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[Ebook] The Land Chaos Seeds #3 By Aleron Kong – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❴KINDLE❵ ❅ The Land Chaos Seeds #3 Author Aleron Kong – Serv3.3pub.co.uk The THIRD vivacious installment of Aleron Kong's Chaos Seeds series Everything is not well in The Land Eaters Bugbears Evil Counts Vicious Thieves and Carnies You know circus folk small hands Yup Rich The THIRD vivacious installment of Chaos Seeds PDF/EPUB ¼ Aleron Kong's Chaos Seeds series Everything is not well in The The Land ePUB ✓ Land Eaters Bugbears Evil Counts Vicious Thieves and Carnies You know circus folk small hands Yup Richter Land Chaos Seeds Epub Ü and Sion have their work cut out for them Come back and see how they kick's some butt and takes some names Come back to THE LAND.

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  1. Bradley Bradley says:

    So you wanted that next great RPG that has Skyrim and old school DD written all over it did you? Yeah me too And so I'm ALL over this book for that reason It's light the leveling up is FAST with all the neat tricks of absolute power leveling through loopholes and full immersion uestsDon't get me wrong though this is all hardcore gaming fun that's part light hearted joy and expectation and part surprising revenge including assassins dark dungeons giants kobolds and golems We're on the full ride of a video game with full level up splash screens but it's still a super fast and fun adventure that's totally popcorn It's just pure murder for fun loyalty uests empire building reversals and MASSIVE POWER UPGRADES Did I mention power leveling? Did I? It tickles me funny

  2. Rob Rob says:

    Executive Summary I'm torn on this It has many of the elements that first interested me in the story but the main character is so off putting that I'm not sure I want to continue any I'd probably give this a 25 stars I've rounded down I may decide to round up later but probably notAudiobook Nick Podehl does an excellent job as always however the audiobook is not without its flaws despite that This series spends a ton of time on the game stats aspect of the main character This results in a lot of repetitive dialog I found this is made worse by the inclusion of sound effects I think some listeners may enjoy those additions as it gives the audio a bit of a video game feel For me personally however I find myself annoyed than anything at them If I was reading the book instead of listening I'd probably skim all of those sections If you're big on the details of the gaming you may feel differently Full Review I'd categorize this series as guilty pleasure reading I know it's not exactly the best written or offers deep characters That said I've enjoyed each book less than the previousRichter is a total dude bro I've been encountering these kind of gamers for as long as I can remember I don't like playing with them so I really don't want to follow the adventure of one in what might otherwise be a pretty interesting worldgame For the last two books the world buildinggameplay aspects of the story has been enough to keep me enjoying it This book may have hit my threshold for it I often found every time I was settling in and just enjoying the story Richter would say something obnoxious Sometimes it was just lame jokes but often than not he's making some stupid sexist comment I can't tell if this is meant to be satirecommentary on people Mr Kong has gamed with or if he truly thinks Richter is cool I suspect it's the latterAt this point I'm torn on the series Part of me wants to know what happens next with the village in the mist and the world its part of but I'm not sure I can stand Richter enough to continue on Maybe I'll change my mind the next time I'm looking for a guilty pleasure read We'll see

  3. Fate& Fate& says:

    The casual misogyny is infuriating He admires the sweater bunnies of an assassin after gruesomely killing her making it pretty clear what matters to him than the fact that he burned her face off He also finds a plant that has Viagra like properties and the ability to prevent pregnancy and leeringly tells his gardeners to plant for his personal use without telling them what it's for He walks off musing about the hot village girls he wants to try it on You know the village girls he has life and death control over The dick even briefly regrets upgrading his familiar's sentience because that's what he gets for giving a female the ability to criticize him This literary genre is for a very specific subset of fantasy readers those who enjoy playing games like Myst Elder Scrolls Guild Wars and other fantasy role playing games Anyone else will probably find this book and perhaps the whole genre juvenile and ridiculous Okay those warnings aside this was still intensely engaging but the plot was only okay I wanted to see growth from Richter as a person rather than as a list of stats and it was even evident in this book how immature he is And remains even three books in It's also painfully obvious that Aleron has some warped views of women And I can't even pretend to be surprised that given a serious deformity that might force Richter to grow up and show some character it's wiped away with no trace not long after

  4. Steven Steven says:

    Dropping my ratings until the author drops his attempts to trademark the term litrpg which he didn’t create and stops calling himself the father of American LitRPG which he isn’t

  5. Kacy❁ Kacy❁ says:

    Still enjoying this uest but all I've got to say why can't I have a pet dragonling like Alma? It's unfair

  6. Asa Whitley Asa Whitley says:

    Such a predictable childish story Has The Land Alliances A LitRPG Saga turned you off from other books in this genre?Yes I am thinking there may not be much hope for the LitRPG genre Any additional comments?Where should I start? Perhaps with the in depth description of the main character's coherent castration by a totally not suspicious character Then maybe the main character melting the skin off of people and again vomiting on himself How about Richter's continued stupid decisions leading to a repetitive circus act of plot slough Maybe when he slaughters members from two kobold tribes unprovoked that he sould have befriended to ensure the safety of his village Oh and let's just temporarily charm them and steal their most precious items while we're at it That won't lead them to attack later And every blingaling single blingaling statistics blingaling notificationAnd all of this in only eleven hours It's like an early ChristmasThe basic idea is that Richter is a bumbling idiot thrown about by plot where everything he flails his way through either just manages to work if he is the under dog or just fails if he is feeling proud of himself The entire story is written as if he's in a dream where his success only depends on how he is feeling It's like a bad anime Come to think of it this entire story is a bad 90's anime Even my 13 yo brother who listened to parts of the story was able to predict what was going to happen next without even knowing the plot This level of writing I would be impressed with if it came from a high school writing project but I am seriously disappointed with Aleron Kong the Father of American LitRPG

  7. Mark Mark says:

    just to warn you this is NOT a short reviewThis book isn't a good book and it definitely isn't a great book As many of the reviews will tell you it's of a guilty pleasure than anything else Reliant upon common literary mechanics and world building to make up for its poor character work The author however menages to ruin even this careful euilibrium by writing numerous chapters that are so bad their almost unreadable To put it simply where do I even start? The misogynistic comments alone are tolerable due mainly to their irregularity and ranged from really really messed up to downright perverted Perverted because of a whole host of reasons Not the good kind of perverted either iekinky just downright F'ed up For instance there is one scene where the main character remarks on how great a women breasts are right after he brutally murdered her In another scene he contemplates how he could drug the girls in his village who are technically under his control to ensure that they would have sex with him And that is just one part of it Read on I dare you In another part of the book he discovers a sentient race living under neath his lands and instead of seeking to befriend them he invades their lands and murders them Want details no problem read on ps I find this particularly ironic since the book is called alliances Well to start one time he comes across a pair of brothers and uses a spell on one of them not bad right well once again dear reader I say to you read on He than forces the creature to murder his brother before having a conversation with him about how to avoid his peoples defenses and then murders him too Later in the story he than proceeds to enter the land of one of the other tribes in the region and kills anyone he comes into contact with During his battles I told you this was gonna be a long one he menages to capture a few prisoners and magically forces them to help him out After providing them with food he is disgusted to learn that they eat their meat raw shortly after the point where he tore out one of his prisoners eyes and used it for a potion Following this because a book can never have enough wanton blood shed he forces the captives to lead him to one of their work sites Where he than moves on to magically take control of the guards and force them to massacre the word that the book uses is slaughter all of the workers ps If this book has a genocide achievement the main character has than earned it Workers who pose by the way absolutely no threat to him what so ever I just want you to remember that throughout all of this that these are people we are talking about people with family's Children Husbands Wives mothers and fathers To add insult to injury the main charterers bonded dragon than proceeds to defecate on one of the corpses something which the main character finds hilarious And that my dear readers is just a small sample of what awaits you To everyone who has made it this far I congratulate you You are well deserving of my respect I know it was a lot I'm just glad you manged to make it through all of it and to those who skipped to the end well I don't blame you In all fairness part of the reason I'm so upset about this is because up until this point it actually isn't a terrible book In fact its incredibly clear the author truly enjoys his work and has fully invested him self in the effort So too me it is less of a expected literary atrocity and of a shocking betrayal Something all the devastating in my humble opinion

  8. Everlaine (BookCaptain) Everlaine (BookCaptain) says:

    Third book in this series I read in three days you could say I'm hooked Looking just at the enjoy ability part this was is still delivering It's just the descriptions of the women and the really immature jokes that bring this down When the main character commented that a female assassin he just killed and whose face had been burned of by acid still had nice sweater bunnies I just about puked right on the spot Just no I will still continue though I really like this series in every other way Just please bring in some female characters who are there for than their boobs and to be able to make innuendos

  9. Fred Fred says:

    Heard about this online with the caveat that you'll love it or hate it the stat based repetitionOn book 5 now and have some comments and potential spoilers afterInitially was very interested in the story from the ominous outset and through the book Interesting take on having the character know his stats alignment etc After the 1st 2nd book it truely has worn out its welcome and I assume most people like myself just skip past and get to the end where the protagonist goes Wow this one thing is coolSecondly after the second person of power this guy meets happens to be a woman who threatens him and his sprite companion who happens to have his bow drawn on with a rolling pin it made stop and think if this was going to start going the way I hoped it wouldn'tWell later happened to google the author and of course he speaks about how he really embraces the SJW beliefs etcPersonally I don't often bother reading books with strong or noticable SJW as I am looking for an escape and not political or moral preachingThe author here keeps it somewhat low key however and the interesting world magic situations have so far been enough to keep me moderately entertainedIn books 34 and5 though we start seeing and of this evident when after cold bloodedly murdering a thief he states that the 'ends justify the means' At a later point there is momentous discussion and someone of respect says that she not sure if it is right or wrong however she will swear fealty to him because it is clear that he is an Agent of ChangeAlong with this the protagonist frees a bunch of non humans and brings them to his place of power They've been given a choice become little than indentured servants for a year or be left in the city where they will be undoubtedly recapturedAll along throughout the books its very apparent that the protagonist mirrors the author in almost every way From medical school through SJ beliefs etcI get the impression the author is having a blast and in some ways it is an interesting storyOf course the really interesting part for the reader is when you read a few google hits fromabout the author and then compare it to what you've readAn African American author who extolls SJW philosophy who was raised as part of the 1% is beyond privileged and had the rare opportunity in life to become an actual MD I believeBeyond that though is although he espouses SJW the first 4 books his character also acts like teenman children where any woman who isn't a Feminist figurehead is looked at because of her 'heaving bossoms' 'nice rear end' 'silken thighs' etc Wasn't aware that was accepted SJW beliefs nor was the wink wink nod nod joking about how a particular hotel was the best because it was full of prostitutes I would have thought that women who are so berefit of skills that they've had to sink to the lowest of lows and sleep with any guy with coin is considered sexploitation and not just by SJW'sI'm assuming that something must have happened though because in book 5 things are a bit different and all the standard guy talk relating to gay innuendo teasing that is actually common place in the real world has stopped and the main character ends up being bi attracted to a high charisma brother and sister pair of beast masters and besides not caring about which one he ends up with also ends up with a 3 some with them and narrowly misses a wished for 4 someKind of a hard 180' turn from 4 books before so perhaps someone in the SJW hierarchy called him outAs I said at the beginning the novel feature of the characters being aware of their actual stats and the incessant repeating of them at every level up or change of status does become something you will start to hateAnd you'll really hate it because this guy can't take a dump without leveling upIn old school DD this book would be referred to as a Monty Hall adventureThe protagonist from the outset is told that he can not die He can be killed however he'll just 'respawn' at one of his safe spawn spots usually with the loss of a few levels That right there kind of defeats any real worry you could ever feel for the guyThe Mony Hall aspect is not only with the rediculous advancement this guy makes but it also is obvious in the way the adventureuests occurThe new village Smith needs metals to make weapons for his people so of course the uest ends with him finding a metric hit ton of high steel moon metal cobalt etc What a coincidenceHe needs something else and what do you know his next uest finds almost exactly what he needsAgain its funny when one of his agents brings back another 100 200 people in need and the protagonist uips that 'oh so like they're refugees'So he magnanimously accepts them however later on he actually starts doing the numbers on his financials and realizes what he has been paying to support his original inhabitantsAnd that an additional 1 23's he can't affordSo the newbies are all welcomed with the same restrictions on not leaving for year preferential treatment if they bend the knee and swear fealty to him however they get to live and work there for freeSeriously this author is a Doctor? I'm rolling on the floor with the self inflicted wounds this guy is doing to himselfThe author would probably hit a brick and be out protesting if Trump were to decree that Mexicans can come into the country and work however can not get any sort of aid Wait isn't that sort of one of the planks of SJW philosophy?OK long story shortFor Fantasy this is cotton candy that will probably raise your blood sugar for not nutritional benefit A lot of the world and encounters are enough to keep oneself interested on a DD Level 1 2 level of Power of StorytellingFor those with limited time to expend on reading and looking for a good bang for you buck or bang for your time this is a 1xD20 roll Certain FailFor those who are pro SJW you will want to read this and the author says all the Right things However you'll probably find than a few things that are Patriarchial Mansplaining ish misogynistic homophobic Small Peopled istic etc etc For all of the effort one sees when one googles sci fi and sjw wherein there was a call to action for SJW authors across the internet to flood the genre and affect a Change I'm thinking you'll end up wanting to eat this author alive for being such a poseurFor those who are not looking for SJW indoctrination but plain fantasy sci fi etc works with an emphasis on the story you probably want to check the websites of authors you've enjoyed before for suggestions or the Dragon Awards until they are hijacked as wellFor those who want some interesting reading and like politics and like seeing what a meta joke is in the making this is an excellent starting pointI wanna feel sorry for the author on one level because I follow all of his jokes I get them on their level and I know that he has put a lot of effort into his work honest work Sometimes I like juvenile humor when its appropriateRegardless of the interesting ness of the world monsters etc everyone is 1 dimensional or 15 dimensional at most The villagers he professes to be willing to die for he cares nary a whit for unless they can help him get an x% build or productivity boost to this or that stateI think the work really is the wish of the author and reflects whathow he thinks he would act if he really were whisked off to another realityAside from the SJW act underneath it all it is about what he wants periodThere are no greater ideals democracy etc Its all about him knowing whats best and since he has the power he will bend you to his will although in the nicest possible fashionI'm gonna keep reading simply for many of the reasons above and because a friend loaned me the series so I'm not out anything but time

  10. Karsyn Karsyn says:

    7519 It's funny that I'm re reading them almost exactly at a year when I last read them Still as enjoyable as always I LOOOOOOVE these books71318 Still loved it though still wish Sion had been along for the stuff Richter was alone on It's so much interesting when it's than just him Still it's a fantastic book with a great cover art Onto re read of book 4 soon45 stars Loved it but my least favorite of the 3 only because Richter did almost everything on his own in this book I like it when Sion at least is along But the leveling up of Alma was awesome so that was fun Still a great book Now if only I can read something else before I tear through all these and have none left ACK

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