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Free ↠ The Karl Muck Scandal By Melissa D. Burrage – ❰EPUB❯ ✼ The Karl Muck Scandal Author Melissa D. Burrage – One of the cherished narratives of American history is that of the Statue of Liberty welcoming immigrants to its shores Accounts of the exclusion and exploitation of Chinese immigrants in the late nin One of the cherished narratives of American history is that of the Statue of Liberty welcoming immigrants to its shores Accounts of the exclusion and exploitation of Chinese immigrants in the late nineteenth century and Japanese internment during World War II tell a darker story of American immigration Less well known however is the treatment of German Americans and German nationals in the United States during World War I Initially accepted and even The Karl eBook ↠ welcomed into American society at the outbreak of war this group would face rampant intolerance and anti German hysteriaMelissa D Burrage's book illustrates this dramatic shift in attitude in her engrossing narrative of Dr Karl Muck the celebrated German conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra who was targeted and ultimately disgraced by a New York Philharmonic board member and by capitalists from that city who used his private sexual life as a basis for having him arrested interned and deported from the United States While the campaign against Muck made national headlines and is the main focus of this book Burrage also illuminates broader national topics such as Total War; State power; vigilante justice; internment and deportation; irresponsible journalism; sexual surveillance; attitudes toward immigration; anti Semitism; and the development of America's musical institutions The mistreatment of Karl Muck in the United States provides a narrative thread that connects these various wartime and postwar themesMELISSA D BURRAGE a former writing consultant at Harvard University Extension School holds a Master's Degree in History from Harvard University and a PhD in American Studies from University of East AngliaSupport for this publication was provided by the Howard Hanson Institute for American Music at the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester.

8 thoughts on “The Karl Muck Scandal

  1. Chris Huggard Chris Huggard says:

    Dr Burrage has produced an exceptional book on Karl Muck and how he was targeted by misguided “patriotism” during WWI Beautifully written with impeccable research that leaves no stone unturned Burrage’s book establishes a new interpretation of WWI Boston and America while also delineating Muck’s place as a top conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra despite his own pitfalls This is book will become a cornerstone of the history of Muck and classical music in the WWI era of WWI Boston and of human rights It’s also a handsomely produced book and the scholarship will stand the test of time Kudos to Dr Burrage for producing a superior book

  2. Sheila Sheila says:

    This outpouring of history is both captivating and enlightening revealing the scandalous times during World War I America This was written with impeccable attention to historical detail A must read for historians and musicians alike

  3. John Minigan John Minigan says:

    Fascinating deep dive into an artist and a controversy I'd not known about The politics of the period have real resonances today and the level of research and understanding of Boston of the period is outstanding

  4. Henry W. Henry W. says:

    I found this to be a fascinating story Few people in present day Boston know much about the German heritage and lasting traditions from the pre WWI era This book provides so much detail it is incredibly well researched and cited and a great read

  5. Gail Curtis Gail Curtis says:

    Melissa's highly researched and well written account of Karl Muck's experience in Boston's music history is captivating and entertaining in all aspects of a fantastic read Congratulations Melissa on such a beautiful piece of art

  6. Brian Brian says:

    A compelling story the telling of which is shackled by errors of fact and English usage every page at times

  7. Carlo Fuller Carlo Fuller says:

    Beautiful book Fascinating illustrations Wonderfully written and researched Muck was a complex character living in a troubled time

  8. Lydia Lydia says:

    What a fantastic and compelling read It is clear the amount of research Burrage put into this work Very well written and relevant to today's political and cultural climate

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