introspective and charged with emotional turmoil These are characters you will find yourself very invested in From the first page the reality around me faded and my mind guided me along with the story I felt what She felt I saw the dumpy apartment and the sugar flowers littering every surface I could smell the old mans home and see his loneliness float in the air like dust motes I could hear the murmur of voices at the art opening and feel the pretentiousness tighten the airLatiolais has written a study of humanity This story is intense and so beautiful in its rawness This may well be one of my new favorite authors

  8. Brad Brad says:

    A fifteen year old girl flees her abusive father for the streets of LA We see contemporary LA through the lens of a girl whose life has previously been shrouded within the confines of an extremely conservative religion upbringing The book moves back and forth between the story of the girl's path and vignettes of other women lives I loved this book so much Latiolais is an incredible writer The characters leap to life Highly recommended

  9. Laura.125Pages Laura.125Pages says:

    This review was originally posted on www125pagescom She sounded so great A modern day Go Ask Alice where a 15 year old runs from an abusive home to the mean streets of Los Angeles A nameless everygirl the titular she could have been a powerful literary figure that could have spoken to a generation Unfortunately her story was interspersed with those of other nameless women inhabiting the city Those other stories broke up the lovely narrative and confused the storyThe plot of the main story was fantastic; a young girl striking out on her own and depending on strangers for assistance The other stories filling out the plot detracted from the main plot and muddied it rather than enhancing it The writing of Michelle Latiolais was very good in the main sections where there was a coherent storyline In the other shorts it was looser and did not seem to match The pacing was spot on in the main section and confusing in the others The world built was very nebulous with few locations described The emotions matched the rest of the sections in the main story line they were great and I really felt with her and in the other stories had no connection The characters in She were confusing Due to no names being used just the pronoun she I was thrown off when the story turned from the main arc as I was not expecting it and thought it was still the main characterI was so evenly mixed on She I really enjoyed the main arc but was confused by the side stories I liked the writing of Michelle Latiolais but could not wrap my brain around the changing plot and characters I am not generally a lover of short stories for just this reason I don't have the time to sink into the story and connect with the characters I would recommend this for those that love shorts and know going in that the characters are not differentiated Favorite lines Was her mother even capable of worry? Was that love? Could that be love? Her mother resided so deeply inside that passivity she could not find who or what her mother was Biggest cliché I am an enigma Have you read She or added it to your TBR?This book was most likely received free from the publisherauthor in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

  10. Larissa Larissa says:

    SHE is not what I expected but altogether really lovely A kaleidoscope of brilliant broken beautiful characters and situations dentists masseuses botanists turned bakers families in hospital waiting rooms the rich and the empoverished the lonely and the misunderstood SHE reading like a novel follows a nameless young girl running away from an abusive home on a journey toward a place she can finally belong From the shock of a knife blade to the uiet grief of an elderly widower to the gleeful abandon of masked wrestlers flinging caca Latiolais paints a portrait of Los Angeles that makes SHE one of the most cohesive collections of short fiction I've ever read When I recommend this book to others it will be with a soft warm fondness

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