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[PDF.ePUB.MOBI]  Simply Alice Author Phyllis Reynolds Naylor – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❰Reading❯ ➹ Simply Alice Author Phyllis Reynolds Naylor – Serv3.3pub.co.uk It isn't Alice and Patrick any; it's simply Alice and much to her surprise Alice is finding that's okay In fact between working on the school play and becoming involved with the newspaper Alice is so It isn't Alice and Patrick any; it's Simply Alice and much to her surprise Alice is finding that's okay In fact between working on the school play and becoming involved with the newspaper Alice is so busy that she doesn't have much time to pine for Patrick or for her best friends Pamela and Elizabeth and they resent it And if Alice ever needed friends she needs them now She's got a secret e mail admirer she's not sure how to handle Her brother Lester is plunging headlong into a risky romance with a professor And her new friend Faith seems unable to break free of an abusive relationship with her boyfriend It's not simple being Simply Alice.

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  1. Judith Bautista Judith Bautista says:

    Do you ever wonder how someones friendship is like ? If yes this is the kind of book for you The genre of this book is realistic fiction In my opinion this book is really good because it gives you some advice and it is very interesting The setting of this book is at a high schoolIt affects the story because that is where the conflict and conclusion happensThe conflict of the book is that Alice does not want to tell her friends a secret about a guy online but then Alice makes her choice and tells her friends about him This type of conflict is person vs self because Alice was stressed out of making a decision The theme of this book is friendship because the story is mostly about Alice and her friends The 1st person point of view affects the story because the main character is telling the story and she gives a lot of detailAlso because Alice expresses her feelings and emotions Another theme that recurs throughout the book is confusion This theme can be seen when Alice was confused on how to tell her friends the secret about the online guy A major event that changed the character is when she told her friends her secret because she felt confident My favorite part was when the online guy message Alice because I imagine how Alice's expression was Simply Alice is a good title for this book because it describes Alice Also because Alice is just being herself and not being another person around her friends I rate this book 5 stars because I really liked this book Also because I like how the book explains the story very well and I hope the author makes books like this I recommend this book to anyone that likes to read books about friendships because it can be very interesting If you ever wonder how someones friendship is like? If yes you should totally read Simply Alice

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    Slight improvement over the previous installment Nonetheless I hold the same misgivings in regards to the sexual content Moreover the characters remain flat no longer leaping from the page as in earlier editions My hunch is this is due to Naylor writing based on what she has read and observed about the current teen population rather than her actual experience What results is an Alice without heart a textbook sketch of how a teen might respond or feel This also applies to the adults in the story How unlikely that her father always manages to properly communicate with his daughter Even if he did his job well a teenage girl is than capable of twisting his words around

  3. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    9th grade isn't as easy as it seems At least for Alice it's not But being Alice there are a lot of things you have to deal with whether you like it or notJoin Alice on an adventure through friendship breakups emotions and courage This book is a good book for kids ages 10 and up to readIt is very upsetting to me that many of the reviews on Goodreads actually rate this book poorly and say not to read it because of it's challenging I know it may seem really scary and inappropriate to read some parts However Alice demonstrates a perfect example of what to do in dangerous events for children The details that matter the most in this book are the actions Alice takes not her friends I think it's important for people to recognize that If you have read this book and really don't like it because of the controversial parts please consider rethinking your thoughts Remember when Alice tripped down the stairs and had an accident? Well she lived she learned and it was over Compare that to when she was abused Do you notice anything different in her reaction?This book is amazing and an inspiration for kids and young adults Hands down a definite recommend October 2018

  4. Logan Hughes Logan Hughes says:

    Single and mostly over her breakup with Patrick Alice throws herself into school clubs taking on responsibility at the newspaper and joining stage crew for the school play She combines the two by suggesting that the newspaper do an expose on hazing after she experiences a hazing incident backstage some crew guys grab her pull her pants down and rubber stamp her butt I'm torn on this storyline On the one hand I agree that it's not cool to manhandle someone and then rely on their shame and neediness to keep it uiet On the other it doesn't seem to me that what happened to Alice is all that much worse than the approved hazing incidents mentioned and it does seem like she's making a thin lipped prudish big deal about the whole thing I don't know At least this storyline is mildly interestingI've always been a little annoyed at stage crew stories which take as their given that everyone on stage crew secretly wants to be on stage I didn't and nor did my crew friends that's why we were on CREW This one is no exception containing an unlikely series of events that thrusts Alice on stage Yet it's not that big a deal she's basically a body double for a character with no lines during that act and nothing really comes of itAs Alice gets involved with her activities she has less time for Elizabeth and Pamela leading to some friction between the friends This is realistic but what could have been an interesting and heartbreaking storyline about the natural shifts in friendship as high school progresses turns into nothing at all when Alice apologizes and everything is okay againAlice gets a little romance here after receiving an anonymous love note She's creeped out at first but eventually meets the boy view spoilerIt turns out he didn't introduce himself directly because he's a stutterer Ho hum They go out a few times and then he moves away I guess this is a compromise y way of including romance while still maintaining the singleness necessary for Simply Alice hide spoiler

  5. Kip Arney Kip Arney says:

    So I read the next one It was actually better Despite the book being written by a female about teenage girls there were still scenarios where gender could've been reversed and I found myself relating to stuff despite having graduated from high school 9 years ago Has it been that long?This book picked up right where the previous one left off at the start of the second semester of Alice's freshman year of high school Two major things happened there was a build up to her step mom to be coming back from a one year teaching job in England and the other which was really compelling was her developing crush on a boy who stutters but they both know he's moving away at the end of the school yearThe whole step mom saga seemed a little fake Maybe since I started with the 13th Alice book I didn't get the whole back story but when I got a step mom 6 years ago I was nowhere close to excited as everyone in the book seemed to be That just seemed weird Not saying I hate my step mom she's great but Alice in particular is suealing with delight every time her step mom's name is mentionedThe other storyline is about Eric the stuttering boy and is gravitating because like me he has an obvious difference about him And it's very different to read about a girl who likes a boy with a problem despite and how she responds to it There was one line that struck me so much that I took it out of the book and posted it on my facebook pageTo a person who stutters though I suppose he thinks we only focus on the stutter AliceAnd to hear an author a female author write something like that which is how I think on a daily basis is just mind blowing Because she's implying that no one really cares about your deficiencies once they get to know you People have been telling me this for years for as long as I can remember but sometimes I think they're just being nice How can you not notice?Anyway I liked this book a lot and will continue reading the series even though I'm not the author's target demographic

  6. Mrs. Schatz Mrs. Schatz says:

    Very engaging if you're 14 and you have survived your first semester in high school and a break up with your boyfriend of two years Alice is a really cool girl and you can learn a lot from her This book is a stand alone but I read it in the I like him he likes her bound edition which had 3 of these books The books are written over the freshman school year and the summer afterwards PS Even though 3 books are bound into one book I'm counting them as 3 separate reads

  7. Samantha Samantha says:

    Alice finally gets involved but her busy schedule doesn't sit well with her best friends The trio grows apart while Alice makes friends with a new crowd the theater crowd Lester falls for one of his professors which only gets him into trouble My favorite part was Lester's birthday present to Alice in which they attend the theater production of Tony n' Tina Funny and a picture of Alice growing into a bold confident young woman Recommended for girls grades 8 and up

  8. B B says:

    #17 Alice has become very busy at school with the drama club and the new play as well as working on the school newspaper and getting a new boyfriend Eric Her old friends feel abandoned while she makes new friends and for once Lester her older brother is the one to be dumped by a woman She also has to deal with a hazing incidence and the controlling boyfriend of a new friend

  9. Brian Brian says:

    This was my least favorite Alice book so far I hope the series doesn't go downhill from here Alice is still in 9th grade She meets a new guy who has a stuttering problem deals with a friend who has an abusive boyfriend amongst many other social issues Sometimes I feel as though Naylor deliberately tries to cover every single social issue known to man

  10. Joyce Joyce says:

    High school Aw Alice is growing up so fast but I like how she's getting closer to my age One year to go by the end of this book Ah I remember being a little freshman but I'm fortunate not to have experienced any hazing like the kind going on at Alice's school I like how Alice is so honest and often bold with her words and actions I liked the immersion into high school life Alice's extracurriculars are the newspaper and the school musicalClearly the author meant to include moral lessons about unhealthyabusive relationships and people who stutter but I don't mind at all because it was executed wellI loved the part about Tina and Tony's wedding That seems so fun and I'd like to go to something like that somedayAlice's dad and brother are always greatAlice is really branching out and it's nice Not just Pam and Liz and the old crew I still need to get used to those nicknames Why even?I like the inclusion of the poem Daffodils by William Wordsworth not for the first time either which I memorized in third grade and still remember the words to

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