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[Ebook] The Good Demon By Jimmy Cajoleas – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Download] ➼ The Good Demon By Jimmy Cajoleas – Serv3.3pub.co.uk True Detective meets The Exorcist in this gripping YA mystery debut about one girl’s exorcism—and her desperate uest to reunite with her demonClare has been miserable since her exorcism The preach True Detective meets The Exorcist in this gripping YA mystery debut about one girl’s exorcism—and her desperate uest to reunite with her demonClare has been miserable since her exorcism The The Good eBook á preacher that rid her of evil didn’t understand that her demon—simply known as Her—was like a sister to Clare Now Clare will do almost anything to get Her back After a chance encounter with the son of the preacher who exorcised her Clare goes on an adventure through the dark underbelly of her small Southern town discovering its deep seated occult roots As she searches for Her she must uestion the fine lines between good and evil love and hate and religion and free will Vivid and sharp The Good Demon tells the unusual story of friendship amid dark Gothic horror.

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  1. destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries] destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries] says:

    As a life long horror fan possession stories have always been some of my favorites There’s just something so classic and iconic about the idea of a child or teen being taken over by some sort of dark entity and even though the trope is typically filled to the brim with religious overtones and misrepresentation of many belief sects they’re just fun When I heard about this story’s twist—that the girl wants to be possessed and mourns the loss of her demon—I knew I had to read it I just had to She was just a voice inside my voice a body inside my body a spirit inside my spirit my demon When She spoke I heard Her in my blood and when She moved I felt Her in my bones Unfortunately we’ve all heard the saying if it sounds too good to be true it probably is While the synopsis behind this book caught my attention immediately I was literally only a single chapter in when I realized that the subpar writing was going to ruin any chances I had of giving this book an excellent review The narrative voice doesn’t read like a teen at all and Clare’s internal monologue is so pretentious and angsty that it felt like I was reading some mid 2000s MySpace poetry Not in a good way Is there a good way? I knew nothing could ever separate us nothing could ever tear us apart I was wrong On top of the narrative voice and the issues I had there there’s another problem if you’re a horror fan you will predict every twist and turn this story has to offer That said if you don’t have much experience with horror or specifically possession and occult stories then I think you could enjoy this a lot than I did I don’t lower my ratings for YA horror when it fails to impress me because I know that I’ve been desensitized by much of the adult horror I read but if I had I think this would have been a 2 star read for me “It’s not weird” he said “It’s just different Dad holds me and him to a higher standard than the rest of the world Because we’re men of Christ” Next there’s the topic of the religious representation which was so all over the place The picture the author has painted of Christians in this book is so over the top ridiculous and laughable that I was genuinely stunned to learn from the acknowledgements that Jimmy Cajoleas appears to be a Christian himself—because seriously the Christians in this book are terrible The solstice was when witches held black masses or maybe the druids slaughtered a virgin or two Don’t get me wrong though it’s just fair treatment; the pagan and witchcraft representation in the story is downright gross There are multiple comments and implications about all witches andor pagans being dark sinister etc and like the Christians they’re all done in these outlandish caricatures that are positively villainous If it had been toned down a little it would have been at least a little bit amusing but it felt like I was being hit over the head with a brick about it She always had a reason She did it to protect me While I didn’t hate this book—I still think the synopsis had major potential and it was a uick read that managed to keep me just entertained enough to keep reading—I can’t say that I would recommend it to anyone who reads much horror as I think it would be a letdown While Cajoleas shows definite potential to improve I probably won’t rush to pick up any future releases of hisContent warnings for demonic possession obviously violence mutilation animal abusemutilationdeath sexual assault physical assault slut shaming poor representation of multiple religions parental neglectabuse drugalcohol abuse and overdosingsuicide All uotes come from an advance copy and may not match the final release Thank you so much to Amulet Books for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review

  2. Taschima Taschima says:

    I was sort of hoping this would be a weird romance where the demon exercised was a him and they sort of fell in love and she must go through hell to get him backToo weird?

  3. Mel (Epic Reading) Mel (Epic Reading) says:

    If you want dark broody teenage angst this is your book There is magic in the air and most of it is ominous in Jimmy Cajoleas novel The Good Demon If you take the idea of being at one with yourself and by representing all your emotions including the bad ones as yourself plus a demon that lives inside of you then this will intrigue you Two uestions then come to mind What happens when someone takes that demon away? And what would you do to get that part of yourself back? ComparisonsThere are some very good metaphors and comparisons in the context of The Good Demon that relate directly to what I recall it being like to be a teenager There are also moments where I feel like the demon is displaying what I want to even do today like smack someone for being a jerk This uniue take on our extreme emotions being acted out by a demon that controls our body when it chooses to is a great example of what things like rage anxiety stress and other mental health issues can cause Where it's really no longer us as the person making a rationale decision to act Instead it's the disorder itself taking over I loved the parallels that could be found in Cajoleas Gothic story The ending really is the icing on the cake here to all the comparisons moments and struggles throughout The Good Demon Dark and CreepyThere is no doubt this is a young adult horror novel We meet demons of course and magical occult figures that are likely not out to make your life better per say Easily my favourite part of the book is the One Wish Man I imagine Doug Jones playing this role were this a movie where the One Wish Man has long unnatural fingers is lanky in height and overall just seems a bit too odd to be entirely human As I adore the work of Jones in many TV shows and movies this really enhanced my experience of the One Wish Man I so rarely see characters as real life people but this one was just so distinctly described that I knew it couldn't be anyone other than Jones FriendshipIt's difficult to have friends when you are in a dark foreboding space We've all seen this either first hand or witnessed someone else do it Someone sabotages the friendship for no real reason other than they need to lash out at someone Cajoleas does a good job of setting up our lead gal with the preacher's son in an unlikely yet perfect friendship It also opens the door for each of our main teens to react to one another as both friends possible romantic partners and as diametric opposites of good and evil There is also a final test to this friendship that has no bearing on 'love' or romance that I really liked the spin of OverallIf you'd like to read a Gothic teen book this definitely fits the bill Just know that there is a lot of implied and obvious mental health disorders addressed including depression anxiety and expectation stress There is a 'first time' sex scene in it but it's nothing graphic in my opinionWhile perhaps not a five star book I would say that Cajoleas has brought us a uniue teen perspective to looking at our inner voices and determining if they are our own or those of a demon To read this and of my reviews visit my blog at Epic Reading Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review

  4. Jennifer Gaarder Jennifer Gaarder says:

    Read my reviews at Good Demon By Jimmy CajoleasAmulet Books September 18 2018320 Pages Hardcover EditionTeen FictionTrue Detective meets The Exorcist in this gripping YA mystery debut about one girl’s exorcism—and her desperate uest to reunite with her demonClare has been miserable since her exorcism The preacher that rid her of evil didn’t understand that her demon—simply known as Her—was like a sister to Clare Now Clare will do almost anything to get Her back After a chance encounter with the son of the preacher who exorcized her Clare goes on an adventure through the dark underbelly of her small Southern town discovering its deep seated occult roots As she searches for Her she must uestion the fine lines between good and evil love and hate and religion and free will Vivid and sharp The Good Demon tells the unusual story of friendship amid dark Gothic horrorGoodreads Rating 380 My Rating 400ReviewLet me preface this by saying I had no idea that this was going to be a teen fiction Most exorcism books are adult in my opinion However upon reading I could see whyWhen you think of possession of exorcism you think immediately of William Blatty's Exorcist  a story of a young girl possessed by the evilest demon that caused than havoc and pain to the victim and her mother It was the scariest book next to the Shining I have ever read This book The Good Demon however was not frightening This book was suspenseful That may very well be the point of this story so I had to change gears in my mind while reading thisThe young girl was possessed by a demon that claimed to love her that was her best friend In alternating timelines the girl regales the times when the demon would take over control of her and either save her from a potentially dangerous situation or do something that was supposed to be beneficial However this was what caused the exorcism to take place A reverend and his son came to the home and delivered her from evil expelling the demon from her body leaving her empty and lostThe plot was sticky and confusing however made sense at the end The small town is shrouded in a cloud of mystery and evil something that is hidden and never spoken about unless you ask the right uestions to the right people The girl desperate to get her demon back becomes enmeshed in this mystery as getting her demon back becomes significant than the ideal goal She discovers a message in a strange book written not by her hand but by someone else which leads her to befriend the most unlikely person and follow a trail to a place that would give her what she ultimately wanted HERIn this uest she meets a very evil group in the town that is responsible for the disappearances of people for many years A group who thirsts for power and money no matter the cost She is the center of it now and she realizes uickly that maybe she should try to stay clear of them But can she? Who is in the center of this?However where there are wishes to be granted there is always a price to payLearning of the price she is appalled and finds that she should try to relish the relationship with the real life person only to be rebuffed Anger spreads and she decides the price isn't so bad after all However when the actual events lead to deception and greed and the person she trusted to help turns out to be as bad as the group running the town's evil she tries to make sense of all of it and runsIs the demon her best friend? Are demons good or bad? She must find out What is important? People or the demon?WritingThe writing was simple to understand It was not flowery prose like you would find in adult fiction after all this is a YA I was not displeased with how it was written The sentence and paragraph structure was stable enough that I was able to navigate each page uickly and efficiently This is a well written book and will impress many teens looking to find a book with great writingPlotThe plot was linear Though it did have some flashbacks for background information it did follow a particular pattern It had a standard plot with twists and turned several subplots emerged as I read along and became confused as to what the story was about and where it was going However at 90% of the book they all tie together nicely to make an ending that made sense and left no openings or hesitationWhat I LikedI liked the development of the relationship between the girl and the other person in the story It was not jerky or awkward It was also not very unrealistic I enjoyed how it flourished over time and became severe as they progressed through the story It reminded me of when I was a teen I also thought very fondly of the relationship she developed with her mother toward the end 16 is an awkward age for girls and having a relationship with a mother is hard for teen girls This was highlighted than onceWhat I Didn't LikeThe book was written in a narration form for the most part and contained a little less dialogue than I liked I would have liked it better had there been interaction This seems to be prevalent in books that are coming out now than ever While I did like the story a lot I would have preferred dialogueOverall ImpressionThe story is solid suspense not horror as one may think given the subject matter It was an enjoyable and fun read The dropping of a point in the rating is only because I would have preferred dialogue I am a sucker for conversation in books I think that progresses a story and gives characters dimension and life than straight narration

  5. Kyra Leseberg (Roots & Reads) Kyra Leseberg (Roots & Reads) says:

    Clare hasn't been the same since her exorcism  Her demon wasn't evil; she protected Clare from all the things that have hurt her  her father's death by overdose her stepdad's drunken belligerence and even the guy from school who wouldn't take no for an answerHer unnamed demon left behind a cryptic note   Be nice to him June 20 Remember the storiesBefore long Clare is falling in love with the son of the preacher who performed her exorcism and realizing there may be demons than her own in her small Southern town  Soon she's uestioning if her demon was actually saving her or isolating her for sinister reasonsUnwilling to give up her search Clare remembers the story her demon told her about a being deep in the woods and finds herself on a dark path to locate the One Wish Man  If she finds him and he grants her wish to be reunited what will he ask for in return?  And will it be a price she's willing pay?It's up to Clare to choose her loyalty to good or evil and find truth in a tangle of liesThe Good Demon was a truly surprising YA mystery  Set in a small Southern town the novel obviously has a lot of religious aspects relating to sin good vs evil and purity  The Gothic tale blends mystery and horror with an innocent fairy tale uality  I can't think of too many YA Southern Gothic novels but this is sure to be close to the top of the list  My only complaint is my usual for the YA genre  I would've appreciated a little back story character development and in the case of this novel specifically   description and history of the town  This was an exceptional story overall and an excellent read for mature YA readers  Thanks to Amulet Books and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review  The Good Demon is scheduled for release on September 18 2018For full reviews visit wwwrootsandreadswordpresscom

  6. Rachel (TheShadesofOrange) Rachel (TheShadesofOrange) says:

    25 StarsI love possession stories so I was very excited to pick up this one I really loved the premise of a possession story that focuses out what happens AFTER the exorcism takes place However the execution just did not work for me I found the writing characters and general plot to be pretty weak Such a disappointment because I so badly wanted to love this one

  7. Rachel Bea Rachel Bea says:

    I adored this book I actually wanted to cry at the end Such a refreshing take on the possession trope I love Clare and while I can't identify with being possessed and wanting my demon back I CAN identify with coping with family trauma and coping with loss and first love and all the ways people you love can disappoint you and learning that people can be both good and bad and finding strength in yourself Such a great story for adolescence

  8. The Library Ladies The Library Ladies says:

    originally reviewed at thelibraryladiescom I want to extend a special thank you to both NetGalley and Amulet books for sending me an eARC and a print ARC of this bookI know that Halloween Season isn’t UITE here yet though honestly once Labor Day hits I’m thinking about ghosts and ghouls and all things horror but I just couldn’t wait for Horrorpalooza to pick up “The Good Demon” by Jimmy Cajoleas I was fortunate enough to get approved for a copy on NetGalley but then imagine my extra delight when I was at Serena’s and she said that we’d received a print ARC of it as well I’d been hearing about this novel since this past summer when it was all over my twitter feed during BookExpo While I’m not usually someone who is super into demonic possessionexorcism stories with a FEW exceptions as you guys probably remember the idea of a girl wanting her exorcised demon BACK was one that piued my interest The demonic possession stories I like usually buck some of the familiar tropes that are associated with the genre but ultimately they usually still maintain the demonbad concept “The Good Demon” sounded like it was going to take that down as well so picking it up I went in with some lofty expectationsWhat struck me most about “The Good Demon” was Clara our main character who is desperate to find her demon Her again In many demonic possession and exorcism stories the person being possessed is usually passive and a secondary character that the main character is trying to help Clara defies these trends as not only is she the main character she is incredibly active and entrenched in ‘doing’ within the narrative Her reasons for wanting Her back are understandable because of how Cajoleas has written her her father’s death was a traumatic moment in her life her mother is an addict who has effectively picked her new husband over her own daughter and Clara has no other friends or support systems in her life now that Her has been exorcised While there were ample opportunities for Clara to fall into stereotypical traps of a ‘bad girl’ Cajoleas always kept her from teetering and kept her grounded in a realistic personality She always felt like a realistic teenage girl who has seen some shit and her voice was authentic and natural As she uncovers the mysteries of the small closed minded town that she is living in you see her go up against obstacles that aren’t always because of supernatural or occult driven issues; many of the problems she faces are because of misogyny and prejudice that is entrenched within an Evangelical culture I liked seeing her interact with basically all of the characters be it within flashbacks to her friendship with Her to the fraught and sad relationship with her mother to the complicated and bittersweet relationship she takes up with Roy the son of the preacher who performed the exorcism Roy is a particularly interesting foil to her as her sullenness is matched with his fundamentalist driven optimism and her bitterness towards his father is in stark contrast to Roy’s submission to him It was a relationship that felt very teenager y with both of them making decisions that feel right in the moment but may have fallouts that they cannot seeI had mixed feelings about the actual possession story I loved the flashbacks to Her and I liked seeing Clara and Her interact and have a complex relationship It sets a groundwork that makes it very believable that Clara would go as far as she would go to get Her back That was a very fresh take on possession that perhaps this ‘demon’ wasn’t necessarily a ‘bad’ thing But by the end it becomes pretty clear that the full deconstruction of the ‘possession’ story isn’t going to happen It gets part way there I will give it that but ultimately it didn’t take a bold stance on redefining ‘demons’ and why people like Roy’s Dad might conflate something that empowers or emotionally supports girls and women as ‘demonic’ I appreciate that ultimately Cajoleas is promoting the idea that you should feel secure within yourself and to be able to stand on your own but I think that this message ultimately undercuts the positive female friendship message that I was hoping we would get from itWhile it didn’t UITE live up to my expectations “The Good Demon” was a fast and fun read and it’s absolutely one that dark fantasy and horror fans should pick up during the upcoming spooky season

  9. Nikki "The Crazie Betty" V. Nikki "The Crazie Betty" V. says:

    I won this book through a goodreads giveaway and was extremely excited to pick it up We’ve all read books and heard stories about possession but a story about the exorcised trying to get their demon back? That was new to me and sounded extremely intriguing The novel opens up with teenager Clare who has recently been exorcised of her demon Who is only referred to as “Her” Clare is depressed and angry and feels like she has been stripped of the only person who truly understood her and cared for her since her father’s death Upon discovering a message that was left by ‘Her’ Clare goes on a uest to prepare herself to be reunited with her demon The middle is slightly slower as we learn about Clare and her relationship to ‘Her’ but if felt right for what the story was and how we were learning about Clare and those around her Of course Clare isn’t exactly a reliable narrator as we only understand the demon and their relationship through her memories of their time together There isn’t any real objective view and the entire story is done through Clare’s POV As Clare moves through the story learning about herself and the town she’s grown up in she must also come to terms with some hard truths and decide what she is willing to sacrifice to once again be reunited with her beloved friend The end of the story was fantastic in my opinion and really brought everything around full circle And boy did I have feels Like all the feels Angry happy disappointed sad disgusted Seriously all of them I can’t say that the story ended “happy” but I do feel like it ended exactly the way it needed to The writing really pulled me in which is saying a lot for me as I read this entire book only during a flight to and from a work destination And I’m exceptionally ridiculously terrified of flying I can’t usually find something to keep my mind occupied from thoughts of falling out of the sky and dying so I must give serious kudos to Cajoleas for taking me out of my reality for a few hours I’ll definitely be looking for of his work and would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys strongly character driven pieces with hints of the paranormal

  10. mo mo says:

    Something's just off about this place It's like the town has a bad heart cruel gone wrong somehow So this was a pleasant surpriseI saw this book in a stack of new ones that my library had acuired The cover intrigued me as well as the summary so I started reading only intending to skim a page or two I ended up liking the prose especially how the author described the sensations the protagonist Clare has when demon possessed so I kept reading And reading and so on until I'd finished the whole book Admittedly it was a uick read maybe only 3 uninterrupted hours? but still I've been swamped with school this summer and unmotivated to read for pretty much this entire year so far and I found this book engaging enough to finishI really liked that the author didn't paint characters in broad brushstrokes of good and bad A preacher who exorcises the main character is unlikable yes but he isn't a cartoonish villain Likewise Clare's demon called Her or My Only is twisty but her relationship with Clare shows genuine warmth and love I think this novel is ultimately about how loneliness and abuse can go hand in hand as well as how power hungry groups can harm an entire community35 stars rounded up to 4

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