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[Ebook] The Rough Guide to Manga By Jason Yadao – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❮Read❯ ➳ The Rough Guide to Manga Author Jason Yadao – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Product Description The Rough Guide to Manga is the ultimate handbook offering a comprehensive overview of one of the most fashionable genre's in today's popular culture The guide features the manga s Product Description The Rough Guide to Manga Guide to PDF/EPUB é is the ultimate handbook The Rough Kindle - offering a comprehensive overview of one of the most fashionable genre's in Rough Guide to Epub µ today's popular culture The guide features the manga story from manga's twelfth century roots to the rise of English language manga with profiles of influential creators like Leiji Matsumoto and CLAMP as well as publishers to look out for You'll find an overview of manga's uniue styles techniues and genres decoded as well as a canon of fifty must read manga including the iconic Astro Boy global hits Fruits Basket and Battle Royale plus less well known works like Please Save My Earth The Rough Guide to Manga demystifies unfamiliar terms and genres for newcomers whilst offering manga fans plenty of new recommendations including listings for manga magazines and websites along with a glossary of terms Crammed with illustrations and including a section on the anime connection this is must have Manga for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

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  1. Alexander Case Alexander Case says:

    Much as the The Rough Guide to Anime 1 was an excellent primer on anime as a medium so the Rough Guide to Manga is to manga The book does an excellent job giving a brief history of manga both in Japan and in the US and giving a good rundown of useful terminology for the beginner before getting into the Manga CanonFurther the 50 volumes in the Manga Canon are books that I can't really argue with covering books both recent and past and books which I'd consider significant to the medium whether through their influence on other works or due to their popularity If I was to give one criticism to the canon in the Rough Guide to Anime there were than a few works of anime that I had never heard of before that the book introduced me to notably Night on the Galactic Railroad The Rough Guide to Manga doesn't have as much of thatWere it not for the fact that Penguin Books has discontinued their Rough Guides series and is going to let the books go out of print I'd consider this the perfect book to give to someone who was new to manga and was looking for a place to start As it is this book is still a good gift to give and worth recommendingEDIT 7172015 I've recently re read the book and while the manga canon and the history of manga sections are still incredibly useful there are some portions that have become unfortunately and in one case fortunately datedThe good news As of this writing the manga Rose of Versailles has been licensed for an English language releaseThe bad news CPM Manga ADV Manga and Del Rey Manga have stopped operations Some of Del Rey's stuff has been picked up by Kodansha USA but not all of it Further Anime Vice has basically become just a YouTube channel with Gia Manry having started working in the industry instead of covering it and Tom Pinchuck taking over hosting duties for the channel Finally the magazine Protoculture Addicts has stopped publication

  2. Bas Van den Steen Bas Van den Steen says:

    Learned some really great new titles through this book I think I have to catch up on 30 something seriesWhat bothered me a little is that the author tends to make his sentences way too long and as a result there are some unfinished or very unclear sentences in the book

  3. Michelle. D. Michelle. D. says:

    This book thinks it's so good Well it's notIt's such a know it all Well manga isn't a testPPPPPPPP

  4. Loren Loren says:

    helpful in perpetuating my new addiction

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