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[PDF.ePUB.MOBI]  The Devils Gorge Across the Ocean Book 1 Author Dora Ilieva – serv3.3pub.co.uk ➽ [Reading] ➿ The Devils Gorge Across the Ocean Book 1 By Dora Ilieva ➲ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Sam a University of Toronto History student receives a letter informing him that he has inherited some property in Bulgaria the country of his parents Somewhat reluctantly he decides to go there accom Gorge Across eBook ✓ Sam a University of Toronto History student receives a letter informing him that he has inherited some property in Bulgaria the country of his parents Somewhat reluctantly he decides to go there accompanied by his best friend Ben a charming young man with a Devils Gorge Across the Ocean Epub / flair for languages and adventure In the country of his parents Sam comes face to face The Devils MOBI :ç with a different reality which gives rise to a series of uncanny events and leads him to uestion his identity The short pleasant trip the two friends were envisaging suddenly becomes darker as they travel to the site of one the most sacred ancient Thracian cities There a whirlwind of encounters throws them in the pursuit of a relic of world Devils Gorge Across MOBI ò changing importance and into the arms of the beautiful and mysterious Ana.

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  1. Skye Skye says:

    First I need to beg the forgiveness of Ms Dora Ilieva for how long it's taken me to finally read and write a review She generously sent a copy uite awhile ago and I must admit I began and started this several times However this is uite an interesting tale that captures the flavors of the Bulgarian culture It is also a mysterythriller that has many interesting twists and curves This is comprised of politics intriue unusual characterizations and gripping events My family comes from Eastern Europe and I am always drawn to anything beyond the scope of North America The book contains archaeological facts Bulgarian fare and language and cultural ideologies Every now and again there are moments of disuietude in this book and moments of slag it definitely and most assuredly picks up in the end with break neck speed and sheer adventure I strongly recommend this readI give this a 425 out of 5

  2. Adrienne Adrienne says:

    What a great book It started out a little slow but once I got into it I couldn't put it down because I couldn't wait to find out what would happen to the characters The story centers around Sam who had Bulgarian parents who immigrated to Canada and his old world grandmother named him as her heir He flew to Bulgaria with his friend Ben for an interesting trip into the past and his heritage Sam's parents insists that he look up some relatives once he arrives and after meeting them he gets swept up into an archaeological mystery that could have global effects The archaeological dig is at an ancient Thracian site and Sam's relative an archaeological professor thinks he has made a historic discovery Sam and Ben end up going with Sam's cousin Kossara to a village in the Rhodopes mountains where one event leads to another and they realize the danger that they are all in because they have knowledge that Big Brother wants to keep uiet It becomes a race against time and Big Brother to find a powerful artifact that could have far reaching implications if found There were a few punctuation errors that distracted me from time to time but overall I really enjoyed the book and I recommend it It's a great thriller with ties to ancient history The ending took me by surprise and left me wanting hopefully the author will write adventures for Sam Ben and Kossara If there would be a seuel I would definitely read it I received this book from Goodreads First Reads

  3. J.A. Kalis J.A. Kalis says:

    The Devil’s Gorge is a well written mixture of adventure romance and suspense Sam Angelov a history student born in Canada to Bulgarian parents goes for the first time to the country where his parents come from His Canadian friend Ben accompanies him Once there he meets his relatives discovers the country’s history and its natural beauty but also gets involved in an archaeological mystery than puts him and his friend in danger At first the story develops slowly but its pace picks up later on The author weaves a lot of historic information about the Thracian civilization and about life in the modern Bulgaria into the story I must admit that at times it distracted me from the plot But the writing is engaging and easy to follow what makes the novel an interesting read especially for those readers who want to learn about other countries and cultures while enjoying an entertaining and easy to digest read

  4. Juliet Aharoni Juliet Aharoni says:

    The author of the book Devil's Gorge intertwines historical and cultural facts with her characters' encounters to find Orpheus' magical lyre For any reader interested in learning about other cultures and at the same time meeting people who are involved in an exciting adventure then this novel is for you The story becomes very exciting especially when people are murdered There is also romance Dora Ilieva's writing skills are excellentThe novel moves along very well never leaving the reader with a dull momentI highly recommend

  5. Lyra Adams Lyra Adams says:

    There is a who done it type mystery throughout as everyone is trying to figure out the secrets held at the ancient dig Coupled with political resistance the story reminds me of two Canadian young men who are unknowingly launched on an Indiana Jones type adventure Within the Bulgarian country we become familiar with their current culture recent past communism rule and their ancient origins The characters are believable and the book is well written Very different read that weaves archaeology Thracian civilization history a little paranormal and light romance together into an intriguing blend of a story The vivid descriptions of life in Bulgaria were uite interesting as well There is a lot of dialogue and the author is very adept in this area as well as others

  6. Joy Joy says:

    This was a disappointment from start to finish The writing itself is mediocre The characterization and attempts at magic realism are fragmented and unbelievable in than one instance The book begins with a good premise that I wish was executed better I enjoy good historical fiction and appreciate the knowledge that I gain from it However in this case there is too much overt “teaching” about language mythology and Bulgarian history going on in the dialogue and storyline The author doesn’t seem to know how to blend her research with the story she wants to writeOne of the characters says that the events going on around her are “like a thriller and not necessarily a very good one” Sadly I concur

  7. Dawn Michelle Dawn Michelle says:

    The ONLY reason I finished this was because I wanted to scratch Bulgaria off the RAtW list There were so many points during this tepid read that I wanted to uit but because it was an easy and eye rolling read I just kept on The end made me regret it but at least it is done and I can move on The author just tried to combine way to many elements in this book and then never really tied all the pieces together and when you get to the end you feel like you have missed something and are left feeling very disappointed and fooled I won't be reading the rest of these thankfully Whew

  8. Jennifer S. Alderson Jennifer S. Alderson says:

    Solid mystery set in Bulgaria This is a great introduction to the series and main characters The background detail provided in this first book made me appreciate the second even I really enjoyed this story and mystery as well as the descriptions of Bulgaria I would recommend the first two books in this series to young adult and adult mystery fans I'm also looking forward to reading the recently released third book White Clay

  9. Lucia Davis Lucia Davis says:

    This is the first in a series I really enjoyed the story which is set in Bulgaria a country I knew little about It was very interesting reading about Bulgaria's past both distant and not so distant The Thracian history was fascinating as well as learning about Orpheus and his significance in Thracian culture The mystery was well set up—I liked how the pace was on the slower side with sufficient time to read about all the above The ending felt a little rushed to me maybe because of that I look forward to reading The Master book 2

  10. Tiina Tiina says:

    I got this book through a giveaway I entered What a fantastic read I love the history suspense and drama in this story I could not put it down Wish there was a second book cause I wasn't ready to part with the characters

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