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[Ebook] The Other Mother: A True Story By Carol Schaefer – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❴Epub❵ ➛ The Other Mother: A True Story Author Carol Schaefer – Serv3.3pub.co.uk In 1965 Carol Schaefer was 19 a freshman in college and deeply in love She was also pregnant When her boyfriend’s family opposed their marrying her parents seuestered her in a Catholic home for unwe In Mother: A Kindle Ô Carol Schaefer was a freshman in college The Other PDF/EPUB ² and deeply in love She was also pregnant When her boyfriend’s Other Mother: A PDF/EPUB Ã family opposed their marrying her parents seuestered her in a Catholic home for unwed mothers a state away where she was isolated and where secrecy prevailed She had only to give up her baby for her sin to be forgiven and then all would soon be forgotten she was told The child in turn would be placed with a “good” family instead of having his life ruined by the stigma of illegitimacy Carol tried to find the strength to oppose this dogma but her shame had become too deep “The first time I looked deep into my son’s eyes I felt like a criminal As I unwrapped his hospital blanket and took in the heady fragrance of a newborn I feared the nurses or the sisters would come in and slap me for contaminating my own son” Finding no way out she signed the fateful papers leaving her son in the hands of strangers but with a vow to her baby she would find him one day For years Carol struggled to forget and live the “normal” life promised not understanding the conseuences of the trauma she’d endured On his eighteenth birthday she set out to find him although the law denied access to records Her search became a spiritual uest to reclaim her own lost self as she came to understand the emotional and psychological wounds she and other mothers like her had endured Against all odds she succeeded in finding him and discovered that in many ways they had never really been apart With her son’s encouragement and his adoptive mother’s cooperation she tells their story.

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  1. Kim Kim says:

    I read this years ago when it first came out And then I saw the Lifetime movie And then I naively tracked down the author in the days prior to the Internet 1995 to tell her how very much I loved her book Seriously I contacted the publisher who told me where she lived can you believe it? I then called 411 and provided her hometown and her last name Despite my stalker like tendencies she was nothing short of gracious Her perspective as a birthmother was the first I'd ever heard besides my own Although our stories are vastly different the emotions she describes were spot on for me She is a brilliant writer and a pioneer in the effort to reform the corrupt parts of the adoption industry while bringing light to the amazing benefits of open adoptionI wanted to read this book again as she now has a follow up memoir Searching that is also on my list to read

  2. Debbie Lemaire Debbie Lemaire says:

    I am one of those birth mothers who was hidden away when I was 18 years old to give birth to my child a boy who was given up for adoption in 1978the end of an erawhere women were shamed and coerced by society and their parents to give up their children 35 years later it still has a huge effect on me This book tells MY storyand it is heart wrenching I only wish the adoptive mother could read our point of view

  3. Janet Janet says:

    Something everyone in the adoption triangle should readThis is a birth mother's powerful telling of the adoption story certainly as it existed in the US in the 1960s Schaefer writes from a mature perspective and as someone who can convey raw feeling but who has taken the time and made the effort to examine those feelings understand others' roles and consider both the law and what is best for all concerned There were times when I thought self pity emerged a bit but I never doubted the authenticity or depth of her feelings and I would think her three boys would be comforted by her need and fierce determination to see them happy and loved She makes a good case for allowing adoptees to find their birth families and is fearless in describing the pain a birth mother feels not knowing whether her child is okay Schaefer is knowledgeable about the search the law and the variety of outcomes some happy some not and brings that knowledge and experience to bear on her telling of her story It took some courage for me to read this but I'm so glad I did

  4. Rhonda Rae Baker Rhonda Rae Baker says:

    PowerfulHeartwrenchingInspirationalChallengingThis memoir brought me to tears on many occasionespecially the second half although the first was horrifyingly accurate with the era that it happenedMy heart went out to Carol in SO many ways I think that a personal letter will do her justice but I'm blessed to have read a story where the child wasn't aborted Even though her son was adoptedat least he was allowed to live I rejoiced upon her search and the openness of the adoptive motherthe willingness to share with the birth mother was totally beautiful and I'm confident a rare ualityIf only I could find my adopted siblingsand I will never forgive myself for aborting my baby just to save face with my parents because they always told me they would disown me or send me away if I got pregnant before getting marriedLONG STORY We ALL have a story

  5. Denise Denise says:

    A Mirror of My Own SentimentsI am a mother who placed my first and only natural child for adoption My son and I have been united within the last year Though the generation has changed the social views of unwed mothers somewhat her experience and sentiments going through this lifelong process of adoption mirrored mine near completely It was as if she wrote of my life not hers This is an excellent book for those who wish to understand the experience of mothers who placed their child for adoption We never forget our lost children and will love them for eternity

  6. Eva Leger Eva Leger says:

    Sadly I'm sticking this back up on a shelf until a later date I'm hoping the lack of connection I feel is due to my current mood and nothing else Usually a well written book about adoption can get me interested every time I can't call this not well written because I haven't read enough I'm hoping to get back into it another time and if I can't then I can't I will give it another shot though I'm somewhat upset because I was really looking forward to this

  7. Tina Tina says:

    Its awesome that she had a successful reunion with her birth son It is a special delicate relationship it was refreshing to read the journey that isn't always roses Thank you for sharing your story

  8. Dina Dina says:

    could have been my story except mine hasn't turned out the same way hers did so far

  9. Ann Ann says:

    I Firstview the movie on lifetime many years ago Then in May 2014 I was happy to have found this book on Kindle Wonderful read for anybody trying to learn about both sides of adoption

  10. Sandra Sandra says:

    The best book I've read regarding giving your baby up for adoptionI have to admit that I use to believe in closed adoption until I started reading about these birth mothers I've not given up a child for adoption nor had an abortion so I guess I don't have the wherewithal to give my opinion I have to think that adoption is a much better option than the murder of abortion but I now believe that open adoption is there best scenario for the child birth mother and adoptive parents as long as they can work together to parent in a way that puts the child's needs first and protects the adoptive family unit yet keeping the birth mother involved This would have to be accomplished by putting insecurities aside and working together much like divorced parents I commend the author the adoptive parents and the adopted young man for being open minded and chartering unknown territory for them It's hard for me to understand why the Catholic homes for unwed mothers didn't provide education and counseling for these unwed mothers I know this was the sign of the times but myself being Catholic I'm appalled about this

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