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Read ✓ The Party Boy's Guide to Dating a Geek By Piper Vaughn – ➬ [Ebook] ➧ The Party Boy's Guide to Dating a Geek By Piper Vaughn ➸ – Ashley Byrne only wants one thing in life to finish his tattoo apprenticeship and fulfill his dream of owning his own shop In the meantime he spends his nights partying flirting and having sex After a Boy's Guide Kindle Ò Ashley Byrne only wants one thing in life to finish his tattoo apprenticeship and fulfill his dream The Party Epub / of owning his own shop In the meantime he spends his nights partying flirting and having sex After Party Boy's Guide PDF ↠ all what else is there for him to worry about Aside from his hair and his clothes not Party Boy's Guide to Dating PDF or much He’s hot and rest assured no one knows it better than him He’s also used to getting what he wants—until he meets Felipe Navarro Fee Navarro has everything he needs a great IT job a nice apartment and all the high tech toys his geeky heart could ever want He doesn’t do casual and he knows guys like Ash are nothing but Ash may burn hot for Fee but Fee isn’t willing to take a chance on a vain little party boy with too many tats and an oversized ego He wants someone to share his life with and he won’t settle for anything less Too bad Ash has never been the type to give up easily He has a plan and he’s not stopping until he proves he’s than just a pretty face—he’s someone worthy of winning Fee’s heart.

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  1. Jordie.R Jordie.R says:

    Ash is a tatted up pretty boy who likes to party and hopes to one day open up his own tattoo shop Fee is a geeky IT guy and Star Wars fanatic No way should these two be attracted to each other but the heart wants what the heart wants and Ash's heart wants Fee As much as Fee tries to fight it he wants Ash too I wish I was better at writing reviews because this book was all kinds of awesome and I know I won't be able to express how much I loved it And I did love it It's just the right amount of sweet and sexy and the build up to when these two get together is pretty much perfect and Ash and Fee are perfect together Ash and Fee's friends are a big part of the story as well and I have it from a reliable source that some of them will be getting their own story tooThanks Piper and Xara for letting me read it early You guys are the best And did I mention that the sex scenes are holymotherofgod smoking hot?? Well they are

  2. DarienMoya DarienMoya says:

    SEXY NERD OMG my ass is just all kinds of love in love with this story just all kinds of love It was sexy funny and just cotton candy sweet without the toothache I was expecting to like this one but I was not expecting to love it this one is a 5 Pants OffAsh is the pretty party boy and he makes no apologies about it He can get anyone he wants and knows he's above average when it comes to looks and all that As a tattoo artist he has dreams of opening a tattoo parlour with his best bud but until then he's gonna party the night away and also fuck it away When he runs in to Fee while helping his brother's girlfriend move his initial reaction is geek and not interested Suddenly he's getting all hot under the collar for Fee and decides to make a move because after all what geek is gonna turn him downWell Fee turns him down and Ash is left in shock but he knows the man is interested so he goes on the offensive I am talking the dating guide that shows you how to connect with your geek Learn his lingo to ultimately get in his pants and win his heart Ash is having a hard time of it and is making a fool of himself in the process Maybe Fee is not interested and who could blame him He has past dirty deeds longer than his arm and Fee looks like he would be in it for the long run Ash is thinking maybe with Fee he could think about forever tooI just loved the hell out of Ash He is so funny and cute and really shined in the book I enjoyed how he ultimately stopped trying so hard and went about being himself Fee is now my new CLIF character I'd love to fuck I stole this from Amy Lane He's all geeky but when you let him out of his cage he sets the sheet and your pants on fire Omo I need a sexy nerdThe build up of the relationship between the men was done very well It started as friendship but developed in a very believable long lasting love The sex is not freuent but when it does happened GAWD I literally hyperventilated I read so much sex that most of the time I don't really notice a difference I noticed it here Maybe it’s all to do with Fee's cool exterior but man Shit was hot There relationship is also set in motion by supporting characters characters I am very much looking forward to getting their own books Ahem Jae can never have too many sexy Korean charactersKudos to Piper Vaughn and Xara Xanakas for writing such an awesome book I now dub you guys a Dynamic Duo and your geeky ways knows no bounds I now really want to go to a steampunk costume party so I can drool all over the sexiness I recommend this and hope you fall in love with Ash and Fee as much as I did

  3. Mandy*reads obsessively* Mandy*reads obsessively* says:

    365I love the idea of this story opposites attract geek vs party boyFor some reason I had a bit of trouble really getting into it the first third was difficult for me I kept wondering why on earth Ash kept trying to get to Fee?I understood the challenge of it and that he was attracted and felt that it was reciprocated buti guess lucky for them Ash is tenacious I didn't like the hotcold or actually coolcolder thing Fee had going on And imo Ash really came close to crossing into stalker territoryAnd what's with Mari and Jack? view spoiler I'm not a fan of bad mouthing or tellingtalking about people being their back Fee knows all about Ash's history yet Ash hadn't heard of Fee ever beforeIt all happens Off Page but it had to have happened hmmm hide spoiler

  4. Ami Ami says:

    I have the same reaction with Mandy All through the book I can only think of this Ash maybe Fee is just not into you The thing is the story is one sided we only get Ash's perspective So while Ash grows up so to speak in the story from the party boy though I don't get the evidence a lot from here only from what people 'said' about Ash or what Ash thinks of himself to this one who care about Fee but the stand offish attitude from Fee left me cold Even when Ash and Fee get together I don't feel any proof that Fee feels for Ash the way Ash feels for him Fee still leaves Ash hanging Fee rarely text email phones whenever he is late and that one huge secret in the end well if Fee loves Ash I think he should at least let Ash in and confides in himOh and the way that Fee judges Ash from his reputation which he hears from others and dimisses Ash's worries about Donovan that doesn't win him any point from me I am also VERY annoyed on how Jack Ash's brother and his girlfriend Mari talk about Ash to Fee behind Ash's back In addition they never even give Ash a little clue that Fee is asking about Ash sometimes and lets Ash thinks that Fee doesn't have any interest in himBy half mark I just don't care about this relationship and wish that Ash ends up with Jae he can cook instead shrugsSo the 'nice' rating is for Ash and his character's development If you ask me about the love story itself? I can only give it 2 stars

  5. Kaje Harper Kaje Harper says:

    This is a fun light story about a party boy Ash who falls for a really good looking nerdy guy Fee who appears to want nothing to do with him Ash isn't about to give up though and he goes so far as to buy a manual a guide to translating geek speak and behavior and figuring out how to approach the man of his dreamsIf you can overlook the improbability that Fee can be that hot and perfect physically when he spends all his time in sedentary pursuits and believe that he can attract Ash that hard and fast then this is amusing It's a bit slow to get off the ground but a lot of fun The best bits for me were actually the guidebook sections since as the spouse of a geek they rang wonderfully true I liked some of the setbacks winced at and loved the awkward bookclub meeting and the secondary characters Ash begins as a bit stalkerish and Fee as cold but there is some nice progression and by the end I could believe they were building something lasting

  6. Heller Heller says:

    I loved this for all of the Geek Dating chapter excerpts that were included Those had me laughing they were so clever and on point Well done I liked these guys Ash especially it took me a bit to warm up to Fee though He was too much of a mystery and it hurt his character for me I felt a bit like Carey in thinking that he treated Ash badly I would have loved a POV from him or even battling chapters from their respective guide books That would have been fantabulous This is a simple story with a little bit of angst I liked reading how Ash grew up a bit as the story progressed I'm looking forward to of these because I want to know what's up with Ty

  7. Ro Ro says:

    Oh Ash Byrne The man who’s first name is the product of his last name Tattoo apprentice party boy extraordinaire flighty shallow slutty satisfied with coasting and looking for just a good time Or is he? Ash is so much than he seems at first glance and watching him mature throughout this story was enchanting It’s a little bit sad as he begins the change from immature to grown up and hears confirmation from others shocked surprise that he’s not going out clubbing shock that he’s not getting wasted surprise that he’s not hooking up that his reputation is as bad as he made it “Is that really what you think of me?” Seeing yourself like that it’s tough When he is taken by surprise by his attraction to the nerdy Fee Ash turns to the Clumsy Cupid Instruction Manual to find out how to get this geek to say yes Imagine The geek turned down Ash No one does that so the challenge is on The fact that Fee is a friend of Ash’s brothers girlfriend doesn’t necessarily help the connection They won’t give out any info on Fee So Ash does the cool thing – he stalks him This story is just all kinds of sweet funny and lovely Ash coasting on his looks actually needs to work for someone Fee is nervous charming and attracted but not giving in Ash is determined that Fee is going to go out with him at least once and he goes to great lengths to try to show Fee what he’s missing He makes a fool of himself at a book club meeting crashes a birthday party pesters his brother and his girlfriend for Fee’s number all because he was turned down Or so he tells himself Then he starts to get to know Fee and realizes the physical is great and the internal is amazing For his part Fee is a great character shy nervous and then charming and endearing He comes across badly at first but manages to win over Ash’s friends with the real him The conversation when Carley Ash’s roommate tells Fee about Ash snoring and farting in his sleep made me laugh out loud That is real life stuff and it was so funny Fee’s first dance with Ash awesome Fee’s first run in with Gil an Ash former hookup during that dance not so great for either of them The hard part is that both Ash and Fee have friends who point out the differences between them mostly on the negative side for Ash Being from Chicago I read very carefully the information regarding Ash and Fee making Chicago style hotdogs and I was pleased to see it done correctly There is a line in the book that summed up so much for me “Gil was enough before I knew I was capable of wanting ” Incredible Ash That thought is one of the best I’ve read in a long time because there are so many people who don’t realize they are capable of wanting Loved it The writing style is smooth and easy with chapters broken up by information from the Party Boy’s Dating Guide which was accurate and funny This is a romantic happy book even at the difficult parts and it made me smile Very recommended

  8. Amy Amy says:

    45 stars I really enjoyed this one It was slow getting started but once it got rolling I had a hard time putting it down Ash is the stereotypical carefree party boy Always looking for a good time a uick hookup Fee is a geek Star Wars obsessed book club leader thick black nerd chic glasses This is not a simple case of opposites attract Ash pursues Fee relentlessly bordering on stalkerish but Fee keeps turning him down Ash has a bit of a reputation and Fee is of a “relationship” type guy I enjoyed watching them get past Ash’s past and learn to trust each other I noticed that Ash’s issues with his best friend Ty were not resolved in the end I’m wondering if that was left open because he has his own book coming up next? fingers crossed

  9. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    35 starsCute low on angst and very easy reading but something was missing I never felt that Fee was as invested in the relationship as Ash maybe because we get only Ash's POV I wanted steam fewer misunderstandings And what's up with all the loose ends especially the side plot regarding Ash's friend Ty? This book felt like it was set up for a series that never materializedI did love the opposites attract trope and would love to read a follow up

  10. Kristan Kristan says:

    35 starsSlowwwwww BurnnnnnnIt couldn't get slower than thisIf you happen to be the partying type and a certain geek has caught your eye there's a guide book that will help you navigate your way into his heart You'll have to study if you want to catch your geek and chapters on gaming coding and LARPing ought to do the trick At least That's what Ash hopes He's taking this guide to heart after taking one look at Fee what a stupid name and deciding he has to have him It doesn't matter that Fee doesn't give him the time of day and has on several occasions made it seem like he's just not that into him Ash is not one to give upBut sometimes I wish he hadBecause anyone else would It takes a long time for these two to get together and sometimes I wondered why they would even bother One character came off stalkerish the other disinterested But when they do finally get in sync it's awfully cuteAnd steamyAnd just plain adorableThis story needed Fee's point of view again stupid name to really understand why there was so much hesitation Otherwise it was sweet to the core and I really liked that we got to see our two MCs as than just their Party Boy Geek personasTap your supply of patience and determination to get through the beginning because the rest is totally worth it

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