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[Ebook] Sheila By Robert Wainwright – serv3.3pub.co.uk ➛ Sheila free download ➠ Author Robert Wainwright – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Vivacious confident and striking young Australian Sheila Chisholm met her English husband Lord Loughborough in Egypt during the First World War Arriving in London as a young married woman she uickly c Vivacious confident and striking young Australian Sheila Chisholm met her English husband Lord Loughborough in Egypt during the First World War Arriving in London as a young married woman she uickly conuered English society and would spend the next half a century inside the palaces mansions and clubs of the elite Her clandestine affair with young Bertie the future George VI caused ruptures at Buckingham Palace with King George offering his son the title Duke of York in exchange for 'never hearing of the Australian again' Sheila subseuently became Lady Milbanke and ended her days as Princess Dimitri of Russia juggling her royal duties with a successful career as a travel agent Throughout her remarkable life she won the hearts of men ranging from Rudolph Valentino to Prince Obolensky and maintained longstanding friendships with Evelyn Waugh Wallis Simpson Idina Sackville and Nancy Mitford A story unknown to most Sheila is a spellbinding account of an utterly fascinating woman.

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  1. Karen Karen says:

    There's a slightly obvious reason for being attracted to this book way outside my normal reading preferences The story of a young Australian woman who arrives in England just before the outbreak of the First World War ends up in Egypt working with injured soldiers during that war marries a Lord returns to England and promptly inserts herself into the upper echelons of English Aristocracy right up to the Royal Family themselves becoming good friends with the young Princes and ultimately having an affair with the future George VIIt's a piece of social history that is sometimes absolutely fascinating and informative and at others a long drawn out recital of names names names with the obvious hat tip to Ab Fab When it's delving into the life and times and even into the connections between the well known the Aristocracy and the strictures and nuances of society it's interesting although a little detail would have been preferable When it's simply a bit gossipy encumbered by a tendency to refer to names and titles that didn't necessarily call any particular significance to mind it did become tediousOne that you can however dip in and out of as mood permits which is ultimately how this reader finished it eventually A chapter or two at a time when untaxing reading was reuiredhttpswwwaustcrimefictionorgrevi

  2. Alison Alison says:

    This is a really strongly written biography about a remarkable Australian woman who lived an extraordinary life in an historically important time The biographer had access to her personal papers historical accounts of her life in women's magazines and newspapers of the day and correspondence to her and from her Sheila embarked on a six month European tour with her mother at a young age 18? but was immediately caught up in the war effort in Egypt where her brother was serving She volunteered in the hospitals in both wars and lost a son and a brother in the conflicts She was a fixture in many social circles across Britain and the United States including among her friends both future kings George and Albert and movie stars of the 20s and 30s Fred Astaire Rudolph Valentino She married into the British peerage and married twice after a divorce and her husband's death The biography lightly touches on the issue of Wallis Simpson and I was left feeling not for the first time that the media of the day made her the villain of the piece unnecessarily George and Albert were both lads about town and although Albert might have felt unfairly thrust into the role of king after his brother's abdication or most likely his wife felt the shock he can't have been surprised Nothing in George's life suggested he cared about being king long before he met Wallis and she was the last in a long string of unsuitable loversSheila was a tireless charity fundraiser often using celebrities to draw guests and funds She ran a successful travel business in later years and travelled on an early commercial flight or flights from London to Australia after previously making the journey by shipWhile Sheila's beauty is made much of this story is so much about the depth of character of this extraordinary Australian woman who forged her way in the world in the first half of the twentieth century

  3. Ape Ape says:

    Engaging well written and light biography of Australian society rich girl Sheila Chisholm It says something for Wainwright's writing that I enjoyed this book because having read it I wouldn't say Sheila is the kind of person I'd immediately want to read the life story of She's rich and she's in high society moving over to London as a young woman marrying a Lord hobnobbing it with the royals and throwing and attending parties The book is one long name dropping session in some respects but that's because these were the people she socialised with and this was her life Yes she raises money for charity hospitals Yes she suffers personal tragedy during the second world war but a lot of other people suffered far but really I wouldn't say she led a particularly fascinating life or did anything amazing or eccentric or revolutionary that would make you think here is a life that needs to be documented And yet despite all of this I enjoyed the readIn a nutshell pre world war one Shelia moves over to England marries a Lord who turns out to be a gambling waste of space who possibly has some kind of nervous breakdown and throws himself out of a window in the end? She has a couple of kids She marries another rich guy rather charmingly nicknamed Buffles Later in life she marries a Russian prince She travels a lot Has a lot of parties friends and larks Appears in the society columns and fashion magazines of the age Never knows financial hardship or true poverty or suffering That's about it Perhaps it doesn't sound like much but it did actually turn out to be an interesting read and I never got bored of it I won this in a goodreads giveaway and am a little embarassed to realise that I actually won it a year ago and am only getting around to reading it Still it was worth the wait

  4. Claire Claire says:

    A look at the period of war abdication and The King's Speech from a different perspective Sheila married into the aristocracy then like many of her class and generation shagged her way round pretty much anyone who was anyone and beautiful including the future King George VI of England and kept letters from many of her lovers Sheila also remained friends with Wallace and David and visited them in Paris on numerous occasions Her final marriage was to a member of the exiled Russian aristocracy Fascinating stuff; how the other half live despite 'never having any money' Sheila and various husbands never seem to have lacked staff country weekends at various mansions trips to the US etc etc

  5. Alison Alison says:

    For some unknown reason I am drawn to biographies of mostly British society women if the early part if the twentieth centurythe Mitford Sisters Idina Sackville Alice de Janzeand this biography of Sheila Chisholm certainly fits that mould The difference being that Sheila was Australian She charmed British society and her way to three marriages a Lord a Baron and a Russian Prince had an affair with Prince Albert the future King and was one of the original 'It girls' The most fascinating part of her story is that while Sheila Lady Loughborough Lady Milbanke Princess Dimitri was one of the best known figures of her day her name is barely recognised now This is an excellently researched biography which pieces together all the remaining evidence to recreate her story

  6. Jeanette Lewis Jeanette Lewis says:

    This is an account of the English aristocracy and the wealthy set in the era just prior to WW1 the privilege and decedance that was constant within their lives Living off the proceeds of estates and titles this idle populace of entitlement spent most of their waking hours attending social events hunting gala balls etc The effects after WW1 saw some change in English society however the treatment of those ordinary men and women returning from war tell a very different story of neglect and terrible hardships The Bright Young Things a terminology used to describe the children of privilege after the first world war continued with the fiasical lifestyle extreme activities sex alcohol cigarettes opium and other drugs making some activities of today by some pale against these young people of that timeThere are many accounts of this era and of many of the personalities in this book for I found references to those I have read previously The book makes reference to the possibility of the terminology describing Australian women as sheilas being attributed to the fame of Margaret Sheila MacKellar Chisholm known always as Sheila who married Lord Loughborough Earldom of Rosslyn Even though this marriage ended in divorce Sheila's life from then was of privilegeThere is a small account of Sheila's family her father Harry Chisholm became a well known identity within the horse breeding and racing industry and would be a very interesting readThis book gives a good account of this era a lot of personalities included attention is needed to keep track of the divorces name changes by marriage and royal events

  7. Cathy Smith Cathy Smith says:

    I have read all I am going to read of this book It's a biography of a rich girl that I don't really like It felt like I was reading Paris Hilton's biography from a different era The social justice part of me kept saying why am I giving so much attention to a girl with everything in an era where millions of people had nothing I don't want to give her my focus it doesn't seem fair or important If she was a fictional character I might have given her time but still I never really found anything that I liked about her or her lifestyle choices The photo sections were a helpful summary of who she was and what or who she did

  8. Linda Linda says:

    This is an amazing book about an amazing Australian womanI think it is a must read to learn some history that most of us don't know aboutI can't stop talking about this book

  9. Gina Gina says:

    An intriguing story of a young Australian girl who ends up marrying two British aristocrats and a Russian prince She and her mother had traveled to England to be closer to her brother who had joined the military prior to WWI Coming from a fairly modest background she ends up knowing and socializing with some of the famous people in the first part of the 20th century She was even the close friend of two future British kings Altogether a fascinating figure especially given the time period she lived through There is an underlying sadness to the story as she leaves behind her family in Australia and only returns for several short visits

  10. Cassandra H Cassandra H says:

    35 stars I loved the subject of this book however in line with other reviews it felt like a mere recital of facts and lacked feeling from the author In saying that it was an easy read which showed the positive characteristic and personality traits of a woman; perhaps one who is not celebrated as part of Australia’s history to the extent that she she should be

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