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Download ☆ The Confession By R.L. Stine – ❮Reading❯ ➸ The Confession Author R.L. Stine – Fear Street Where Your Worst Nightmare Lives Julie's friends couldn't stand Al In fact they all wished Al were dead But that doesn't mean one of them killed him Julie knows her friends She knows they' Fear Street Where Your Worst Nightmare Lives Julie's friends couldn't stand Al In fact they all wished Al were dead But that doesn't mean one of them killed him Julie knows her friends She knows they're innocentuntil one of them confesses to the murder Julie and her friends make a pact to keep the killer's secret They're sure it was a one time thing It will never happen again Will it.

10 thoughts on “The Confession

  1. Ms. Vigilante Ms. Vigilante says:

    This is the first book I have read in the Fear Street series I didn't really know what to expect but this book turned out to be better than I thought Let me start with horror isn't my favorite genre but RL Stine made it easy to read The characters seemed pretty realistic and I even didn't care for Al the bully I did appreciate the mystery and suspense of the murder and what the group of friends where going through was terrible I am glad I read this book and think I will give the rest of the series a shot

  2. Kristine (The Writer& Kristine (The Writer& says:

    Posted originally on my blog The Writer's InkwellThis was an okay book It definitely isn’t one of the better ones in the series Especially in regards to the narration Unlike most of the books that are narrated in third person there’s some slippage of first person into this book Perhaps if Julie was a better developed character this kind of narration would have worked But as with all of these books the stories are far too short for those kind of charactersI was annoyed by Julie constantly going back and forth on whether Al was her friend or not I’m not talking about an internal debate about it That I could have dealt with and appreciated well enough What I’m referring to is the moments when she calls him her friend and then two pages later claims her was no longer her friend This kind of mistake would be common if the friendship had just recently ended but she claimed it had been over a year and the guy was blackmailing her and all of her friends doesn’t sound like friendship to meThis is probably one of the first times I’ve noticed a huge inconsistency about Shadyside Stine writes that it’s a small uaint town and doesn’t have much to do Yet there’s plenty to do and plenty of places to go if you read all of the books Also I might add small towns don’t have graduating classes of over 300 students That’s a lot of kids in one grade I’ve lived in small towns Ones that had 180 seniors and ones that had 20 Based on everything I know about the town from this series I would hardly call this a small townI suppose I should talk about the plot but basically what you see in the description is what you get One of Julie’s friends claims to have killed Al The twist to the story is really obvious in my opinion and honestly Julie kind of annoyed me Thus blah blah blah it’s another Fear Street book One that doesn’t even mention the street until one of the final chapters when you discover Julie lives on Fear Street Ta da Now it all fits right? Wrong

  3. Ginger Woods Ginger Woods says:

    Sorry but this one was just lameThese characters were idiots and annoying It all started with a jerk named Al He's a huge jerk and he's blackmailing everyone for money for beer and to use their vehicles Instead of telling him off or standing up to him someone kills himOf course after view spoilerSandy hide spoiler

  4. Day Day says:

    The story was okay but it was the ENDING that’s what got to me All these conversations was just a little too much especially the last one For a teen thriller this was a fun read I was on the edge for a few scenes I enjoyed reading this

  5. Trevor Wells Trevor Wells says:

    I just finished The Confession and it was really good The concept was original the characters particularly Julie and Hillary were very well developed and the internal conflict Julie and the other main characters face is very realistic My main problem is that the book focuses so much on internal conflict that there's barely any real suspense or scares here Sure Al's murder is pretty gruesome and there are some tense moments like view spoilerHillary and Taylor's confrontation hide spoiler

  6. 706alyssab 706alyssab says:

    Today I read and finished this amazing book It only took me about an hour to finish so it was that amazing I suggest that you all read this spine tingling bookIn this book the main character Julie is faced with a mystery Who killed her oldex friend Al? Julie and her group of friends are all suspects Sandy Taylor Hillary and Vincent Julie has all the pressure on her after finding Al's dead body with roller skate laces choking him in an alley on the way home from skating one nightAl had been blackmailing Julie and her friends to give him money and let him take their cars He used to be their friends until he became friends with some bad people who turned Al into a really bad guy So now everybody hates himTaylor is very new to the group of friends and she is Sandy's girlfriend Sandy is head over heels for her and he will do anteing for her although Taylor doesn't exactly feel the same way She cheats on Sandy will Al and then does somethingunspeakableAt the end of the book all the secrets and confessions come out I highly recommend this book i couldn't tear myself away from it

  7. & & says:

    This is one of the Fear Street books that I think characterization could have been done with There was a larger group than I would have liked I think by narrowing it down we could have gotten out of each one I really don't think Al should have been killed Sure he was a jerk but jeez The double surprise ending Okay I saw the first one coming I thought Come on Stine You can do better than this But then the second part happened That was pretty good

  8. Ash †Reviews of a FearStreetZombie† Ash †Reviews of a FearStreetZombie† says:

    Our library doesn't have many RL Stine books so when I saw this a few Fear Street books I was beyond excitedAnyway back to the book It was very well written Then again to me everything RL Stine writes is truly amazing ♥That twist caught me off guard for sure and the end I just kinda sat there like seriously? haha I could see it all in my head Awesome 5 stars

  9. Erica Villagomez-Cloutier Erica Villagomez-Cloutier says:

    My daughter asked me to read this book after she had read it I read a lot of RL Stine books when I was younger I can’t remember if I read any of the Fear Street ones I thought the story was pretty good It kept me wanting to know who the killer was I did find it hard to relate to the characters They were all bland Other than that I thought it was a good read for a 6th grader

  10. Jana Jana says:

    I thought this book was awesome It is my favorite Fear Street book I've read so far I really loved the ending because there were so many twists I recommend this book to anyone who likes horror and mystery

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