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Read ✓ The Better Part By John Bartunek – ❴EPUB❵ ✰ The Better Part Author John Bartunek – Father John Bartunek LC author of the best selling book Inside the Passion has created a dynamic Christ centered resource for personal prayer Beginning with a detailed and practical guide to Christian Father John Bartunek LC author of the best selling book Inside the Passion has created a dynamic The Better Epub / Christ centered resource for personal prayer Beginning with a detailed and practical guide to Christian meditation there are over units each consisting of a passage from the Gospels and a four part commentary based on common themes All four Gospels are contained and commented on in their entirety Small enough to be portable The Better Part is an elegant sturdy softcover with French folds and a ribbon marker Truly a book for a lifetime of spiritual enrichment and growth.

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  1. booklady booklady says:

    September 22 2019 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Luke 161 13 the Parable of the Dishonest Steward; this book is invaluable whether I hear a good homily bad one or none In this book Fr Bartunek reflects on Christ's words from four perspectives first from our relationship to Him as Our LORD then from our relationship to Him as Our Teacher then as Our Friend and finally in our own life Each successive reflection brings the Gospel message closer and personal meaningful and for me helpful thus it has become the book I run to whenever I encounter something in the Gospel I really want to understand I don't care what the experts say or where the controversies are any I just want the Gospel message to be brought down to what it means for me in my life in my relationship with Jesus and others That is His Will and it is enough April 4 2019 Reclassified this as a book i will be reading until i die because the Gospels go year round and this is a great reference for every week liturgical season Sunday or week day year in and year out January 5 2019 Read entry on the Gospel account of the Magi visit Took away that we all have Herod in our heart as well as the Magi Kings So which wins the battle for our heart? Will we be angry skeptics like Herod who do not want to acknowledge Jesus as our True King LORD the God Man? Or shall we travel the long way like the kings coming humbly bearing our gifts of no value to Him Who Is All and has all yet affirming Who He IS by what we bring Him Beautiful Jan 1 2019 I have been SO excited to start this book which I bought weeks ago but wanted to begin today Fr John Bartunek is a popular writer featured in the daily reflections of Spiritual Direction Finding myself disappointed when his writings weren’t there every day I decided it was time to make sure they were at least for me Even though I plan to use it as a daily reflection doubt I’ll finish it in a year or even 2? as it is 1007 pages of very small print Not sure how I’m going to read it either whether to follow the Lectionary and read the Gospel of Luke first or follow the structure of the book — information about prayer followed by the Gospels of Matthew Mark Luke and John Whichever it looks like a wonderful way to get to immerse myself in the New Testament

  2. Jeff Miller Jeff Miller says:

    I have been going through this book over the last year It uses the four Gospels to provide a series of spiritual reflections It goes through all the Gospels taking a paragraph or so and then given a series of topical reflections on the specific topic The topics each time are Christ the Lord Christ the Teacher Christ the Friend Christ in My LifeThere are references to the Catechism along with uotes from the Church Fathers and others along with some small group discussion uestions Gospel texts are taken from the 1966 version of The Jerusalem BibleThese commentaries are broadly spiritual reflections using the various senses of Scripture They are pretty much jargon free and not scripture scholar deep dives Some of the mediations use Ignatian techniues of imaging the various scenes and presenting these points of viewOverall I can recommend this as a good daily read to go through and think about the Gospels

  3. Chris Chris says:

    This has become a dear and inspiring resource for me The best defense is a good offense Bartunek reminds us in the front section on prayer which includes a comprehensive 4 step section to structure your meditation He encourages readers by pointing out which steps will be a challenge for us in the media age and that the soul needs extended exposure to the light of Christ in order for God's grace to purify enliven and heal it This section also includes Difficulties in Prayer which helps us see how we chafe at the crossection of our relationship with Christ where He reuires docility This divergence of wills makes prayer a constant battleThe remainder of the book gives us deep drinks of wise teaching on each of the gospel readings from the Mass for the three liturgical cycles of the Church including special readings for feast days At times when a homily leaves you wanting this resource may satisfy your thirsty soul The structure of each begins with an inspirational uote from a saint or Pope the actual gospel passage of the day then three approaches titled Christ the Lord Christ the Teacher and Christ the Friend In this latter Friend section Bartunek often includes a collouy or as if piece written as if Jesus or Simon's mother in law or some other Gospel figure spoke directly to you These are brilliant at granting the reader insights into the Scripture page A few paragraphs conclude with a personalized prayer and small group discussion uestions This is a daily read book with a ribbon to mark your place It opens the living Word of God in Scripture like nothing else I've read I've learned so much from it and I've read over 100 spiritual books I recommend it highly

  4. Steve Steve says:

    I good devotional resource I have been using this book to aid my morning devotions for over a year and have been blessed Fr Bartunek breaks each passage down into four areas Christ the Lord Christ the Teacher Christ the Friend and Christ in My Life Taking a look at a passage from these various points of view help to bring out the depth of the Scriptures I would recommend this resource for anyone who wants to deepen their devotional time spent with the Lord

  5. Molly Molly says:

    This book is great for growing in the Catholic faith one step at a time The first part walks the reader through how to pray and meditate The main body of the book takes passages from the gospel and then explains it and helps apply the message to everyday life I read it nearly every day and am so thankful I've found it

  6. Melissa Erin Melissa Erin says:

    I started to read this during prayer last week and I can't stop using it for everything I've used it in school ministry youth ministry at my parish personal prayer time and to explain what I was thinking to my spiritual director Its an awesome book and I have a feeling I will be using it for a long time to come I highly recommend it

  7. Crystal Crystal says:

    THE BEST MEDITATION BOOK I HAVE EVER FOUND I use this every day in prayer and find that the reflections are always inspiring sometimes to the point where it seems God uses the wisdom of Fr Bartunek to speak directly to me Amazing book Wouldn't ever want to be without it In fact I have it on my Kindle for when I travel

  8. Dana Valentino Dana Valentino says:

    This is an amazing daily devotionalspiritual book I am truly inspired and aided in my daily walk with Christ every time I read it It is not a read front to back book but corresponds to the Catholic Church's daily Gospel reading I highly recommend this book

  9. Joan Joan says:

    This is a great book to go deeper with the gospels It doesn’t replace your meditation but helped me put myself into the scenes and open to what God is speaking to me as I read and spend time with his Word

  10. Colleenduggan Colleenduggan says:

    Great for everyday use

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