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Download ☆ Stories Beneath Our Skin By Veronica Sloane – [Reading] ➿ Stories Beneath Our Skin By Veronica Sloane – Tattooing might have once been Liam’s passion but he left it all behind along with ugly memories when he went to college When his uncle’s health fails Liam must come home at last to say his goodby Tattooing might have once been Liam’s passion but he left it all behind Stories Beneath MOBI :ç along with ugly memories when he went to college When his uncle’s health fails Liam must come home at last to say his goodbyes His days are spent at the hospice leaving his nights to rake over the past To fill those empty hours he takes a job at Great Sin Ink The close knit friendship of the workers there both intrigues and shakes Liam who has spent the last four years keeping everyone at arm’s length Neither Deb the no nonsense piercer nor Goose a manic tattoo artist will let Liam get away with his isolationist ways for longIf it were just those two Liam might have stood a chance but there’s also Ace the owner of Great Sin He hires Liam despite a thin resume and that is a kindness Liam can’t forget The two start up a tentative friendship learning about each other as the summer days melt into each other Slowly Liam reveals a tender heart underneath the wall of uotes he uses to keep everyone out Unfortunately life doesn’t stand still and both Liam and Ace have hard struggles before them that might break them up before they can even get together.

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  1. Baba Baba says:

    45 inked in my heart stars Review completed May 22 2014 Hey Ace plucked at Liam's arm You okay under there?Yeah He huffed a laugh and let his arm drop away Ace loomed over him God You have no ideaThat's what happens when you don't clean the pipes for three years Gene is the most important person in Liam's life He's deathly ill and has not much longer to live To spend as much precious time as possible Liam interrupts his studies to come home Between housesitting and daily extended visits at the hospice where Gene is cared for Liam needs to pass some time That's why he ends up paying Great Sin Ink a visit Even though Liam has been out of the business for the last few years he wants to start working as a tattoo artist again Despite the crappy resume the parlor's boss Ace is willing to give him a table and a few hours because he liked one of Liam's specific designs Come on man I don't have all dayYeah he's got an appointment at seven Deb licked a fingertip and stuck it to a magazine page Busy manFor the love of Christ Deb Ace groaned Let me maintain a little mysteryThe only thing mysterious about you is why you think you're mysteriousI'll have you know that I am a goddamn man of international fucking mysteryYeah you're a regular James Bond Over the next few weeks Liam and Ace start a halting yet friendly relationship The time passes the stronger they gravitate to each other and undeniable chemistry is in the air Opposites attract Liam twenty two years old is six feet three inches tall lanky with a pale complexion and black hair He's very introverted reserved and somewhat tense Ace is a short man only five feet four inches tall bulky with a head of blond shoulder length dreadlocks He’s also nine years older than Liam Ace is an easygoing guy with a very nice circle of friends It goes without saying that both of them are tattooed The whole point is that it isn't exactly unwanted Justnot recommended Oh boy I had to settle for too many average or bad reads lately and when I decided to give Stories Beneath Our Skin a shot I hadn't expected to feel so much for this book and its characters I love it when a book takes me by surprise Stories Beneath Our Skin is one of those books that provides lots of story and not much smexin' but I loved it nonetheless It's a beautifully and gently written story very character driven just an all around great and satisfying read This book unites everything I need to feel drawn into a story Complex and very likable MCs an engaging narrative great dialogue some well placed banter and vivid secondary characters Deb Goose Frankie etc that gave this story such a fabulous additional touch Every great book needs a steady forward momentum and I believe supporting characters can do wonders in that regard Although I need to grumble a little bit I’d’ve liked to see of Joy how she dealt with her problems and came out converted at the end of the dark tunnel And I'd've loved to see of the view spoilerGoose and Frankie hide spoiler

  2. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    And what is it thought I after all It’s only his outside; a man can be honest in any sort of skin Herman Melville This book was REAL And it was raw It was about ink and friendship healing and pain omission and trustIt was about Ace a tattoo artist running his own shop and Liam come home from college for the summer to say good bye to his beloved uncle There were many stories here not just Ace and Liam's There was Liam's shattered past and Ace's sadly wasted sister; and Ace and Liam trying to do right by Ace's young nephew Cole; there was brash Deb forever teasing and single; and Goose and Frankie who really need a story of their ownLiam was a lover of literary uotes and a poet after my own heart And Ace won me over with his kindness wit and tolerance These guys were ordinary in an extraordinary way not superheroes or spies not wealthy or glaringly handsome but giving and open and uiet in their love The steam simmered just below the surfaceI did want to know about Frankie view spoilerThere is a big revelation about her being transgender but nothing else is said about it After a while I started thinking I had hallucinated it but no I went back and there it was revealed in a covert conversation between Ace and Liam at the bar I would imagine that would have been part of Frankie's reluctance to get together with Goose I waited and waited but nothing ever came of it And that bothered me If you're going to put a flashing neon sign in a story you'd best be sure you can light it up hide spoiler

  3. Jenni Lea Jenni Lea says:

    I don't know what to say There aren't any words good enough to express how I feel about this book Here are some less than adeuate wordsuietly amazingsubtle in its beautysimply outstandingSee? There's no way I could do this book justice in a reviewJust take my word or lack thereof for it Read this book

  4. Ami Ami says:

    45 starsBook I ♥ you Once in a while you find a book that ‘speaks’ to you that just fits every single thing you love from a story and you feel like you have been granted a privilege of sharing several hours of your life with the charactersFor me this book is one of them This is MY kind of bookIt’s about friendship and family by choice how sometimes the people you consider as your family are not the one you are born into That was what happened to Liam Coming home to say goodbye to his uncle – not even his biological uncle; Gene took care of Liam when he was ten years old being married to Liam’s aunt – Liam found a job at Great Sin Ink and ended up with friends for lifeThis was the kind of story that didn’t have big drama or strong emotions It didn’t have an exotic setting or supernatural elements It was an everyday kind of story – which made it such a comfort read It didn’t mean that the story was dull On the contrary the characters have their own colorful background that made the story so appealingLiam was smart he was good with his art and he could uote ‘dead white guys’ in everyday conversation although Liam also had an aura of sadness with him Then there was Ace the owner of Great Sin Ink an ex military who has a flair to save strays he even saved spiders Goose a happy go lucky guy who can ‘read’ people like a pro and has been pining over Frankie the bartender Then Deb the only female employee who just rocked my world with her non sense attitude Even the ‘secondary’ characters were intriguing in their own way my favorites were Frankie and Gene I loved every single one of themThat was the beauty of it Beyond the grounded and what felt like an ordinary story there was something way deeper about the characters and how they came together They all had their stories to tell and it was all gracefully intertwinedThis book also managed to make me cry I knew what was coming ahead of time but still when it happened I just couldn’t stop the tears Oh yes all out tears and snot and sobbing heavily Trust me it wasn’t prettyThe story was wrapped rather rushed though Yes there was an epilogue which acted uite nicely to inform myself as a reader about the life of these characters However I did wish for a couple of chapters especially because I wanted to read how Frankie finally accepted Goose I also noticed a few mistakes like wrong character’s name “Gertrude” when it had been “Gretchen” although it didn’t reduce my enjoymentIn the end this is the kind of story that I cherish and definitely one of my personal favorites so far this year I just hope that this review has done the book justice because I sure want people to read this one and hope to have the same comfortable experience afterwards Just a warning for the smut lover this has little on page sex So it might be a problem for you if that is what you’re expecting from an MM romance PS I also loved how Ms Sloane made the difference of height between Liam and Ace Liam was 6’3” and Ace was only 5’4” I know it was a small detail but it was a detail that I appreciated

  5. Rachel Rachel says:

    5 StarsMy heart This story was like a warm hug It is a simple story with little outside drama or angst There is an element of melancholy that pervades the story but it just adds to the poignant and emotional atmosphereStories Beneath Our Skin is a lovely healingcomfort story that brings together two endearing MCs and a cast of engaging secondary characters At first glance the two MCs have very little in common Liam is a twenty two year old English major attending Berkeley and dreaming of becoming a teacher He loves art and is a fledgling tattoo artist At six foot three Liam is a uiet prickly and vulnerable soul who fills his conversations with literary uotes He is battling grief loss and a dark event from his past while trying to move on with his career plansAce is a thirty one year old tattoo artist and tattoo shop owner He is an Army veteran with a soft spot for children and rescue animals Ace is five foot four Welsh has multiple piercings and long blond dreadlocks Ace's friends and fellow coworkers make up a diverse and supportive found family that nurtures and buoys Liam through his darker days There is also the introduction of a burgeoning love story between Liam’s coworker and a transgender female bartender that I would love to read aboutI read this story through Kindle Unlimited and there are some glaring formatting errors in the text that are a bit distracting but ultimately the fantastic story kept me focused and my attention divertedFor a beautiful review that captures the full essence of this story check out the review by ✡Dαniela ♥ ♂♂ love semi colons✡'s ReviewsHighly recommend

  6. Irina Irina says:

    Big compliment coming here Big complimentHere goes right now I am awash with a easygoing version of the feeling Glitterland left me with Because you know there's no bipolar disease and such and the prose is not as flowery But oh boy is there beauty and literacy and strength and loveTo be fully honest with you when the Stories Beneath Our Skin hype was taking over GR I just couldn't figure out what could be so great about it From the blurb and cover all I could visualise was a story that's been done before in some version or another two artists with an ugly past slowly coming together? Wow that's some fresh stuff right there am I right?And to be just as honest I'll tell you this shocked me out of my skepticness from the very first page Twenty pages in and I was finding things like When he stood in front of the mirror he wore the costume of the boy he used to be It made him shaky in his own skin like the threat of teenage angst was woven right into the cotton and The hard edged hearty friendship that hung between Goose Ace and Deb seemed too old and deeply coded to allow anyone else in He wasn't even sure he wanted to be let in That kind of closeness turned too easily into claustrophobia and many others even better ones that I couldn't narrow down to an acceptable number or uote without spoilersAnd it's not just the writing It's every single minuscule idea that went into the whole architecture of this story starting with the concept of crush which as I've been thinking for a long time deserves a lot attention that what it gets in the romance genre That fluttery feeling of wanting to touch and be near and get to know without messy sappy feelings that turn things into corny lurve much too soon to be believable that earnest yearning for a specific someone who's fresh and warm and colourful and kind That that thing there It's hereAnd from there things develop achingly slowly and then all at once and that's how you do love stories Not once did I find the development in the second half of the novel to be unrealistically uick because there was so much snappy heartfelt dialogue between Ace and Liam and everyone else that their connection was inevitably palpable and realThere's no drama And I mean that in the most literal way possible There are ugly things in the past but there is no drama Some memories are hard to deal with some choices are hard to make but these characters get to it No fuss no sweat And it's refreshing and lovelyThe side characters are amazing They're drawn as clearly and precisely as the protagonists and both the secondary characters' and the MCs' personalities are wonderfully vivid uirky and compelling And I mean really vivid really uirky and really compellingI'm in love with this book in ways that I never thought possibleIt's my first 5 star officially published MM novel since Glitterland and that's saying something I read that one in FebruaryThis time follow the hype

  7. Barbara➰ Barbara➰ says:

    When I first started this book I thought hmmmokay let's see where this goes But as I read I got increasingly annoyed At 67% I had thought I would just throw in the towel and dnf but decided to soldier on insteadLet me first say this story had potential It's an interesting premise 22 yo guy Liam returns home from college because his pseudo unclefather is dying and he wants to spend his last days with him Liam has insomnia and needs something to do at night so he applies for a job at the local tattoo shop 31 yo owner Ace hires him right away even though his portfolio is severely lacking Friendshipboss turns into However this book is riddled formatting errors At times it made it difficult to read Chapter headers in the middle of a page Sentences broken up moved to the next line Words broken with spaces such as cl ued Things like that But again I tried to push through it all for the storyBut as I read I realized something I was reading in a monotone voice The characters were just flat for lack of a better word It's only Liam's POV which I think really hurt the book I needed Ace's POV For than half the book it seemed he had no interest whatsoever in Liam Then he says he was attracted from the moment he stepped into his shop Uhhh what? I never picked up on that at all And even after that when they begin their relationship it still seemed Liam was just a fuck buddy I could not get any emotions from Ace at allLiam read to me as very down and depressing I realize he had some horrible things happen to him and with his uncle dying and all But even when his past was revealed it was just flat He could have been talking about the weather for all I knewThere were some interesting side characters One in particular Frankie I wanted to know about It's revealed she's transgender Supposedly not many people know not even Goose who has been pursuing her for years But it's never addressed or really mentioned again What happened? Did she finally tell Goose? I'm assuming so from the epilogue but WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED???? I wanted to know Why mention it if nothing comes of it?I will say it had a nice epilogue that I liked I was glad to see what was going on a couple of years out But overall it just left me well

  8. Emma Sea Emma Sea says:

    Fuck yeah More pleasethings I liked the mostHands Sloane writes hands and small movements well When Liam and Ace touch it drives me wild with longingSentences some Seussian nightmare of snarled rhyme gathered on the roof smeared over three of the chairs the plush arc of his lipsThings I wish were different That someone would please correct Cole Mars is further away from the sun and its temperature is MUCH lower Don't let him go through life like this Kids can take correctionClamoring does not mean clambering

  9. MLE MLE says:

    My favorite book of the year so far I need a moment to collect myself before I write my review

  10. John The Cosmic Wanderer John The Cosmic Wanderer says:

    ''The wound is the place where the Light enters you'' RumiLove this This is the book to read if you just want to have a nice uiet relaxing afternoon No unnecessary drama no miscommunication from the MCs and no ridiculous conflicts What annoys me sometimes in MM romance is that when the MCs take a really long time to open up with whatever issues or bad past that they have and it becomes a source of drama later on that they could've easily avoided IF THE ONLY TALKED TO EACH OTHER That did not happen here so hurray A lot of great uotes in here and a uote from Rumi my favorite poet is even mentioned here which is a plus for me A really great story about letting go of the past moving on and finding what real love and happiness is

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