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Read ✓ Tainted By Ross Pennie – ❰Download❯ ➻ Tainted Author Ross Pennie – When incidents of food supply contamination dominate the news media two investigators Zol Szabo a public health doctor and Hamish Wakefield a young infectious diseases specialist come under immense pr When incidents of food supply contamination dominate the news media two investigators Zol Szabo a public health doctor and Hamish Wakefield a young infectious diseases specialist come under immense pressure to find the cause of a mysterious epidemic before victims show up on the autopsy table In a race against the clock the two doctors must navigate the treacherous political minefields of the medical community and the media while the disease spreads The situation soon spins wildly out of control and lives are threatened after a government appointed investigator hijacks the investigation and allows his inflated ego to supersede common senseSpeaking to contemporary concerns about food safety this fast paced medical thriller illustrates the potential for disastrous conseuences when total responsibility for food safety is placed in the hands of manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

10 thoughts on “Tainted

  1. Lisa Lisa says:

    For fans of epidemiology fictionsuspense this won't be a lasting favorite but is a fairly engaging read with plenty of red herrings and a surprise twist at the end The characters are also likable and interesting The uality of the writing is just a shade under what I would usually enjoy the transitions between scenes character arcs and times are in a few places so sudden and not set up that I wondered if I had missed part of the book or a chunk had fallen out Also I see no need for the turn to melodrama and violence at the end; solving the epidemic puzzle is sufficient to carry the plot without putting the hero in danger it's a stretchSo the epidemiology aspect is what kept me going and I will read Pennie's next book Tampered to see what happens with the characters and what new puzzles arise

  2. Pamela Coleman Pamela Coleman says:

    Really enjoyed this Took a bit to get into but uite thrilling near the end Fun to read about local places setting is Hamilton Ontario Looking forward to reading the next one of the series

  3. Rennie Rennie says:

    Always interesting to read a book set in Canada that refers to communities like Guelph Hamilton and Dundas My apologies to the author if this element deflects the interest of some potential readers A little uneven in places but overall a good story and I will likely read another one in this series

  4. Sarah Camp Sarah Camp says:

    A completely engrossing medical mystery set in the Niagara Region written by a Hamilton Doctor I couldn’t put it down and has made me think twice about where our products comes from and if the labels we read really are accurate

  5. Karen Karen says:

    A wonderful mystery set close to home by a local author

  6. Sharron Sharron says:

    The story had promise but the writing didn't

  7. Mary Anne Mary Anne says:

    Pennie draws from his public health knowledge this time about prions mad cow disease and the impact of “good for the economy” in dealing with outbreaks

  8. Sheila Sheila says:

    Dr Zol Szabo is a assistant health officer in Hamilton Ont He receives a call from a colleague informing him of 4 recent deaths caused by CJacob Disease He is in a race for time as he tries to find out the cause before his boss calls in the provincial experts He enlists the help from another health officer Natasha a young bright employee and a colleague in infectious disease Hamish He also decides to hire a private detective Colleen to assist in the investigation Lots of twists and turns as some of their findings almost prove disastrous for Zol's career and for his young son The story includes a fair amount of medical jargon so a health background for the reader is invaluable I'm looking forward to reading another of this author's books

  9. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    As an epidemiology and biostatistics graduate and PhD student in infectious diseases I found this book to be extremely entertaining It was so REAL I especially enjoyed well I won't spoil it but suffice it to say that there is a REALLY good mystery in there Read this book This is what infectious disease epidemiology outbreak investigations are really like if they are good or as the public may say Bad To paraphrase the book Is it wrong to love outbreak investigations as much as I do? I answer Yes Deliciously sinfully yes Medical thriller real infectious diseases detective noir Hot Zone the Ghost Map and police procedural all rolled into one fast paced book

  10. Leslie Zampetti Leslie Zampetti says:

    Really it's books like this that reuire half stars A little to predictable with abit too much backstory Pennie's Zol Szabo is an interesting new detective and the medical mystery is excellently derived Not yet worthy of a 4 though Here's hoping there's a sopho effort and that it's even better

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