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[PDF] Tempt Me Tonight By Toni Blake – serv3.3pub.co.uk [PDF] ✪ Tempt Me Tonight ✩ Toni Blake – Serv3.3pub.co.uk He was her first the first man she longed for the first man she truly desired Then he betrayed her and broke her heart Now her revenge will be oh so sweet and hotTrish Henderson has returned home to E He was her first the first man she longed for the first man she truly desired Then he betrayed her and broke her Tempt Me MOBI :ç heart Now her revenge will be oh so sweet and hotTrish Henderson has returned home to Eden to take care of some family business and some personal business as well Though she's achieved remarkable success as a high powered Chicago attorney Trish has never forgotten her small town high school sweetheart Joe Ramsey or the devastation of heartbreakNow she's come face to face with the gorgeous sex god Joe has grown into and she's determined to get him out of her system once and for all—and maybe take a little revenge too And this time she has all the power After all where is it written that only men can explore and enjoy a physical relationship without commitment Her plan seduce him for just one night then walk away But there's just one problem Trish is about to find out that one night with Joe may never be enough.

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  1. Dwayne Dwayne says:

    Reviewed Girls Without a BookshelfI am especially picky with the books I read and I usually immediately chuck the book when infidelity begins to show itself I made an exception for this book however because if there's anything I love than a man baring his heart to his woman it's a man grovelling for forgiveness A thread on recommended this book as one with a lot of grovelling so I thought I'd give it a try even if the reason for said grovelling is infidelity Guess what? I was disappointedCall me shallow but I picked this one up because it was supposed to show grovelling aside regrets new beginnings and much needed realisation in part of the characters So I expected to be indulged but there was little to make me happy Grovelling? What grovelling? The hero was arrogant self righteous and would rather have the graces of the heroine through seduction rather than apologies I disliked Joe because if there was anyone who had absolutely no right to act as if the past just erases itself it's him It did not help that the heroine was as weak as a newborn a typically weak willed heroine easily seduced by the hottie even though she despises his guts How cliche could it get?Add these characters to a eually cliche climax other girl involved but of course a total misunderstanding and you get something that isn't at all worth reading It's as cliche as can be There were several subplots that have no volume whatsoever they'd make you wonder if they were only added in to garnish the plot because God knows it needs it The only redeeming uality of this book I think is the part where Trish digs deeper into her own emotions Her realisations were uite well explained and generally fits the plotI'd say do yourself a favour and skip this but it seems some people like it so there you go

  2. KarenH KarenH says:

    Another contemporary erotic romance by Toni Blake and another winner This lady pens a mean love story Not only are her heroes gorgeous and sexy as all get out her plots aren't convoluted with high tech operations specialized forces and international espionagethey are simple stories about complex relationships No muss no fussjust pure romance It has the same feel as Letters to a Secret LoverIn Tempt Me Tonight we meet Joe Ramsey and Trish Henderson in the Prologue as small town high school sweethearts It is the eve of Trish's departure for college and Joe makes THE WORST mistake of his life and breaks Trish's heart Fast forward 14 years and the story begins Trish now a successful defense attorney in Indianapolis returns home to the little town of Eden to assist her parents with an important business matter Her first night in town she realizes her worst nightmare by accidentally running into Joe Wow He had been a good looking teenager but she wasn't prepared for the knock out he had become as a mannor was she prepared for the feelings she obviously still had for him as she stood before him weak kneed and tongue tied Ditto on Joe's reaction to seeing Trish So begins their story of redemption and rediscovery Can Trish forgive Joe for the past and trust her heart to him again? Can Joe convince her that their love is unreuitedthat they are destined to be together forever?Joe was an amazing character Here was this guy I totally hated when the story began whose remorse and pain for hurting Trish was so palpable and his love for her so genuine that he won me over completely He is definitely one of my favorite heroes And Trish was just as likable She was smart sensible or so she thought and determined not to fall in love with Joe all over again She was going to enjoy his company and be on her way back to Indy after the 2 week vacation feeling nothing than sexually satisfied that's my girl But a new bond forms between the twoa mature adult relationship that far surpasses the one they played at as teenagers And since TMT is almost 400 pages we are with Joe and Trish every tentative baby step of the way down the road to their hard fought and won HEAIf you like contemporary romances that focus almost exclusively on the relationship between the hero and heroinethat have numerous semi graphic sex scenes that surprisingly are not repetitiousthat can make you smile one minute and cry the next that end with a sweet HEA then Tempt Me Tonight is a book you don't want to miss 4 910ths stars ;

  3. Kathrynn Kathrynn says:

    Contemporary hot romance about young love gone bad Trish and Joe were high school sweethearts when something happened that caused them to break up Fourteen years later Trish returned to her hometown for a lengthy visit and when she bumped into Joe the sparks ignited a fire that never went out The way Trish went about getting revenge turned me right off Then came the mind games which I found childish and turned me off even Joe apologized several times for his mistake but Trish would not let it go No matter what Joe did or how well they got along Trish stayed hung up on their problem a lot longer than I cared to read about All the back and forth had me rolling my eyes Felt there was too much filler For one the sex was too often Secondly I felt sorry for Beverly and would liked to have read about her happily ever after Third Joe's sister's drama never amounted to anything and that was disappointing

  4. Gi& Gi& says:

    Major cheater assholeSelf note

  5. Jane Stewart Jane Stewart says:

    I disliked the heroine's thoughts and actionsThe story is about Trish who loved Joe as a teen He hurt her and she left town She returns 14 years laterCAUTION SPOILERS She still loves him but refuses to be honest about her feelings to herself as well as to him Joe is a great guy He never meant to hurt her He still loves her and is patient with her The major story line is Trish over analyzing her feelings She thinks wonderful things but never says them She is afraid to express her love because she doesn't want to be hurt again That does not make a good story for me I was also annoyed that when another woman makes a pass at Joe which he does not respond to Trish gets upset and leaves him as if it were his fault I do not recommend this bookDATASexual language moderate Number of sex scenes eight Setting current day Eden and Indianapolis Indiana Copyright 2007 Genre contemporary romance

  6. ♥ Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness ♥ Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness says:

    See this review at have come to like Toni Blake a lot in the past couple of months and didn’t expect to feel much different about ‘Tempt me Tonight’ The story line is about High School sweet hearts but when Joe goes and does the unforgivable Trish leaves town for College and doesn’t look back Now a hot shot Lawyer Trish returns to Eden to help out her parents in selling their little Diner And after bumping into Joe at the local watering hole things start to sizzle very uicklyFIRSTLY – there was a whole lot of sex going on in this book I’m talking every couple of pages These two hot things couldn’t keep their mitts of one another And although Trish is trying to keep it just about sex she knows that she still loves Joe And soon Joe wants He wants Trish back in his life for good But was Trish ready for that??? There isn’t too much depth to the book It’s really what you see is what you get It’s the high school sweethearts who have to deal with reality 14 years down the track There is a lot of cheesy talk which had me vomiting a little in my mouth at stagesWhat bugged the crap out of me was that no matter how many times Joe apologized for his mistakes and maned up to them Trish just wouldn’t let it go Now I have had MAJOR disputes on GR before about cheating – and let me get this straight – I in no way condone cheating – BUT in saying this what happened between Joe and Trish happened 14 years ago and well it’s a story and it should just work out shouldn’t it? And even when both had confessed their love with sweet sloppiness Trish still couldn’t see too trusting him again I guess I was eye rolling a little But ohI dunno I know from firsthand experience what it’s like to have a love one cheat it’s virtually impossible to gain trust back but you have to try Its life moving on Just keep swimming

  7. Lynn Lynn says:

    I started this book a long time ago and misplaced it well I found it again yesterday and restarted it todayThere is cheating and even after the book is finished I still am holding a grudge I cant explain it He FINALLY apologized 14 years laterhe said that she had said she never wanted to hear from him and it was told to him by her BFFhis BFF's gfyou know SPOILER when she found out he left her at her house at 2 am and bagged a girl who was pretty much a town door knob you know everyone took a turn?He is sex on a stick now bags everything that bats their eyes forgets to use a condom the first time they ever have sex I would scream aids alert here though as he is rather laid back about it he forgot he's USUALLYprepared yeah like the ho from before not thinking I would EVER feel safe having a condom free sex with him I think we are supposed to feel bad for him he was just a kid it was so long ago welll NO I don't it wasn't an accident he made all the wrong choices to get there and I do not feel remotely sorry for him he sure as heck never slowed down the ho roll so nope I dont forgive him and making him this uasi father to the bimbo's kid who helped ruin heroines life is I think an attempt to show his depth NO if he was deep he would have claimed her as his and not strung her along with the bag of cooties hoping for 14 years that he would finally love you uh no And all my friends who read this will understandthat even with these snarky remarks I enjoyed the story I hated the hero the ow and barely tolerated the perfect once again authors a bad girls kids is ALWAYS a paragon of virtuewhy I wonder and wise beyond her perfect years childHowever by the ending I did finally sorta forgive him as much as I couldhaha

  8. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    OK I know from reading the other reviews that this book is not for everyone I however LOVED IT I do not get up set when the hero cheats on the heroine if he truely feels sorry and Joe did He admits that it was the worst mistake of his life and the cheating took place 14 years ago when they were teenagers From the moment these two laid eye's on each other 14 years later I could see the sparks fling Joe did everything he could possibly do to make it up to Trish Trish took a long time to realise that she could trust Joe but hey if she forgave him right away there would have been no story I really liked reading how these two became a couple At time's the story had me tearing up I had a hard time putting the book down I wanted to know what was happening in this small town the happy and sad parts both Toni Blake has become an author that I will enjoy reading for a long time to come

  9. Miss Kim Miss Kim says:

    I can’t believe I waited so long to pick up Tempt me Tonight I am a huge Toni Blake fan and this one did not disappoint It reminded me of her Destiny series Small town lovin girl leaves town heartbroken becomes ‘big city’ comes home for what she thinks is a short visityet she reunites with her old flame Joe sigh Joe I love all of Blakes’ heroes It is a hot uick read that does not disappointHighly recommended for Toni Blake Fans

  10. Jen Jen says:

    This was my first book by Toni Blake and I must say it was a good one I was drawn into the characters from the very beginning Trish and Joe are high school sweethearts but he screws up and does something bad Trish says she never wants to see him again Fast forward 14 years where she has to come home to help her parents with something and ends up seeing Joe againBlake does an excellent job of portraying the emotion between the couple I was really rooting for Joe to win Trish back He was such a cool guy who showed genuine regret for what he had done I really enjoyed this book and have added some of Blake’s books to the TBR pile

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