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[Ebook] The Lost Pony of Riverdale (The Riverdale Pony Stories, #1) By Amanda Wills – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ The Lost Pony of Riverdale (The Riverdale Pony Stories, #1) Author Amanda Wills – Serv3.3pub.co.uk “once I started reading it I honestly couldn’t stop Each chapter was thrilling and left you wanting ” 5 review Poppy McKeever is reluctant to move to an old cottage on Dartmoor until she discove “once I started Pony of eBook ☆ reading it I honestly couldn’t stop Each chapter was thrilling and left you wanting ” review Poppy McKeever is reluctant to move to an old cottage on Dartmoor until she discovers that her new home comes complete with its own pony But life at Riverdale is not as straight forward as it seems especially when Poppy spies a flash The Lost PDF/EPUB ² of white in the woods next to the cottage Her stepmother Caroline is acting strangely and her adrenalin junkie brother Charlie is on the hunt for big cats But will Charlie's obsession drive the two children into dangerous territory And when Poppy is faced with a terrible dilemma to save her brother or the pony she has always longed for who will she choose Lost Pony of Epub Ü The Lost Pony of Riverdale is an euestrian adventure book about friendship ponies and horse riding.

10 thoughts on “The Lost Pony of Riverdale (The Riverdale Pony Stories, #1)

  1. Pennie Pennie says:

    A romp of a read Excitement adventure abound Imaginative writing will have any pony mad girl hooked uite a few grown up girls as well I look forward to the seuel

  2. Clare O& Clare O& says:

    Poppy and her dad stepmother and half brother aged six move to Devon Poppy is sure she'll be unhappy until she is promised the old pony that comes with the house which brightens her outlook only to discover that Chester is a donkey I found this so funny and I could see a lot humour in the tale like young Charlie's dedication to tracking a big cat loose on the tors Poppy initially comes across as ungrateful and spiteful accusing her stepmother of lying I thought she should have been delighted to learn to care for the donkey and save up for a pony since there is a field and stable By involving of the local community we learn about a tall grey pony which used to live at Riverdale with the donkey but has not been seen in years Could he be running wild and how would he escape the annual roundups? This is a great read about growing up taking responsibility and putting an end to the stunting harmful cycle of grief and blame Poppy's aching need to rescue the pony could be seen as an expression of her need to save her mother who died in a road accident Her father has an exciting job as a war correspondent but this takes him away from the family for weeks so in the absence of an authority figure and her dad's love Poppy gets away with rather than some young ladies would be allowed The countryside and community are well depicted for us and vocabulary is excellent Young readers can learn a lot about pony care too in the exciting story This is an unbiased review

  3. Deloomey Deloomey says:

    I thought this book was slightly cheesy and not exactly based in real life Here are some of the reasons why1 A little boy would NOT go out into pouring rain and extremely bad weather to find a big cat Some boys like big cats Some are in love with them I'm sure But I'm pretty certain no person in their right mind would walk out into that type of weather2 The whole thing about Cloud is kindaI don't know Hard to believe I guess the author could have made it a little understandable After all Cloud IS a domestic horse Stealing him from the mean old man who had purchased him and throwing him out into the wildwhat if he couldn't figure out how to survive? I know some horses' instincts immediately take over but really the woman went to all that trouble to hide him in the woods and take him when it was time for the round upand he was continuously getting injured as you probably read in the bookwould it have been better to report abuse? Or maybe even leave him there at the man's farm The woman shouldn't have kept him a secret it would have been a lot easier for her AND Cloud maybe the police would have gotten involved and taken him to a nice place where he wasn't being injured all the time? and also a lot easier for Poppy when she moved in she wouldn't have had to go through all of that troubleWe never even figure out what attacked or injured Cloud in the woods A branch? Maybe the big cat?And I can't see a wild horse who's been living in the woods for like ever being a perfect pony to ride and I bet in the next book he probably isOverall this book definitely could have used some extra attention to details I found short sentences they drive me crazy and some misspelled words maybe it's just my Kindle? but it was a nice idea for a book A little time spent on it perfecting it wouldn't have hurt

  4. G.G. G.G. says:

    This cute little story brought me back to my childhood when all I wanted to read were stories about horses This one had it all a pony in danger a child who is unsure of the love of her stepmother a beautiful English countryside and of course like all middle grade book should have a wonderful endingHighly recommend for MG and horse lovers

  5. Belinda Belinda says:

    425 stars Kindle ebook I have dyslexia But eleven year old Poppy knew from bitter experience how someone life could turned upside down in a heartbeat Lovely childrensbook for Ponylovers Poppy had a hard start in life Her mum died in an accident and she Blames herself And then her father remarried and had a son and on top of that the move cross country out of London to the Dartmoor countryside The last thing of her mother the house in London is taken from Poppy But in the new house and with her new friends Poppy has adventures and finds a new balance in life 🌹

  6. Elaine tierney Elaine tierney says:

    BrilliantThe story stricksyou in and it's like you are in the middle of it all I recamend it to all animal lovers

  7. Nazneen Nazneen says:

    This book is pretty close to my heart though it has some flaws I would not like to give spoilers The book has the right amount of drama and moralityIt is on a realistic side Overall this is a short review and it is amazing

  8. Hannah Hannah says:

    According to this book is aimed at 9 12 year olds so at 22 I'm well outside the target age range but I loved the story and although it was a uick read it didn't feel childish It reminded me of the pony stories I loved as a child but the unlike many of them there are plenty of events that aren't connected to ponies at all and I found them just as engaging as the pony partsPoppy's little brother Charlie sometimes sounds a little older than six but the characters are all well drawn and realistic The author isn't scared to tackle tough issues such as bereavement and step families but she does so sensitively and I loved the way Poppy's relationship with her stepmother developedOverall I really enjoyed this book and was eager enough to read the seuel that I read both it and the third book in the series before taking the time to write this review All three are uick reads with plenty of heart and a plot that should interest readers of any age

  9. Rachael Eliker Rachael Eliker says:

    The Lost Pony of Riverdale was a fantastic book it had complex and interesting characters suspense real life problems many readers could relate to and the author knows her ponies It was a uick read and though it is aimed at a younger audience I thoroughly enjoyed the plot Looking forward to reading what adventures Poppy and Cloud have next Would highly recommend this book and this author for all horse lovers

  10. J. J. says:

    A delightful tweenage novel for horse crazy girls starring a cast of complex and fully developed characters and the author nails a perfect 10 ending Without dropping any spoilers let's say that if things had worked out the way Poppy and I hoped it wouldn't have been as good a book But a splendid twist at the climax takes care of everything Well done and a fun relaxing read Five strong stars

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