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[PDF] The Lucifer Glass By Frazer Lee – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Epub] ➣ The Lucifer Glass ➤ Frazer Lee – Serv3.3pub.co.uk It may cost you your soul Daniel Gates is a fixer Whatever his client wants he can get for a price But the price of his latest assignment is a high one indeed He is to travel to Scotland to exchange a It may cost you your soul Daniel Gates is a fixer Whatever his client wants he can get for a price But the price of his latest assignment is a high one indeed He is to travel to Scotland to exchange a rare demonic text a grimoire for a consignment of even rarer whiskey Reading the grimoire Gates learns of the legend of Lucifer s Glass and the unholy trinity of green eyed demons who protect it As he does battle with the demons Daniel realizes too late that there The Lucifer MOBI :ç is much to his assignment than meets the eye He is locked in a struggle to save his very soul from damnation.

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  1. Ms. Nikki Ms. Nikki says:

    35 starsDaniel Gates is a fixer He'll get want you want if the price is rightHis last mission went awry and some lines were crossed but the employer asks for one uest If he completes it he will be paid handsomely and the issues from his last job will be taken care ofDaniel accepts seeing as he's only supposed to transport a book to an island and in exchange he's supposed to acuire some special whiskeyThings don't go uite like he planned and the trip turns out to be than Daniel bargained for as a mystery unfolds and choices are made that will determine than just a paycheck Daniel will be fighting for his very soulThe Lucifer Glass started out slow but built to a strong steady tempo as Daniel became aware of just what was happening This read would not have been as strong if Mr Lee hadn't written such a believable characterThe Lucifer Glass had a Twilight Zone feel to it that made you uestion what was imagined and what was real I'd definitely read something by Frazer Lee againI was given a copy in exchange for an honest review Check out wwwHorrorAfterDarkcom

  2. Sara Tantlinger Sara Tantlinger says:

    A crazy adventure and a uick read laced with some gorgeous prose that made me stop just to appreciate the language The occult world Daniel Gates finds himself drowning in has me hooked and I am eager to see what happens next

  3. Rich D. Rich D. says:

    Daniel Gates is known as a fixer someone who uses a variety of skills in order to collect obscure artifacts for his clients He recently completed a high stakes mission in obtaining a a mirror made from human bone for a powerful corporation and is set to collect his payday before he is offered another job travel to an obscure Scottish distillery to obtain a large bottle of mysterious whisky known as The Zero Malt Gates is unable to turn down the offer with the promise of uadrupling his fee and having his history wiped clean with new papersGates boards a train to Scotland and with plenty of time to kill and daydreams about calling it a career after this one job swirling around his head He decides to take a peek at the package given to him by Rothschild to use in exchange for of The Zero Malt The book is a custom leather bound book that bears the marking Choronzon's Grimoire and is filled with handwritten script that details the history of numerous occult objects and is full of indecipherable drawings It is here that Gates discovers the true meaning of the mirror he handed over to RothschildGates loses the book on his travels but decides to take the meeting anyway hoping he can salvage the deal with some smooth words and a enticing offer When he arrives on the island of the famed distillery he is stunned by what he finds Abandoned on the island with no way back Gates has no choice but to try to make a deal The distillery is seemingly empty but Gates can't shake the feeling that someone or something is watching him What follows is a fever dream of events that finds Gates struggling for survival as he is plagued by horrifying visions that make him uestion his sanityGates is an interesting character a suave confident jack of all trades who has connections to black market items He is a shadow someone who manages to get his business cards to potential clients at just the right time The air of mystery around him is what immediately draws the reader in but what makes him standout is his very realistic portrayal He has very real faults and has made numerous mistakes throughout his life and career Despite his professional reputation and the things that he has undoubtedly seen he also doesn't seem to have all the answers He finds himself in very real danger and at times you begin to see a vulnerability appear in him Lee is a supreme talent when it comes to building a sense of atmosphere and that is evident not only in The Lucifer Glass but his other works as well His writing is detailed and full of rich imagery that engages all the senses and helps immerse readers in the worlds that he creates The novella format works extremely well for The Lucifer Glass creating a fast paced read that uickly drops the reader into a world of psychological horrors While certain aspects of the story seemed to be a bit confusing at times I thought The Lucifer Glass was a fun read and I think it will appeal to those who enjoy occult based horror Lee has at another two books planned in the Daniel Gates universe but I hope the stories continue well beyond that

  4. Erin Al-Mehairi Erin Al-Mehairi says:

    Legendoccultfantasyyou are never sure what is real dreamed or imagined but I loved every minute of this fantastic novella NEED Review to come

  5. Michael Brookes Michael Brookes says:

    This is decent short story about Daniel Gates who specialises in retrieving specialist items His latest job was to retrive a special mirror and from there his employer sends him on a new job He travels up to Scotland with a rare grimoire in his possession which he is supposed to exchange for some extremely rare whiskey However things are not uite what they seem This is a short story so is over before you realise it and for me that was the only real downer there was a bit story here but don't let that put you off as it is worth the read Once it got going the strange aspect kicks in and became a lot interesting For a short while it had me confused but then a moment of clarity dawned and everything progressed smoothly to the end The author's writing is good and kept me involved in the story and I'll look forward to reading of the author's work There's some decent horror in the story whioch I appreciated witgh a nice blend of physical and psychological horror All in all this is a decent read and I'd recommend it to any horror fans

  6. William Oarlock William Oarlock says:

    Daniel Gates makes his living acuiring rare and valuable objects for the most wealthy of clients When a certain Rothschild after buying a darksome occult item hires Gates yet again to make another rare purchase A commission that leads Daniel into a seemingly endless vortex of nightmareA good and swift read

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