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[PDF] The Atomic Weight of Love By Elizabeth J. Church – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Read] ➵ The Atomic Weight of Love ➲ Elizabeth J. Church – Serv3.3pub.co.uk In the spirit of The Aviator's Wife and Loving Frank this resonant debut spans the years from World War II through the Vietnam War to tell the story of a woman whose scientific ambition is caught up i In the spirit of The Weight of PDF/EPUB ç Aviator's Wife and Loving Frank this resonant debut spans the years from World War II through the Vietnam War to tell the story of a woman whose scientific ambition is caught up in her relationships with two very different menFor Meridian Wallace and many other smart driven The Atomic PDF \ women of the s being ambitious meant being an outlier Ever since she was a young girl Meridian had been obsessed with birds and she was determined to get her PhD become an ornithologist and make her mother's sacrifices to send her to college pay off But she didn't expect to fall in Atomic Weight of eBook ✓ love with her brilliant physics professor Alden Whetstone When he's recruited to Los Alamos New Mexico to take part in a mysterious wartime project she reluctantly defers her own plans and joins him What began as an exciting intellectual partnership devolves into a traditional marriage And while the life of a housewife uickly proves stifling it's not until years later when Meridian meets a Vietnam veteran who opens her eyes to how the world is changing that she realizes just how much she has given up The repercussions of choosing a different path though may be too heavy a burden to bear Elizabeth Church's stirring debut novel about ambition identity and sacrifice will ring true to every woman who has had to make the impossible choice between who she is and who circumstances demand her to be.

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  1. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    Update Kindle has this for 199 todayIt's FANTASTIC I listened to the audiobook loved the audiobook but I'd read it just as much I just can't say enough good things about this book I really really really liked it a lotTHE AUDIOBOOK LITERALLY HELD ME HOSTAGE My feet were walking on the trail and time flew by Meridian Wallace is an aspiring ornithologist a student in college Nothing about this tidbit information or the blub or even the book cover as eye catching as it is comes close to rendering the experience of how much this story delights at every turn Elizabeth J Church's writing is gorgeous and for all the complexity of this book it has the simplicity of pure emotion because the characters are painted with such tenderness and truth There are already a variety of other wonderful reviews I've been reading through some as I sat down to write my ownDiane says it was her favorite fiction read of the month AGREE She also liked that at the beginning of each chapter there are a few facts of different birds I liked this too we have 3 birds Phil Lil and Jillplus a yard that attracts many hummingbirds plus we have Doves build their nest and mate in our yard once a yearBUT The author does not overwhelm us with science details at any time in the bookRebecca immediately warmed to Meridian as a narrator I did tooDorie was interested in this book because scientists were working on the A Bomb at Los Alamos I was actually less interested in this but what did fascinate me is how secretive everything was BUT of course it made sense that husbands kept their wives in the dark about what they did so I became interested 'during' reading this book Dorie was just steps ahead of meJenny seemed engrossed in a part of the story that I was most interested too Meridian falling in love and her marriage to the older professor The professors career takes precedent over Meridian's dreams and she becomes a lonely housewife The things that fall out from this relationship were significant in Meridian's life So THINGS I'll ADD Meridian meets another man a geologist A Vietnam veteran whom she becomes friends with later he falls in love with her then she with him THIS IS WHERE I'd like to leave you Plus a few things I think readers might want to know things I have not read in any other review There is uite a bit of profanity but when used I think it's appropriate IMO There is sex and sex conversations and use of marijuana hey it's legal here in California now There is a disturbing scene that takes place in the kitchen that I thought was gripping realistic and so well written My heart was beating faster And last THE BOOK COVER IS COMPLETELY DECEIVING It does NOT communicate although an eye catcher what you will find within the pages Love sex marriage birds education career feminism war woman's social history loneliness loyalty trust dreamsa CAPTIVATING book that goes deep into your consciousness LOVED IT Elizabeth J Church had me in the palm of her hands I'm a new fan

  2. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    4 This was my favorite fictional read of the month Meridian is pursuing her dream of becoming an ornithologist able to attend the University of Chicago by a mother who wants the nest for her daughters There she meets and eventually marries on of her professors who seems to treasure Meri's mind Alden is a brilliant scientist himself and will soon become one of the team at Los Alamos working on a secret projectLife in the 1940's was narrowly defined for most women College until marriage and then sacrificing their own ambitions to those of their husbands I loved the character of Meridian who never uite comes to term with what is expected of her She tries tries in many different ways but cannot seem to find happiness In an effort not to lose herself she studies the crows in the canyons at Los Alamos keeping a chart on their habits extensive notes on their behavior Enjoyed seeing how Meri changes the friends she meets and so time passes The fifties the sixties where something will happen that gives her new life and changes her again Loved reading her internal struggles trying to come to terms with the rest of her life the decisions she makes and what she eventually must settle with Alden too os a product of his times and so while I wholeheartedly sympathized with Meri I could understand Alden Both struggling with and against the otherThought the ending was good as well now looking back from her seventies what has Meridian accomplished in her life? One of the things I liked the most was at the beginning of each chapter there are a few facts of different birds Murder of crows etc and my favorite a charm of hummingbirds This novel is a well told story one of the uiet ones that sneak up on the reader wonderfully paced and a joy to readARC from publisher

  3. Iris P Iris P says:

    The Atomic Weight of Love The Atomic Weight Of Love is a work of historical fiction that follows the life of Meridian Meri Wallace We first meet her in the 1940's as a naive 17 year old studying to become an Ornithologist at the University of Chicago and someone who by all accounts has a promising career ahead of herAt university she meets and shortly marries her teacher Alden Whetstone an eminent Physicist who would eventually become involved in the development of the atomic bombAt its center this is a classic story of a woman searching for that perfect balance between fulfilling his intellectual and emotional needs For a short while Meri believes that in Alden she has found that partner that can satisfy both those urges She admires her husband's intellect and aspires to be his eual Deep inside perhaps there's also a subconscious attempt at replacing her deceased fatherHowever soon those expectations are badly shattered This is not surprising considering the 20 year age gap that divides them Alden's direct involvement in a highly secretive government program and his detached personality certainly does not help After they moved to Los Alamos the relationship uickly deteriorates and you have a sense that theirs was a marriage doomed from the very beginning Bored and left out from Alden’s work Meri immerses herself in exploring her landscape and channels her academic ambitions into observing a particular family of crows and keeping detailed journals of their behavior For Meri the catalyst for challenging her status uo comes in the form of a handsome young geologist named Clay He's a hippy veteran of the Vietnam War who uickly falls in love with the much mature Meri This new relationship brings an understandable level of guilt and inner conflict but I appreciate that the author gave our protagonist some license to discover her very unexplored sexuality and allowed her to live a little What I liked about this novel The Feminist theme This is the kind of novel I wish many young women would read Meri's decision to defer her own career to follow and support her husband is the story of millions of women who had to subvert their ambitions to conform with the conventions of that era This novel underscores the palpable impact the Women's movement had in changing and expanding those norms The Locales Meridian transforms herself from a girl accustomed to all the conveniences of a modern city to relocating in the dusty sun parched geography of New Mexico It takes some time but she learns that this dry beautiful landscape far better suits her spirited personality and her passion for nature I also love how Meridian's very name evokes a sense of place The Book Cover the uirky chapter introductions The idea of naming each chapter using the collective noun of several bird groups was clever and creative From A Party of Jays to A Murder of Crows this device works both as an effective way to introduce the content of each chapter and helps give structure to the novel The Birds I learned a few things about crows apparently they are very smart birds and mate for life who knew? And yes a murder of crows is the proper collective name used to refer to a group of them I think it takes good writing to make a reader care for these rather ordinary looking creatures What I didn't like The Anthropomorphizing I very much enjoy learning about these birds but felt the author's tendency to compare avian to human behavior was stretched a little to much A literary license? I guess we can give the author a pass under that guise Confusing Timeline Perhaps because the novel is narrated from Meri's perspective as an eighty seven year old woman there are moments when you need to make an effort to undertand the time and place of the scene you are reading It was a minor problem but it was something of a distraction sometimes Unexplored topics I acknowledge that this is mostly a personal issue but I thought there were a few interesting topics that were left unexplored Most notably the ethical and psychological conseuences of Alden's involvement in designing the atomic bomb the actual original weapon of mass destruction There's a scene that touches on that subject but I would've liked to see a deeper development of that themeOverall I found this to be a well crafted engaging debut novel I would recommend it to anybody who enjoys a character driven story with a strong feminist perspective

  4. Cheri Cheri says:

    45 Stars It’s keeping promises not making them that is the impossible thingI’d read The Wives of Los Alamos in 2015 which is also about the families of the men behind the creation of the Atomic bomb When I first heard about The Atomic Weight of Love I passed on it since it seemed a similar take on the same story but after reading Diane’s review I began to rethink that decision and look into it I read Dorie’s review and then Rebecca’s review – Rebecca fortunately for me had also read TWoLA and favored The Atomic Weight of Love over TWoLA I’d put a hold on it at my library and Elyse also gave a glowing review Earlier this year I read Roberta Parry’s “Killing Time” which also looks into the era when little girls grew up to become wives whose lives were lived in the shadows of their husband’s careers Her character Reggie reminded me so much of The Atomic Weight of Love’s Meridian So much spunk Meridian is a bit sweeter version she’s just trying to figure out how she got to where she is but they both have arrived at that moment when they so desperately feel the need to be seen for who they are what they feel how they think and for what they want to count Eually Meridian Meri falls in love and marries one of her University professors Alden who soon thereafter joins the team of researchers at Los Alamos She loves him for his incredible mind; he woos her with his brilliance Each heads into this new chapter of life with their own set of expectations But Alden never knew how to measure the weight of a sigh He could not predict the moment when the petal of a spent rose would release and descend Alden could not tell me when a screech owl would cry out from a darkened pine bough outside my bedroom window and insinuate itself into my dreamsI loved the heading of each chapter had the term for the group of each particular bird along with some facts A Charm of Hummingbirds A Murmuration of Starlings A Pod of Meadowlarks A Kettle of Hawks An Exaltation of Larks – an Unkindness of Ravens – and Beautifully written raw emotions tenderly shared This debut reads like every word was chosen with love Recommended

  5. Cathrine ☯️ Cathrine ☯️ says:

    475★The author sets her story in the place where she grew up Her father did help create the bomb and her mother a biologist chose to join him and live life as a committed wife and mother in a community and time “where for the most part a woman was expected to acuiesce to her husband’s wishes and invest her talents in her children” She wanted to write a story about a woman who might have bridged the differences between those times of the matriarchs in her family and her own experiences and opportunities as a result of college and the women’s movementSince I’m the daughter of a woman of the same era who did not negotiate those expectations well this was close to home on so many levels It would be an excellent choice for book clubs In a letter that prefaces a group discussion guide the author writes “What lines do we draw in our relationships and is it possible to find a viable balance between achieving our potential and loving someone? What is the right amount of compromise or adaptation? When does adaptation become self abnegation?” The themes and uestions explored in the pages give voice to many of the experiences and conversations within my sisterhood of female family and friends over the decades I was drawn in from the very start and it held my attention and appreciation through to the end

  6. Richard Derus Richard Derus says:

    2017 NEWS THE PAPERBACK EDITION IS OUT NOW 1595Rating 4 of fiveAt long long last a book about a woman's life of rigorous self denial and eventual blossoming that cleanses the humid metallic bloodiness of The Awakening from my mental palate A dry cold blast of piñon scented mountain air sweeping clean a century's accumulation of moldy clammy death scented grave dirtIn case anyone would like to see the entire review it's live today

  7. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    “We have to take flight It's not given to us served up on a pretty parsley bordered platter We have to take wing Was I brave enough to do that? Or would I be content to remain earthbound?”45 starsI relished this story of Meridian Meri Whetstone her life her marriage her career and her choices While I uestioned some of the actions of the characters this is a book which felt very authentic The plot focuses on the outcome of Meri's deicisons when she tables her dreams talent and promising career to follow her husband to the Los Alamos labs during the 1940s Church's gorgeously descriptive writing and all the bird references made this a top book for me

  8. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    In Church’s debut an amateur ornithologist learns about love and sacrifice through marriage to a Los Alamos physicist and a relationship with a Vietnam veteran Torn between two men who mean so much to her Meri has to consider what her true duties are “There was no good solution No clear way out no approach that would earn the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” she wryly observes I instantly warmed to Meri as a narrator and loved following her unpredictable life story Church reveals the difficulty a woman of that time had in choosing her own path and making it fit into men’s plans and shows how love as the title suggests can be a burden but also a thing of reassuring substance Meri longs like one of her beloved birds to take flight into her dreams Whether she gets there and how is a bittersweet trip but one you’ll be glad you went along forNon subscribers can read an excerpt of my review at BookBrowse

  9. Deanna Deanna says:

    I want stars for this book It's the best thing I've read this year and I'm the perfect reader for it though I can easily see how it is not at a for everyone Coincidentally it's the book that put me to the finish line on my reading challenge for the year which delights me It's going on the read again shelf Memorable unpredictable smart linear focused endlessly compelling and about just about all the things I care about Discovering books like this is why we read

  10. Margitte Margitte says:

    As an eighty seven year old woman Meri writes her memoirMeridian Whetstone had a healthy loving relationship with her parents both father and mother but is endorced and supported by her mother to become the ornithologist she wanted to beHer mother working several odd jobs to keep her at university after her dather's passing never complained A love defined by mother's instinctMeri met a physicist professor Alden Whetstone twenty one years older than her fell madly in love with his intellectgave up everything to get married move to Los Alamos Away from the intellectual stimulating world embraced by his accomplishments and career with hers on hold and the playing field changed for both of them A love defined by intellectShe studied crows ravens as an amateur ornithologist and through them compare the animal instincts of humans with those of the birds she would embrace as children A love defined by animal instinctIn her late forties she encountered a much younger man who opened up a new world with new ideas possibilities and dreams to her He taught her the meaning of freedom and choice in the new vastly different language of the Sixties A love defined by lustShe developed selected friendships with other women who became her mainstay and support system A love defined by friendshipsHer life would come full circle when she finally sat down and summarized the events that made her the person she becameIt is a multifaceted story with broad brushstrokes of hyperventilating in shoe stores and also between the sheets with testosterone clearly defined in a set of biceps and a six pack of male excellence Oh and spread over many many pages to boot Yes it firmly established the chick lit hue But it is much much than that She concluded the circles of her life in her memoirs by applying wisdom and experience to her own story In my humble opinion she was neither a martyr a victim nor a heroine She was just an ordinary Jane Doe called Meridian Whetstone who wanted to mean something be counted be admired and therefor had her story to tell She started writing her memoir with a message to women A soft easy read with interesting information on birds as well as a good selection of historical events to give the story a solid background I did not relate to any of the characters and felt excluded Just a casual observer The book did not rock my world; it did not make me dance on tables with excitement but it was a good enough read What bothered me is that the narrator's voice was a young one not really reflecting an aged women It was a naive child woman voice Which leaves me with the uestion if Meri ever grew up? The Los Alamos mileu captured my attention and I empathized a little bit with Meri's predicament to make sense of herself and her environment Oh that instinct to belong It never gets old right? As simple as that PS A very interesting title indeed

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