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[PDF.ePUB.MOBI]  Spit In The Ocean Jake Samson #4 Author Shelley Singer – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❮Download❯ ➹ Spit In The Ocean Jake Samson #4 ➾ Author Shelley Singer – Serv3.3pub.co.uk The FOURTH lively adventure in the Jake Samson mystery series “Jake Samson is sensitive and funny a little wise a little wary and pretty wonderful” Publishers Weekly “A well plotted and lively s The FOURTH lively adventure in the Jake Samson The Ocean PDF Ì mystery series “Jake Samson is sensitive and Spit In PDF \ funny a little wise a little wary and pretty wonderful” Publishers Weekly “A well plotted and In The Ocean PDF ↠ lively story” Mystery Scene IT WAS A JOB THE BARROW GANG MIGHT HAVE ENVIED The vault In The Ocean Jake Samson eBook ☆ emptied out not a shot fired In fact it resembled a burglary than a bank job but when you rob a sperm bank that’s sometimes all it takes Here’s the set up The North Coast Sperm Bank in tiny Wheeler California has been knocked over and the perp’s tossed its assets in the ocean leaving a religious nut note of explanation Just a prank says Wheeler law enforcement But the bank says Not so fast that stuff was valuable Enter PI Jake Samson and his ever sharp Watson Rosie Vicente hired by the bank to find out who made the unauthorized withdrawal No sooner have they dragged their bedraggled Bay Area selves into the storm even now brutalizing Wheeler than a bank employee slips in the mud and falls to her death And Singer’s got up her sleeve Every time you turn around you learn about Wheeler and its fascinating Northern California craziesummm we mean inhabitants Did we say crazies We meant very fun fascinating people They're a kick As is this complex puzzle mystery Who will like it Fans of laid back detectives in the Columbo than Jack Reacher mode like Parnell Hall’s Stanley Hastings Julie Smith’s Paul Mcdonald or Tony Dunbar’s Tubby Dubonnet “one of the nicer guys in the private eye business who operates in a relaxed casual style without need for macho posturing” Washington Post.

9 thoughts on “Spit In The Ocean Jake Samson #4

  1. moxieBK moxieBK says:

    Book 4 Spit in the Ocean — 30 chapters Shelley Singer Aug 14 16 2018 Jake’s friend Chloe asks him and Rosie to look into a sperm bank heist Once there a terrible storm breaks out and a woman who worked at the sperm bank dies Was it an accident or something sinister?I don’t know if it was the sporadic ability to read this story or if it was the writing style but plot had a hurry up and wait with a ill foreboding feeling to it There were two seemingly unrelated stories here the sperm bank and the death in the ocean Ms Singer did admirable in putting them both togetherThe plot was very interested me with the title working well into the end The author continues to develop these characters; they may have the same MO but they continue to growStill the author spent a lot time than needed on filler parts that didn’t contribute to the story at all And some elements were annoyingly repeated than twice Tightening and refining via editing and structure of those points would have made a enjoyable reading experience Although I need to remember that this was written 30 years agoStill a pleasant readThree stars

  2. Will Decker Will Decker says:

    The characters are good the mystery is good and the wrap ups are always top notch when the author brings all the clues together The romance part of it is forced and skimmed over to the degree it could just as well be left out and not really missed Simple sexual tension between characters would do for me as a reader than 'oh they got lucky let's move on' Give it your all or not at all Still a good little mystery with some fun characters

  3. Scot Scot says:

    Fourth in the series Jake and Rosie go up to the small coastal town of Wheeler California in the beautiful region bear Mendocino to investigate a sperm bank robbery that reveals many small town secrets Wonderful use of the series' connecting motif of poker references Jake usually plays at least one of his weekly poker nights in each book to also make a geographical reference to an area of land with nice homes that becomes important during a bad storm in the novel

  4. Clifford Clifford says:

    CharactersSo many possibilities and when put together at the end your like yes I see it now Fun as always

  5. Matthew Murray Matthew Murray says:

    EnjoyedAnother reason I really enjoyed your books is from beginning to end the mystery is worth the wait and I enjoyed the mystery

  6. Laurie Hanan Laurie Hanan says:

    A grisly murder during a stormy night Everyone is suspect But how does that tie into the theft from the bank vault – sperm bank that is? I picked up this book because my curiosity was piued by its unusual premise and I’m glad I did It was an entertaining read and I learned about sperm banks than I ever thought there was to know

  7. karen kincaid karen kincaid says:

    Kudos againAn easy read that runs along smoothly and again the characters are fleshed out nicely I found hard to put down for long without picking it up again I'm afraid I wouldn't want to live there though

  8. Donna Scheiner Donna Scheiner says:

    Spit in the oceanI do enjoy this series It has issues but they seem less as the series progresses I will continue to follow this series

  9. Andrea Andrea says:

    If you're in the mood for a light fun mystery with no sex you'll enjoy this It was a nice break from what I usually read

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