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[Epub] The Lemonade Club By Patricia Polacco – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Download] ✤ The Lemonade Club By Patricia Polacco – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Everyone loves Miss Wichelman's fifth grade class especially best friends Traci and Marilyn That's where they learn that when life hands you lemons make lemonade They are having a great year until Tra Everyone loves Miss Wichelman's fifth grade class especially best friends Traci and Marilyn That's where they learn that when life hands you lemons make lemonade They are having a great year until Traci begins to notice some changes in Marilyn She's losing weight and seems tired all the time She has leukemia and a tough road of chemotherapy ahead It is not only Traci and Miss Wichelman who stand up for her but The Lemonade PDF or in a surprising and unexpected turn the whole fifth grade class who figures out a way to say we're with you In true Polacco fashion this book turns lemons into lemonade and celebrates amazing life itself.

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  1. Lisa Vegan Lisa Vegan says:

    Another book by this author that made me cry Her books drive me crazy because they’re so close to non fiction Because there are photos in the back of the book of three “characters” and the author I so want to move this book to the non fiction shelf but I’ll refrain because I suspect some specifics in the story are probably based on truth but not non fiction This might be my fourth favorite of the now nine Polacco books I’ve read so far I have another eight at home that I plan to read fairly soon and will try to eventually read all of the books by this authorillustratorI’m surprised by how much I liked this book because I am not a lemon into lemonade optimist This is a story about two girls who are best friends in fifth grade one is the daughter of the author and their fifth grade teacherCancer has a prominent place in the story Much less central and just touched on are the issues of being overweight and of eating disordersThis is a picture book but I don’t want to give away any spoilers I’ll just say it’s an accounting of than one good friendship and of a compassionate teacherThe illustrations are interesting I especially appreciated the wonderfully drawn facial expressionsI would have loved this book as a child but this is not for preschoolers; it’s for school aged children Even though it’s a picture book because of the subject matter and the people’s ages I’d say it would be best for 8 11 year olds Many of Polacco’s books including this one can work so well for tutoring older kids and adults too who are struggling with reading but don’t want to read “baby” booksThis is a lovely story and I’m very intrigued because all of her books are so interesting and are based on real people often her own family and herself; I’d love to read a biography or autobiography about Patricia Polacco

  2. Ronyell Ronyell says:

    Patricia Polacco is truly one amazing author She has written books like “Mr Lincoln’s Way” which discusses racism “Thank you Mr Falker” which discusses dyslexia and “Babushka’s Doll” which discusses patience and all of these books are truly inspirational This time Patricia Polacco has written a book about cancer called “The Lemonade Club” and it is about how Traci and her teacher Miss Wichelman try to help Marilyn through her cancer “The Lemonade Club” is clearly one of Patricia Polacco’s most mesmerizing books ever createdOh man Patricia Polacco can write about any issue and bring it to the audience in a sophisticated and engaging way Patricia Polacco has most certainly done an excellent job at writing this book as it is both inspiring and dramatic at the same time Never would I have thought that Patricia Polacco would talk about the concerns of cancer in such a realistic way and I always felt sorry for Marilyn as she had to go through so many struggles to get through her cancer and I loved the way that Traci and Miss Wichelman stayed by Marilyn’s side through her hour of need since it showed true friends Traci and Miss Wichelman really are What really amazed me about this book was that Traci Marilyn and Miss Wichelman were real life figures in Patricia Polacco’s life as Traci is her daughter and Marilyn was Traci’s best friend who was actually affected by cancer I always loved the way that Patricia Polacco based her works on her real life and that is what is truly inspiring about her books Patricia Polacco’s illustrations are just as beautiful and realistic in this book as ever before Patricia Polacco makes her characters extremely realistic and my favorite images in this book were of Miss Wichelman herself as she is seen smiling throughout each image which greatly embraces her kind characterOverall “The Lemonade Club” is truly a remarkable book about dealing with cancer that many children who have also gone through cancer treatments will greatly appreciate I would recommend this book to children ages five and up since the topic of cancer might frighten small childrenReview is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  3. Abigail Abigail says:

    Traci and Marilyn were best friends begins this deeply moving tale from Patricia Polacco whose prolific output has included many picture books of an autobiographical nature In this case the story is of Polacco's own daughter Traci her best friend Marilyn and their fifth grade teacher Miss Winchelman When Marilyn who has always been a little chubby begins to lose weight and is always tired at first no one suspects the truth that she has leukemia But when it becomes known and Traci and Miss Winchelman are unable to comfort her after a difficult session of chemotherapy the entire class decide on a course of action to show their supportThe Lemonade Club so named for the mini support group formed by Traci Marilyn and Miss Winchelman who as it turns out has cancer herself and whose customary saying about turning lemons into lemonade is an inspiration for her students was another Polacco title that had me in tears In fact when I got to the page where Marilyn returns to school and sees the extraordinary action her classmates have taken to assure her that she isn't alone I broke down sobbing Yep Patricia Polacco strikes again This poignant story is made all the amazing by the fact that it is true and I appreciated the brief comments at the end and the photographs of Traci Marilyn and Miss Winchelman Highly recommended to any young readers confronting a serious illness themselves or in friends and family or to anyone looking for a story about community support and kids doing the right thing

  4. Randie D. Camp, M.S. Randie D. Camp, M.S. says:

    Polacco has an almost magical ability to tell powerful yet beautiful stories In “The Lemonade Club” Polacco is telling a true story that involves her daughter Traci Traci’s best friend Marilyn and their fifth grade teacher Miss Wichelman Traci and Marilyn were best friends and did everything together as best friends do They were even in the same class and they both loved their teacher Miss Wichelman Miss Wichelman was loved because she encouraged her students to dream and to overcome challenges by making lemonade from lemons This advice was put to the test when Marilyn was diagnosed with cancer leukemia Marilyn undergoes treatments becomes weak obtains bruises loses her hair and struggles with good and not so good days Traci and Miss Wichelman visit her freuently while she recovers from her treatmentsmeanwhile; the entire fifth grade class plans a surprise for Marilyn’s first day back to school I was already teary eyed from the beginning of the book but the surprise released the floodgates and I cried happy tears It also happens that Miss Wichelman has breast cancer so she bonds with Marilyn and Traci in a meaningful way The three become the Lemonade Club and when Miss Wichelman marries five years later Marilyn and Traci wear bright lemon yellow gowns in the ceremony in celebration of not only the wedding but also in celebration of their recoveries and Miss Wichelman following her career dream Polacco includes actual photographs of The Lemonade Club ladies all grown up and it is remarkable to be able to connect the book characters with the real people

  5. Abigail Abigail says:

    Great book I loved it It's about a girl whose best friend and then her teacher battle cancer and beat it They learn how to make lemons out of lemonade Bright vibrant colors Looks like pictures drawn with pencils and paint Words separated from pictures Would definitely recommend itPolacco P 2007 The Lemonade Club New York Philomel Books Patricia Polacco writes another story based upon events in her life with the story of Traci and Marilyn who are best friends in Ms Wichelman’s classroom However Traci notices that Marilyn is losing weight and finds out that she has leukemia When Marilyn beats the cancer and then their teacher gets breast cancer the three of them work with the rest of the class to show how great life can be even in the hard times and make lemonade out of lemons The artwork is typical of Polacco; her illustrations tend to be uite realistic created with pencils and either oil pastels or paint The colors are always bright and vibrant and the illustrations are not confined by the limits of a page I appreciate Patricia Polacco’s ability to teach young children about the difficulties of life in a kind compassionate way I would use this story as part of a unit on the hardships of life and how different people handle their illnesses and refuse to allow it to control them Helen Keller would be another person to include in this unit although I realize that at first she was a very angry little girl I might use this book as a read aloud because some of the words are rather difficult and then I would launch into a discussion of illnesses and how to deal with them It is great because it introduces a difficult theme to a young age group so that they will be better euipped to handle such issues when they arise in the future

  6. Autumn Fields Autumn Fields says:

    The Lemonade Club by Patricia Polacco is a heartfelt tear jerking and eye opening book for children and adults of all ages However this realistic fiction book that would best be suited for students in grades 3 4 in order to provide meaningful learning and comprehending experiences The Lemonade Club follows two girl best friends in the 5th grade named Traci and Marilyn When changes occur in their lives and friendship as well as in the classroom the students of the classroom come together to support one another Additionally their favorite teacher provides the students with surprising news This book is full of Aha Moments and promotes students to follow along and comprehend the event that are happening to fully understand the ending I would use The Lemonade Club book in my classroom as a way to introduce difficult situations that may occur in my classroom This book is a great way to familiarize students that may have not been aware of what cancer is and the impacts physically and mentally that it has on individuals This book is also wonderful in building a classroom community by the conversations that can come out of it It is important to talk with students about how when a student or the family of a student is going through a difficult time we can come together and support them Additionally this book could also fit the Aha Moment category for the fiction signpost as to when a character realizes understands or finally figures out something Students then stop and ask their selves How might this change things? I consider this a great opportunity to teach about Aha Moments by using this book in a lesson The Lemonade Club was a WOW book to me essentially because of the relationship between the 5th grade teacher and her students Mrs Wichelman cared so much for her students and was so explicit with them This encouraged me to be the same in my future classroom This was also a WOW book for me due to the fact that I have dealt with and experienced the emotions and hardships that come from cancer with family members This is truly a difficult topic to talk about but I believe Patricia Polacco did a phenomenal job making this into a book

  7. Lauren Panella Lauren Panella says:

    This realistic fiction picture book tells a heart warming story about a young girl who is diagnosed with Leukemia It describes how difficult cancer can be on a person but also how comforting it is to have a support system to care for them every step of the way I absolutely love how well the story portrays the importance of this; I believe it is a theme that students will take away with them and use in future situations as they grow up Patricia Polacco's story The Lemonade Club would be great for grades 3 5 as it provides a great way to introduceaddress the difficult topic of cancer For example this story would be an appropriate read aloud when a student family member or faculty member is experiencing a similar situation Not only does Polacco do an awesome job addressing this topic but she also rocks the saying when life gives you lemons make lemonade to push children to make the best of every situation This book is a WOW book for me because it reveals many truths about cancer in a way that educates children on the matter while also encouraging a positive and supportive response to similar situations that they may encounter The illustrations are flawless and engaging while Patricia Polacco's writing is surreal and inspirational

  8. Dolly Dolly says:

    This is such a touching story and the fact that it is true makes it all the wonderful We've been reading Patricia Polacco's books for over a year now and we are always on the hunt for one that we haven't read yet Her books are usually a top choice for one of our bedtime stories and often than not I find myself in tears or choking back the tears Such is the case with this book It is a wonderful and heartfelt tribute to a period in her daughter's life when life was truly handing out lemons But happily the lemons eventually turned into bright lemon colored dresses worn by very happy bridesmaids for a beautiful bride Very sweet lemonade indeed sigh

  9. Betsy Owens Betsy Owens says:

    – I cried when Marilyn got cancer I cried when all her hair fell out I cried when she came back to school and all her classmates had shaved their heads – even her teacher I cried when Miss Wichelman told Marilyn she had breast cancer I cried when five years later the girls walked down the aisle at Miss Wichelman’s weddingThis story is so powerful It communicates the power of love acceptance compassion courage and determination It is a heavy topic and one that should be carefully considered before sharing in a classroom but the message is amazingly clearThe fact that this story is based on the true events of her daughter Traci’s friendships lends credibility and strength to the message

  10. Linda Lipko Linda Lipko says:

    When a young girl and member of the small group of friends and their teacher discovers she has cancer The school mates and friends rally round her Each student and their teacher shaves their head in respect for what their beloved classmate is going throughBased on a real life experience of Polacco's daughter this book shines through

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