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[Ebook] Sweetbitter By Stephanie Danler – serv3.3pub.co.uk [PDF / Epub] ☉ Sweetbitter By Stephanie Danler – Serv3.3pub.co.uk The bestselling novel about a young woman's coming of age set against the glitzy grimy backdrop of New York's most elite restaurants Now a STARZ Original SeriesNewly arrived in New York City twenty tw The bestselling novel about a young woman's coming of age set against the glitzy grimy backdrop of New York's most elite restaurants Now a STARZ original SeriesNewly arrived in New York City twenty two year old Tess lands a job as a backwaiter at a celebrated downtown Manhattan restaurant What follows is the story of her education in champagne and cocaine love and lust dive bars and fine dining rooms as she learns to navigate the chaotic enchanting punishing life she has chosen As her appetites awaken—for food and wine but also for knowledge experience and belonging—Tess finds herself helplessly drawn into a darkly alluring love triangle In Sweetbitter Stephanie Danler deftly conjures with heart stopping accuracy the nonstop and high adrenaline world of the restaurant industry and evokes the infinite possibilities the unbearable beauty and the fragility and brutality of being young in New York.

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  1. Offbalance Offbalance says:

    If Sweetbitter is the book of the summer then clearly I need a new season I could not find one reason to understand why the reviews of this book were as good as they were Most of them seem to center around how well they say the author describes food As someone who has been deeply interested in food writing since high school I can deem her merely adeuate This book is the ne plus ultra of terrible MFA writing The self indulgent meandering that the reader is forced to endure as the dimwitted main character blunders around life only is saved by the occasional inadvertently funny passage or moment when one of the other characters rightfully give the main character shit for being a complete moron What little plot exists centers around the narrator landing in New York with no drive or direction to anything except like I dunno live or something? So she decides to get a job in a restaurant so closely based on the Union Suare Cafe I hope Danny Meyer sues the writer's ass Naturally as only a privileged pretty white girl can do she bats her eyes into a job at a pretty damn prestigious restaurant and proceeds to get away with all sorts of incompetent bullshit due to her youth as far as I can tell The character is supposed to be from some Midwestern city and though anyone who's ever even only been adjacent to a copy of Food and Wine knows food outside of New York consists of than toast and canned soup All of the other raves about the look inside the restaurant industry must have come from people who never read Kitchen Confidential or Blood Bones Butter This just in Sometimes people use cocaine Shocking I know Our idiot heroine literally begs one of the older staffers who she idolizes into being her friend and mentor in turns so pathetic they're incredulous She also naturally falls in love with a beautiful boy behind the bar with the personality of her favorite food which is toast btw but she can't figure out if he actually likes her All of the growth she experiences boils down to her learning how to order wine like the kind of douchebag most of the people I know who have worked in the serving profession want to murder describing a white she orders as flabby but adeuate? Bitch are you for real? When the end mercifully comes at last the last 40 pages are so breathtakingly incomprehensible as to only possibly belong to another book Perhaps if the developments came earlier and there was less wanking about Oysters and wine and whatever the hell else there would have been I dunno a plot? Instead we got a rundown of Chowhoundcom's greatest hits from 2005 dropping Sripaphi's name like it's a new thing? Come on now Everyone's hip to that trick Do yourself and avoid this All it will make you do is want to set the book on fire especially not recommended if you have an ebook and sing the Internationale and hope that idiots like the characters in this book are first against the wall when the revolution comes and perhaps starting your own revolution to facilitate this The book can only be summed up as follows

  2. Trin Trin says:

    I work in a bookstore in an affluent neighborhood Today the following conversation occurredCustomer I want to return this book plunks Sweetbitter down on the counterMe Okay what was wrong with it?Customer It was stupidMe Oh I really liked it But I could see how someone could find it kind of pretentious Customer Yeah all those waiters going around uoting Kant and Fitzgerald It was ridiculousMe surprised as this had not been what I'd meant at all OhCustomer A whole book about someone wanting to become a good waitress I mean who cares? What does it matter?Me After a few beats of dead silence that stretch a little too long Why don't you go ahead and pick out something else?What I wanted to say but couldn't because like the main character in Sweetbitter you know the waitress I am in a service position that reuires me to hold my tongue even when someone insults me to my face is that I thought Danler's depiction of her protagonist's aspirations and growth were gracefully handled The style is indeed a little pretentious with short passages of all dialogue and other experimental stunts but for me it created an almost dreamlike uality that meshed beautifully with the main character's whirlwind of new experiences This is a book about a young woman finding herself in a big strange city and starting her career and gaining life experience And yes she does all of those things as a waitress You condescending bitchI would hate to see how this customer tips

  3. Frances Dowell Frances Dowell says:

    This is one of those I really wanted to like it books The sentence level writing is gorgeous and the subject matter working in a high end NYC restaurant is for some of us nearly irresistible And at first I liked Sweetbitter very much Young girl moves to New York gets an amazing job is immersed in the life of the city What's not to like?But after a hundred pages or so maybe even fewer I started to get frustrated While I was enjoying protagonist Tess's introduction to fine food and wine I kept waiting for well a plot Eventually I could no longer deny what I'd begun to suspect there was no plot unless you call a 22 year old backwaiter falling in love with the attractive yet troubled bartender a plot It's not Tess's relationship with Jake the bartender is as tedious as you'd imagine The interesting relationship is the one between Tess and Simone the restaurant's doyenne and longest serving server Simone takes on Tess as her protege teaching her about wine urging her to go deeper learn Simone in many ways is who Tess wants to be well traveled at home in the world mysterious cultured The problem is neither Simone or Tess or Jake the troubled bartender are fully developed characters And they're the main ones so imagine how unmemorable the secondary characters are Simone is intriguing but ultimately she seems like a type instead of real person Same with Tess same with Jake But they're so close to being than that I finished this book wishing it had gone through one round of edits you will grow tired of the drinking and the snorting and the vomiting I promise; you will begin to skim in which the author had gone deeply into her main characters I had the feeling she didn't want to reveal too much about them because she was holding back for the penultimate reveal but to be honest what we learn at the end of the book doesn't have much of a payoff I think it's supposed to be shocking but it isn't Or it's not really that interesting so mildly shocking in a boring kind of way I'd rather have real charactersAnyway if you're twenty and living at home in the suburbs this summer dreaming about how great life will be once you're shed of your parents and your job at the mall you'll like this book than I did If you're me you'll read to the end after vowing to give up in the middle skimming as you go because you're curious how things will turn out But of course you already know how things turn out They always turn out that way

  4. Joachim Stoop Joachim Stoop says:

    I apologies in advance for sounding hard and harsh in this reviewSo one of the most anticipated books of 2016 according to some literary and press sourcesIn their reviews and in the first GR reviews it was said to be 'Anthony Bourdain meets Jay McInerney with a sprinkling of Siri Hustvedt'So Anthony Bourdain? Tough luck I just read his Kitchen Confidential Sweetbitter is supposed to 'engulf your gastronomic senses' Except for a short episode of eating a first oyster the first and one of very few real recipe descriptions was an omelet with cantaralles on page 106 Kitchen confidential had by then collected an entire Jamie Oliver Cookbook And wow I encountered some namedropping of wines that weren't the usual Chablis or Bordeaux Maybe it's 'cuz I'm a European gastronaut pun intended but as Shania Twain exclaimed once that don't impress me muchSiri Hustvedt? It felt that the writer didn't dare to choose between full on incrowd food porn and euhm a good storyIt felt that the writer just adored to show off her talent which she has of writing playfull dialoguesIt felt that the author went out to play while the reader wasn't invited to play along sitting and staring annoyed on a courtside bench Look y'all with no handsSo it's not that much than yet another girl leaving everything behind to go to the big city tabula rasa to wait tables another pun intendedAnd of course there is a likablelickable waiter that our waitress is crazy about untill she kisses him and he doesn't seem to remember afterwards Sometimes I wonder if some readers on Goodreads actually read the novel or just the promo talkBut I know it's all about taste except for the topic of this 'culinary novel'

  5. Samantha Samantha says:

    Hmmm Where to start when reviewing Sweetbitter? My desire to read it can certainly be attributed to the Hype Monster and a serious case of Cover Lust People were raving about this one long before the release date and it was hotly anticipated ever since Stephanie Danlier's book deal was announced Also the cover lured me in the first time I saw it I mean look at at it; it's just so strikingI went out and bought the novel right away because of the glowing reviews and that striking image on the front Unfortunately I don't think Sweetbitter lived up to the hype or was as good as its gorgeous cover Sweetbitter follows Tess as she arrives in New York City to escape her empty life in Ohio and have all the experiences she can Tess isn't an aspiring anything—she gets a job at a fancy restaurant in Union Suare as a backwaiter and that's enough for her Just to live in the city and to be immersed in restaurant life is living her dream Tess is subsumed into the culture of her profession She drinks too much She stays out all night She does coke She injures herself on the job and can be found crying in many a corner Rinse and repeatAha But there is something to shake up Tess's routine of toil and debauchery There is the older woman Simone a senior server with affected European ways who teaches Tess about Wine and Life and Literature Enter a lot of platitudes Tess being a motherless child is soon in thrall to Simone But she's even captivated by Simone's closest companion Jake the moodily handsome bartender at the restaurant The nature of Simone and Jake's relationship isn't clear but one thing's for sure—Tess is ready to get in the middle of itTess was proclaimed by various shout lines and reviews to be uniuely beguiling and unforgettable I found her to be neither These lines from Tess's own lips accurately sum up her character I'm their pet Their puppy They need me to follow them around Tess spends the whole book following her coworkers blindly allowing them to mistreat her and determine the course of her life at every turn I didn't really get her as a character or feel for her or like her I can't say I cared about any character in this book Not only are they an unlikable host of people and I like a well done unlikable character don't get me wrong they are an uninteresting bunch—beset by a cliched host of demons and addictions and foul mouthed one liners We've seen these people before and they're not interestingly wrought hereThe New York Times declared that Sweetbitteris an unpretentious truth dealing summer weight novel and Kirkus Reviews which gave the book a starred review says it has only occasional lapses into unintentional pretentiousness I have to disagree I found the majority of Danler's writing in Tess's first person narrative voice to be pretentious It was like she was trying too hard to sound literary Here's how she describes figs Each one with a firm density that reminded me of flesh of my own breasts Um okay Here's how Simone talks I know you I remember you from my youth You contain multitudes There is a crush of experience coursing by you And you want to take every experience on the pulse I'm sorry but does anyone talk like that? A lot of the dialogue is stilted like this just doesn't ring true isn't the way people converse The book also tries some ambitious narrative shifts that I don't think work It switches from Tess's first person narration to second person narration where Tess refers to herself as you and then there are passages dropped into the work at random of stream of consciousness dialogue overheard from the guests and the waitstaff It doesn't come together as a cohesive whole or illuminate any special meaning in the storyThere is no plot to speak of There is no driving force in the novel that keeps it interesting There is a scene where finger banging is supposed to be the sexiest and it's not it just ends up being ick There are some well written passages where Danler shows promise as a writer But they're overwhelmed by the pages and pages of try hard literary fiction The book never lives up to its promise and I was left thinking what's the point?I can't say I liked Sweetbitter It left me feeling meh when I wanted to be wowed

  6. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    It's weird I couldn't put this one down and at the same time I was slightly annoyed the whole time I was reading The descriptions of working in a restaurant are good as are the food and wine discussionsdescriptions and they kept me going thru all the bar scenes and bumps of cocaine and thoughts that seemed too mature for a 22 year old who was the opposite of matureEnjoyable but just not my favorite

  7. Siena Mirabella Siena Mirabella says:

    I have a new appreciation for this book reading it the second time One of my favorites I adore Stephanie's writing sis needs to come out with another one 🙏🏼

  8. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    This was a spontaneous audiobook pick available through my library overdrive I never had any serious intentions of reading it when it first came out I had pre judged it unfairly I 'assumed' the writing would be amateurish WRONG The words that Stephanie Danler used in her sentences were invigorating delicious and thought provoking My original thought was what gifted author writes about a 22 year old female looking to reinvent herself in New York City? I wanted to change the channel on this story before it even started But for kicks I pushed 'AUDIO PLAY' This story 'wasn't' about a girl with big dreams on being an actress a singer or dancer looking to be discovered Tess actually just wanted a jobaway from America's heartland I found myself intrigued during a job interview that Tess was having The interviewer asked her uestions that didn't seem related to the job whatsoever He wanted to know what she was reading She debated about telling the truth or not Given that Tess was applying for a waiter job at the most popular New York restaurant The interviewer asked her to tell him about a problem situation she faced with her last job and how did she solve it The entire interview had me on the edge of my seat This book now had my respectTess gets hired as a back waitress She learns to fold napkins correctly set the tables deliver the dinners but not take the orders and clear the tables when the guests are done eating She becomes infatuated with the wine expert name Simone and the bartender named Jake Between Tess's lifestyle of alcohol food which you can almost taste drugs sex and the dealings of the complexity of relationships we get a personal back scene tour of the sweet the sour the salty and bitter shenanigans I definitely got an inside look and expanded appreciation into the restaurant industry THE AUDIOBOOK HELD MY ATTENTION'most' of the timebut what surprised me than anything was the writing itself I enjoyed the way Stephanie Danler put words together They were innovativeNOT BAD FOR A LIBRARY FREEBIE I liked it LOVED THE WRITING awesome sentences Very impressive enjoyable 37 rating

  9. Leigh Ellis Leigh Ellis says:

    I love a good coming of age story but 98% of this book wasis unbearable Here's a sampling ROMANCE Your eyes It's unmistakeable he said He thumbed my cheekbone Veiled melancholy has her sovereign shrine His hand moved up my cheek flushing me into my hair where he tugged his fingers dry nonchalant His other hand pressed into the bruise on my thigh as he could intuit the blood below the skin When he kissed me I said Oh my god into his mouth but that like everything else was swallowed up METAPHORS Our three glasses touched and I pulled a mouthful of wine The joints in my spine softened like butter going to room temperature DRAMATIC DIALOGUE This is all one scene mind youFuck you I said to a man I didn't recognize You want to repeat the names of things? You want to make out? That person disappeared I serve people I yelled out above the musicSasha you think my life is easy 'cause I'm pretty? It's not I get a fucking door opened for me now and then Being prettywell I wanna fuckin' record this shit right nowIt sucksBaby Monster how 'bout you shut your face 'fore I break your face I hate you I said to Will but he was asleep on coatsOK after typing these uotes I'd like to amend my review to state that 100% of the book is unbearable UNLESS that is you're drinking and reading it aloud to friends or by yourself #summertimesadness

  10. Shasta Shasta says:

    This book is completely full of itself and full of shit

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