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[Ebook] The Marriage Mart By Teresa DesJardien – serv3.3pub.co.uk [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Marriage Mart Author Teresa DesJardien – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Fiddlesticks thought Lady Mary Wagnall finding a husband couldn’t be that difficult She knew she was no great beauty and at the ancient age of 28 she was prepared to settle for an older gentleman on Fiddlesticks thought Lady Mary Wagnall finding a husband couldn’t be that difficult She knew she was no great beauty and at the ancient age of she was prepared to settle for an older gentleman one happy to settle down and start a family of his own Yet one glimpse of the incomparably handsome Maruess of Rothayne put every practical plan The Marriage Epub / to rout Mary would be less than a woman if her heart remained unaffected by such a man but the fool for giving in to such follyNothing intrigued the Maruess of Rothayne than a challenge particularly where women were concerned And Lady Mary Wagnall with her uick witted banter and forthright nature would certainly provide enough sport to alleviate his increasing sense of ennui But as he helped to plot her course to matrimony he began to wonder if it was to be his sworn bachelorhood which would succumb to her charming nature and lively smile.

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  1. Audrey Audrey says:

    While it wasn't the worst thing I'd ever read there were too many things wrong with this book that I couldn't honestly bring myself to give it a generous 2 stars and say it was okThe premise had many elements I tend to favor in these traditional Regencies an unusual spinster handsome duke an unlikely friendship and said duke helping to find the spinster a match while the duke and spinster themselves are unknowingly perfect for each other I usually like these stories I did not like this oneThere were some major things that didn't add up for me The duke's scandalous reputation as a rakish sort and a cynic with a sharp tongue earning him rolls eyes the silly nickname of The Blade rolls eyes again Sorry couldn't help myself So here's my problem we're told he has this nickname and reputation but we never actually see it He seems like of a scamprogue ish fellow with a penchant for making outrageous remarks to our heroine Mary There just wasn't a strong enough characterization of the duke to make me want to root him on The duke in general Let me get this out of the way his name is Godfrey pauses Okay now that should earn a few demerits in and of itself Other than that though his thickheadedness in not recognizing that he wants Mary for himself made me want to smack my forehead in disbelief There were points in the story where I just thought Okay here's where the author is going to turn this book around and have Godfrey that name shudder realize he loves Mary and needs to pursue her before things go too far with her other suitors whom he himself has introduced to her Needless to say this doesn't happen view spoilerIn fact it's not until the last ten pages after Mary is already betrothed and indeed while Mary is at the church about to be married that things turn around for Mary and the duke smacks forehead hide spoiler

  2. Kathy Kathy says:

    Where do I start? I came to realize while reading this just how much I love the trope of the Hh liking each other I truly enjoy when a harden rake actually likes the heroine sometimes against his better judgment Maybe because these stories focus on the Hh actually getting to know and respect each other knowing the rake actually likes the heroine and not just lusts after her is so refreshing and real The relationship between Mary and John is sweet I loved their friendship Throughout it all you can tell there are deeper feelings there although neither wants to admit it It's sort of a forbidden love vibe he's the harden rake and she is the plain spinster view spoilerI almost think he fell for her from the start but never believed he was good enough for her because of his past So he tries to bury his feelings and find someone deserving of her hide spoiler

  3. Roughseasinthemed Roughseasinthemed says:

    Lady Mary Wagnall is 28 – an old maid and on the shelfShe allegedly missed out on snagging a husband first time round because she wasn’t pretty enough Now she’s decided to enter the fray again look for a sensible mature husband who can give her the children she wantsHer chaperone for a woman of 28 is nominally in charge of the husband hunt but Mary’s chances – and choices – improve significantly when she is befriended by John Maruis of Rothayne He decides to help her in her matrimonial search and soon has a fine array of suitors lined up for herAs with most Regency novels involving husband hunts the enjoyment is in the dialogue At one of these social events Mary is weary of the charade “I have to wonder how many others see through my attendance here? How many others guess it is a husband not gaiety that I seek?” “Everyone” he answered at once but to take the sting out of the words he added “That is what these gatherings are for after all And you have expectations and a fine dowry and a lovely way about you No one thinks the less of you that you follow the natural course of things”That also sums up the relationship between Mary and John one of honesty and friendship where neither has to pretend to the other It’s an enjoyable and easy read for those who like Regency romance

  4. Melissa Melissa says:

    This was great I really enjoyed this entire story line The ugly duckling and the naughty swan meet and become amazing friends and see the beauty inside each other I so enjoyed there friendship and getting to know each other I bought her other book and plan to read the next book This author does a really good job with her characters giving you a picture and then creating depth and personality as you go I was a little worried about the content with the leading man being a rake but it was so well done There were a couple of kisses in the end and some adult content Very sweet

  5. Mildred I. Valentin-Torres Mildred I. Valentin-Torres says:

    Once you start to read it you will not be able to put it downExcellent well written One of my favorites books I've read it twice already One of my keepers for sure if you are looking for a good romance this is the best

  6. Mark Liesch Mark Liesch says:

    Well doneMs DesJardien weaves a lovely uniuely poignant tale that kept me sniffing cheering till the end Well done I hope to buy many hours of enjoyment from this author

  7. Laura Laura says:

    I liked the Heroine she was older 28 gasp knew she wasn't a beauty and was practical in looking for a husband The hero was presented to us as a rake but never seemed like one I did appreciate how they became friends first before falling in love although the ending was a little silly Clean

  8. Katie Katie says:

    Unusual premise unusual characters unlikely scenarios I liked the dialogue I liked the heroine because she was practical I thought far too much emphasis was placed on her lack of beauty It was an entertaining read anyway

  9. Hillary Hurst Hillary Hurst says:

    NiceIt was a nice story of finding love with your best friend It was sweet but not spicy You barely get kisses

  10. Virginia Tican Virginia Tican says:

    This is actually a reread but I must say it has become better this time around The author has really made me empathize with John's angst and of course with Mary's dilemma Though both of them have struggled with their own demons he in his past had a propensity to fall for the wrong woman twice despite his good looks and future inheritance Melinda chose ready wealth and Sandra wanted him to cover up her indiscretion having already betrayed him with another man; she with her lack of obvious physical beauty considered all important in the shallow society they both belong to This story is not the usual runofthemill Regency romance The author managed to inject depth into her characters and made the story so poignantly heartfelt and at times heartbreaking even

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