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[Epub] The Flame By Leonard Cohen – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Epub] ❧ The Flame Author Leonard Cohen – Serv3.3pub.co.uk The Flame is the final work from Leonard Cohen the revered poet and musician whose fans span generations and whose work is celebrated throughout the world Featuring poems excerpts from his private not The Flame is the final work from Leonard Cohen the revered poet and musician whose fans span generations and whose work is celebrated throughout the world Featuring poems excerpts from his private notebooks lyrics and hand drawn self portraits The Flame offers an unprecedentedly intimate look inside the life and mind of a singular artistA reckoning with a life lived deeply and passionately with wit and panache The Flame is a valedictory work“This volume contains my father’s final efforts as a poet” writes Cohen’s son Adam Cohen in his foreword “It was what he was staying alive to do his sole breathing purpose at the end”Leonard Cohen died in late But “each page of paper that he blackened” in the words of his son “was lasting evidence of a burning soul”.

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  1. karen karen says:

    fulfilling book riot's 2018 read harder challenge task #1 A book published posthumouslyI PRAY FOR COURAGEI pray for courageNow I'm oldTo greet the sicknessAnd the coldI pray for courageIn the nightTo bear the burdenMake it lightI pray for courageIn the timeWhen suffering comes and Starts to climbI pray for courageAt the endTo see death comingAs a friendi mean it’s leonard cohen and it’s the last leonard cohen book we’re ever going to get so even though i didn’t breathlessly love every single poem lyric scrawled note to self he may have been planning to polish at a later date it gets five stars for legacy this book covers a great chunk of time and some of the early writing here does in fact become something else later in his career; there’s even evidence of that occurring within this collection echoes phrases repurposed the underghosts of familiar songs peeking out elsewhere if there had to be a farewell at all this is a fitting one the whole range of his writing is on display; all of his wit and erotic spirituality his self deprecation and his gratitude his respect and his delight in the fluidity of languagethe book is almost like being at a memorial ceremony there are humorous moments to stave off getting too gloomy or somberI sincerely hopeyou have notcome to believethat simply becauseyou ran off gotmarried behindmy back youare somehowentitled to keepmy tape measureGRATEFULThe huge mauve jacaranda treedown the street on South Tremainein full bloom two stories highIt made me so happyAnd thenthe first cherries of the seasonat the Palisades Farmers Market Sunday morning“What a blessing”I exclaimed to AnjaniAnd then the samples on waxed paperof the banana cream cakeand the coconut cream cake I am not a lover of pastrybut I recognized the genius of the bakerand touched my hat to her A slight chill in the airseemed to polish the sunlightand confer the status of beauty to every object I beheldFaces bosoms fruits pickles green eggsnewborn babies in clever expensive harnessesI am so gratefulto my new anti depressant and also the gentle regret and wistfulness of remembrancesWe will be forgiventhe crummy thingswe did to one anotherbecause wedidn’t enjoy themWe’ll be leaving nowwe’ll be leavingfor a good long timeand we want to say goodnightwe want to say goodnightwe want to say farewellWe had a little lovewe had it for a whileIt wasn’t uite enoughbut thank you anyhowThank you for your kindnessin the fieldand thank you for your kindnessin the roomThe horses ran awaybut we were not to blameand when theyturned so beautifulin their silver flightit wasn’t our ideaat least it wasn’t mineI want to be with other peoplenow I’m growing oldI want to be another drunkwho’s given up the bottleI want to watch the lonely menwho still go out with womenI want to see the bridal gowncover up the seuinsThis is my very night of nightsthe past was a rehearsalYou must have heard it in my voicethe sound that I no longer love youI would never disguise that soundI would never do that to youO shining oneyou have moved beyond my loveyou have turned your face to othersI was not strong enough for this testI turned awayI wear an iron collarand I give my chain to anyonebut I never pretend that they are youO shining onewho held my spirit like a matchin your cupped handswhile I thought I was warming youO shining onewho teaches with her absenceit’s a beautiful collection and so much better than the janked up scansion and garbage word salad passing itself off as poetry these days oops who said that? also i am choosing to believe since there is precedence that leonard cohen wrote this one about me i refuse to be dissuaded from this belief so don’t send me any documentation about some “other” karen with whom leonard cohen had a deep and abiding relationship than the one we had or even that there is another karen in the world out there if there is i’m not hearing it LALALALALAAAAAAAAKaren’s beauty is very greatit lies on her heart like a paperweightShe haunts the edges of her beautylike a ghost on sentry dutyIf beauty is the motherlandshe lives on the furthest strandHer back toward the capitolthat the pilgrims call so beautifulShe hears them make a joyous soundbut she cannot turn aroundThe lover’s song and the victim’s rackthey soar and creak behind her backThrough her beauty many passlike penitents on broken glassBut once inside there is no curefor hearts so wounded at the doorTrying to find a place to kneelbetween the poets of painTrying to find a world to feelthat feels like the world againMy darling says her love is realthen why does she complainthere’s not much to say if you like leonard cohen you will like this book if you don’t like leonard cohen i’m sorry you are such a broken person oooh goodreads choice awards semifinalist for best poetry 2018 what will happen?if lang leav wins over leonard cohen i will burn down the worlda story that is one half trueme when i did not win the goodreads giveaway for this bookme when connor surprised me by having it shipped to my house the very same dayone million ♥scome to my blog

  2. ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ says:

    A true talent never diesFarewell 'My Secret Life' 'The Partisan' 'Nevermind'Christmas has come early this year for me A postmortem edition of one of the most revered contemporary magicians of the wordChoosing between reading and not reading this one is no choice at all A must read and a must reread god knows how many times On rare occasionsThe power was given meTo send waves of emotionthrough the world cLet's say that on that lucky nightI found my house in orderand I could slip away unseentho' burning with desireEscaping down a secret stairI cross into the forestthe night is dark but I am safe my house at last in orderBut luck or not I do it rightand no one sees me leavinghidden blind and secret night my heart the only beaconBut O the beacon lights my way surely than the sunAnd She is waiting for me here of all and all the only One cAnd now that I kneel At the edge of my yearsLet me fall through the mirror of loveAnd the things that I knowLet them drift like the snowLet me dwell in the light that's aboveIn the radiant lightWhere there's day and there's nightAnd truth is the widest embraceThat includes what is lost Includes what is foundWhat you write and what you erase cI was always working steadyBut I never called it artI was funding my depressionMeeting Jesus reading Marx It was nothing it was businessBut it left an ugly markSo I've come here to revisitWhat happens to the heart cMy guitar stood up todayand leaped into my arms to playa Spanish tune for dancers proudto stamp their feet and cry aloudagainst the fate that bends us downbeneath the thorny bloody crownof sickness age and paranoiddelusions I for one cannot avoid c

  3. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    “ evidence of a burning soul” Adam Cohen about The Flame the last writings of his father Leonard CohenI have had Leonard Cohen’s last ? Maybe they will dig up ? collection of poetrylyricsnotebook thoughts by my bedside for many weeks now It’s a beautiful book produced by Farrar Strauss and Giroux including sketches Cohen made of himself and many women he has known Most of the poems are about love written late evidence of a great life and love life ended without regret But he knows he’s in decline and notes that tooThe best Goodreads review is of course by Karen; check it outOf course at the end these pieces are not his very best writing but if you love Cohen you want to know his last will and testament and I have enjoyed it And included are the lyrics from his last albums too Though interiority has always been central for Cohen he’s mostly talking to himself in this book with an awareness that we are reading over his shoulder or after he is gone Occasionally I pick up the book and read a poem or two As with Dylan he’s less good on the page without his music But his themes of love and death sex and laughter and despair they’re all here and I am glad I have it I’ll keep it close to me to keep reading as I listen and learnThere’s some humorI sincerely hopeyou have notcome to believethat simply becauseyou ran off gotmarried behindmy back youare somehowentitled to keepmy tape measureAnd some insightAnd now that I kneel At the edge of my yearsLet me fall through the mirror of loveAnd the things that I knowLet them drift like the snowLet me dwell in the light that's aboveIn the radiant lightWhere there's day and there's nightAnd truth is the widest embraceThat includes what is lost Includes what is foundWhat you write and what you eraseHere's a complete oneAntiue SongToo old too old to play the partToo old God only knowsI’ll keep the little silver heartThe red and folded roseAnd in the arms of someone strongYou’ll have what we had noneI’ll finish up my winter songFor you It’s almost doneBut oh the kisses that we kissedThat swept me to the shoreOf seas where hardly I existExcept to kiss you I have the little silver heartThe red and folded roseThe one you gave me at the startThe other at the closeHe waited for you all night longGo run to him go runI’ll finish up my winter songFor you It’s almost doneA couple of his lovelier songs though you would do well to listen to several of themBird on a Wire of Arc

  4. Julie Julie says:

    You came to meYou wear your widow clothesI ask who are you mourning foryou say The man you were beforeThe man you were before I loved youI remember himDidn't he live on an island inthe Mediterranean seawith a mandate from Godto enter the dark we're busted in the blinding lights of Closing Time

  5. Janet Janet says:

    The memorable last collection of poetry from Leonard Cohen who began life as a poet and continued to his last breath The book is divided into enigmatic sections only he would understand 'Poems' including subsections titled 'Old Ideas' 'Popular Problems' 'You Want it Darker' the names of his final three albums and 'Leonard and Peter' a poet's exchange of a verse argument in texts; 'Lyrics' and 'Selections from the Notebooks' which are also poems Dozens of self portraits and drawings of women accompany it all In the forward to this big varied collection his son Adam said that the writing of these poems and the collecting of the book occupied the last years of Cohen's life In the end Writing was his reason for being As for the title he said There are many themes and words that repeat throughout my father's work frozen broken naked fire and flame Of course flame Flame is desire the spirit within the matter that's what Cohen is all about the human moment inspiration yearning also the flame that goes out I fell in love with LCohen listening to his first album that dark poetry and on the album cover a woman in chains in the flames reaching heavenwards that fire burning within it reaching up to God a woman of course Cohen is nothing if not one of the great romantics the anima in the flames That intensity and beauty fire darkness and light man's brokenness and desire the presence of God which he spelled G d in the sanctity of the name his gratitude for the love of women the Sisters of Mercy admittedly often undeserved The sense of being undeserving of the richness of the world His bitterness and darkness is here too as it's a portrait of a man racked and torn between the two poles of being love's rapture and loss a world both beautiful and fiendish both of which are God It's all here All of it The poems are not uniformly fine and none I think is great all the way through like the verse of Sexton or Plath or Eliot but there are stanzas and lines that grip you that hard as hard as any L Cohen song What a treasurehouse The poems tend to short rhythmic lines and often with echoes of rhyme of love and despair honest self aware loss and departures the brutal sweetness of existence Here's just a small example from the middle of a long poem called Never MindThe High IndifferenceSome call FateBut we had NamesMore intimateNames so deepand Names so trueThey're blood to meThey're dust to youThere is no needThat this surviveThere's truth that livesThere's truth that diesNever mindNever mindI live the lifeI left behindI hear his voice in every poem often there's the rhythmic echo of Take this Waltz' 'this waltz this waltz this waltz this waltz' it's stuck in my head Thanks for the Dance one of Cohen's wonderful late songs could well be another title for the book rueful grateful an edge of lossAt the end the editors have appended Cohen's speech when he received the Prince of Asturias prize from Spain where he talks about Lorca having been his muse As I grew older I understood that instructions came with this voice the instructions were never to lament casually And if one is to express the great inevitable defeat wow that awaits us all it must be done with in the strict confines of beauty and dignityWhat a fabulous gift Valentine's? for the romantic and the lover of the music of LCohen Venn diagrams which intersect almost perfectly

  6. Alex O& Alex O& says:

    As a big Leonard Cohen fan I loved this collection of poems lyrics notes and drawings When you love an artist and their work this much it can be hard to be objective you end up treasuring every little glimpse into the author's life and work especially after they have passedThe Flame is a generous collection filled with many poems the lyrics to his last four albums and extensive notes from his journals including many revealing passages from throughout his long career His poem about Kanye West 'Kanye West is Not Picasso' was very entertaining Like one writer at Slatecom I think the poem is a tribute not a diss; it is Leonard having fun with the nature of egos in rap and poetry both his own and Kanye'sIt was wonderful to hear Leonard's voice again and a pleasure to revisit the lyrics to his later period masterpieces 'Old Ideas' 'Popular Problems' and 'You Want it Darker' This book was a lot of fun

  7. Barbara H Barbara H says:

    A few days ago I heard an interview on NPR with Adam Cohen Leonard Cohen's son It was a tender loving picture of his father filled with admiration Although I am not usually attracted to poetry Cohen's music and poetry have always held an appeal for me I look forward to reading this book

  8. Nancy Nancy says:

    In the last days of his life Leonard Cohen prepared his last book gathering drawings unpublished material and the lyrics from his last albums He was a man who knew he was in his last days and an artist who needed to send out one last envoy to the world That book has been published as The FlameThe image on the cover is the burning bush a green tree surrounded by fire and yet is not burned by the flames Cohen's flame burned bright within him to the very end said Robert Kory manager and trustee of the Cohen estate “this book finished only days before his death reveals the intensity of his inner fire to all”One of the first record albums I bought as an early teen was The Songs of Leonard Cohen I later bought the songbook I grew up listening to those songs singing those songs strumming chords on my guitar When an ARC of Cohen's final book The Flame arrived I downloaded the digital album and revisited those songs while opening the book to readAs I worked my way through the book I researched Cohen's life and work online I discovered the poets who he admired and influenced him including Frederico Garcia Lorca; Cohen even named his daughter LorcaThe drawings are primarily self portraits his face deeply creased and intense and of women spiritual imagery and a few still lifes Facsimiles of his manuscripts are also includedThe selections are confessional addressing his personal struggles with depression relationships and spiritual meaning Rhythm is important than rhyme The imagery is very personal arcane but also with references to Biblical stories and Jewish historyThe message I gather is this When love fails to save us and faith fails to bring grace and the world has become merciless music and poetry become acts of resistance rebellion The creative urge engenders the flame that can not be uenched or dimmed by the worldI received an ARC from the publisher through a Goodreads giveaway

  9. Veronika Sebechlebská Veronika Sebechlebská says:

    I caught the darknessDrinking from your cupI said Is this contagious?You said Just drink it up

  10. Brandon Montgomery Brandon Montgomery says:

    In June 2016 a new poem by Leonard Cohen was uietly published in The New Yorker In fact the poem was almost buried I'd read the article and had the copy for about a month I only found it because I was flipping through oldish magazines out of boredom It was a gem and a small joy to discover It was titled Steer Your Way and it's reprinted here Steer your way through the ruins of the Altar and the Mall steer your way through the fables of Creation and the Fall steer your way past the Palaces that rise above the rot Here Cohen juxtaposes the sacred and the commercial the eternal and the temporal He chooses to capitalize both the words Altar and Mall suggesting that the narrator probably sarcastically considers them on the same level each worthy of the same reverence All of course is not well by the time we reach the third verse We pull back and see the palaces of the rich that rise above the rot the slums the ghettos Something has went terribly wrong in our consumerist society causing most everything to rot to decay The coup de grâce comes later in the poem when he references what was one of the most popular civil war songs among the Union soldiers John Brown's body which in itself references Christ As He died to make men holy let us die to make men free It's a beautiful and powerful line but Cohen replaces the value of making men free with the value of making things cheap As he died to make men holy let us die to make things cheap essentially perverting and updating the line for our modern consumerist society while rendering our death essentially useless; The idealized sacrifice of today is not for mankind but for production Not exactly as lofty or noble as setting men free Though this collection contains the lyrics from Cohen's last three records the vast majority of material here has never appeared in print or on tape before The author is able to reach contented heights and miserable lows He oscillates between between warmth and anger between total devotion to God rendered here as in his other books as G d and frustration that God has abandoned him in his time of need And we who cried for mercy from the bottom of the pit was our prayer so damn unworthy that the Son rejected it? It's a reoccurring motif in these poems and it's a struggle many people who are intensely devoted to a faith are forced to confront in the wake of tragedies be they personal or global It isn't easy Cohen's wry humor is on his display in many pieces my favorite among them being KANYE WEST IS NOT PICASSO the whole poem is a great parody of egomania and as the English say it takes the piss out of Kanye and to a certain extent Cohen himself Still if I had to pick a favorite line from this one it would have to be I Am the Kanye West Kanye West thinks he is TrueEven when he confronts his impending death he usually does it with a grim smile as in the poem I Think I'll Blame I think I'll blame my death on you but I don't know you well enough if I did we'd be married now We occasionally see him in moments of desperation where he addresses his mortality with the seriousness you'd expect from a dying man He also ruminates on pining for women from the past or candidly talks about medication infected teeth or his legacy Consider If I Took A Pill If I took a pill I'd feel so much better I'd write you a poem that sounds like a letter I'm trying to finish my shabby career with a little truth in the now and here The section last section Selections from the notebooks comprises the bulk of the book I initially feared the worst about this section That it would be raided bits from his journals he never intended anyone to read or perhaps some fragments of poem that were ultimately left unfinished Thankfully that's not what this is Nevertheless it's not surprising that these poems aren't as polished as the ones that came in the pages before them nor are they titled Despite the obvious flaws there are a great many gems here One of the most powerful pieces certainly in this section and perhaps in the entire book reads in part I was second to none but I was never best I was old and broke so I could not rest You can call it luck be it good or bad but you don't give up when your heart is dead Or consider this from perhaps the rawest poem he ever wrote And what did you do with my god and my church and my car and my dick was I supposed to like living on my fucking knees? From context we can see that he's addressing his ex wife Regardless goddamn There are many poems poems about aging love falling out of love the author's children Dylan stealing his girl back in the sixties farmers markets making and writing music dying worship blasphemy hate warmth sin G d depression medication What makes this collection a five star book in my opinion is that Cohen is able to take all these seemingly incongruous feelings and themes and weave them into relatable beautiful and accessible poems that make logical and emotional sense It's a task he often attempted to tackle throughout his career but it's here in his final work that he succeeds the most at it making it a perfect capstone for his career a logical end a book to which the others had been building You owe it to yourself to read this one you won't regret it

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