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[PDF.ePUB.MOBI]  The Black Cabinet Author Patricia Wentworth – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ The Black Cabinet ❤ Author Patricia Wentworth – Serv3.3pub.co.uk “I think you’re tempting fate when you say that you will never go back to Danesborough” Chloe laughed suddenly frankly Her eyes were black again and very bright “It’s a fate I don’t mind t “I think you’re tempting fate when you say that you will never go back to Danesborough” Chloe laughed suddenly frankly Her eyes were black again and very bright “It’s a fate I don’t mind tempting” she said and dropped his arm Young Chloe poor but beautiful is made heiress of her mysterious cousin who has made a tidy fortune in blackmailing The capital – indiscreet letters which would ruin all sorts of distinguished English people – is kept secret in a safe behind a black cabinet Cousin Dane whispers the combination to Chloe and straight away The Black MOBI :ç dies But Dane’s big mistake was to have accomplices and poor Chloe falls into their hands They will stop at nothing not even murder to keep their secrets The Black Cabinet was originally published in This new edition features an introduction by crime fiction historian Curtis Evans“When I pick up a book by Patricia Wentworth I think now to enjoy myself—and I always do” Mary Dell Daily MirrorPage Numbers Source ISBN .

10 thoughts on “The Black Cabinet

  1. K.J. Charles K.J. Charles says:

    A good thriller about a lone young woman who is made a rich man's heir and targeted by a gang Genuinely tense and stifling atmosphere as the plot thickens around her and with a proper sense of peril There's a fun which of the two guys is the baddie plotline staggeringly obvious tbh but Wentworth seeds suspicion with a heavy hand so you can play along

  2. CLM CLM says:

    This is one of the older Patricia Wentworths that does not involve Miss Silver so it was not reprinted as freuently Thank you to Dean Street Press for making this and many others available Here is a link to my review

  3. Italo Italophiles Italo Italophiles says:

    We meet our young heroine right off the bat in this early stand alone novel by Wentworth I've long suspected that the creator of TV's “Foyle's War” was inspired to make his young adventurous driving Samantha character after these sorts of early 20th century heroines and Chloe is so much like the Samantha character that she could easily have been his inspirationI've read all of the Miss Silver books so I recognize the romantic storyline of a young man wanting to own a car garage and his love for a possible heiress making their affair difficult socially Wentworth used it uite often for whatever reason and this early book may well be the first time We have blackmail as an element of the story too which Wentworth used oftenThere is an unfortunate mention of a Dutch South African slur for blacks that has evolved over the years but has always been used with disrespect There are some of these racist words in her books but they are gone from the last books she wrote perhaps at the insistence of her publishersPeople behave in odd ways in this book especially the young woman Chloe at the center of the story who is reminiscent of the young woman in the “Grey Mask” the first Miss Silver series book It is not believable that anyone would choose poverty over extreme wealth We have some of the story set at a country manor house and estate which is a favorite setting for many of the author's later books It is a meandering tale that I'm afraid I skimmed rather than read for the most part We have a painfully abused wife an all too common Wentworth character which is very disturbing and a heroine who is silly beyond belief

  4. Richard Butler Richard Butler says:

    For a Golden Era mystery novel written by a rather forgotten author who was rather prolific at the time this was a decent mystery with a murder blackmail greed some decent twists and turns as there should always be and boy meets girl marries girl girl leaves boy right after marrying him and then seeks him out again only to live happily every after or at least we hope so But it’s not a five star novel because it’s not a nail biting book that sets the reader on pins and needles and we know the innocence of the young man Chloe the protagonist just marries before she is awake enough to realize it It has its bright spots and a good uick ending but not the best book Ms Wentworth wrote in her long history of many books she wroteBottom line A decent read but don’t expect a book on par with an AC read

  5. Robyn Robyn says:

    Free | The obvious solution was a little wearing | In this book Wentworth built herself up a red herring then dipped it in bright colors attached flashing neon lights to it and had it set off a siren screaming red herring every time it was dragged across a page Before even meeting Mr Dane it was clear which of the guys was a villain and which was the hero so to have to keep waiting for the resolution was frustrating That said this was not a plot or story arc that's been overused and the heroine saved herself multiple times which I'm all in favor of

  6. Katherine Rowland Katherine Rowland says:

    I expected a traditional mystery but this was much suspenseadventure Sprinkled with little glimpses of humor Wentworth shows her usual deftness with characterization though the plot is stretched thin in some places

  7. Deborah Necessary Deborah Necessary says:

    So so But kept me guessing until the end

  8. shawn marton shawn marton says:

    Good British mystery This story kept my interest throughout until the end The wording was a bit dated but the mystery was very enjoyable

  9. Pamela Pamela says:

    Trivial Silly Unrealistic Too cute Yeah It’s a Wentworth and yeah—I like ‘em

  10. Michael Parker Michael Parker says:

    I read this almost solely because I enjoy British idiom and slang For that purpose this novel doesn't disappoint I say it's simply topping

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