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Read ✓ The A List Hollywood Royalty #1 A List By Zoey Dean – [Reading] ➳ The A List Hollywood Royalty #1 A List ➻ Zoey Dean – Some people are born with it Meet the new Hollywood Royalty Amelie the no so innocent starlet; Myla and Ash the golden couple; Jacob the geek turned hottie; and Jojo the outsider who'll do anything to Some people are born with it Meet List Hollywood ePUB ☆ the new Hollywood Royalty Amelie the no so innocent starlet; Myla and Ash the golden couple; Jacob the geek turned hottie; and Jojo the outsider who'll do anything to get on the A List.

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  1. Brooke ♥booklife4life♥ Brooke ♥booklife4life♥ says:

    Find this and other reviews plus fun stuff on my blogs Booklikes or BlogspotBasic InfoFormat Paperback PagesLength 256pgsGenre Young Adult; Chick litReason For Reading ChallengeAt A GlanceLove TriangleInsta LoveObsession? No Cliff Hanger NoTriggers naRating 3 starsScore Sheet All out of tenCover 7Plot 5Characters 3World Building 5Flow 8Series Congruity na Writing 7Ending 6Total 7In DepthBest Part uick readWorst Part Salty characters Thoughts Had Not bad not bad ConclusionContinuing the Series Probably Recommending SureShort Review I was expecting a lot worse like as horrible as Cliue Preuel but it wasn't too bad I haven't read the A List books so i have no idea if they need to be read first i really hope not I liked Jojo until she got that bag she didn't let being some famous kid change her until that part and really all because of a bag No Myla was a horrible character and her ex Ash was just as horrible I mean Ash didn't even show up to the airport to pick her up on time and then he didn't even recognize her wth Much fluff uick read Misc Book Boyfriend JakeBest Friend Material Pass

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    If you've read one of Zoey Dean's novels before that you know you aren't about pick up a literacy masterpiece when you read the A List series I picked up this book to read as a guilty pleasurebrain candy treatHowever if you've read a couple of books from the A list series you will start to notice that all the stories start to sound the same and the books get old really fast Generally I have to read them spaced out uite a bit from each other or I start to get irritated by the lack of intelligence from the charactersThat's another problem I have with this book the characters are not at all likable It's really hard to get into a series when every single character is irritating and is one dimensionalWith that said The A List Hollywood Royalty served its purpose as being a uick fun and simple read I have the other two books in this series so I will probably finish it just because I hate not finishing series However there are so many great books out there and The A List Hollywood Royalty shouldn't be at the top of your TBR pile unless you want to read pure brain fluff

  3. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadToocomAnna Ben Sam Cammie Dee and Adam made readers fall in love with THE A LIST Now it's time for those A Listers to take a bow and the next generation to take the stage First there is Amelie Adams the Hollywood starlet Famous for her role as the Fairy Princess Amelie has little girls screaming asking for her autograph Unfortunately starting out as an actress on a child's show never benefits you when you're trying to land a mature role Amelie is ready to grow up and break out of her good girl shell She is ready to show the world that she has potential but is the world ready for her? Then there is Myla Everhart Famous just for being adopted by Hollywood's golden couple Barbar short for Barley Everhart and Lailah Barton Myla has the paparazzi tracking her every move Every time she turns around not only is a picture taken but it seems like her parents adopt another child to be her sibling However that really doesn't matter to Myla since the only thing she cares about right now is her longtime boyfriend Ash Ash Gilmour the son of record producer Gordon Gilmour has everything going for him but his laid back exterior gives no sign of it Together Ash and Myla are Hollywood's next golden couple Of course this is Hollywood and relationships always take a turn for the worst Are they any different? Next is Jacob Porter Goldsmith With a mom as a publicist Jacob knows who is falling and who is rising in Hollywood Jacob has always been the geek the one who never has had a girlfriend the one who has never had a girl even look his way But that has all changed Back from math camp Jacob has an entirely new look going from looking like a dork to being transformed into a complete hottie He knows now he can get any girl he wants but will a certain starlet he has an eye for look his way? Last but certainly not least is Jojo Nowhere near the other A Listers literally Jojo has managed to adapt to her normal life with two dads and a wardrobe that isn't fit for a celebrity Her life takes a major turn when she discovers who her biological parents are With that kind of connection she just entered into the A List world by default But is the A List that welcoming? It's not going to be easy but Jojo is determined to be accepted even if she has to play a little dirty This new cast of A Listers are just as devious scandalous and gorgeous as the first something fans of the first generation have grown accustomed to Fans of the original series will not be disappointed It will be good to see how this series progresses can it possibly outlast the original?

  4. Eloise Eloise says:

    this was an truly griping and amazingly well written book Meet Hollywood's teenage RoyaltyMyla and Ash are Hollywood's golden couple but when thing take a turn for the worse will the fight leave everyone with tear and broken hearts?Then there's Amelie Hollywood's fairy princess is ready to grow up but will her mom fans and life permit her to and will Hunter always think of her as a little sister or could there be something ?And then there's geek turned hottie Jacob who has the looks muscle and brain but not the girlfriend and when he crushes on teen royalty will things just keep gong downhill or can his new look change his life for the betterAnd finally there's Jojo Biological progeny of Barbar and she just figured it out when she takes a trip to Beverly Hills she's greeted with love from her long lost parents and hate from her sister Myla but when she decides to leave when it matters most does Myla have a change of heart and keep Jojo or will she be shunned like she always is?The A List Hollywood Royalty #1

  5. Alex Alex says:

    I wasn't planning on reading this A List spinoff but since I gave Alphas a chance and really liked it I decided to try it out The new characters are so much better than the old ones In the old books Anna was boring that one girl was psycho Sam was annoying and Cammie was just too bitchy to be real This book was so good and seemed like a completely different series I can't wait for the next one

  6. Sophia Sophia says:

    Got confusing at times but good book overall For a book that's all about Hollywood and it's glamour this book was pretty realistic and shows that being famous and rich isn't all that it's said to be I'm glad that even the super bitch Myla has problems of her own it makes her humane and relatable

  7. Tami Tami says:

    i think i might like this series than the original a list the characters are very defined and they seem slightly believable so glad she is still writing these books i could read one a week

  8. Mariah Cook Mariah Cook says:

    I am currently ready Hollywood Royalty It is a really good book just like every other book Zoey Dean has written I have read the whole series of the A List and I really enjoy them

  9. Tiny Pants Tiny Pants says:

    Surprise surprise after putting off reading it for a few months and grabbing it 'cause I needed a book I could bring to the beach I actually enjoyed this do over version of Zoey Dean actually Cherie and Jeff Bennett of Sunset Island fame's A List series Not having that idiotic insipid grab bag of WASP stereotypes Anna Percy for a lead makes for a much much entertaining read In fact it's almost as if they'd followed my advice and pretty much made everyone into a version of CammieAn interesting thing about this series is it appears to be taking a longer arc we're introduced to all the characters and they exist in the same universe but by the end of the novel we haven't seen all the storylines interweave They take on a much larger scope than in the first series and there's a lot focus on Hollywood glitz and glam The least likable character Myla is the adopted daughter of a thinly veiled version of Brangelina who weirdly also exist in this universe; the most likable character Amelie is sueaky clean star of a children's show Amelie's struggles to deal with her overbearing but or less well meaning stage mom and her desire to act her age are pretty enjoyable; while Myla's self centeredness and manipulations wear thin almost immediately We're also introduced to the object of Myla's craziness Ash who is a piece of personalityless mancandy cut directly from the same cloth as Nate Archibald and Ben from the first round of the A List who was so blah I can't even remember his last name Bennett? Beecher?Spicing things up are a pair of relative outsiders to the Hollywood scene Jojo who has just discovered she's the biological daughter of Myla's adoptive parents and JakeJacob a nerdy guy whose desperate tries to make himself over both ring true and provide comic relief There are all the usual over the top parties and LA restaurant scenes but they're over the top than in the earlier books fans of name dropping and celebrity gossip will devour this book Weirdly also there are an extremely high number of very specific references to musical acts and even specific songs ALL of whom except one the Rolling Stones have been featured prominently in the Gossip Girl TV series Synergy anyone? Then again no one ever said Alloy or the Bennetts had shame It mostly feels weird because it instantly dates the book to 2008 2009 But of course so do the inevitable brand references weird that Jojo buys a Jovovich Hawk dress at Fred Segal since by the time this book was published possibly even written that line had gone kaput But whatever For anyone who likes rich people voyeurism teen series and is there any other kind? Oh wait duh vampires this is good frothy fun

  10. Irene Irene says:

    Visualize yourself as Josephine Milford aka Jojo the adopted daughter of two dads whom she loves dearly But one day decide to leave them to go to Hollywood to meet her birth parents that’s been searching for her for years because they want her back in their lives again Oh and by the way they’re the world’s most famous couple Lailah Barton and Barkley Everhart aka Barbar Or perhaps you could be Myla Everhart; the privileged adopted daughter of Barbar the girl who has the entire Beverly Hills High wrapped around her little finger So what will Myla do when Jojo comes and takes her place in the family? Make Jojo’s life a living hell Basically Jojo is the outsider who will do anything to become an insider thanks to Myla Or try imagining yourself as Ash Gilmour Myla’s boyfriend since forever but after one big argument Ash and Myla break up even though he still loves her So to get Myla back Ash teams up with Jojo to make Myla jealous will this actually even work out? Or will Ash end up liking Jojo? Or vice versa Or maybe you’re an Amelie Adams known for being the nice innocent sweet girl who’s in fact actually not so nice or innocent Tired of being the popular Kidz Network character “Fairy Princess” Amelie hopes to get mature roles and wishes that people like her crush Hunter realized she was growing up And then there’s finally Jacob Porter Goldsmith the geek who’s no longer well the geek Now with his new found confidence and the fact that he removed his braces and gained a few muscles and is well basically “hot” now he plans to go after Amelie Adams How will this love triangle turn out? This is the A List Hollywood Royalty by Zoey Dean a book full of so much drama you won’t be bored even for a second as you read this amazingly well written fictional story I really enjoyed reading this book because there is a lot of humor and wit and of course drama Even thought this is a fictional story it still has many different parts of the story where a reader could relate to it in their everyday lives Like when Myla spreads rumors about Jojo around the entire school I’m sure everyone has faced a time when they’ve said something about someone else or have others say stuff about you It’s such an intriguing book that I couldn’t put book down until I finished reading it which was why I finished reading the entire 229 pages of the book within one day If I had to recommend this book to someone it would be teens who were interested in the romance genre and lot of drama and also humor This book captures the mind of adolescents and the problems they go through So what are you waiting for? Go and get your copy of the A List Hollywood Royalty by Zoey Dean now

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