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Download ☆ The Essential Earthman Henry Mitchell on Gardening By Henry Mitchell – ➶ [Reading] ➸ The Essential Earthman Henry Mitchell on Gardening By Henry Mitchell ➫ – The most soul satisfying gardening book in years New York Times March 1982 reviewing the 1981 cloth edition from IU PressGenuinely a classic Los Angeles Times on the occasion of Houghton Mifflin's pap The Earthman Henry Mitchell on PDF/EPUB or most soul satisfying gardening book in Earthman Henry ePUB ¹ years New York Times The Essential ePUB ✓ March reviewing the cloth edition from IU PressGenuinely a classic Essential Earthman Henry PDF/EPUB æ Los Angeles Times on the occasion of Houghton Mifflin's paperback edition which Essential Earthman Henry Mitchell on PDF \ came out in Is there anyone alive with the slightest interest in gardening who doesn't know that Henry Mitchell is one of the funniest and most truthful garden columnists we've got Allen LacyMitchell is a joy to read He has tried and failed persevered and triumphed and he Essential Earthman Henry Mitchell on PDF \ has many sound recommendations for us fumblers and failures Celestine Sibley in the Atlanta ConstitutionHenry Mitchell is one of America's most entertaining and enlightening garden writers 'Garden writer' fails in truth to describe this man He gardens and he writes the former if we take him at his word with lust and loathing foolhardiness and finesse; the latter with gentle irony and consummate skill Pacific HorticultureMitchell mixes practical advice encouragement philosophic consolation and wit He is the neighbor you wish you could talk to over the back fence House and GardenHenry Mitchell was to gardening what Izaak Walton was to fishing The Essential Earthman is a collection of the best of his long running column for the Washington Post Although he offered invaluable tips for novice as well as seasoned gardeners at the heart of his essays were piuant observations on keeping records; the role of trees in gardens they don't belong there; how a gardener should weather the winter; on shrubs bulbs and fragrant flowers and about observation itself Here's one example Marigolds gain enormously in impact when used as sparingly as ultimatums Henry Mitchell came to his subject with reverence passion humor and a contagious enthusiasm tempered only by his sober knowledge of human frailty The Essential Earthman is for all who love gardening even those who only dream of doing it.

10 thoughts on “The Essential Earthman Henry Mitchell on Gardening

  1. Alex Alex says:

    This sounds lovely and I want it immediately

  2. Oldroses Oldroses says:

    This review was originally written for The Garden Bloggers' Book club Okay I'm late posting my thoughts on Henry Mitchell's The Essential Earthman I'm juggling a few projects right now plus eek I haven't even finished reading it I'm almost done so I can safely post a few commentsI was prepared to not like this book It's just not my style Come on a collection of newspaper columns? We've all read the garden column in our local paper It's horrible Poorly written pushing a lot of chemicals and all the newest plants I'm an heirloom gardener My interest is history What were old gardens like? How did gardeners back then do things? What did they grow? Why? What worked for them and what didn't?My favorite garden books are books about historical gardens and historical gardeners I don't care for modern gardening and I absolutely loathe how to books They're a lot like those TV shows about home renovation They make it look so easy but when I actually try doing it myself it's a heck of a lot difficult Or needs specialized tools Or involves a lot of expensive materials So I was prepared to dislike Mr Mitchell and his books Instead I fell in loveI was hooked from the first sentence As I write this on June 29 it's about time for another summer storm to smash the garden to pieces though it may hold off until the phlox tomatoes daylilies and zinnias are in full sway A real gardener With a sense of humor And perspective And he grows heirlooms In fact in many cases he prefers the heirlooms to newer varieties No perfect garden here Instead he willingly admits to mistakes and how he corrected themMuch to my chagrin this is the perfect how to book He gives complete instructions on many issues and even admits when the process is difficult He names and describes both new and old plant varieties And provides the kind of useful information that you won't find in catalogs or nurseries how a plant performs or doesn't perform in the home garden All with a wonderful sense of humor Like most of the other garden bloggers who have read this book I have issues with some of his opinions especially when it comes to invasives but I think it's reasonable to say that any time you get two or gardeners together you will get differences of opinions It's just that kind of a hobby There is no right way or wrong way What works for one gardener may not work for anotherThis book is perfect It can be read and enjoyed by both experienced and novice gardeners I'm so glad I bought it instead of just borrowing it from the library I'm looking forward to buying and reading his other books If you haven't already done so drop everything and READ THIS BOOK

  3. David David says:

    My favorite garden writer I reread his witty essays each winter to revisit the pleasures of the garden while waiting for spring

  4. Kay Kay says:

    I still miss Henry Mitchell's wise garden columns after all these years He wrote the popular Earthman column in the Washington Post until his death in 1993 This book is a collection of these articles along with an appreciation written by a colleague Mitchell's voice is so engaging and gentle that it's still hard to believe he's no longer with us

  5. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I can't believe it took me this long to read Mitchell These are superb sharply opinionated essays on his personal gardening experience I cannot imagine that most of this would go over too well in a newspaper gardening column today But that is what makes it so wonderful

  6. Kspeare Kspeare says:

    Henry Mitchell wrote The Washington Post's gardening column for many years I still miss him every Sunday He wrote just about the loveliest prose around This book gets five stars because it contains my favorite essay of all time Of Toads and Bronze Dogs There is not a wasted word in it

  7. NancyL Luckey NancyL Luckey says:

    I don't know why it took so long for me to read this I've had it forever along with his other two The saying If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need is proved with his books Along with being amusing reading they have a load of information on gardening

  8. Mary Mary says:

    It is not enough to grow the most beautiful things It is even better to explore them to identify with them and to grow into a rather new consciousness of them Preface it is not to be believed how otherwise civilized people will step on wild cyclamen even as you very tactfully suggest avoiding them 8Alongside Eleanor Perenyi and Michael Pollan Mitchell now ranks as one of my favorite garden writers His attitude toward gardens disaster is the normal state of any garden and gardeners stubborn foolish and terrified of planting vulgar marigolds is delightfully sardonic Somehow I found reading his heated opinions about the best kinds of peonies uite calming and amusing in these very troubled times

  9. Teri-K Teri-K says:

    If there's a better book of essays on gardening out there I'd love for someone to tell me so I can read it This is an old favorite of mine and when the urge hit to reread it and I realized it was in storage in another state I had to turn to ILL which didn't let me down I'll hold on tho this as long as the system will let me and reread many of the essays several times before I return it I especially love On the Defiance of Gardeners but the entire book is a treat

  10. Betsy Phillips Betsy Phillips says:

    Mitchell writes like a man who came of age in the 50s possibly because he was a man who came of age in the 50s Just fair warning Some of his jokes are less funny by modern standards than they probably were at the timeThat caveat aside I love this book Mitchell writes so beautifully and he writes about gardening in a way that makes you feel like trying and failing and trying again is a great way to spend a life And he is hilarious This isn't a how to book but it is very inspirational

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