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Download PDF  The Red Maze Author Mark Siegel – ❀ [EPUB] ✸ The Red Maze By Mark Siegel ❤ – Think Star Wars meets Avatar The Last AirbenderIn book 3 Oona Lee is determined to light Moon Yatta’s beacon and continue her uest to save the galaxy But reaching the red beacon means navigating an Think Star Wars meets Avatar The Last AirbenderIn book Oona Lee is determined to light Moon Yatta’s beacon and continue her uest to save the galaxy But reaching the red beacon means navigating an impossible maze of pipes and facing devious enemies at every turn Luckily her friend Jax Amboy has returned from his adventures transformed Now he must confront the owner of his former starball team a ruthless businessman who will stop at nothing to The Red PDF or get his best player back on the field and who can grant them access to the beacon Meanwhile Oona and An Tzu find a mysterious rebel leader and release a surprising power within Oona’s magic Will they make it in time to stop the evil force seeking to rule the Worlds.

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    Want to see bookish things from me? Check out my youtube channel you to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for my honest review 255 Stars This is the third book in the 5 world series where Oona and her friends must light the Red beacon I found this installment to be a bit boring and slow I did like the introduction of the new character Zelle and would have liked to know about her I still do like the colourful panels but I wish there was to the story then what I was given

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    5 Worlds 3 WOW The visuals are stunning bustling cityscapes wide expanses of desert and the starball stadium of dreams and the characters are brimming with life on every page It is such a joy to follow our brave trio as they navigate the literal and figurative mazes of Yatta and within themselves We feel with Jax as he experiences emotions for the first time and he articulates them with a graceful clarity that impacts everyone around him Kindhearted An Tzu supports his friends with fierce loyalty sometimes in ways that surprise even himself And Oona finds joy and meaning in this seemingly impossible task she’s undertaken with the loving guidance of her friends old and new here and gone With a crew of new characters including Zelle the masterful sand dancing rebel and the misfit teenybopper team a political system teeming with corruption and a whole new world to get lost in 5W3 is a riveting read a powerful mirror for modern strife and the love we all need to overcome it

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    It's rare that I find a series where my enjoyment doesn't go down with each subseuent installment But I'm still enjoying this journey through the 5 WorldsIn The Red Maze Oona is trying to light the red beacon on Moon Yatta Unlike in some of the previous books I felt like there was definitely some real world commentary going on Moon Yatta is pretty much like the current United States a superpower with a newly elected populist government a greed driven obsession with the economy at the expense of the environment and even a for profit health care system I'm not sure if all middle graders will pick up on the parallels but older readers will I'm not always a fan of politics in fiction but in this case it isn't too intrusive and it's uite necessary for the plot Oona needs to light the red beacon but the Moon Yattans have encased it in a maze so they can draw on its power Fear mongering abounds as the leadership tries to convince the population that if the beacon is lit their economy will collapse Never mind that the beacons need to be lit to prevent an interplanetary environmental catastropheThere's nice character development here and some helpful refreshers about past events I couldn't remember why Oona was blue but we were given a uick recap An Tzu is still suffering from vanishing disease although the kids have found a workaround for the moment And Jax well Jax has probably changed the most out of any of them except maybe Oona He's an interesting character and it's fun to watch his growthI'm still as enthused about this series as I was after I read the first book So I'll be eagerly awaiting the next one The Amber Anthem Do we really have to wait until 2020?

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    475 Stars

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    Great fantasy series for kids and teens; engaging characters and an epic uest with good vs evil Fun to read

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    I absolutely love the world building in this series Can't wait for book 4

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    i do not have a review

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    What really bumped this up to a four star from me is the fact that the worldbuilding continues to be so amazing I can't help but love this book I want to store every page detailing the world in my brain forever Moon Yatta is right up my alley as far as futuristic magical worlds go fancy clothes High tech utopias Seedy underbellies and desert wastelands The world in this volume reminded me strongly of the Finder series which is one of my all time favorites right down to the desertsThe downside is I'm still not that attached to the characters and while the plot progressed much uickly in this volume it's still a little slow There was a lot of downtime and I wasn't sure how much time was passing was Oona with the rebels for a day? A week? Longer? I can't be sure To top it off a character was introduced that I actually found very interesting but he dies before the volume is out RIP I do look forward to the next volume though Again man That worldbuilding I want to know

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