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Download ☆ The Orpheus Deception By David Stone – ➾ [Download] ➾ The Orpheus Deception By David Stone ➳ – CIA cleaner Micah Dalton returns for another go round of international espionage government cover ups and high intensity pursuit that has cemented this series in the best of spy fiction The Orpheus De CIA cleaner Micah Dalton returns for another go round of international espionage government cover ups and high intensity pursuit that has cemented this series in the best of spy fiction The Orpheus Deception opens with a breathtaking assassination attempt on the rainy streets of Venice that sets CIA agent Micah Dalton on a collision course with a vengeful Serbian warlord Picking up where The Echelon The Orpheus PDF/EPUB or Vendetta left off with Dalton on the run from the CIA this Venetian incident with the Serbian attackers ultimately leads to a tangled web of conspiracies Dalton tries to uncover the links between an act of brutal piracy in the South China Sea a missing CIA agent and the real nature of an elusive hospital ship known only as The Orpheus As he seeks to unlock the shattering secret that binds such deceptions together Dalton is once again ensnared in an international chase that takes him from Venice to Bangkok to Washington DC and finally to a violent confrontation with Serbian terrorists in the Port of Chicago.

10 thoughts on “The Orpheus Deception

  1. Frederick Tan Frederick Tan says:

    Micah Dalton was walking in Venice when he was stabbed by an unlikely assassin He nearly lost his life but was saved by Cora Vasari in the Nick of time Elsewhere Ray Fyke on a tanker narrowly escaped a pirate attempt at the Malacca Straits Bravo Gospic is at the center of this pirate incident as with the Venice incident Dalton was once again called upon by Langley to do their bidding to rescued Ray from Changi Prison before he revealed any secret From there it is onto the Celebes sea to find for the missing tanker Mingo Dubai Something is not right and it all ends in a dramatic endgame in Lake Chicago

  2. Gavin Gavin says:

    A beach read that I found in our BB uick read but I enjoyed the pace that stretched from Venice to the South China Sea Serbia DC Bangkok and the Port of Chicago It kept me involved Micah Dalton is an interesting character

  3. Daniel Daniel says:

    Decent enough spy thriller Not as good as the older Ludlum novels Matarese Circle Very fast paced with a somewhat disappointing twist at the end

  4. Greg Greg says:

    not to my liking

  5. Dwight Simmons Dwight Simmons says:

    Micah didnt disappoint the addition of the British woman added flavor as well

  6. Garry Hoffmann Garry Hoffmann says:

    Lots of mayhem and macho head games Good story that extends across continents and subcontinents

  7. Tracy Tracy says:

    Was looking forward to a good spy thriller but couldn’t get past all the “carnal” looks everyone was having for each other and the objectification of every female character

  8. Rob Rob says:

    Borrowed this book from an officemate who said I have to return it Friday because somebody is going to pick it up from him Saturday So I read it in one lunch break and overnightThis is the second book in the Micah Dalton series seuel to The Echelon Vendetta In the first book David Stone a pen name used by a former intelligence officer introduced Micah Dalton a CIA cleaner but his job does not involve the use of a broom and mop Book summary and other reviews have cleaner in uotation marks I decided to break with tradition and leave them out In The Echelon Vendetta Porter Nauman Micah's friend and mentor was brutally murdered When Micah started to investigate Porter's whole family suffered a gruesome death also Afterward Micah started seeing Porter's ghost and even converse with him like a real person In this book Porter's ghost ever warns Micah of some dangers ahead although it is too late to affect the outcomeHaving offended his superiors by his actions in the previous book Micah is trying to get back into their good graces He is ordered to work with a British agent Mandy Pawnall to search and rescue Ray Fyke missing SAS soldier who was believed to be imprisoned in an Asian jail Other side events in the book are the hijacking of a ship Orpheus in the South China sea; a pending biological attack in Chicago; a vendetta being perpetrated by a Balkan warlordgangster against Micah As in the first book action and excitement is breathtaking and non stop which leaves the conclusion a very disappointing one I'm hoping the third book The Venetian Judgment being released this month can restore the excitement of the series Micah Dalton is at the crossroads of his life should he leave his past behind to be with Cora Vasari the beautiful Italian lady he met in the first book and seriously injured in this volume or continue his life and expose her to dangers ahead?35 star rating

  9. Daniel Powers Daniel Powers says:

    A uniue read in the espionage genre The author interweaves the paranormal so well into the main character that sometimes you are unclear where reality ends and the supernatural begins It is a fresh look at your typical spy novel I really liked his cynical take on modern pop culture the indictment of style vis a vis his description of young American and European tourists on page 173 had me laughing shamelessly He also paints the current Asian cultural revolution in less than flattering but honest tones The plot is interesting but rather incredulous and one thread all but comes unraveled at the end I think it is an enjoyable read compelling from many perspectives but the reader is likely to remember it for its parts rather than the whole

  10. Raymond Raymond says:

    My wife and I grew up in the Calumet region of extreme North West Indiana so it was interesting that the spectacular events of this novel culminate in that area near ChicagoWe had training during our cruise that passed near Somalia so it was amazing to read about the way the crew of the refurbished tanker handled a pirate attack near the end of the novel That tanker had survived a pirate attack at the beginning of this novel and the events imagined take the reader from such as Florence Venice Singapore Malaysia Polynesia and various locations many of which we have had the enjoyment of visiting during our many cruisesI had been unaware of the enjoyable adventures that this author has produced and I anticipate reading many

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