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[Epub] The Proposal By Jasmine Guillory – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Reading] ➿ The Proposal Author Jasmine Guillory – Serv3.3pub.co.uk The author of The Wedding Date serves up a novel about what happens when a public proposal doesn't turn into a happy ending thanks to a woman who knows exactly how to make one on her ownWhen someone a The author of The Wedding Date serves up a novel about what happens when a public proposal doesn't turn into a happy ending thanks to a woman who knows exactly how to make one on her ownWhen someone asks you to spend your life with him it shouldn't come as a surprise or happen in front of peopleWhen freelance writer Nikole Paterson goes to a Dodgers game with her actor boyfriend his man bun and his bros the last thing she expects is a scoreboard proposal Saying no isn't the hard part they've only been dating for five months and he can't even spell her name correctly The hard part is having to face a stadium full of disappointed fansAt the game with his sister Carlos Ibarra comes to Nik's rescue and rushes her away from a camera crew He's even there for her when the video goes viral and Nik's social media blows up in a bad way Nik knows that in the wilds of LA a handsome doctor like Carlos can't be looking for anything serious so she embarks on an epic rebound with him filled with food fun and fantastic sex But when their glorified hookups start breaking the rules one of them has to be smart enough to put on the brakes.

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  1. Melissa Melissa says:

    From a seasoned romance reader’s perspective it’s exciting to see the trend happening in the genre right now with the introduction of diverse characters Berkley Publishing Group seems to be at the forefront with books like The Kiss uotient Good Luck With That The Wedding Date and Intercepted Love happens all around us encompassing people of all shapes sizes backgrounds colors and social status—so why should fiction be any different? The Proposal introduces readers to Nik a black woman jilted after turning down a jumbotron proposal from her casual boyfriend of only five months Personally I found the entire scenario involving “man bun” to be uite ludicrous only serving to highlight the author’s weak character and storyline development But hey some readers will get a kick out of it I’m sureLucky for Nic her Latino knight in shining armor is sitting only a few rows away with his sister watching the madness unfold Putting his spontaneous ruse into action Carlos leads Nik away from the cameras and prying eyes of Dodger stadium What ensues is a light and predictable journey to love for the doctor and the entertainment writerThe one and only thing this storyline has going for it in my opinion is the racial diversity To be frank at times it comes across like a Diversity for Dummies guide than anything else though Instead of using a fun or clever way to mention the color of her characters when she introduces them Jasmine Guillory resorts to blunt phrases like “ Carlos didn’t tell me you were black” Let me tell you seven such phrases in a five page span felt like the author was trying to meet some type of diversity uota than anything else There’s also the assumption the author makes that we’re all ignorant when it comes to tacos Was that Jasmine Guillory's attempt at introducing her readers to Latino culture? She does know tacos exist outside of LA and that people of all colors enjoy them on the regular right? If my husband had his way it would be #tacotuesday in my house every night I found her approach and style to be uite—for lack of a better word— basicWhich brings me to my next point the writing No offense to the author—kudos for writing two books and all that—her style just isn’t my cup of tea Within the first few chapters the lack of distinct voices between the characters became apparent and was something I struggled to get past for the remainder of the novel Most obvious being Carlos I hope this doesn’t come off as sexist as I think it might—that’s not my intention—but there were too many phrases and mannerisms that felt unnatural being voiced from a man Or said another way you could easily swap any one character’s words for another regardless of sex Without the dialogue tags good luck figuring out who said what or who’s who Add in the juvenile interactions that make out sesh in the car made me cringe numerous clichés packaged as female empowerment repetition disguised as concern the overuse of exclamation points and the incredibly awkward love scenes and I had no choice but to resort to skimmingIf I had to recommend this book to anyone it would be the newbies—those looking to dip their toe in a contemporary romance for the first time—or readers who know what they’re in for if you’ve read The Wedding Date which I have not nor will I My guess would be readers who freuent this genre with any consistency have already read this story many times before; hopefully a much better version Thank you to Berkley for providing a copy in exchange for my honest review

  2. Roxane Roxane says:

    I really enjoyed Jasmine Guillory's debut novel The Wedding Date so I was really excited to get my hands on The Proposal which is an even stronger charming novel Nik is at a Dodgers game with her boyfriend of five months when he proposes to her on the Jumbotron but it's all bad He spells her name wrong She turns him down The thousands of people watching are judging her and then the handsome doctor Carlos Ibarra and his sister Angela swoop in to save the day hustling Nik out of the stadium and into a bar where her friends are waiting to help her lick her wounds This is such a warm engaging romance novel where we see Nik and Carlos start as friends and then become than friends and try to figure out if they can love and allow themselves to be loved while dealing with all manner of baggage There is so much to relate to and throughout the novel there is a sharp feminist edge Loved this one and you will too

  3. Whitney Atkinson Whitney Atkinson says:

    This book's saving grace was its superb representation a black main character latino love interest black lesbian side character and fat Korean side characterOtherwise I wished I could love this book but it just wasn't at all what I was hoping it to be I'm mainly frustrated with this book because it wasn't pitched at ALL as a seuel or companion to Jasmine's first book but literally half the book involves the two characters from her debut I was really disappointed that I got 50% of the way into this before realizing that It really should be marketed better as a companion novel because I feel like I lost out on half of the storyline My other major issue with this book is that the writing is just so basic From clichés to a remarkable lack of originality in descriptions I was just left wanting with every page The dialogue is corny a lot of the time and the inner monologue alongside it felt very immature and stunted Not just as a reader but from an editorial standpoint I think the writing needed tweaking ie the characters CONSTANTLY laugh at what the other says to the point where it's every other line; the speaker tags should be variedAlso most of the sex scenes in this book are skipped over and the two that exist are so short and bland I was expecting a lot from a book marketed as romance I really wanted to read Jasmine's first book but after those characters appeared in this book it would be too weird to go back in time and see them when they're not together If you liked Jasmine's first book then you'll probably enjoy this but I'm just super let down that it was a seuel I didn't know about and I wasn't a fan of the writing style

  4. Lacey Lacey says:

    DNF'd at 65 percentHave you ever heard that story about the lion that was taxidermied by a man who had never seen a lion before? That's what this book feels like As if the author knew what pieces made up a romance novel but having never seen or read one before she was flummoxed as to how to put these pieces together She wrote the kissing scenes and there are people saying I love you but beyond that this doesn't feel like a romance The final result is actually a terrifying facsimile that gets grotesue the closer you examine itThis book has been selected for Reese Witherspoon's book club meaning many people who don't usually read romance may be tempted to pick one up And this is what they're going to get This meandering unsexy mess That pisses me off so much Full disclosure I read The Wedding Date last year and didn't love it However that was the author's first book and I wanted to give her a fair chance before I wrote off her other work I wanted to see if — after completing the writing publishing and reviewing process — she had grown as a writer It seems that she has not This book is somehow worse than The Wedding Date 1 The writing The writing is bad both at the micro level and the macro level but this bullet will just focus on the actual prose This was the first line that had me worried“Really? That’s fantastic I never would have thought a year ago that your friend Drew would be engaged”There's nothing natural about that sentence Carlos knows Drew is his friend Why is Angela stating it out loud? It's also just really clunky I trip over it every time I try to say it A real person would say Really? That's fantastic I never thought Drew would get engagedThis book feels like it was written by a teenage fanfic writer I mean no disrespect to teenage fanfic writers They write in their spare time and are solo operations This was supposedly written by a grown up professional and went through a fully staffed publishing house She hadn’t uite expected them to be at the kiss hello stage yet but she liked kissing him so much she’d take any excuse to kiss himHow many times do we need to say kiss in this sentence? This is something an editor should have caught and it pisses me off that it made it to the final pageAlso the characters are constantly making witty observations that are in reality ridiculous or nonsensical Oh God This was the kind of person who said “all of your beautiful faces” What had she gotten them into? She saw Courtney and Dana exchanging glances Carlos rolled his eyes Drew was doing that “we” thing that couples always did Nik could tell by her regular breathing that she was running I don't know what's wrong with people who use the phrase all your beautiful faces or the word we when grammatically appropriate The author never explains why this stuff bugs the characters; the observations are just dropped like turds in a pool That third uote is particularly egregious because not only is it stupid it's again badly written It could have easily been reworked to read Nik could tell Dana was out for a run but her friend was fit enough to hold a normal conversation at the same time Also if she's breathing normally at what I assume is at a resting rate how does she know she's running? And is her friend the flippin' T 1000 or something? It doesn't make any sense I WANT TO PULL MY HAIR OUTOne thing I nearly forgot to mention is that this book freuently gaslights the reader Characters often refer to events that never happened or happened completely different than how they describe them For example“Some friend you are But yes that’s pretty much exactly what happened Except we weren’t just with her we were with her and her two best friends It was me and four very angry women I was just grateful I got out of there alive”Here Carlos is explaining to Drew what happened after he got Nik away from the stadium it doesn't need to be included because it's repetitive and adds nothing but ignore that for now We saw this scene Nik was embarrassed Her friends were concerned for her They did express anger at the boyfriend's actions but that was directed AT THE BOYFRIEND At the time Carlos was drinking and laughing about the situation with them Why is he describing things to Drew as if all the women were angry with him and he barely escaped their wrath? FFS one of the women was his own sister This muddling of events occurs so many times Characters are constantly reframing things that happen in the book and it causes you to doubt what you've read It's a frustrating experienceBeyond that there are many instances with inconsistent style names etc No one gave this a thorough edit and it's VERY obvious2 The characters I don't have much to say about the characters because there's not much there The characters are bland cardboard cut outs with no real personalities If you were to ask me to describe any of them beyond their occupations or what they look like I'd have nothing to tell you Actually I take that back for Courtney She is gratingly annoying and doesn't understand personal boundaries She's constantly asking Nik when she's gonna fuck Carlos It's gross and problematic Nik and Carlos are also surprisingly unsympathetic I didn't love Alexa or Drew from the last one I also barely remember them because they too are nothing but flat stick figures pretending to be people but I didn't actively dislike them Update I've reread The Wedding Date since writing this review and realized they are in fact the worst Alexa's got used cat litter for brains and Drew is a gross fuck boy All the characters in this series can go play in traffic Nik and Carlos go on constantly about how they don't want to be bothered with the other's personal life Carlos actively antagonizes one of Nik's friend while helping out with a stressful work emergency He also shares embarrassing stories about his teenage patients with Nik which I assume is in direct violation with HIPAA Nik's no betterThe one good thing about Fisher had been that all of his friends were so annoying that she’d made fun of them to their faces constantly without them even realizing it They're both assholes and I don't think either of them deserve a happy endingAlso another example of the horrible writing in this book Annoying doesn't mean stupid Just because she finds her boyfriend's friends irritating doesn't mean she'd be able to insult them to their faces without them noticing3 The plot THERE IS NO PLOT This book has no structure and it's frustrating as hell to read It's just a collection of boring pointless scenes that go nowhere The book gets it's title from the opening meet cute Nik is proposed to by her boyfriend Carlos witnesses it and whisks her away but then nothing Nothing of any conseuence happens They go out to eat they have sex they agonize over basic social interactions that normal adults would figure out in02 seconds they repeat This is exactly what happened in The Wedding Date and it drove me insane The baseball proposal cannot make up the entirety of the story and a romance should have action beyond the two leads making kissy faces at each other What if after the proposal Nik and Carlos agree to enter a fake relationship to help recover their reputations? Nik is freelance writer and probably brands herself on social media The fake relationship could turn into a real one and that would provide the conflict for the storyOr what if Fisher her spurned boyfriend didn't just drop from the story completely? Maybe he attempts to sabotage Nik or Carlos and the two of them grow closer while trying to figure out how to catch him in the act LITERALLY ANYTHING happening would have been better than what we got The missing structure also accounts for all the repetition in the story We read as these characters go out to eat four or five times Angela bugs her brother about seeing a doctor four of five times Hell entire conversations are repeated multiple time throughout the book I searched on Kindle and the uestion How's Jessie doing? is asked FIVE times with no apparent progress or impact to the story Jessie is one of Carlos' sisters and her only defining feature is that she has preeclampsia What fun I don't want to read about two assholes ranking tacos for an entire chapter It's boring Try and utilize a little creativity and add some basic conflict to this storyAnd 4 the romance LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL what romance? This story is as romantic as the Federal tax code They meet when Carlos for reasons we're not told about decides he has to save Nik from her embarrassing spectacle at the stadium They text back and forth for a bit afteward have dinner comment about how HAWT the other is and then VERY suddenly decide they want to jump each other's bones There's no lead up to it There's no sense of attraction or chemistry It honestly feels like that Now kiss meme; someone just shoving two characters faces together because they want to see the sexy timesThe sex scenes range from awkward to non descript to downright weird A grown woman nearly shits herself in happiness because a man puts his hand on her shoulder Once the actual sex happens we're not told how either of them feels about it There's no yearning no passion no sensuality of any type The characters spout off some tired sexy banter before shoving tab A into slot B if we're even told that much It's actually really off putting And OMG they make the same stupid joke about how hard they've exercised nearly EVERY time they have sex It's a stupid enough joke to say once Repeating it makes me cringe so hard I crampIf an author doesn't want to include sex scenes in a book that's fine If that's the case however you've got to give them some way to connect some form of intimacy beyond sex These two have no real emotional ties to the other Nik doesn't even want to be bothered with meeting Carlos' best friend The bad writing plus their non existent characterization means I have no investment in this romanceI could go on and on but I've wasted enough time on this book I will not be reading any by Jasmine Guillory

  5. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    This was such a delight to read I adored the diversity the humor and the portrayal of some really relevant yet tough topics These characters were all brand new to me but I’m really excited to go back to The Wedding Date and see how we meet a certain someone initially there Definitely recommended

  6. Melanie Melanie says:

    ARC provided by Berkley in exchange for an honest review “Deciding to spend your life together shouldn’t be a surprise” I loved The Wedding Date earlier this year and when I found out that this was going to star one of the side characters I knew I couldn’t resist putting in an ARC reuest This was a joy to read from the first page to the last Both of Jasmine’s books have been so intelligently beautifully and masterfully crafted The Proposal is an ownvoices novel that follows a woman who is completely blindsided by a marriage proposal at Dodger Stadium Yet before the camera crews come in to make a terrible situation even worse she is saved by a stranger in the stands and his sister ➽ Nikole Paterson Black freelance journalist and the woman who just got surprise proposed to after only five months of dating her partner ➽ Carlos Ibarra Latino pediatrician the stranger in the stands that we already were introduced to in The Wedding Date And we get to see these two build a friendship and maybe something after everything went down at Dodger Stadium Neither one of them are at a point in their life where they are willing to start something new but they have each other’s backs and prove that they are there for one another Don’t get me wrong I love Nik and Carlos with my whole heart but Nik’s friends almost stole the show for me in this novel Dana is an actress black and a lesbian and has the freakin’ cutest ff side romance ever Like please I need a full length novel right this second And Courtney is a cupcake shop owner Asian and plus sized And I think I had a smile from ear to ear every time she was on the page Seriously Nik Dana and Courtney are the definition of friendship goals and it was a joy to read But probably my favorite thing in this book were the seamlessly woven important themes There was also such a subtle yet loud message about how easy it is to not realize you are in an emotionally abusive relationship And sometimes you don’t start to realize until you are completely secluded from your friends and family Yet it also shows that there always can be ways out even if you have to wait a while and that it is never too late once you realize when someone is being abusiveThere was also such a beautiful discussion about how important it is to reclaim your safety after you have been violated or felt that it was threatened Throughout this story we see Nik take those steps and it just meant a lot to me personally I also loved how she had friends helping along the way The reason I did end up giving this four stars and not five was because I felt like Carlos acted a little uestionably at the end Trust me it pains me to say because I do love him so much Yet with the way he and Nik met you would think that he would understand how she would react to a uicker repeat I’m trying to be vague but his actions just left me side eyeing a little at the end and just dampened my enjoyment overall Yet I still loved this book and I think Jasmine Guillory is such an impressive author I can’t wait to read any and everything she writes The romance world just needs books like The Proposal and The Wedding Date I completely recommend this one Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | Twitch The uote above was taken from an ARC and is subject to change upon publicationContent and trigger warnings for public humiliation racist comments always in a negative light and challenged talk of past emotional abuse brief assault slap on the butt talk of past loss of a loved one brief mention of child abuse brief mention of past miscarriage and pregnancy complications Buddy Read with Lilly Stephanie Leigh ❤❤ I also read this for Contemporary a thon

  7. megs_bookrack megs_bookrack says:

    Cute cute cuteIn The Wedding Date we meet Carlos Ibarra the fun and supportive best friend of Dr Drew Nichols We really get to know him on the day that he helps Dr Drew by picking Alexa up at the airport At the time I was reading that I thought to myself this Carlos seems like uite a catchpun intendedIn this novel Carlos is now the leading man and I certainly wasn't wrong about himWhen Carlos watches a botched proposal made to Nikole Paterson on the jumbotron at a Dodgers game he feels so bad This poor girl is obviously having a super embarrassing moment yet the paparazzi are out in full force In order to rescue her Carlos swoops in and pretends to be a long lost friend escorting Nik out of the stadium and away from prying eyes He offers her a ride home and subseuently ends up bringing her to a bar to meet up with her friendsNik and Carlos really hit it off and the sweetest little friendship develops But is than friendship in the cards for them? They both swear they are not looking for but then things get physicalThroughout this story we get a lot of Carlos and Nik's lives apart from one another Carlos spends a lot of his time taking care of the women in his family He feels an obligation to help them all so muchWe also get to learn about Nik's super tight friend group and the truly supportive circle that provides her withOne plot point I really enjoyed was Nik and her friend group attending a women's boxing class in order to learn how to protect themselves It was a way of reclaiming her power after she was emotionally traumatized by her ex and his horrible proposal In the aftermath of that Nik really struggled with feeling safe She is such a private person and to have her life exposed was really hard for her I appreciated this and take boxing classes so know how empowering they can beI would say in comparison to The Wedding Date this one differed by offering the reader insight into our protagonists lives away from one another They both had really strong support systems and that was refreshing to seeOverall I thought this was really sweet Although it didn't have as much drama or steamy moments as the first book it was still a very fun read I would definitely recommend this to people looking for an easy weekend readI am very much looking forward to starting the next companion book in this series The Wedding Party

  8. Berit☀️✨ Berit☀️✨ says:

    Take me out to the ball game Take me out to the crowd Buy me some peanuts and propose to me???Man bun doesn’t know how to spell your name proposes at a Dodgers game 3 STRIKES YOUR OUT The opening scene to this book was epic something I’ve always thought every time I’ve watched one of those scoreboard proposals what happens if the girl says “ KNOW“? Well this book shows you exactly what happens to Nik after the very public proposal and can I just say if this were to happen to any of us I would certainly hope we’d all have a Carlos in the stands to come to our rescueA sweet fun love story about two people determined not to fall in love so after Carlos and his sister rescue Nik they head to a bar and meet up with Nik’s Besties I have to say the relationship between these three girls was really the highlight of the story it was kind of “ Sex in the City“ on the West Coast I loved how there for one another they were how supportive how non judgemental and I loved how bourbon and cupcakes cured everything Looove strong female friendships in booksThe book perhaps was predictable but it is a romance there is generally only one satisfying outcome for me what makes or breaks a romance is the characters and the chemistry this book was filled with wonderful characters including all the secondary characters both Nik and Carlos had wonderful friends and Carlos had an amazing family also loved all the food talk can’t get enough cupcakes enchiladas tacos etc etc etc where this book fell a little short for me was in the chemistry I didn’t always buy into the chemistry between Nik and Carlos but what I did believe was they had a very strong connection and friendship and truth be told that is what will get this fictional couple through the years My other little niggle was the Los Angeles stereotyping I grew up in the LA area and we all ate carbs especially Pizza Just saying😉Recommend when you are in the mood for a fun Romance filled with fabulous characters💕 A huge thank you to Berkley for my copy of this book

  9. Gabby Gabby says:

    This was pretty disappointing I completely agree with Whitney's review The only thing I really loved about this book was the diverse cast of characters The female main character is a POC there's a latino male love interest and a korean side character but that is all this book really has going for itThe writing is terrible it reads like a bad fanfiction There are so many cliches in this story and both of the characters were annoying me Even their inner thoughts were immature and read like thirteen year olds than adults I also don't like when romances are written in third person it makes me feel so disconnected from what's happening I feel like all the characters in this book are so dramatic and over the top and there were just too many cringe y moments for me to enjoy this I really wanted to like this but this romance was so cheesy and forgettable I need something when I need a romance

  10. Larry H Larry H says:

    45 starsFreelance writer Nikole Paterson is spending a beautiful weekend day at a Dodgers game with Fisher the guy she has been dating for the past few months and a bunch of his friends She didn't have anything against baseball exactly It was just that she'd rather be spending this beautiful spring day at home with her laptop and a glass of bourbon on the rocks than outside at a baseball stadium with a warm beer But when the hot dude you were sleeping with wanted to go to a Dodgers game for his birthday you sucked it up and went along with him and his brosThe game takes an unexpected turn when Fisher surprises her with a marriage proposal on the Jumbotron in front of the entire stadium It isn't fake surprise with which Nik reacts to this proposal—it's utter disbelief Plus he spelled her first name wrong She and Fisher haven't even said they love each other and she doesn't love him much less discuss marriage But there Fisher is on one knee in the middle of the stadium holding a princess ring She has no choice but to turn him down disappointing the entire crowd not to mention raising the ire of Fisher and his brosOf course she wants to crawl into a hole and hide but there she is still in her seat as the game goes on When the camera crew starts to descend upon her a guy watching the action from a few rows up takes pity on her and he and his sister extricate Nik from the imminent media feeding frenzy and spirit her out of the stadium to the relative safety of her best friendsIt turns out Carlos is a pediatrician—and a damned sexy one on top of that not that Nik noticed Well that much But Carlos also spends a lot of his life protecting and caring for his widowed mother his sister and the other women in his family so the rescue role comes easy for him However Nikole's beauty isn't lost on him but he knows better than to let on that he's even remotely attracted to herIf she had to pick a strange man to rescue her at least it was one who was outraged by the right thingsIn the days and weeks following the proposal fiasco Nik finds herself leaning on Carlos and and she can't get him out of her head Her friends keep encouraging her to have a rebound romance with the sexy doctor but she isn't sure she needs the complications For his part Carlos can't stop thinking of Nik either and isn't sure exactly what she wants from him—but he knows what he'd like from herWhen the sparks between them finally ignite they agree that all either of them wants is something casual They enjoy each other's company great food and pretty hot sex Beyond that they have an easy comforting companionship and each provides the other with the support and encouragement they need It's the perfect situation—nothing serious just fun and lots of terrific sexYou can probably guess how the rest of the book will unfold and you'd probably be mostly right But even predicting what will happen and I wasn't 100 percent right as I expected a little melodrama didn't take away from the appeal of The Proposal As she did with her first book The Wedding Date see my review Jasmine Guillory hooked me from the very first page Her characters may have some flaws but they're just so charming so much fun the kind of people I'd probably hate in real life but inexplicably love reading aboutThis year has brought many pleasant literary surprises and chief among them is how much I've come to like so called chick lit or women's fiction These books have been the perfect foil after too many emotionally laden or intellectually exhausting books and they've helped bring balance after I start looking at everyone suspiciously because I've read too many thrillers and crime novels at onceI find the term chick lit a bit denigrating as if the authors writing in this genre don't deserve the same respect as writers of general fiction The fact is much like the young adult genre there are some terrific talented writers out there worthy of notice and renown This year I've become a huge fan of writers like Guillory Christina Lauren and Taylor Jenkins ReidI've said on than one occasion like 100 occasions that I'm a gigantic sap I'm so glad there are books like The Proposal which are fun reads that also appeal to the sappy part of me Now I have to wait until July 2019 for Guillory's next bookSee all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcom

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