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Read ✓ The More of Less By Joshua Becker – ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The More of Less By Joshua Becker ⚣ – Don’t Settle for More  Most of us know we own too much stuff We feel the weight and burden of our clutter and we tire of cleaning and managing and organizing   While excess consumption leads to bi Don’t Settle for More  Most of us know we own too much stuff We feel the weight and burden of our clutter and we tire of cleaning and managing and organizing   While excess consumption leads to bigger houses faster cars fancier technology and cluttered homes it never brings happiness Rather it results in a desire for It redirects our God given passions to things that can never fulfill And it distracts us from the very life we wish we were living  But it doesn’t have to be this way    In The More PDF or The More of Less Joshua Becker helps you   •          recognize the life giving benefits of owning less •          realize how all the stuff you own is keeping you from pursuing your dreams •          craft a personal practical approach to decluttering your home and life •          experience the joys of generosity •          learn why the best part of minimalism isn’t a clean house it’s a full life   The beauty of minimalism isn’t in what it takes away It’s in what it gives.

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  1. Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ says:

    3 StarsI have gotten into minimalism over the last year or so and I think this is the third or fourth or fifth? book I've read on the subject I think if this had been the first book I had read on minimalism I would have enjoyed it For those just starting to dip their toe into this way of living this book is probably great; but for those like myself who have already been at it for a while it really has nothing new to offer In addition to that there is a LOT of Christianreligious fodder which while it didn't really bother me as I knew it was coming might not be everyone's cup of tea All that said I can't in good conscience give this book less than 3 stars as it was Josh Becker and his blog upon which this book is based that really got me going and motivated when I got into this whole thing last year Also let me make something else clearI am NOT rich But I AM definitely privilegedAnd I recognize that this whole minimalism thing can be seen as an elitist endeavor I get that you must be someone privileged enough to have had too much stuff in order to wantneed to get rid of some of it I am not trying to preach or act like a martyr here folks I promise This is just a book review For me it's not about elitism or the look of minimalism I mean hello I still have a gazillion books on my shelves and a Disney coffee cup collection that makes me grin like a five year old at a Disney parade It's about living a slower intentional life getting rid of all my debt and trying to be grateful and generousOr as grateful and generous as my cynical emotionless black hearted self can beEdited to add I got into this last year when I knew I would be walking away from a stressful 13 year career and taking a hefty pay cut as a result For me it’s not about getting rid of stuff for the sake of it It’s about getting rid of stuff I don’t need or use and recognizing what useless stuff I buy for no reason as an emotional crutch or pick me upso I can be intentional about what I buy going forward and being better with my money That’s all I could give a shit if my house looks “minimalist” or not and all that bullshit It’s just about having less clutter and stress and time intention and money

  2. Rachel Willard Rachel Willard says:

    There was nothing new here compared to his other books and other authors have done better with this subject I also didn't appreciate the gratuitous amount of Christian preaching that this book had There should have been a disclaimer on the back that this was a religious book

  3. Emma Sea Emma Sea says:

    A very good book if you are considering cutting down on your stuff and just want a nudge to take the plunge If you've already made that decision this will not be as useful

  4. Gina Gina says:

    To be honest I skimmed this book and I did so because1 I'm at the point where I'm interested in practical application and exercises not personal stories A bit of that is fine but every minimalist blogger or author has a story of how they came to to minimalism and those stories aren't that different 2 Religion Becker is a Christian and he states in the introduction that he's included bible stories as support of the minimalist lifestyle Fair enough That's not my cup of tea as they say

  5. Anne Lawson Anne Lawson says:

    In the world of simplicitydecluttering books and there are a lot out there now some say Joshua Becker says nothing new Others have criticized his emphasis on Christianity Here's my take 1 I have read nearly ALL books having to do with minimalism simplicity decluttering cleaning This is probably my second favorite if not favorite Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up is just uirky and intense enough to be vying for the top spot Becker does say things others aren't saying for instance he's the only one I know who addresses each generation and talks about their own hindrances or tendencies when it comes to decluttering which was very helpful Unlike Marie Kondo and others he introduces the concept of leveling not getting rid of things totally but boxing them up and moving them to a different location to see if you can live without them He's also a proponent of starting small if you have to and making it a lifestyle I think this is realistic for people and the emphasis on small victories which keep you going is a truth also discovered by Dave Ramsey who gives the same advice when it comes to debt reduction Also although other books address simplicity from a Christian standpoint and occasionally point to Jesus as the example of a simple life only Becker actually talks about Scripture in a way that reveals Jesus' heart towards possessions and His balanced treatment of people I love the comparison between the Gadarene man and the rich young ruler This shows that Jesus' intent was the heart not to make giving away all your possessions a reuirement for righteousness therefore leading to works Which leads me to point #22 I loved it most because of the emphasis on Jesus and Becker's declaration of Christianity Sometimes I have felt he kept his faith veiled on his blog He is unashamed in this book and I love it If someone is offended because they started reading it and didn't know it would have Christian references I don't know how much obvious it could be The library call number on my copy is 24168 which means you would be in the Christian section when you discover it The subject on the classification page is Simplicity Religious aspects Christianity Very early on in the book Becker writes My religious background has played a significant role in both by understanding and my practice of minimalism You'll see me make the connection periodically through the book So no one should be surprised about that However I can honestly say that nothing in this book would offend someone of a different faith In fact Becker does a great job of showing the life examples of others who have embraced minimalism and some of those have come through the teaching of Buddha and others Finally This is the Jesus focused approach to minimalism I have been looking for I will recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about minimalism no matter what their faith Thank you Joshua Becker for adding your voice to the mix

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    So I've been a minimalist for a solid year and a half now and it's been almost two years since I started researching and toying with the idea of it For a while I said I was on a minimalist kick but clearly it's not just a kick anyJoshua Becker's blog Becoming Minimalist has been one of my favorite resources as I've progressed on my minimalism journey so even though I'm nowhere near the beginning of my minimalism journey and have read a lot of his stuff I was still excited to pick this upThis is an excellent starting place for anyone who is thinking about shifting to a minimalist lifestyle Becker goes through and discusses the why of minimalism the various benefits of minimalism ranging from less stress to better health to time to money and everything in between and continues by giving you specific action steps and ideas for doing an initial decluttering of your home and continuing to experiment with less in different ways until you find the right balance for your own life He shares stories about his personal journey with minimalism along with the stories of many other prominent people in the minimalist movement many of which I had read but many of which were also new to meThough I'm basically done with the initial decluttering of my home still have to tackle that kitchen I still really appreciated Becker's insight and thoughts on the value of simplifying your possession and your life If you're at all considering minimalism I would definitely recommend checking this book out You will not be disappointed

  7. Jen Dykxhoorn Jen Dykxhoorn says:

    Mediocre at best Didn't realize the overt religiosity contained in the book Becker attempts to justify the biblical bits as relevant to all faiths and viewpoints but he does come off as very preachy and self richeous I was reading this book to gain inspiration to continue my journey in minimalism I had previously read Marie Kondo's Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and followed Cait Flanders Blonde on a Budget's process of owning less and living simply which I found completely inspirational On the other hand I found this account to be gratingFurther as you get further into the book he starts to expound on his fitness and nutritional habits and I feel like screaming at him to stay in his lane I know we have largely become a post fact society where we tend to over weight anecdotal accounts of how to better our lives but in this case I felt it was jarring to hear someone wax on about how his experience of minimalism has suddenly also enabled him with the knowledge and expertise to tell people how to pursue fitness and health goals Maybe you might like it but I would not recommend

  8. Moshe Mikanovsky Moshe Mikanovsky says:

    Some good advice in this book Would have been higher rating if not for the ChristianJesus references throughout the book Felt preachy at times If the book would have been named The More Of Less for the Christian Soul I could have decided to read it or not with that context But it's not If Christian messages are not your cup of tea stay away

  9. Kathy Kathy says:

    First off this book is from a Christian perspective I'm Christian so this worked for me and made me appreciate it even However for those who will be turned off by scripture stories this might not be for you they are just at the beginning and at the end This is the 4th clutterdejunkingminimalizing book I have read in the past couple months I found a lot of inspiration from this one Not too many ideas on how to organize but great thoughts and stories that inspired me to want to change my lifestyle

  10. Bingjun Bingjun says:

    A book on minimalism life style but nothing new at least for me Probably better for someone who is completely new to minimalism The only useful take home message for me is the 29 rule remove 29 or 29% of your items eg clothes kitchen appliances etc for 29 days and see if you're still eager to put them back If not better get rid of it

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