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[Ebook] The Con Man By Ed McBain – serv3.3pub.co.uk ✺ [BOOKS] ✮ The Con Man By Ed McBain ❄ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk A con man is plying his trade on the streets of Isola conning a domestic for pocket change businessmen for thousands and even ladies in exchange for a little bit of love You can see the world meet a l A con man is plying his trade on the streets of Isola conning a domestic for pocket change businessmen for thousands and even ladies in exchange for a little bit of love The Con PDF or You can see the world meet a lot of nice people imbibe some uniue drinks and make a ton moneyall by conning them for their cash The uestion is How far is he willing to goWhen a young woman's body washes up in the Harb River the answer to that uestion becomes tragically clear Now Detective Steve Carella races against time to find him before another con turns deadly The only clue he has to go on is the mysterious tattoo on the young woman’s hand—but it’s enough Carella takes to the streets searching its darkest corners for a man who cons his victims out of their moneyand their lives.

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  1. James Thane James Thane says:

    This is the fourth book in Ed McBain's famed 87th Precinct series and the one in which it seems to me he really finds his groove By now the major characters have all been introduced and we are comfortable with their back stories and personalities Despite McBain's original intentions Steve Carella has emerged as the first among euals in the lineup and the series now has a settled feel to itAs the story opens a con man is working the streets of Isola McBain's fictional city where the series takes place Citizens are being cheated out of sums large and small and then in a very unsettling turn a woman's body floats to the surface of the Harb River She's been in the river for about four months making an identification very difficult About the body's only distinguishing feature at this point is a small tattoo drawn into the space between the victim's thumb and first fingerWith no real leads to follow the detectives of the 87th Precinct are virtually stymied in attempting to find the killer Then another woman's body is discovered in the river and she has a variation of the same tattoo between her thumb and first finger Steve Carella now has the first hint of a clue and as he pursues a very clever killer he suddenly also has a very personal stake in stopping the Con Man before he claims his next victimThis is a uick fun read that will whet the appetite of any McBain fan for the books that follow

  2. Jeff Dickison Jeff Dickison says:

    A very good early 1957 87th precinct novel featuring Carella and his beautiful wife Teddy Brown hunts down a con man low enough to steal 500 from a young girl while Carella is after a killer Good procedurals good action good book Recommended

  3. Melki Melki says:

    He snapped his fingers for the waiter and while they waited for him to come to their table she leaned over and whispered the three most expensive words in the English languageI love youAnd he looked at her with tender guile and answered with the three cheapest words in the English languageI love youAnyone can be a con man Some do it for cash You can remain a gentleman pursue a life of romantic criminal adventure see the world meet a lot of nice people and drink a lot of cool drinks and still make a lot of money all by fooling peopleOthers are a little subtle The lobby bustled with activity A beer company was holding eliminations for its yearly glamour girl contest and models swarmed over the thick rugs accompanied by press agents and photographers All of the models looked the same The hair coloring varied but otherwise they all looked the same They were in essence symbols created by con men They were too in essence con men themselvesAnd then there are the romance writers who con lonely women into believing romantic fantasies making them vulnerable to being conned by predatorsThere is a con man on the loose bilking the citizens using cons both simple and elaborate The men of the 87th Precinct are on the case while at the same time trying to catch a killer who's been dumping dead women into the riverThe combination of some classic con games and a genuinely thrilling ending made this book a very enjoyable entry in the series

  4. Christine PNW Christine PNW says:

    Several years ago put the 87th Precinct novels that have been released in kindle format on sale I bought a ton of them This is the second one I've read and I primarily decided to delve into the backlist because I read a wikipedia article about Scandinavian Noir that suggested that one of the pioneering writers in that genre was influenced by McBain's 87th Precinct novelsStylistically these are very different from modern police procedurals with very stripped down language and characternarrative arcs that don't extend beyond a single book I'm interested to read a few to see how McBain's style changes over the years that he was writing his series They are also a bit of a period piece with limited access to forensic evidence no computers to assist in identificationinvestigation and detectives who are universally male and on the hard boiled side It would feel like cliche except that McBain is convincing

  5. Bill Bill says:

    The Con Man by Ed McBain is the 4th book in his 87th Precinct cop series It's a simple cop story relatively but at the same time for all of its simplicity also very richTwo crimes are being investigated by the detectives of the 87th Precinct Arthur Brown Det 2nd Grade is looking into a pair of con men who are ripping off people Det Steve Carella is investigating the discovery of a 'floater' the body of a woman found in the river apparently murdered I enjoy the process of the various investigations the methodical nature and introduction to the other departments Missing Persons bureau the daily Line up where detectives from the various divisions come together to review the line up of people arrested I enjoyed that section very muchI also enjoyed the meeting of the various detectives' spouses and girl friends as they also added to the story especially Carella wife Teddy deaf and mute but still a force to be reckoned with The story is so well paced and in the one case McBain ramps up the tension until the final outcome The story is so fascinating and it draws you in immediately I liked the detectives their family and the tattoo artist Mr Chen Just a great enjoyable crime story and a most satisfying ending 45 stars

  6. Michael Michael says:

    The year turns and another 87th Precinct book breezes through It's April in Isola The cruellest month? Cruel enough anyway as the con is well and truly on McBain relishes in his chosen theme The con and the conmen themselves get a thorough going over by McBain's philosophically edged examination The detectives of the 87th are trying to reel in a couple of tricksters who are working their way through the confidence trick handbook fleecing the rich and poor for a fortune or a dime Arthur Brown and newly promoted Bert Kling are hitting the streets trying to luck out for a lead on the pair But it's Steve Carella who discovers a far sinister and deadly conman at work The river deals him a woman dead for some time a tattoo of a heart encircling the word MAC almost hidden on the flesh of her hand and a mysteriously emptied bank account As ever the characters are great and becoming familiar by the book With the investigations waiting for that one killer lead McBain revels in dangling them in front of the wrong eyes at the wrong time Some of it gets dangled by our eyes too through print outs of missing persons reports Criminal identity cards and somewhat indecipherably dental records Carella is recently back from his honeymoon with new wife Teddy who is deaf mute This one works up to a particularly suspenseful finale with Teddy aiding in the investigation

  7. Dorothy Dorothy says:

    These early Ed McBain novels from the 1950s are now old enough to ualify almost as historical mysteries and the language and attitudes often seem staid stilted and outdated Did policemen really used to talk like that? I remember watching reruns of Dragnet years after the series first ran and I seem to recall that Sgt Joe Friday and his partner did in fact employ some of this terminology and exhibit some of those attitudes so yeah I guess maybe they really did talk like that In spite of the fact that the books feel dated the writing is so crisp that it draws us in and holds our attention We feel like time travelers visiting another planet and observing the interaction of the inhabitants there The books never fail to spark our interest and this the fourth in the 87th Precinct series is the best one yet I think Each entry has been an improvement upon the last one which bodes well for my future reading of the seriesThis story begins with a con man cheating people out of their money some small amounts and some substantial The cop assigned to this case takes that personally and pursues his uarry with a vengeanceMeanwhile a con man of another and much sinister sort plies his trade through personal ads in magazines His goal is to reach lonely women and after bilking them out of whatever money they may have and convincing them to get a tattoo which he tells them will mark them as his he poisons them with arsenic and dumps their bodies in the riverBut bodies dumped in the river even when they are weighted down don't always stay there And so the Isola police and Precinct 87 are the unfortunate recipients of a floater a badly decomposed body that comes to the surface after being in the water for at least three months Detective Steve Carella and his partner Bert Kling are assigned to the case and start trying to establish the identity of the dead woman whose only clothing consisted of a bra and who had no identification and to work out how she came to be in the waterBefore they can solve the first murder yet another floater turns up The cause of death turns out to be the same arsenic poisoning and the woman has a similar tattoo It looks as though Isola may have a serial killer on its handsThe tattoos turn out to be the definitive clue which helps to break the case along with the help of a conscientious citizen tattoo artist named Charlie Chen The Con Man lets us get to know Steve Carella a little better We also see his wife Teddy playing an important role in finally tracking down this con manmurderer Apparently they will continue to be at the center of future mysteries in the seriesBy this time McBain had really perfected his techniue of writing a scintillating beginning to his tales one that hooks you from the first sentence and keeps you turning pages It's easy to see why other writers of mysteries particularly of police procedurals acknowledge him as the master

  8. Mitch Mitch says:

    I have read two other books in Ed McBain's acclaimed 87th Precinct books I was in a bit of a book slump so I thought I would check out The Con Man the 4th in the series I like this series because it is realistic the characters are usually likable they are fast reads and you can read them out of order I especially like the older ones so far because it shows me a glimpse of what the police system was like in an urban area in the 1950's It's a fun little blast to the pastIn The Con Man police are hunting down the killer of women who are found poisoned and washed up from a local river Both women have strange tattoos on their hands and seemed to have been plain looking women in life Meanwhile a series of con acts are taking money from citizens everywhere and the precinct is eager to stop it Are the two crime acts linked?Ok so out of the three books I've read this is my least favourite I feel like the con artist scenes are too long and dragging but the murder solving is uite interesting Yes this book is outdated but I love that uality sometimes It is fun to see what people thought and said at the time What I do love is the character Teddy wife of the officer Carella She is a deaf and mute woman who helps her husband solve the crime Her uniue situation provides great entertainment and adds heightened suspense since she can't hear or even call for help The last few scenes are fun and intense and I can't help but love herWhile this book is my least favourite of the three I've read due too the few long dull scenes it is still not a bad book I will without a doubt read 87th Precinct books in the future If you are looking for lightning fast reads with a lot of suspense then I recommend this series

  9. Ian Sear Ian Sear says:

    The 4th book in the 87th Precinct crimedetective series and my favourite so far Didn't start off too well as it delved too deeply into details of procedure I don't need to be told in great detail what the detective has to write in his report when a body is found I'm also not that interested in knowing all the different methods of lifting fingerprints If you can give me those details as part of the story then fine but paragraphs just listing them all is not the way to do it as it bores the reader Show don't tellAfter that the story kicked in and sped along at pace Series favourite Steve Carella was back after nearly get killed off in the last book along with patrolman turned detective Bert Kling Brown was introduced and they were brief appearances from a few others in the suad that have been seen before I love that we get to see different detectives taking centre stage in each book You really feel like you get to know them all and the dialogue between them is fantastic and somewhat hilarious in places They all have their own personal issues along with the cases they're currently workingMcBains writing style can vary greatly but apart from my issue with procedure descriptions I really enjoyed it in this book

  10. AndrewP AndrewP says:

    I've been trying to read these books in order Although the plot of each is stand alone the development of the characters defiantly builds from book to book Reading them out of seuence would probably result in the odd spoiler here and thereIn this book there are a couple of con men loose in the city These form two separate cases with a little bit of overlap Even though this was written in the 50's it's still a decent crime story with lots of nostalgic valueI don't have book #5 so will take a break from this series until I have the next 2 or 3

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