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[Ebook] The Cougars Timid Little Lynx Sweet Water #1 By Jenika Snow – serv3.3pub.co.uk ➹ [Read] ➵ The Cougars Timid Little Lynx Sweet Water #1 By Jenika Snow ➼ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Love isn't supposed to make someone bleed leave marks or even make a person cry But that was the only kind of “love” Alice Stratton knew Wanting a new life she takes her daughter Joey and moves to Love isn't supposed to make someone bleed Timid Little PDF È leave marks or even make a person cry But that was the only kind of “love” Alice Stratton knew Wanting a new life she takes her daughter Joey and moves to Sweet Water a picturesue The Cougars PDF/EPUB ² town that she hopes will erase her painful past Cougar shifter Luke Landon has given up on having a relationship after his ex fiancée betrayed him Now five years later he is living in Sweet Water and is the physician to than half Cougars Timid Little eBook ↠ the town He never thought he'd find his mate but all it took was for his cougar to scent Alice the timid little lynx shifter and his whole life changed But Alice is damaged and has a child from another man Can Luke Cougars Timid Little Lynx Sweet Kindle - heal his broken mate be a father to a little girl who isn't his and get past his own trust issues.

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  1. T. T. says:

    You know the actual story was great I liked how well Ms Snow handled 'domestic violence' and I liked all of her characters What I really didn't like was the fact that the first half of this book wasn't well edited There were many errors that were not caught by spell check because the words themselves weren't spelled incorrectly There were just incorrect words in places they shouldn't have been When I told my husband about it he suggested that someone else had possibly written the first part It wasn't until our cougar and his lynx actually had sex that the editing was fine I had been avoiding this series for a while even though I wanted to read it I just forgot why Every book I've read published by Evernight Publishing is the same in that the first half of the story or until there is sex looks like no one bothered to actually do than spell check editing What's even annoying is when only the sexual scenes seem edited and not the actual story I'm sorry but I guess I'm annoyed because even if the book had been free I don't like feeling robbed Since I actually bought the book I definitely feel like this publisher robbed me

  2. April April says:

    I loved the Wylde Bears series and was thrilled to hear there would be a spin off series with family and friends I was really hoping Luke would get a HEALuke and Alice are both a little broken but not beyond repair They are a perfect match he is super patient with her and works hard to make her feel safe They have a wonderful connection which makes for a sweet story of healingThere is a lot if story here be prepared for it to get emotional as well They both have pasts Alice has suffered a great deal The abuse is not overly detailed so it should not cause any triggers but other survivors may empathize with her fears The whole thing is very nicely handled and never glossed over Great storytelling it is about the romance and two list souls coming togetherThe mixed narrative helps you get into each character's head I loved Alice's POV it helped in understanding her fears and what she felt Luke's POV was wonderful for seeing his struggle with wanting to claim his mate and not wanting to scare her awayThe steam is a long time coming about 70% into the book but once they start getting smexy hold onto your panties Yummy smexy time They do not skimp on the foreplay Loads of detail and it is all deliciously wickedI love the Epilogues in all of Ms Snow's books they are great for getting the future update without spoilers of other books I can not wait for the next book we met Trace the grumpy polar bear briefly and I am sure he is going to be a favorite of mine I have a weakness for the bears

  3. Cait Cait says:

    I did not enjoy this book The book needs a serious copy edit way too many pronoun mistakes paragraphs that are repetitive and just silly little grammatical mistakes that wreck the flow of the book and disrupt the reading That's one of the other main problemsThe other main problem that I found with it is that since Alice comes from such a horrific background of domestic abuse the pacing of the book doesn't work She gets out of a terrible relationship with her daughter and within a couple of weeks she's back in a relationship with a rather dominate male There's very very little build up of her working through her feelings and them taking things slowly etc that one would assume would be necessary for someone in her position Their story thus seems unbelievable If you want to read about shifters I would highly recommend Vivan Arend I really love her books

  4. The BookChick The BookChick says:

    My Rating ★★★½GOOD The characteristics of a 3 star book include interesting characters a decent storyline and uniue story elements; there was something about the story that I didn’t completely connect with; the book is a solid read I would recommend it to a friendMy Thoughts Finally Luke finally got his happily ever after His story with Alice was so sweet I was sorry to read about what she experienced at the hands of her deceased husband But karma fixed him right on up I appreciated how gently Luke was with her and how caring he was with Joey They both had trust issues because of their past but it was sweet to see their love conuer that

  5. Reader Reader says:

    ROMANTICThis is the first book in the Sweetwater series featuring Luke Landon a cougar shifter and Alice Stratton a Lynx shifter Alice has just moved to Sweetwater after a disastrous marriage the only good thing of which was her young daughter Joey Luke had still not uite got over the betrayal at the hands of his human fiancée 5 years previously He also lives and works in Sweetwater as the local doctor It's when Alice brings an unwell Joey into the surgery that he realises he's met his mateI liked this story it was a nice read though not my favourite of this series Luke isn't uite an all out alpha male he's much softer Not that it's a bad thing but I generally prefer my leading men all bossy and growly

  6. Carmen Carmen says:

    I was so looking forward to Lukes HEA I like that they both had issue that they had to work thru I he was in no rush to rush her LOLI could not put it down read it at workLooking forward to the next Sweet water Book

  7. K.L. Donn K.L. Donn says:

    Fabulous book Jenika is one of those writers were you know it's always gonna be great She wrote Luke's story in the most perfect way I had imagined since he was introduced in the Wylde series I very much recommend this book to everyone

  8. Yona Yona says:

    It was short but that wasn't the problem I just couldn't connect with the characters everything seemed so superficial when it really wasn't

  9. Sunny Sunny says:


  10. Kim Kim says:

    Free on aRe 122214This was badly edited It could've been half the length if feelings of anger and inadeuacy had not been described multiple times The dialogue was eye roll worthy

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