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Download ☆ The Kings Men All for the Game #3 By Nora Sakavic – ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☂ The Kings Men All for the Game #3 Author Nora Sakavic – Neil Josten is out of time He knew when he came to PSU he wouldn't survive the year but with his death right around the corner he's got reasons than ever to liveBefriending the Foxes was inadvisable K Neil Josten is Men All PDF Å out of time He knew when he came to PSU he wouldn't survive the year but with his death right around the corner he's got reasons than ever The Kings MOBI :ç to liveBefriending the Foxes was inadvisable Kissing one is unthinkable Neil should know better than to get involved with anyone this close to the end but Andrew's never been the easiest person Kings Men All Epub Ú to walk away from If they both say it doesn't mean anything maybe Neil won't regret losing it but the one person Neil can't lie to is himselfHe's got promises to keep Kings Men All for the PDF/EPUB ² and a team to get to championships if he can just outrun Riko a little longer but Riko's not the only monster in Neil's life The truth might get them all killed—or be Neil's one shot at getting out Kings Men All for the PDF/EPUB ² of this alive.

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  1. C.G. Drews C.G. Drews says:

    read 3 january 2020so my yearly reread of ATFG is done and now I'm supposed to be sensible and tackle my actual tbr pile for once 😪 My heart still clings to this series for found family and for broken kids learning to love and trust and cling on even though they're drowning And ngl the mafia parts were brutal and cold and thrilling I forgot Andrew only says like 9 words the whole book though and it makes me a little sadthis series is a mess of characters who have attitudes of black ice and cut glass and they make unforgivable decisions and can be problematic and cruelbut they're learning to be better that's what I ask for in a character arc growth and bitter fighting for change these Foxes 😭 Neil Andrew My heartread 2 february 2019i can't b re a t h e Honestly this series has just caught my heart and hustled its way in to take a firm place on my favourites of all time list Yes it's messy and imperfect But it's flawed in such a raw way and the characters are just loveable wretchesI can't evenvennnn I love Neil I love his attitude his vicious need to cling to love and the way he and Andrew find some peace within each other something to fight for when the world has only ever left them bloodyUGH I LOVE ITi miss it badly alreadyis a yearly reread needed now? i think yes·゚✧·゚✧Read 1 | February 2018Well hi I caN'T BREATHE JUST GIVE ME A MOMENT I think my heart might explode but IT'S FINE EVERYTHING IS FINE Just kidding it's not fine ajdfkasld it's bloody brilliant Look I like this series I adore it It's full of messy broken characters who find people to hold onto and that's just the kind of story that I love every single timeI mean it's even about sport?? And I'm as sporty as an upsidedown turtle BUT YET Here I am Also full warning but I'm going to name the ship and it's not really a spoiler but it might be because it's SO SLOW BURN that it takes 3 books to really happen So if you don't want to know who Neil ends up withI warned ya mateThere's way too much to freaking say so here's a list of things I loved• EVERY FRIKKIN THING• haha okay shh I'll be specific• so the character development particularly of Andrew and Neil and Kevin was so intoxicatingly amazing and I'm a fan• I love how it features mental illness and actually tackles it head on and doesn't romanticise it• It's FUNNY I laughed out loud so many times• and i sueakedyeah I don't know who I am now either• it's super long but somehow i wanted every page and • it gets very dark like darker than the 2nd book and that's saying something so get ready to lose your mind• also this author does NOT HOLD BACK so people are going to get hurt• I HURT• I HURT A LOT• Coach Wymack is the ultimate mother and I love him• the team having a sleep over with Neil in the middle to keep him safe probably broke my heart• I even couldn't look away from the game section??• tHE ENDING WAS SO TENSE• and the ship omg Andrew and Neil are a gift to this world and nearly made me cry• also can I say that I'm so so impressed at how much consent was pointed at in this book??? obviously Andrew's PTSD makes it a big deal for him but the fact that this basically an NA book full of aggressive mouthy athletes stopped everything and every time waited for consentit just made me really proud I wish ALL books would do this Always• also every Fox character was precious• and like this is a FAMILY and i love them• also Neil gets so freaking hurt and just afjdskladfd• this book• I'm actually devastated it's over that is the only thing• wait till I fall into the fanart on pinterest you'll never see me again I think it's worth mentioning that this isn't the kind of book where you condone all the characters' actions They do hella problematic things Andrew still needs to chill the heck out and some things he does are NOT ok But like I said in my review of bk 2 I think these characters are messy and sometimes awful and often times wrong but I think the book showed them brokenly and realistically Not necessarily as always good peopleAnd the character development just makes me weep I like So much Also the slowburn of the romance was perfect and painful and ahhh My frikkin shipI'm so glad I read this series And I read it all in just a few weeks which is unreasonably weird for me who loves procrastinating series The characters were intoxicatingly addictive and the storyline was bloody and frightening and super dark and full of broken people who were no less fierce and loving for the sourness life dealt them I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF NOW SCREAM PROBABLY I miss them already“There is no ‘this’ This is nothing”“And I am nothing” Neil prompted When Andrew gestured confirmation Neil said “And as you’ve always said you want nothing”Andrew stared stone faced back at him

  2. Claudia Ramírez Claudia Ramírez says:

    SO PROUD SO PROUD OF MY PRECIOUS SONSGO NEIL GO KEVIN GO ANDREW GO FOXES Ahhh with Kevin I feel like singing Ham's part in Dear Theodosia Look at my son Pride is not the word I'm looking for also with Neil tbh words can't describe how proud I am of himI feel like a proud mom is that weird? And I know I've said proud x1000 times in this short review but I can't help it THAT'S HOW I FEEL ABOUT MY FOXES It is rare when an author makes me care so much about a whole bunch of fictional characters I normally just love the main characters and the ocasional side character but Nora Sakavic made me really CARE about the whole team and the coach of the team At this point if Exy was a real thing I'd be a fan I need Exy teams in my life

  3. Kai Kai says:

    “Fight because you don't know how to die uietly Win because you don't know how to lose This king's ruled long enough—it's time to tear his castle down” The King's Men is one of the best books I've read in 2016 and maybe the best conclusion to a series ever apart from Harry Potter Nothing beats Harry PotterHonestly though there are so many amazing series out there However only a few of them have an ending that's as amazing or even so as the other books in a series Loose ends and too open or unrealistic endings happen often Some examples are Angelfall Starcrossed and even The Raven Cycle Their last books just couldn't live up to their preuelsLuckily Nora Sakavic succeded to outshine the first and second book with this conclusion The King's Men had everything and stunning characters and character development thrill suspense and excitement through a plot that exceeded expectations and most of all a worthy and satisfying ending for everyone People got what they deserved and I got the conclusion I wanted Even though I endured some stabs in my very weak heart and shed a tear or threeThis series got better with every book It played with my patience and my hunger for I read the whole series in only a week This is one of the best examples for character depth as well as female empowerment and eualityI cannot wait to read from Nora Sakavic though it might be hard to write something that can live up to All for the GameFind of my books on Instagram

  4. ✨ jamieson ✨ ✨ jamieson ✨ says:

    whAT A GOOD DAY TO THINK ABOUT ANDREIL AND HOW THEY ARE THE GREATEST THING TO HAPPEN EVER IN LITERARY HISTORYANOTHER EDIT You know how I'm always talking about how Andrew is my favourite character ever but I can never decently explain whyI found this on tumblr and it puts words down okay Do you ever just hurt when you think about all the times Andrew must’ve taken beatings from his mother in Aaron’s stead? And how he almost killed a bunch of guys for being homophobic towards his cousin? How Andrew would literally stab anyone if he saw a mere scratch on Kevin if Kevin gets a simple paper cut if a single hair on Kevin’s head is ruffled but would voluntarily split his own knuckles open without a second thought? It hurts when I think about Andrew’s hands around Kevin’s neck how he almost blinded himself in pursuit of Neil after he was taken away His disregard for the terrible terrible act that had been committed against him the violation of his own body; while he stared deeply into his brother’s eyes afraid of the blood he wore that wasn’t even his own Andrew’s fiercely protective streak could be seen to be just as human as it is perceived to be inhuman because that is how he shows his concern and the warped sense of love and family that he feels towards these people Andrew Minyard was a victim of brutal abuse and instead of victimizing himself he was only ever so stronger for it He looked at himself and saw something that was already far beyond saving but he would do anything to keep his inner circle from a similar fate he would take a thousand beatings if it meant that this makeshift little family he’d found himself a part of didn’t get hurt He literally never does anything without a reason and his crap sense of morality reflects the sort of awful environment he grew up in He has killed to protect someone that he loves and I have no doubt that he would do it again To him the end justified the means It’s not a healthy or acceptable way of thinking but for Andrew it was the only way Yes there’s no denying he’s messed up No he isn’t a good person not in the basic sense but he’s good where it counts And that is just one of 2036372883 reasons why he will forever be a character so very dear to my heart Anyway it's not everything I would like to say about Andrew and how proud of him I am and how he makes me cry everyday but it's something Better then that bright future was what he already had A court that would always be his home a family who'd never give up on him and Andrew who for once hadn't wasted their time denying that this thing between them might actually mean something to both of them Now he couldn't help but smile pull Andrew in This was everything he wanted everything he needed And Neil was never letting go NOTES ON THE REREAD NEIL JOSTEN IS MY BABY I love him so much I mean y'all I have NEVER seen a character verbally drag someone on the same level Neil Josten drags like HE DRAGGED RIKO STRAIGHT TO HELL FIVE TIMES IN THIS BOOK EVEN WHEN HE WAS DYING ON THE FLOOR HE COULD CALL RIKO A PIECE OF SHIT anyway I love him so much and he deserves all the happiness in the world I finaLLY understand Andrew I mean I DID the first time by the end but I understand it so much and everything makes so much sense and I will FIGHT anyone who shit talks Andrew Minyard because he has dealt with ENOUGH already wo that and he's just I love him so much he's doing his best I'm so proud of him But no shit Andrew is such a well written complex character and I love that Nora Sakavic didn't sacrifice his character and wrote him honestly and he's just such a good good character I love him Kevin 'I've never been skiing' Day my son tbh he owns Exy so much and like he's just such a fucking dweeb when they go on holiday but he stays inside and reads history books #NERD But anyway his whole drag and the way he OWNS the court literally daddy ok when he comes in w the new tattoo and he goes out playing left handed MY FAV FIGHT THEM KEVIN FIGHT THEM Wymack is like the single least problematic person in the world he's such a good dad 2 them all and he's just such a great person how does he do it anyway tbh none of them deserve him but anyway DAN AND MATT ARE SO CUTE FAVE HET SHIP THEY ARE SO GOOD IM GONNA SCREAM Allison I aint getting sex Nicky Maybe if you ask Kevin very nicely Kevin made a noise that was not human omfg tbh literally just Kevin's reaction to everything constant sigh the team constant irritation Neil Trying to keep tiny irresponsible children in line whilst drinking vodka like its water HONESTLY Kevin is my third fav behind Neil and Andrew but tied with Dan I love him so much Allison is such a ueen and tbh be my irl friend Aaron is a piece of shit he can go die tbh the bit when he's like ur sleeping with Andrew bc he's 'easy pray' kys AaronTBH if you're one of those people who hasn't read this trilogy yet you probably should because these book fucked me up long time like wyd it's so good everything about it from the plot to the characters mostly the characters but serious this trilogy is easily all time fave I even rate it above the raven cycle shocking its just SOO GOOD ORIGINAL REVIEW All my love to you to the person holding this book who took a chance on Neil and the Foxes and Exy Thankyou for believing in something crazy with me I don't know why but I loved the authors note at the end Maybe because I can't believe I managed to get so attached to this I mean a sport book?? That I'm now invested in for life ?? I can't believe I've fell in love with this much crazy I binged read these all in like a week and now I'm so sad to see it all go so soon why don't I read slower dammit Anyway I guess I should talk about the actual book The King's Men picks up right where The Raven King left off This is something I really like about these books they don't have that annoying 3 chapter long reintroduction to the story at the beginning of each book that's basically filler chapters It jumps straight back into the narrative and I love that so much In the third and final book of the series things between literally everyone are heating up I felt like the pacing here was so good There was never a dull moment I felt like so many things were packed into these 370 pages without it being overwhelming The pacing in every book is fantastic but this one managed to pack in so much genuinely good plot points character development and fun things like games and sniping conversations between the Foxes I want to absolutely commend Sakavic for the movement of the plot here All the necessary revelations and outcomes and things we wanted plot wise were finally given to us It was so much plot and story moving without ever dragging down the fun of the series which has always been the characters and the Exy There is so much suspense so many high tension scenes and so much grit I love that these books are so dark and gritty and awful but also fun and lights and hopeful I love that these characters so through so many terrible terrible ordeals and trials and tribulations but they still get up and keep going and we get to share both sides of that with them Everything the characters the games the overarching plots and the side plots blend so seamlessly I love it that so much is going on without it ever being overwhelming Everything we were waiting for happened and it was gloriousThe series continued to be incredibly emotive to me These are scenes and characters you really feel and who break your heart and make you cry and laugh and get angry Ah the characters They are truly all assholes but I say that with the absolute height of fondness in my tone There was so much character development here for Neil Andrew Allison Dan but ESPECIALLY Kevin I loved that so much The characters are so central and driving in this story if their plot points and development and dynamics weren't up to scratch you'd definitely notice But in The Kings Men they shone and I'm so glad Over 3 books I've come to know and care for all of them so much and I'm really going to have a hard time letting them goThese books are just outstanding exceptional In the way they deal with trauma in the way they show character development both great and small yet touching important monuments in it's smallness The writing really has impact and I felt like I was totally immersed in the story You know when you completely forget you're lying in your bed grasping a book because really you're right there with the characters experiencing what they do feeling as they do as if you're standing right beside them??That's me with these books I'm going to miss these kids so much I'm going to miss Dan fiercely objecting to anyone messing with her team I'm going to miss Renee's uiet determination I'm going to miss Allison's ridiculous splurge spending I'm going to miss Matt's on court fights I'm going to miss Aaron's grouchiness and perpetual bad mood I'm going to miss Nicky's loud mouth and endearing lact of tact I'm going to miss Kevin's callous comments about no one being good enough and exasperated sighs everytime Andrew or Neil instigates a fight I'm going to miss Wymack telling everyone to shut up I'm going to miss Andrew's deadpan rebuffs and Neil's total inability to stop himself starting a fight I'm going to miss Exy games and Kevin fangirling over UCR Trojans and Bee's cocoa and Sweetie's ice cream and Roland's sly comments and the never ending bus ridesI seriously encourage everyone to read this or at least think about it It's hard to explain what it is exactly but trust me this is the most heartbreaking sports team you'll ever come across and everyone needs to acuaint themselves with the Palmetto State Foxes Never not in a long time have I come to truly care so much for so many fictional characters So long my Foxes I will miss you all Until the next inevitable reread anyway Thank god Nora Sakavic has a blog where she's published SO MUCH extra content I need Foxes ASAP my official foxhole court playlist bc I'm lame

  5. amy ☂︎ amy ☂︎ says:

    me almost immediately after finishing this book for the fourth time missing the characters already and not prepared to let go

  6. may ➹ may ➹ says:

    May stop rereading the emotionally destructive books and acting surprised when it breaks your heart again challenge failed update I thought I was free from this obsession for at least a little while but yesterday I read a fanfic and now I’m destroyed againupdate this series has given me a book hangover and I’m unable to read anything unless it’s related to this and I’m deeply disturbed by how far this obsession goesinhales deeply AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHit’s fine everything’s fine I’m fine I’m just ignoring the fact that this series is over and distracting myself by crying45 stars?? I don’t know??? this whole series is so messy but I’m obsessed with it??????

  7. ELLIAS (elliasreads) ELLIAS (elliasreads) says:

    BeautifulHeart wrenchingly agonizingly beautiful You won't know what it means to be happy and alive until you've read this series Honest to god it's so fucking amazing Andrew freaking MinyardNEIL fucking JOSTENLeave me be Don't mind me while I go and tattoo their names on my face JK But really tho cries for days

  8. Lila Lila says:

    My mind is blown awayThere is a special kind of rush you get when you are having final book in series in your hands It gets even special when that closure comes after 2 years of waiting But this kind of emotional satisfaction I am feeling right now you get only when book is everything you hoped to be and a thousand things The King's Men was definitely worth the waitLast sentence of The Raven King gave us pretty much a big hint where will the plot of this book go Neil and his team will do anything to meet Ravens in championship finals But we know that's not an easy task Foxes are down to nine players and that's the the least number of players they can have in their team and be allowed to compete Team unity is still uncertain with cousins barely tolerating upperclassmenKevin is a very much product of his upbringing and he is scared of doing anything against his former clubAndrew and Aaron's relationship was messed up even before the events in Nicky's house for Thanksgiving that led to Andrew being committed;and Andrew is well Andrew Nobody can predict what will Andrew doOh and let's not forget yakuza family who think you are misbehaved property and mobster sadistic father with penchant for bladesRunning is not an option anyOk it all comes to thisEverything we waited for happened here in this novelStakes were already high ever since Neil joined the Foxes but they kept getting higher and higher and I have to say that in this novel suspense was off the chart You know how in traditional stories hero can be in all kinds of danger but you just know he'll come unaffected because he's the hero? Nora never gave us this security blanket When our boys were in danger those were nail biting edge of the seat moments and at one point I was genuinely afraid for Neil In that way I would say that this story dipped into suspense genre comparing to previous but considering the players involved I expected nothing less than for showdown to be epicThere is also a season to play and championship to win I am still baffled that Exy is just an imaginary sport because author paid a lot of attention on details and descriptions I'll just put my orange shirt with my gryffindor uidditch scarf into my sports they keep trying to persuade me are fictional department Anyway championship is intense and with no player to spare Foxes get into every game like their life depends on it Rooting for underdog will never get old and it's plot theme I will never get tired of readingBut when I say that this book is everything we waited for i didn't really mean just this These are things we knew have to come down but romance? I had no idea if this will even happen at some point There was a possibility but definitely not a promise That's why I was never sure I can attach romance tag to series Story was not about that and let's face it Neil thoughts were pretty much asexual Exy and murder that's about it Well for a little mastermind runaway expert our boy is so completely oblivious I was enjoying watching him falling in love I don't want to spoil it much but it was beautiful It was perfect It was everythingThe amount of love I have for Andrew is impossible to measure I always loved damaged characters but Andrew grabbed my heart with every scene he was in Andrew is apathetic by default and we read so many scenes with him showing lack of interestso when he actually does something it's so significant so pivotal you want to cherish it Also another thing I immensely respect author did with with Andrew was the fact she didn't end it with him being fixed His issues are just too severe and deep to be healed so easily He will never be normal but it doesn't mean he doesn't belong anywhereI am not really sure which scene did it for me but somewhere along the way this story stopped being about Neil and started being about a team of nine messed up kids and their coach We know that Foxes are ragtag bunch made of lost causes; kids everyone washed their hands off and they are team because Whymack believes they deserve another chance In fact Nora did this little cool countdown prompts with character's background on her blog and getting to know them better just cemented my feelings about FoxesI fell in love with every single one of themI cared for all of themAnd this why you should read thisIt's not really a story about Foxes trying to win championshipIt's not about beating Ravens or MoriyamasIt's about beating the impossible odds life threw at them And with people who love them in their team nothing is out of reachGo read this you will not be sorry Ok let's talk some numbers This is third and final book in series So if you haven't jumped aboard Nora Sakavic ship 1you are missing out and 2this is not a good place to start Go back to The Foxhole Court since these books have to be read in order With 138K words this is the longest book in series I still can't wrap my head around the fact that entire trilogy can be bought for 2 00 I would pay a lot for uality I got from this author Rating is pretty self explanatory but all the stars guysall the stars

  9. rin ( ̄ヘ ̄) read/watch mo dao zu shi rin ( ̄ヘ ̄) read/watch mo dao zu shi says:

    this is the only bookthis 🙌 was 🙌 everything 🙌 he 🙌 wanted 🙌 everything 🙌 he 🙌 needed 🙌 and 🙌 neil 🙌 was 🙌 never 🙌 letting 🙌 go 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌i would die for this series these characters and everything about itfirst reread in 2018 lmaothis is still so good so damn goooooooood and so damn gaaaaaay and pls remind me who i was before i read this series bc i dont remember it in the slightestanyway andrew and neil are the softest boyfriends and it's just factspsa this is the best andreil fic there is and if you haven't read it yet BLESS YOURSELVES118 apparently it was my 7th read im not sure if it's pathetic or inspiring looks at the camera like in the officeANYWAYthis is still the best thing that happened to me several months ago it hasn't even been a year since i first read it lmao and i love this so MUCH AND I LOVE MY FOXES AND I WOULD DIE FOR ANDREW AND NEILthis book brings so many EMOTIONS I FEEL EXHAUSTED I don't think i will ever be able to write a review for this but this series is really really important and means so much to me ❤i hope nora sakavic releases something asap i love her153so i just literally accidentally reread it today somehowi was like hmm remember thirsty andrew and then i decided to check couple of moments and smh i ended up rereading an entire thing i have no chill82 one day i will write a decent review for this book series but my emotional stance won't allow me to do it it'll be all over the place and i'll probably will die of pain and cryingOOPS I DID IT AGAINi will never get over this seriesi seem to have a tendency to reread aftg every month it's not even intentional jeezand tkm is honestly the best book in the series and the best series conclusion and aftg is the best contemporary series in my life and nothing can top this okayANYWAY i did a thing nobody asked for it was actually my primary reason to reread it at first since i got my fabulous paperbacks and decided to have one w themicounted every time neil josten said somethingsomeone is fine AND HE SAID IT 41 TIMES AND 28 OF THEM ARE I'M FINE i know u dont need this information pls dont judge meyou can see the proof in the spoiler tagview spoilerorange stickers yes it was intentional i had to buy them are for I'm fine blue for the other fines hide spoiler

  10. nova ryder ☼ nova ryder ☼ says:

    i know andrew would probably hate me but i’d still die for him

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