Read ✓ The Pout Pout Fish in the Big Big Dark By Deborah Diesen –

Read ✓ The Pout Pout Fish in the Big Big Dark By Deborah Diesen – ❰Epub❯ ❦ The Pout Pout Fish in the Big Big Dark Author Deborah Diesen – Mr Fish wants to help his friend Ms Clam when she loses's her pearl but though he's fast as a sailfish as smart as dolphin and as strong as a shark Mr Fish has a secret he's scared of the darkVery you Mr Fish wants to help his Pout Fish Kindle Ô friend Ms Clam when she loses's her pearl but though he's fast as a sailfish as smart as dolphin and as strong as a shark Mr Fish has a secret he's scared of the darkVery young children will swim along with Mr Fish as he journeys deep into the ocean to new and mysterious places They will discover as Mr Fish does the power of friendship to The Pout eBook ã light the way through the big big dark.

10 thoughts on “The Pout Pout Fish in the Big Big Dark

  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    My kid freaking loves these books One of his first words was pow pow and I must have read the first Pout Pout Fish book over a hundred times By now I can just recite them from memoryThe rhymes are undeniably catchy and the illustrations are cute but someone ie a grumpy old person has to say it Miss Shimmer is such a manic pixie dreamfish There I said it Seriously why is she always lurking around to whisper encouragement in Pout Pout's ear? And smooching him to make him feel better? Weird

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    It isn't as amazing as the original Pout Pout but it's still a great rhyming tale about being afraid of the dark Love me some pout pout

  3. Abigail Abigail says:

    When Ms Clam loses her pearl while yawning Mr Fish gallantly promises to retrieve it diving deeper and deeper into the ocean to do so Although he maintains in his refrain that he is as fast as a sailfish and as strong as a shark the truth is that he is afraid of the dark Fortunately for him there is a voice urging him onward and eventually he is joined in his uest by his friend Miss ShimmerLike its predecessor The Pout Pout Fish this second picture book devoted to the maritime adventures of Mr Fish pairs an engaging sing song narrative in rhyme with cute colorful artwork I really like illustrator Dan Hanna's color palette in these books with the many shades of blue and purple on view Recommended to anyone who enjoyed the first Pout Pout Fish book as well as to anyone looking for children's stories about being afraid of the dark

  4. John John says:

    Note to self Recommend to teachers who ask for books that contain similes

  5. Sylvana DeSantis Sylvana DeSantis says:

    The Pout Pout Fish in the Big Big Dark by Deborah Diesen illustrated by Dan Hanna Farrar Straus and Girous is one of thirty books in The Pout Pout children’s book series The story begins with Ms Clam losing her pearl and Mr Fish heading out in search of it As he ventures off in search of it he starts getting into deeper darker waters He repeatedly says “I’m fast as a sail ship I’m strong as a shark I’m smart as a dolphin but I’m scared of the dark” With the help of his friends he can overcome his fear of the dark and return the lost pearl to Ms Clam The book is full of colorful illustrations of the sea Each page is covered from top to bottom with color The text is positioned perfectly on each page so that it has a solid background making it easier to read The images are all relevant showing what Mr Fish encounters on his journey They provide a nice visual representation of what is occurring in the text Overall it is a cute rhyming story about friendship and overcoming the fear of the dark in a very age appropriate way that does not scare children I would recommend this book especially for parents who enjoy reading aloud to their children The rhyming component makes a great read aloud book It would also be appropriate for beginning readers ages 5

  6. Andrea Thomas Andrea Thomas says:

    Andrea Thomas11262017Text to teaching connectionLet's go on a adventure and lets be any sea animal in which you want to be We will discuss what animals live in the ocean and then turn off all the lights in the classroom and go hunting for a pearl This is an excellant game to teach the children that the dark isnt so bad and they shouldn't be scared of the dark especially when you have an awesome game to play to help you go to sleep

  7. Barbara Barbara says:

    In this board book featuring the popular grumpy fish Ms Clam loses her pearl and Mr Fish vows to find it for her He searches high and low but the rhyming text and colorful illustrations make it clear that it won't be easy to find the missing pearl Although he draws on himself for courage it gets darker and scarier the further down he goes Along with Miss Shimmer the two head downward find the pearl bring it to Ms Clam and celebrate being bigger than the dark unpaged Fans of the series will love this one and clamor for repeated readings while newbies will want to find the other Pout Pout Fish titles As youngsters will realize things are often less frightening when we have someone by our side This one didn't have the same appeal as the first Pout Pout books I read but I can certainly see its charm

  8. Linda Linda says:

    Written in poetry this book tells the tale of Mr Fish of Pout Pout fame who swims off into the deep despite being scared of the dark to help a friend If you know something of ocean habitats and the creatures there this will be even interesting The illustrations fill the pages with diverse creatures peeking out of holes in sloping sides of sand underwater with the pout pout fish standing out It’s a book that would be terrific for younger primary aged children It’s about making difficult choices and then succeeding as well as doing things for friends no matter the challenge

  9. Elizabeth Martinez Elizabeth Martinez says:

    What a fantastic fantasy picture book This is the first time I read a Pout Pout book and I was completely hooked The illustrations are uite colorful detailed and eye catching so that kids can enjoy every aspect of the book The book's text is mainly simple rhymes that would make this book a great read aloud The story follows a fish that is afraid of the darkwhich is something that many children can relate to The overall message that I got from this book is the importance of friendship and how helping each other can be a great motivation to conuer our fears This book is perfect for young kids preschoolers all the way to second grade Happy reading

  10. Dolly Dolly says:

    We loved loved loved The Pout Pout Fish so when I saw there was a seuel I just had to put it on hold right away at our local libraryThis is a story of determination perseverence especially in the face of a fearful situation and friendship This tale has the same catchy rhythm as the first book with a fun rhyming narrative I must admit that I liked the first book better but this is a very entertaining tale We really enjoyed reading this book

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