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[Ebook] The Pier Falls By Mark Haddon – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❮Read❯ ➵ The Pier Falls Author Mark Haddon – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Mark Haddon author of the international bestselling novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and A Spot of Bother returns with a collection of unsparing short storiesIn the prize winnin Mark Haddon author of the international bestselling novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and A Spot of Bother returns with a collection of unsparing short storiesIn the prize winning story The Gun a man's life is marked by a single afternoon and a rusty; in The Island a mythical princess is abandoned on an island in the midst of war; in The Boys Who Left Home to Learn Fear a cadre of sheltered artistocrats sets out to find adventure in a foreign land and finds the gravest dangers among The Pier PDF/EPUB or themselves These are but some of the men and women who fill this searingly imaginative and emotionally taut collection of short stories by Mark Haddon that weaves through time and space to showcase the author's incredible versatility     Yet the collection achieves a sum that is greater than its parts proving itself a meditation not only on isolation and loneliness but also on the tenuous and unseen connections that link individuals to each other often despite themselves In its titular story the narrator describes with fluid precision a catastrophe that will collectively define its victims as much as it will disperse them—and brilliantly lays bare the reader's appetite for spectacle alongside its characters' Cut with lean prose and drawing inventively from history myth fairy tales and above all the deep well of empathy that made his three novels so compelling The Pier Falls reveals a previously unseen side of the celebrated author.

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  1. Melki Melki says:

    This is a stunning collection of stories I know Haddon's work from two novels but never dreamed him capable of such amazing diversity He effortlessly bounces through several genres in this book and the writing is beautifulI expected the moving tales about sad and lonely people; Haddon has already demonstrated his abilities with uirky characters in his previous books Here we have Bunny which is the story of an unhappy woman who is drawn into a relationship with her 500 pound neighbor and The Weir which explores the unlikely and long lasting friendship that blossoms when a man saves a young woman's lifeHowever I was caught off guard by the thrillers a space odyssey called The Woodpecker and the Wolf and The Boys Who Left Home to Learn Fear about a jungle expedition gone horribly wrong Then there's the title story which is exactly what it says a pier collapses into the sea while Haddon describes the moments of horror and incomprehensionIf I had to pick a favorite I suppose I'd go for Wodwo the longest story Here an already deliciously tension filled family Christmas is interrupted by a mysterious stranger Even if you think you don't like short stories I urge you to give these a try Wow Just wow

  2. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    Another pretty darn good book of short stories The first story is the title story and I loved it how he showed how people's lives changed in an instant What happened after the journalists people whom were there and survived and those who didn't but he also showed how uickly things people and their lives go back to normal How the collapsed pier just becomes background So true to life Also loved Bunny a story with a surprise ending that packs a punch In the Boys who left home to learn fear a rescue mission in the jungle goes horribly wrong I think there were only two stories that I didn't care for the rest were great Connections to people what lengths people will go and how one incident can completely change a life seemed to be unifying themesLoved his novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and eually in awe of his short story telling ability ARC from Netgalley

  3. Peter Boyle Peter Boyle says:

    I finished The Pier Falls almost a week ago but it hasn't finished with me These haunting startling stories still swirl around in my brain nightmarish visions from a dark imagination The author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time demonstrates effortless versatility with this stunning collection and proves himself an expert of the short formatBe warned there are few happy endings here Bad things happen and lives change forever in an instant In the title story a crowd of contented holidaymakers frolic on Brighton pier and a catastrophe is recounted in detached chilling style The Island tells of a pampered princess who struggles to survive on a desert island and begins to regret a recent rash decision In Wodwo which I've since learned is a contemporary reworking of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight a uarrelsome middle class family have their Christmas Day interrupted by an unexpected visitor In an era when many short stories are slow moving melancholic meditations on life devoid of any sense of urgency this collection is a rousing antidote These action packed tales all take unexpected turns and their unpredictability is exhilarating And though the subject matter is bleak the author often finds breathtaking beauty amid the gloom Snow blots and softens the top of every object like ice on a plum pudding Hedges telegraph wires cars postboxes recycling bins The world is losing its edges Look upwards and it seems as if the stars themselves are being poured from the sky and turn out not to be vast and fiery globes after all but tiny frozen things which melt in the palm of your hand In a recent Guardian article Haddon describes himself as not a terribly good writer but a very persistent and bloody minded editor I think he is being remarkably modest This is a faultless virtuoso collection of unsettling stories which linger long after the last page

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    The Pier Falls was my first introduction to Mark Haddon He is clearly a talented author deftly managing to capture tension and drama and honing in on the complexities of human relationships However this collection provided a mixed experience for me The first and title story about the collapse of a pier in a seaside town is brilliant I held my breath while listening to the audio Haddon had transported me onto that pier and made me experience the terror right along with the characters in the vignette Bunny about the relationship between an unloved and unlucky girl and her 500 lb neighbor is so unlike anything I've ever read Breathe will resonate with those faced with caring for an aging parent Unfortunately the other stories didn't capture my interest They contained moment of poignancy but for me they felt too stiff 3 stars over all but 5 stars for the three stories mentioned specificallyThank you to NetGalley and Doubleday for a galley of this book in exchange for an honest review While I received a galley of the book I ended up listening to the audio version

  5. Mandy Radley Mandy Radley says:

    45 starsFirstly let me say that I don't like and don't read short stories But having read some good review and recommending it for the school library thought I'd give it a go What can I say brilliant outstanding the writing was so descriptive that it just sucks you right into the story All the stories I felt were uite dark and macabre but also interesting I've given it 45 stars as no doubt with most short stories it leaves you asking uestions and wanting to know especially in this case the Christmas Eve storyHighly recommended even if you don't read short stories give it a go

  6. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    35 These nine stories examine what characters do and who they are in extreme often violent situations My three favourites were “Bunny” reminiscent of The Fattest Man in Britain with its picture of a friendship between an obese man and a young woman who sees in him than his size; “The Woodpecker and the Wolf” a brilliantly suspenseful tale set in space – it reminded me of the Sandra Bullock movie Gravity; and “The Weir” which imagines the unexpectedly lasting relationship between a lonely middle aged man and the young woman he rescues from a near suicide by drowning“Wodwo” starts off as a terrific Christmas horror story but then goes on far too long and loses its power I would say that about many of these stories actually they’re that little bit too long so that you start waiting for them to be over I prefer sudden endings that give a bit of a kick The way the title story about a real life pier collapse in 1970 that killed than 60 people chants facts statistics and generic details about the victims seemed to me to detract from the scale of the tragedy and almost dehumanize it All in all though two thirds of the stories are fairly memorable and I’d say I liked this better than any of Haddon’s three novels

  7. PorshaJo PorshaJo says:

    I recently thought to myself that I need to read short story books I had no idea where to start I added uite a few to my ever growing 'to be read' pile Then this one popped up one day and I checked with my library and it was in A few days later I had it and decided to flip through it I have not read previous books by Mark Haddon so I had no idea what to expect I had no idea what to expect from short stories either I've read a few here and there but less than a handful I decided to just browse a bit on the first story where the book gets it title I was hooked The story was difficult to read but uite interesting at the same timea story of the pier at a beach side location that falls into the ocean and the lives of the people impacted by this tragedy and what happens afterwardsThe stories in the book are all over the place which is a good thing A wide variety of different types of stories different feelings while reading them etc I liked the ability to jump around between the stories also Some of the stories I really enjoyed and some were just OK for me But overall a uniue collectionI'm glad I picked this one up and I'm looking forward to reading short stories I already have a few books in mind

  8. Claire Fuller Claire Fuller says:

    Absolutely outstanding This collection will definitely make it into my top books of 2016 They are exactly the kind of stories I like where things happen often bleak sad things These stories are about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances rather than many short stories which seem to be about extraordinary people in ordinary circumstances In many of them Haddon gives a nod to the future a little snippet of how someone's life will turn out I loved that but it just made me want to know about that life and then the next and the nextEven though I'd give each story separately 5 stars inevitably there are some favourites The Pier Falls Wodwo and The Woodpecker and the Wolf and least perhaps Breathe And the hardback copy sold in bookshops has illustrations by Haddonwwwclairefullercouk

  9. Diane Barnes Diane Barnes says:

    Only 3 stars for this collection of short stories despite the fact that I have read Haddon's first two novels and really enjoyed them All of these stories started strongly with interesting characters and plot lines then disintegrated intoweirdness for lack of a better word I thought I was reading a beautifully phrased tale but then it would dissolve mid stream into fantasy or horror or science fiction when that is not what I was prepared for at all I was thrown off balanceThree of these stories were excellent The title story The Pier Falls was riveting The Gun about two 10 year old boys who find a brother's loaded gun and take it outside to play was horrifying in it's possibilities And The Woodpecker and the Wolf was a science fiction piece about a space journey that goes terribly wrong The other stories just meandered into strange and different pathways leaving me wondering about the point of it allI will add that none of these stories ended well most of the time disastrously for the characters Had I tried to read this book in a faster time frame I would have put it aside unfinished As it was one story every few days or so was all I could handle

  10. Barbara Barbara says:

    Another short story collection that I enjoyed Thank you GR friend Peter Boyle for giving it rave reviews I’m not a fan of the short story Perhaps because the stories are “short” and I don’t get a chance to connect with the characters Author Mark Haddon pens stories with characters and situations that grab the reader Haddon proves that a great story doesn’t need 20 pages of set up Haddon immediately gets to the meat of the storyHaddon’s stories are imaginative but not so far out there that one thinks “WHAT??” The characters are real In each story the reader feels compassion for the main character except maybe for Gavin in the story “Wodwo” which I will add that it is one of my favorites The first story “The Pier Falls” has no main character which proves Haddon can write It’s a story of a disaster that chronicles the catastrophe with breathtaking pacing Haddon was smart; he started his collection strong with that storyI connected with 8 of the 9 stories Yet I have my favorites like “Wodwo” in which Haddon explores humility and humanity “The Gun” is a reflection of childhood and what we coped with as children we most likely would have crumbled as adults And as mentioned “The Pier Falls” is amazing Haddon writes of loneliness and isolation Most of his characters have been betrayed or abandoned The stories are sad; it’s what makes the collection so moving

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