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Read ✓ The Mysterious Mr Ross By Vivien Alcock – ❰Download❯ ➶ The Mysterious Mr Ross Author Vivien Alcock – Twelve year old Felicity longs for adventure and finds it when she rescues Mr Ross from drowning But there are many unanswered uestions about Mr Ross's past and when he disappears as mysteriously as h Twelve year old Felicity longs for adventure and finds it when she rescues Mr Ross from drowning But there are many unanswered uestions about Mr Ross's past and when he disappears as mysteriously as he appeared Felicity knows her life will never be the same.

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  1. Stephan Stephan says:

    Om jag någonsin läst en bok som lämnat fler frågor än svar så är det i sanning denna Vi får följa ett par högst vanliga barn ett par veckor under sommaren då de kommer i kontakt med en väldigt ovanlig person 12 åriga Felicia finner under en promenad längst de farliga havsklipporna i närheten av familjens pensionat en ung man klädd i kostym och bärandes en portfölj ståendes på en sten ute bland vattenvirvlarna just som högvattnet slår in med full kraft Felicia räddar stackaren och för honom med sig hem för att återhämta sig Men vem är den unge mannen egentligen? Helt utan ägodelar identifikation och bakgrund lyckas ändå den mystiske Mr Ross snart ställa sig in hos nästan alla han träffar Men vem är han? Vad vill han? Och hur kan han påverka sin omgivning som han gör?Jag lovar inga svar men möjligen en mysig och mystisk läsupplevelse

  2. Mittica Mittica says:

    From School Library JournalGrade 5 8 Twelve year old Felicity whose only talent seems to be for breaking things becomes a hero in her small seaside town when she rescues a young man from the ocean The glow of her brief fame soon fades Who is Albert Ross? Could he be a criminal? Did he make up his name from the chart of seabirds on the spare bedroom wall? To Felicity who has read ``The Ancient Mariner'' in school he begins to seem like a real albatross around her neck Her friend Bony setting out doggedly to unravel the mystery soon has the whole town wondering When Mr Ross disappears into the sea mist at last like his namesake they are no closer to the truth but have learned something about themselves in the process Absorbing in its very simplicity and small compass this uiet but suspenseful story moves at a natural pace The world of the little English town is lovingly delineated with touches of humor Even the most minor characters come to life on the page As in The Sylvia Game Delacorte 1984 Alcock uses a mystery to bring into relief everyday problems and relationships Ruth S Vose San Francisco Public LibraryCopyright 1987 Reed Business Information Inc This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title

  3. Ashlyn Ashlyn says:

    May seem boring and a hard read at first but I enjoyed it I recommend it for children grades 5 8 but I happened up on it and it was really goodFelicity saves a man from Sea Albert Rossbut did he make up his name from a chart he saw on the wall of birds? Felicity is a girl who always is breaking something She is warned to not go to the Sea but does anyways and ends up saving Mr RossDoes Mr Ross use her as a slave? What is Mr Ross really up too? Where did he come from and does he want?

  4. Swapna Swapna says:

    Found an old copy of this book in the local library The story was uite interesting and different from the books for young readers that I have read so far The book got me interested in Vivien Alcock’s other works Unfortunately I haven’t seen any of the author’s books either in the library or in bookstores – which is a pity

  5. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Great I'd forgotten this author and glad to re discover her This story is based around a realistic Lizzie dripping type character who I instantly loved Bony was great too Must find of her books

  6. Anne Hamilton Anne Hamilton says:

    Felicity is not sure about Albert Ross the Young Man of the Sea whom she saves from drowning Is he a rich wanderer a thief a conman or could he be the spirit of an Albatross?

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