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Download PDF  The Jewel of Medina Author Sherry Jones – ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ The Jewel of Medina Author Sherry Jones – A'isha bint Abi Bakr is the daughter of a rich merchant from Mecca in the harsh exotic world of seventh century Arabia at the time of the foundation of Islam When she is married to the Prophet Muhamma A'isha bint Abi Bakr is the daughter of a rich merchant from Mecca in the harsh exotic world of seventh century Arabia at the time of the foundation of Islam When she is married to the Prophet Muhammad at the age of nine The Jewel PDF/EPUB or she must rely on her wits her courage and even her sword in a struggle to control her own destiny and carve out a place for herself in the community fighting religious persecution jealous sister wives political rivals and her own temptations As she grows to love her kind generous husband her ingenuity and devotion make her an indispensable advisor to Muhammad Ultimately she becomes one of the most important women in Islam and a fierce protector of her husband's words and legacyExtensively researched The Jewel of Medina evokes the beauty and harsh realities of life in an age long past At once a love story a history lesson and a coming of age tale it introduces readers to the turmoil that surrounded the birth of the Islamic faith through the eyes of an unforgettable heroine.

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  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    Somewhere in the Caribbean there is a stretch of beach lush with palm trees with sand the color of milk where I hope someday to go and hurl this book into the ocean where I will never see it again

  2. Ron Ron says:

    Anybody who says this novel is soft core pornography as Islamic studies professor Denise Spellberg did must have some sort of agenda there is nothing in this book that even remotely meets that standard There are scenes where sex is implied one scene where sexual intercouse is about to take place but does not and one scene in which a six year old A'isha witnesses two adults having sex without fully understanding what she's seeing but even that is presented in a non pornographic way in a single paragraphLook it's pretty straightforward This is to Islam what books like The Red Tent are to Judaism a reimagining of the historicalscriptural figures in order to give their stories additional layers of psychological complexity aimed at making them understandable to modern readers Yes it portrays A'isha the child bride of Muhammad as a selfish brat whose attempts to assert her independence almost always end up hurting others rather than helping her until she finally develops some maturity and empathy this is different from average teenagers how?I suppose particularly fervent Muslims might take offense at the notion that A'isha wasn't exactly thrilled at the number of wives Muhammad took and that on occasion she along with other wives was less than entirely respectful to him as a result Or the scenes in which Jones argues that A'isha was seriously tempted to commit adultery though she backs down from that plan at the last minute So what? These fictional plot elements hardly seem on a par with say the idea that Jesus was conceived when the Virgin Mary was raped by a Roman soldier in terms of offensivenessUltimately your interest may largely depend on how much you care about historical figures reimagined as proto feminists although the dynamic between A'isha and Muhammad's other wives is entertaining once it kicks into gear Also worth nothing the story ends on a slightly frustrating cliffhanger a seuel is already scheduled for publication Whatever uibbles one has with the story's execution though it's great to see that the book found a publisher who refused to give in to malicious ignorant threats

  3. Manny Manny says:

    Just ordered itOn the one hand the general opinion is that this book isn't very good On the other a couple of heavily bearded Muslim gentlemen were found guilty the other day of trying to firebomb the publisher Well I'm willing to be reasonable They stop firebombing I'll stop reading crap novels that allegedly insult the Prophet's memory It's a good offer Think about it

  4. Carolanne Carolanne says:

    Just because you earned some fancy journalist awards does not mean you should write a book THIS BOOK IS AWFUL Seriously some of the worst writing I've ever read NYtimes gave this a bad review and I should have known right then and there but I thought no I'll give this a chance Well I shot my self in the foot by renting this rabble at the library Will I finish it? I'm sure Will I be in physical pain from reading such crap? yes Will I be mentally damaged at the end of it? Hopefully not I'm amazed at the people who have given this book 4 or 5 stars REALLY?? Have they never read a book before?? Has this author even ever heard of character development??? I mean the main girl A'isha has no personality her character is completely stagnant it seems like the same at 6 years old as at 9 etc Boring and poorly written Typical Brings no new thoughts or ideas into my head The author even starts out the book stating how none of this can even be agreed upon by scholars Sorry if that offends anyone who thinks this is a great book but I'm shocked concerned maybe? really

  5. Alissa Alissa says:

    I enjoy historical fiction and I thought this book would be a good way to gain some insights on Muslim culture and MuhammedSome selections from the first pageMy neighbors rushed into the street like storm waters flooding a wadiMy father's mouth trembled like a tear on the brinkMy tongue lolled like a sun baked lizardDid the author raid a fifth grade teacher's imagery lesson? My God The writing is just abysmal Like an old man's intestines after 1 sandwich night at Arby's it's about to rain shit all over youThe heroine is an annoying little twat who thinks she's a Bedouin warrior Muhammed is a horny old man who wants to bang everyone and everything And this is supposed to be some great love story? He's a prophet? BahI learned nothing about Islam However I did learn that I will avoid Sherry Jones in the future

  6. Doreen Doreen says:

    Let me get my pettiest complaint out of the way first the cover is all wrong A'ishah the heroine of the piece has red hair and green eyes so I'm not sure who the cover is supposed to depictOverall I thought Sherry Jones did a very respectful rendering of how she views the life of women in the early era of Islam I think her narrative wasn't the smoothest eg with A'isha's fight training but I understand that she had a lot of material to cover and needed to pick and choose I thought she made A'isha out to be a very human figure which made her very easy to relate to and I also think she did a pretty good job with the other figures of early Islam making sure to depict them as other sources always have It was of course nice to see the egalitarian nature of the religion championed even as Ms Jones shaded it to show how easily it could be taken away by the chauvinism of those surrounding the Prophet and those who continue to do so to date Definitely a worthwhile read if not the most thought provoking at least not for me as I grew up with this interpretation of Islam that emphasizes social justice and personal responsibility

  7. Natasa Natasa says:

    I found this novel extremely boring While struggling to get through the colorless characters aimless storyline and dull dialogue I tried to figure out what the fuss is all about 

  8. Amy Amy says:

    this book was really disappointing To begin with Allah has never been referred to as al Lah and after all the sources referred to in the writing of this book at least the number that are listed in the bibliographyreally surprising I found that the characters were extremes rather than fully rounded believable characters I understand that writing about religious figures is a tricky subject but I found that the author was really trying to infer that that Muhammed pbuh was a weak lustful man that twisted and manipulated his revaluations from God to suit his own needs I found it a really interesting book simply because should someone who had no knowledge of Islam read this they would have a great misunderstanding of some basic facts I wouldn't recommend it for any one looking to learn about Islam and while it was an interesting read and the scene was well set I found the over all result a disappointing portrait It almost felt at some points that it was written to be controversial I wish the characters had been rounded a bit description about the clothing way of life and the surroundings It was at least a bit interesting on the fact of being purely fiction

  9. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    I am not a Muslim However I still found it offensive that the author portrayed one of the most influential men in history as a sex maniac who couldn't keep it in his pants and had to marry practically every attractive woman he set eyes on The author also made Mohammed's messages from Allah seem extremely self serving She portrays a holy man as a selfish pig who uses visions to justify his wants and desires And Aisha? Did the author intend to portray her as a selfish spoiled little whiny brat? Because that's exactly how Aisha seemed to me Reading this book was a waste of time I learned almost nothing about Islam but learned plenty about the author's prejudices It's no wonder many Muslim people think we non Muslims are ignorant

  10. Nojood Alsudairi Nojood Alsudairi says:

    Even historical fiction should have some credibility It is obvious that the journalist writer did not do her homework She lived in Afghanistan for a year and could not get out of Afghanestan when she wrote this book Burdah? Hatun? Do these words have any meaning for Arabs? Beduins? Maybe she meant A3rab? I could not read over the sixth chapter and had to skim through the rest You know why this book is popular? Because it was written in the right time It all goes back to politics People this is not our prophet not our Aisha and Ali Oh Ali What kind of books did the writer read about this great figure? I doubt she read about him either from the Sheits' or the Sunnis' point of view This book has a history of its' ownTime not well spent in reading this book

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